99 Of Guys Blush When Asked This Question

99 Of Guys Blush When Asked This Question (130 Funny Questions in 2022)

Most guys can smile and make funny-looking faces either to skip answering some questions or to reserve answers till another day when asked some questions. Those questions range from their personal life to work-life and family life. It’s amusing that 99 of guys blush when asked this question.

You know that saying 99 approximately means saying 100 percent of guys react to these questions. Yes, personal questions to ask a guy to get to know him deeper as well as cute questions to ask a guy over text are questions that make guys blush.

To say guys are hard rock or rigid in emotions is to say that these questions here are unable to make them laugh. But you can go ahead to try them out and see the magic of how 99 guys blush when asked this question.

99 of guys blush when asked this question, you just pick from the lists below to tickle some of them. With over 100 questions to pick from, you’ll get your guys bursting with laughter soon or simply blushing.

100 Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Him Blush

100 Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Him Blush

I’ll ask a question first before we go on to why 99 of guys blush when asked this question. So here it goes! What questions make a guy blush? Well, I’ll say that they range from funny, to witty and emotional questions.

Also, what does it mean when you make a guy blush or laugh? It simply means you make him release any pent-up tension within which seems to be the reason for most rigidity around the masculine gender.

They act logistic and try not to be open to vulnerability. But when they laugh, it could be a release of emotions carried for long as well as a defense mechanism so as not to be open.

They are answered below in the list. You can pick as many and test it on your partner to see how 99 of guys blush when asked this question you’ll be picking from here.

So, if asked to write 100 questions to ask a guy to make him blush, what would you write? Well, here are the lists of the 10-second text that will make him smile for hours.

1. Looks like you’ve been working out?

2. What’s your love language?

3. Have we met before?

4. Would like to know where this nice-looking man lives?

5. Are you in a serious relationship?

6. When can I call you?

7. Could you give me your digits?

8. You look like you earn some large six figures man!

9. How about a date tonight?

10. You need to just pick up the phone and dial my number right?

11. What do you love about me?

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12. Why do you love this place?

13. What does this music remind you of?

14. Can I be your only one?

15. Forever would be perfect for us my dear, don’t you think?

16. How fast can we proceed to the altar?

17. Who’s your kind of girl?

18. What made you so cute?

19. Do you find me attractive?

20. How often do you think about me?

21. What do you think about a girl making moves towards you?

22. Do I make you timid around me?

23. What turns you off or on in a girl?

24. Can you propose in the public?

25. Can you dance with me in the public?

26. What makes you anxious or nervous around me?

27. Do you imagine us being married?

28. How often do you think of me?

29. Why do you think I come around you a lot?

30. What do you think of my text messages?

31. Would you like me to be part of your life forever?

32. Is this a short-term or long-term thing?

33. Do you know how much I smile by just thinking of you?

34. Would a phone call every day be better for you than text messages?

35. What is your best love language?

36. I love being by your side, you know that right?

37. Do you look forward to our dates?

38. Do you think I’m supportive of you?

39. How deeply do you love me?

40. How much do you think I love being with you?

41. Would you love to spend more time here?

42. You come here often now?

43. How can we meet up later?

44. Would lunch tomorrow be fine?

45. I’m interested in what you have to say?

46. Don’t you think we could achieve much together?

47. How about some walk down memory lane?

48. Do you ever feel like it’s time we move on to the next stage of this relationship?

49. What gives you confidence about life?

Funny Questions To Ask A Guy To Make Him Laugh

Funny questions to ask a guy to make him laugh are important for many reasons. Whether you are flirting with them or trying to break the ice, it is important you know the right questions to ask. This can be a very tricky question, as men don’t really want to answer personal questions. Funny questions put them at ease and keep the conversation flowing as 99 of guys blush when asked this question.

