Signs He Pretends to Love You

20 Clear Signs He Pretends to Love You (What No One Tells You in 2022)

Every lady could feel jealous or insecure at some times, however, if this is not the case and you sense that he doesn’t love you as much as he claims or maybe he doesn’t at all, then here are some signs he pretends to love you that you should know.

They may not be accurate, that’s a disclaimer! However, they are basic facts that the majority of ladies should look out for and not take lightly when noticed in their relationships. Signs he pretends to love you could be difficult to make you conclude on a break up especially if you love him so much.

Therefore, consider your options and make your decisions. Would you rather be unhappy knowing he doesn’t truly love you or love you enough? With these signs he pretends to love you, I think that you could handle things with wisdom and save a heartbreak waiting to happen.

I know that sometimes curiosity could get the best of you while trying to know how to know he pretends to love you. You’ve got to relax anyways and check out for the following signs he pretends to love you.

Sure Signs He Pretends to Love You

Sure Signs He Pretends to Love You

Staying in a relationship is one thing, but loving it is another. You wouldn’t want a kind of ‘on the fence relationship’, so therefore, you should check for sure signs he pretends to love you to be secure in a relationship that you have put the whole of your heart into.

To prevent a sudden heartbreak not prepared for, you should check out these indisputable signs that he pretends to love you.

1. He can’t tell you your place in his life: This is a sure sign that he is uncertain about what he wants from you, for himself and the relationship at large. Simply put, he doesn’t know where both of you are headed and it might just hit the rock you know.

Kind of like a driver who doesn’t know his destination or who thinks the compass should just lead him anywhere. Sure, if he has not set a point to where it’s headed, then he couldn’t possibly tell you where you stand now.

Sometimes it comes from lost focus or lack of decision on what a guy wants in life, and this could go a long way he affecting what he thinks he wants in a girl, thereby affecting his placement of where you stand to help him or how he could help you.

2. He skips basic questions that could facilitate communication: If he could not get basic communication going, with foundational questions or raise friendly conversations that would make you guys talk like you have never been apart. It might be a pointer to future issues with communication flow.

You should take note of this because the lubrication for every relationship is communication. If a person cannot open up simple conversations with you, there is a high possibility he’ll be running away from opening up some other deep matters or issues to you.

A simple conversation from time to time makes you relate with each other and could bring both parties to understand each other very well. If he doesn’t care much, he might not try to make communication work.

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3. Being emotionally distant: Guys are naturally logical as seen as some hard rock that needs to be rubbed in their ego quite much before they could open up emotionally. If that is the case for your guy and you see he is not making moves towards opening up, then there is a problem there.

Being hardly moved is one thing because it could come from various issues related to his past, but then what matters is what he is willing to do about it now.

He can’t make you suffer what his past is about, he just has to open up so that you can connect to help him pull through. That’s what being in a relationship is all about, you want to help each other.

If he cannot help you then maybe you can’t get help for your emotional issues too from him. He can’t receive what he can’t give. It’s just not there, except there is a sign he is willing to.

4. Doesn’t laugh at your jokes anymore: Whether your jokes are funny or not, a guy should be able to make out some humor in them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t have to tell you it’s funny or try to force himself to get along, but he has to make you feel that he understands you have been wanting to be jovial and lively.

So, if you’re not funny, he should light up the atmosphere and help you guys relax your emotions, and not tense up the whole place all the time. You are friends and not work colleagues, so you could relate like there is humor there in you.

5. Doesn’t spend leisure time with you: Oh no! If your man cannot spend leisure time with you but prefers to spend it with male friends, other colleagues, or anywhere else but with you, then you have got big issues waiting to happen.

He should call to say that something else came up if he had to attend to something rather than to never think of spending his extra time with you.

Ladies want to feel like they are wanted and missed, so he has to make you feel like his spare times are special moments reserved for you. A time to make up for all the busyness and the runarounds for other kinds of stuff.

Signs He Never Loved You

Signs He Never Loved You

Once you’ve noticed some gestures that make you feel like you’re the only one here, then you should know these are signs he pretends to love you.

