How to Make My Husband Miss Me during Separation

How To Make My Husband Miss Me During Separation

It is no longer news that the rate of separation and divorce is becoming alarming as statistics have shown that 25% of marriages have gone through a marital split, either a separation or a divorce. It becomes more frustrating if the separation is one-sided.

Are you also separated or divorced and you want your husband back, but you dread making yourself look cheap? Then you have to read this till the end.

From this article on how to make my husband miss me during separation, you’ll learn potent strategies that will generate a tremendous effect on application.

The strategies you’ll learn from this article may as well challenge previous solutions you’ve tried in the past. Bottom line is, these strategies work like wildfire if dutifully applied without discrimination.

What Is My Husband Thinking During Separation

What Is My Husband Thinking During Separation

In the process of trying to make your husband miss you during separation, it’s very important to take it a step at a time.

This then places a demand on you to make necessary findings as to know your husband’s mental state, emotional state, financial state, and the likes.

You may take lightly this information but it’s very vital as it helps you to know how to make your husband miss you when he’s away.

Without knowing the current state of your husband, you won’t be able to successfully apply the secrets in this article on how to make my husband miss me during separation.

Furthermore, you may want to know what you should not do during separation because must be careful in handling the separation and getting your husband back or maybe you’ve been musing and you’re like, ‘what is my husband thinking during separation?

I am sure your husband is also thinking of how to make it up to you and get you back without looking too desperate, you know men and their ego.

So, sweetheart, buckle up, and let’s make him miss you without being cheap. Read on!

1. Learn to observe and listen:

During separation, it’s very important to observe your partner’s responses, actions, and reactions when you’re together.

These details help you to know how he’s thinking and it further helps you to know what to do to make him miss you.

Is your husband responsive? Or does he touch you, even if it’s just a pat on your back? If so, then be sure you’ve got less work to do to make him miss you.

If it’s the other way round, then it means there’s more work to be done to help him see you in good light and this helps attraction.

As a woman, you may be tempted to do much talking when you’re with your separated husband, whom you anticipate back. Trust me, it’s not a good idea.

Rather, learn to observe and listen to his words or responses whether they are negative or positive, and this will help you to know what and how he thinks.

This is one of the strategies in this article on how to make my husband miss me during separation.

2. Practice systemic questioning:

Separation obviously wouldn’t stop you from meeting once in a while. It is more of emotional discord.

During those few times when you’re opportune to meet your husband, don’t ask pushy questions, as this may rob you of the next meeting.

Instead, practice what I call systemic questioning. This rarely appears as a question to your husband but may appear as a suggestion.

In your quest to know what he’s thinking so that you know how to make him miss you during those times of separation, suggest questions to him that’ll let him spill his innermost thoughts.

Men rarely say all that’s locked up in them, but by practicing systemic questioning, you’ll be able to decipher what he’s thinking.

In practising this, try to locate his time of vulnerability. This may be when he’s sober, after a drink, or a nice time out with you.

Locate this time and ask the questions, like, ‘wouldn’t you like to stay a little longer with me?’, ‘wouldn’t you want to know if the kids miss you?’.

Just don’t get pushy. If you really want to know if he misses you during separation practice systemic questioning

3. Avoid making him feel uncomfortable around you:

This particular strategy needs to be strictly adhered to. You shouldn’t, for any reason, try to make him feel uncomfortable with your presence.

This can happen if you show him all of you, thereby you’ll undoubtedly appear as cheap as dirt.

Try not to get aggressive or ambitious with your quest. Let him rather want to see more of you. By so doing, you won’t find it difficult to know what he’s thinking.

Does he want to repair the relationship? Or he’s pleased with staying separated and wants a long-distance thing?

By applying this, you’ll know what your husband is thinking.

4. Stay in communication:

Another way you can know what your husband is thinking is to stay in communication. Don’t let the fact that you see him rarely stop your communication with him.

