What To Do When Your Boyfriend Takes You For Granted Long Distance

Discover What To Do When Your Boyfriend Takes You For Granted Long Distance in 2022

It is a common experience for women to be taken for granted and there are several books about it. But is the problem psychological or physical?

You’re just going with the flow, thinking that he loves you because you’re there and that’s all that matters or maybe you have no idea of what to do when your boyfriend takes you for granted long distance.

You might also think that you shouldn’t complain about all the things he does for you because he’s just so great.

But you forget that being taking for granted is a recipe for unhappiness in a relationship, and it’s not just because of the “not getting attention” feeling you get when you’re ignored or disrespected.

When you feel this way, you may be starting to wonder how long you should continue to put up with certain behaviors, and if this is just the way your partner is.

this article is written for you if you fall into the category of people who don’t know what to do when your boyfriend takes you for granted long distance.

Take a look at the content below and pick what soothes and works for you.

How To Make Him Regret Taking You For Granted

How To Make Him Regret Taking You For Granted

If you’re like me, you’ve been through a series of breakups and heartbreaks, and you’re now trying to learn what to do when your boyfriend takes you for granted long distance.

While there are tons of helpful articles and advice out there, I’ve come up with a few tips on how to make him regret taking you for granted.

1. Redirect Your Energy

As you feel irritated that he is taking you for granted, redirect your attention and energy elsewhere by staying focused on activities that make you happy and that you enjoy doing. Do not overthink what is wrong with him that he is behaving this way with you; this will only harm you and your energies.

You don’t deserve to be in such misery after putting so much into your relationship, do you? How do you make a guy regret taking you for granted? Begin to focus on yourself by spending time with your network of friends. It is not impossible because you may be occupied with your work, spend time on your preferred interests, and take care of yourself.

2. Give him a Taste of His Medicine

Sometimes the only way to make people understand is to treat them exactly as they treat us; you may not be that kind of person, but you have no choice but to give it back to him exactly as he makes you feel.

If, after being considerate and giving him a chance, he still hasn’t learned to take you seriously then, don’t allow him to take you for granted at any cost.

Talk to him only when necessary, and just train your mind that you need to do this for a while.

This does not mean you are being harsh with him; you are simply prioritizing yourself and not allowing your self-respect and feelings to be hurt.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Takes You For Granted Long Distance Without Being Desperate

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Takes You For Granted Long Distance Without Being Desperate

Knowing what to do when your boyfriend takes you for granted long distance without being desperate is essential to your mental health.

The following tips will guide you through if you are going through this phase.

3. Get Busy

If your boyfriend has been behaving strangely recently, it could be because you have simply too much free time on your hands.

Boredom can drive you nuts because it gives you too much time to overthink every detail of your relationship.

Keep yourself occupied with hobbies and social activities so you don’t notice how much he has changed.

You might notice that things improve after you shift your emphasis away from him and onto things that truly make you happy.

If he treats you as if you’re an option, you should treat him the same way.

Make your own plans and go out and enjoy yourself instead of waiting until Friday evening for him to invite you to hang together that weekend.

Nothing will hurt his ego more than the prospect of you not showing up when he finally makes time for you.

It’ll hurt at first since I know you want to spend time with him, but it might teach him that a successful relationship needs two people, and he should treat you the way he would, himself, want to be treated.

4. Ignore when everything else fails:

Some refer to it as “gaming,” whereas I refer to it as “karma.” If your partner becomes suddenly too busy for you, press the decline button every time he phones.

He’ll almost certainly text you, wondering, “What is happening?” Make a point of ignoring that message as well.

Nagging and having a sit-down chat with him aren’t always the easiest ways to express your dissatisfaction.

Guys respond better to action, so don’t pick up the phone for a while. If you send him texts in the middle of the night with just a one-word answer, he’ll know something’s up.

Maybe then, when you tell him how miserable you are, he’ll genuinely listen to you.

5. Let him be the one to make the first move

You’ve probably noticed he treats you like an option and have been working overtime to spend time with him. It’s time to relax a little if you’ve been asking him to hang out and he’s always said no.