When you see signs he doesn’t care about the relationship as if he showed signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you from the beginning, or some signs he no longer loves you. It could point to signs he never loved you at first.

6. Misses dates: If it is intentional or not, if he misses dates and does not try to cover up for the missed dates or does not even pretend like there was a date he missed and maybe try to apologize for it.

A guy’s attitude towards simple engagements with you would show how lightly or seriously he would take other matters that you both have to discuss or other fixed appointments.

A guy like this might not love you and doesn’t see a reason why he should keep up with dates with you when he could attend to other things instead.

7. He does not call often: Call is very vital in relationships and especially for the fact that it keeps communication lubricated. If there is friction in communication due to distance, it shouldn’t affect the fact that you could still reach out to each other despite conflicting schedules and long distances.

So, calls can make up for it. It might not be every minute or an hour or every day so as not to look burdensome or overwhelming or kind of like there is no breathing space, it should be consistent and planned.

Putting calls through at the right time matters. So, it also shows that you know your schedules by heart and can know when to reach out to the other person.

8. He doesn’t seem excited about your conversations: Does he seem excited and anticipatory of your conversations or are they just dry like you are talking to a total stranger whom you just met?

Watch out for this sign as it might mean that he is not ready to get involved with you and so is not even interested in your conversations whether they make sense or not.

9. He reacts like you’re a burden on him: If you seem like a responsibility he has to carry on his shoulders or like you are a liability to him and not a great asset as a person and as his partner and companion, then you might be in the wrong relationship.

He should find a way to help you understand his visions even if you aren’t of the same educational status, and help you push to being on the same pedal of working towards achievements as he is.

10. You do not seem like a priority to him: Taking you first when he plans for anything in his life is very important. The way you matter to him will show in his conversations, his decisions, and even in the way, he relates with everything in his life.

His plans would reveal that he holds you in a high place and he is ready to make you feel like a queen.

Signs He’s Faking His Love for You

Signs He's Faking His Love for You

If he used to show signs he loves, you secretly before and now you see the opposite when you are in a relationship with him. Then they might be signs he pretends to like you or signs he pretends to love you.

Also, it could be signs he’s faking his love for you. So in this series where you searched on how to know if a guy pretends to love you or how to know if someone pretends to love you. Let’s help you out with some more tips on knowing signs he pretends to love you.

11. Much more of PDA: Too much PDA (Public Display of Affection) without proper attention when you guys are alone may show that he sees you as a public figure good to be shown off to family and friends to suit and befit his ego.

What I think is that he’ll soon get another person to show off when you don’t look so great with him again or he has attained another status and wants to upgrade how he looks like a public figure.

12. No special moments: When I mean special moments, I’m not talking about spending so much on vacations in an expensive resort or going on dates to special and highly placed restaurants or beaches.

It’s more about how you spend even the little times and moments in a very small unnoticed place. Every moment has to be special and the guy should see it that way too.

If he doesn’t see it that way or does not try to make it special with words or events, he might not think the relationship is special too.

13. No serious discussions about plans: When you are part of a man’s plans, he’ll talk about it. They would love nothing better than to get you intimated with their plans so that you can see how you fit into it and why they love you to be with them.

If he can’t reveal this and he just wants romance all around you and nothing serious ever, you might be looking at being friends with benefits.

14. Signs he doesn’t miss you: No calls, no texts, and no reactions on why it was so when you see. It is a sign you shouldn’t ignore. Your absence should have been felt and you should feel like you’re missed.

Remember that this applies when you also are good with your part of the bargain. How well do you display affection too? If you do, then you should expect a complementing attitude from him.

15. Making excuses to miss commitments: If you are zoned at the friend’s arena, then you shouldn’t put so much faith in having something come out of this.

He might make excuses to making commitments and still show interest, then you should come out straight and tell him to define what he wants.

Making you hang around as long as he wants is not fair to you and you should give yourself some thoughts and decisions to move on if he is not sure of committing to you.

Signs He Doesn’t Love You Enough

Signs He Doesn't Love You Enough

A man could probably handle being not loved enough by a woman, but a woman gets too emotionally attached to be able to handle the outcome of a not-so-strong affection by her man.