50. Why do you seem so sure about this?

51. How do I make up for this?

52. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

53. Can you tell me what you like about me?

54. What kind of movies do you watch?

55. How many kids would you love to have?

56. Do you imagine me being the mother of your children?

57. Do you see me as part of your life?

58. Do I fit into your plans?

59. How do we take this forward?

60. What gets you excited?

61. What are your fantasies?

62. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

63. How do you manage conflicts?

64. What are your values and virtues in a lady?

65. What is your belief about love?

66. Do you think love can last?

67. Why do you think relationships break, and what can be done to make it last?

68. If you and I went on a date, how would you treat me?

69. What do you tell people about me?

70. How do you see me, as a friend or more?

71. Can you make me happy forever?

72. Do you think I’m exceptional?

73. Can you do without me?

74. What is your love language?

75. What are your favorite love songs?

76. Who’s your favorite love song artist?

77. What makes you think of me?

78. Have you thought of me today?

79. How do you manage my absence?

80. How much do you want this to work?

81. Do you think it’s time to meet my folks?

82. What do you make of a long relationship before marriage?

83. This ring fits perfectly, don’t you think?

84. Have you looked into the mirror today?

85. Where did you get this amazing hair from?

86. How did you build up this quickly?

87. Do you feel my eyes are on you right now?

88. From whom did you get these dreamy eyes? Mum or dad?

89. Your smile is unique; do you know that?

90. Would you want me to do the proposal instead?

91. How about some breakfast in bed?

92. Do you think we are made for each other, as soul mates?

93. What was your first notion about me?

94. Would you like to plait my hair?

95. How long have you prepared for this proposal?

96. Do you like the way I smell?

97. Can you write a song about me?

98. What song best describes our thoughts about me?

99. Sincerely, do I make you happy or happy?

100. Can you leave work early to want to spend time with me?

99 Of Guys Blush When Asked This Question Over Text

99 Of Guys Blush When asked This Question Over Text

You might know how to make someone blush over text, or how to make someone blush with words but takes more than that to know such questions to make a guy blush over text.

So if you want to know how to make a guy flustered over text, these questions are for you.

So statistically say that 80-99 of guys blush when asked this question over text that talks about that masculinity or ego.
However, first, the question is what kind of questions do guys like to be asked? They span from questions about;

1. Personal short and long term goals

2. Relationships

3. Intentions

4. Their looks

5. Rules and principles about life

6. Belief about all aspects of life

7. Management skills for the situation

8. Hobbies, favorite foods, and sports

9. Expectations in life

10. Past disappointments and achievement, and so on

Apart from knowing what kind of questions that guys like to be asked, you might also want to know what to say to a boy to make him blush? They are;

101. Your workout sessions are productive, man!

102. My heartbeat speeds up when I look at your eyes.

103. I await the day you’ll be the one to serve me breakfast in bed.

104. We should grow old together

105. If you run for the city Mayor, I’ll laugh!

106. I see you as bright as the sunshine every morning

107. Can I be your best lady?

108. I would like to be your official bed mate you know?

109. You look great!

110. I like you and you know it.

111. You smell nice always

112. Smiling looks better on you

113. When are we meeting your parents?

114. Do I excite you?

115. Smart and handsome! You’ve got it all.

116. Keep winning, you’ve got all figured out

117. I think you are Mr. world!

118. I do best when you are there with me

119. Staying with you is worth all the while

120. Your arms are warm enough for cuddling me

The list could go on but you can check the next section for more!

Also, to leave him desiring to hear from you over a text message, you could organize your text this way from the ideas on how to send a text that 99 of guys blush when asked this question

1. First, your words must be unique

2. You can use his pet name or nickname

3. Ask a simple and open question like ‘how was your day today?’

4. Tease and make him smile and laugh, use compliments also here.

5. Use emoticons and post some of his throwback pictures too.

6. Hashtag pictures with a caption that seems humorous, and send a simple text below it.

Witty Questions to Make a Guy Blush

Witty Questions to Make a Guy Blush

Questions asked when a guy is interested in a girl could make him blush. It kind of makes the situation look like you caught him in the act!

This part of interesting content on ‘99 of guys blush when asked this question’ reveals some witty questions to make a guy blush as additional questions you could ask a guy to make him laugh.

Especially as questions to ask a guy to know his intentions or maybe if he’s hiding something funny or fishy in a good way. Kind of like hiding a surprise maybe!

1. We meet again! Don’t you think this is a sign?

2. You mean that’s your name?

3. That face suits you well, don’t you think?

4. Our clothes match well today, guess they are saying something?

5. Did you dream about me?

6. You knew I was going to be here?

7. How did you know this was my favorite color?

8. Your skin color fits mine, do you agree?

9. Don’t you think it’s time to toast to a forever?

10. Don’t you think that ring would look perfect if you put it on my finger?

There’s a soft spot in every guy and I’ll want you to try these questions, comments, and compliments out on almost every guy surrounding you. And watch as 99 of guys blush when asked this question that surrounds their body build, emotions or feelings. Share and send them to as many as possible.

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