Instead of instigating, take a backseat.

Allowing him to initiate text messages and dates will allow him to come to you. If he still doesn’t perform a 180, it might be time to call it quits on this relationship.

6. Set an Intentional Deadline

Allowing him to define how much time you spend together and how your relationship should flow is not a good idea.

Set a deadline for yourself to improve things. Of course, you won’t tell him about the deadline because it would spoil the point.

Keeping track of the date in your thoughts is all you need to do. Maybe you’ll give him two weeks to get his act together, or maybe you’ll give him two months because you love him.

In any case, as the last day approaches and things haven’t improved despite your best efforts, it’s time to give him the peace sign and say your goodbyes.

It’s far too short of a life to stay with someone who isn’t treating you well.

7. Don’t settle for breadcrumbs

If you haven’t heard from your boyfriend in many days and he eventually texts with nothing but a kissy face emoji, that’s a breadcrumb.

If he eventually makes a date with you but then informs you an hour into your meeting that he has to call it a night, it’s also a breadcrumb.

Breadcrumbs are a means for a guy to keep a girl without putting in a lot of work or commitment. Stop settling for your boyfriend’s nonchalance if you feel like he’s only giving you breadcrumbs.

It’s time to acknowledge that you’re capable of more than someone who is dragging you along with no end in sight.

How To Walk Away From Someone Who Takes You For Granted

How To Walk Away From Someone Who Takes You For Granted

You have a pure soul and you believe that everyone else should.

That is possibly the reason it’s been difficult for you. You have loved this person but they do not reciprocate and it’s been difficult for you to let go.

What to do when your boyfriend takes you for granted long distance because you know you are not desperate, you just want a reciprocated love.

So, now, the following tips on how to walk away from someone who takes you for granted will guide you.

8. Identify the toxic traits of your relationship

Anything that causes mental exhaustion is harmful. Identifying these harmful characteristics is the first step toward realizing the necessity to stop dating in your relationship.

9. Consider whether you deserve to be a victim of those characteristics

Make a list of all the poisonous behavioral tendencies you are subjected to and ask yourself if it is acceptable in a loving and mature relationship.

If your thinking tells you ‘NO,’ then it’s not acceptable.

10. Come open about how you genuinely feel

When you finally see the red signs, when you realize how much damage your relationship has done to you, when you weigh the drawbacks and positives, and when you decide to end it, tell your partner.

Call to arrange a meet-up, sit down, and explain why you no longer want to be with them.

11. Don’t be taken in by empty promises

Toxic spouses are known for making hollow and flowery promises. It’s difficult not to fall for them.

However, it is vital to consider the wider picture to see that this is a toxic cycle and that the promises are nothing more than a tool to persuade you to stay.

12. Remind yourself that it is in your best interests

It is natural for us to prioritize our loved ones above all things, and there may be nothing wrong with it.

However, if a relationship begins to irritate you and negatively affects your well-being, it is not worth it.

So, if your relationship has done more harm than good and has resulted in utter burnout, don’t feel terrible about leaving. Continue to tell yourself that you are choosing to leave for your own good.

What kills long-distance relationships?

Long-distance relationships mostly fail due to a lack of communication or failure to put in so much effort. Communication is key for every relationship to survive.

When should you give up on a long-distance relationship?

When the communication reduces drastically, not being happy or you have trust issues with your supposed partner this is best in time to withdraw from a distant relationship.

What to do when your boyfriend is taking you for granted?

If you get the feeling that your boyfriend is ignoring you, explain how you feel and make it known to him. Do not die in silence, then you give him enough time to respond. If it’s still the same afterwards, back off.

What makes long-distance relationships fail?

In most cases, long-distance relationships fail because of poor communication. This is key in every relationship as this will give room for open-minded and emotional connection.

Concluding on this note, you now know what to do when your boyfriend takes you for granted long distance you are someone deserving of care, one who deserves to be embraced warmly and lovingly every day. A person who is deserving of the fullness of love and respect. You are not someone who should be considered as a backup plan or a one-night stand, my dear. It’s time to do what’s best for you.

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