So, how to decide whether you want to be with someone or not even when they begin to show you reasons not to stay in a relationship.

After going through these signs he pretends to love you, you might not have reasons to stay with your boyfriend with signs he doesn’t love you enough. Not negative though, but you should know that being heartbroken is harder.

16. “He says he doesn’t love me but I think he does” Why do you think when he says he doesn’t love you but you think he does? It is a sign he doesn’t love you enough especially if he already confessed his love before.

I think you should not debate this once a guy confesses a thing like that. Try to get him out of your head and be focused on other kinds of stuff.

It might hurt but it’s better to remove yourself from a more brutal heartache that awaits should you think you wait for him to love you again.

17. Refuses to meet your family and friends: The relationship is already going nowhere but what you are enjoying at the present if he does not want to meet your family or even want to be seen with you and your friends.

This guy is indirectly saying he doesn’t want any attachment or accountability with persons around you that might keep him with you.

If he doesn’t see a reason to be with you for long, he wouldn’t want to meet your family and friends, the people that mean so much to you.

18. Cheats on you: Hey! he doesn’t even love you at all if he does this. My advice, Run! Yes, as far as your legs could carry you as they’d say.

A man wouldn’t cheat on you if he values you. If he does think he loves you, then you should tell him his actions don’t speak that. He should be able to stay faithful and truthful to you.

Staying faithful is not old-fashioned, it is proof of real love. If he can’t do that, then he’ll always prefer other women to you.

Soon, he might drop you off after so many years and go with someone he thinks is better than you. You can prevent that right now so that you can meet the person you truly love and who loves you just as much as he values treating you specially.

19. He isolates you from some aspects of his life: Openness is good and it makes you able to defend each other when some things seem to want to go bad. As well, you can encourage each other on some matters or give new ideas while discussing what is going on now.

If you feel like just a part of and not like being with him wholly, then there might be a problem there. You should be intimated on what is going on with him now and then.

The idea that you are just someone there or another friend should be erased and so the one who loves you makes you a major pivotal part of him including you in his planning process for instance and not planning alone.

You should feel you have a role to play in planning out your future if he has such intentions.

20. He hides some things from you: You’ll know when a guy is hiding something from you no matter how he tries to hide it except you have not been sensitive about it.

If he gives the idea that you shouldn’t know his secrets, then where is the love in here? It’s different if he is willing to talk but is working on opening up.

But if he doesn’t even try to be an open book, then I’ll say that I don’t think he loves you enough to want to keep you intimated with whom he is and what he does. I’ll say there might not be a future here.

How to Test a Guy to See If He Really Loves You?

How to Test a Guy to See If He Really Loves You?

First, if you can recognize, what are the signs that he doesn’t love you? Because that’s how to know when he doesn’t love you anymore.

When you know those signs he pretends to love you or that he doesn’t love you anymore or could be signs he doesn’t love you enough, then you would be able to make vital decisions fast.

You might also want to think about why would someone pretend to love you? There is no big explanation but for what a person seems to benefit presently in the relationship from you and doesn’t want to leave yet.

This act could give heartaches and that’s why we want you to know them now or help a friend out there with the following.

Now here’s to how to test a guy to see if he really loves you?

• Ask him some personal questions
• Ask about his past
• Reduce some consistent phone calls
• Request for something peculiar from him
• Check his reaction on offenses or misunderstanding

Questions to ask Him to See If He Loves You

Questions to ask Him to See If He Loves You

There are over 10 signs he doesn’t love you anymore and these could make you ask yourself ‘should I stay or leave?’ Whether you are asking ‘should I stay or should I go in my marriage’, you should know those signs he pretends to love you to make your conclusion.

Here are questions to ask him to see if he loves you.

• What do you like about me?
• What turns you off in me?
• How do you feel about my body features?
• Do you believe in love?
• Where do you think this is going?

Although we’ve got to be careful not to be judgmental, some guys just don’t know how to show love the ladies’ way.

However, when some of these signs in this article begin to surface, they could be signs he pretends to love you and is trying to win your heart to say yes to him. You’ll want to consider them before moving through the aisle to the altar with him.

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