This is not to say that you should be the one to always reach out first, but at the least maintain the level of communication he’s bringing.

This is the strategy I consider the most important in this article on how to make my husband miss me during separation because communication remains the bedrock of any relationship.

This will help you discover what your husband is thinking while breaking communication will not help at all.

Positive Signs During Separation

Positive Signs During Separation

You see this and you ask, ‘how do I know if my separated husband still loves me?’ It’s all in the positive signs.

When there are positive signs during separation, it’s certainly the start of something new. Generally speaking, this rarely occurs except you create it.

If he ever wanted to separate from you, then it means he was previously surrounded by negativity.

To make your husband miss you during separation, you’ve got to create an atmosphere that allows you to see some positive signs.

These positive signs are numerous and without them, you are far from making him miss you. It includes him wanting to see you more, or certain touches.

In this article on how to make my husband miss me during separation, you’ll learn how to make your husband fall in love with you again after separation by knowing what to do to stir up positive signs.

5. Stay within a neutral reach

To stay within reach is to be neutral and avoid getting pushy about your pursuit of making him miss you.

The best strategy to engage to make your separated husband miss you is to stay within reach while attending to other areas of your life for your personal growth.

He certainly must perceive great changes in you; this will make him miss you, even beyond your wildest imagination.

These great and positive changes, when noticed by your husband will, without doubt, cause a stream of positive signs and in turn, will make him miss you.

Even if you say, I don’t know how to make my husband miss me during separation, with this, you can make it happen.

6. Get genuinely interested in his growth:

It’s a well-known fact that when you are genuinely involved in another man’s affair for good, it breeds care and affection from the other party this works for everyone.

Get genuinely interested in your husband’s affair and watch him yearn for your input.

Whenever you make calls, or go out together, make most of the conversation about his growth, and financial goals.

Worry less about your desire to get him to miss you, and this will happen automatically. You’d be surely amazed at how many positive signs will be stirred up from him.

Genuine interest in what interest him will generate the signs, and make him miss you even when you’re separated.

Without any contradiction, this unveiled secret might be your lucky ticket if you know how to play your cards.

7. Grow your charm and elegance:

To stir up those positive signs that’ll make him miss you, you need to step up your game. Grow in elegance and grace.

This of course doesn’t happen by chance. Let your separated husband see a better version of you whenever you get to meet.

Make sure he sees a new and charming you on every visit. Work on yourself to become more invaluable.

Doing this will breed positive signs, and this certainly will help you in making him miss you.

He’ll be head over heels with you again, he’ll desire your attention and presence more than before. The rule in this article on how to make my husband miss me during separation is to grow your charm and elegance.

8. Treat the cause of your separation:

When you are on your quest to make your husband miss you during separation, you must scan within to see what caused the separation initially. Was it your negligence to your kids?

Or your incessant nagging about his finances?

You need to get to the root of what caused the separation. It’s your best bet to get your husband to miss you after a separation, and may eventually return to you.

How do I know if I’m learning how to make my husband miss me during separation?

Solve the root problem. Gary Smalley would often say that the surface problem is never the real problem. The secret thus is, to solve the root problem and you’ll get your husband to miss the refined you.


Should I contact my husband during our separation?

This should happen if you still want to rekindle what you share with your husband. Because you separated doesn’t mean you should stay as enemies.

How do I make my husband fall in love again after separation?

Try to crack jokes out of what you used to share while you were still together. This could make him realize how much you need to reconnect.

What should I not do during separation?

Separation doesn’t mean that you cannot rekindle your love. The moment you announce your separation, you’re probably getting a divorce because people have a lot to talk about.

How do I get my husband to miss me?

I suggest that you make the most of this time with your family, so that you don’t respond to him immediately and give him space.

In conclusion

The secrets unveiled above on how to make my husband miss me during separation are sure to help you get what you desire.

It’s been tried and it’s a sure bet to work for you also if you do them diligently. When these secrets have helped you, ensure you share them with your friends and family.

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