How To Stop Anxiety Eating

How To Stop Anxiety Eating Forever: [8 Effortless Tips]

Anxiety is a real problem. Although it’s not life-threatening, it can be a serious medical disorder that affects the quality of your life.

Anxiety eating is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. However it is very common for people to eat to relieve their anxiety, but this type of eating is not healthy and can eventually lead to health problems.

The tips provided here on how to stop anxiety eating forever will help you to stop anxiety eating effortlessly.

When you are anxious, most of the time you tend to eat more. This is because you are suffering from anxiety and your body needs to feed itself. It is important to realize that anxiety is not a sign of something good.

It is a natural reaction to situations that are not good and is a form of defense mechanism.

If you start using the tips shared in this article on how to stop anxiety eating forever, in a twinkle of an eye, you will start to realize that your anxiety is starting to decrease.

Without wasting much time, let’s quickly dive into it.

How To Stop Anxiety Eating forever Without Much Stress

How To Stop Anxiety Eating Forever Without Much Stress

Anxiety eating is a serious issue that affects many. Some may call it a nervous habit, but it’s not.

It’s a powerful habit that can make you feel more stressed out and overwhelmed, so you must find healthy ways to stop anxiety eating forever.

If you want to know how to stop anxiety eating forever without much stress read this article to the end.

What can I do instead of eating my feelings? Eating your feelings means finding comfort in food to subdue negative emotional feelings, this may later lead to depression and other health-related problems.

Engage in helpful activities listed in this article.

If you are frustrated by your nervous eating habits these tips on how to stop anxiety eating forever reveal several activities to stop eating due to anxiety you can engage with to help replace your emotional eating habits.

Dive in with cheerfulness!

1. Get Mobile When Cravings Hit:

When you begin to feel peckish after long hours at the desk, your body begins to release cortisol which sends signals to your brain. This leads you to start craving something sweet.

In such a situation, experts have recommended leaving your desk and taking a short walk, preferably out of the office.

This is advised because of fresh air. Fresh air serves as nature’s stress reliever. A walk also provides an easy exercise that can help curb your cravings for sugary snacks.

2. Have Something To Sip On While At Work:

Having something healthy to sip on while at work can help curve cravings while boosting productivity and weight loss at the same time.

Replace your cups of soda with green or black tea. This is recommended because these healthy beverages contain an amino acid that promotes relaxing compounds in the brain.

This amino acid is called theanine. Chamomile also helps reduce anxiety in adults.

Another tip is to add a dash of cinnamon to your beverage. This is because cinnamon can help quell sugar cravings.

These relaxing beverages can also help calm those wondering how to stop anxiety after eating.

3. Activate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System:

Activating your parasympathetic nervous system allows for your heart rate to be slowed down, thus lowering blood pressure levels and allowing for calmness in your body.

To activate your parasympathetic nervous system, block your right nostril and breathe only through your left nostril then block your left nostril and breathe in only through the right nostril.

This is also a great tip on how to stop anxiety while eating.

This alternation is how you activate your parasympathetic nervous system and help you feel more relaxed while dispelling cravings as a result.

How To Deal With Stress-eating For Comfort In A Time Of Anxiety

How To Deal With Stress-eating For Comfort In A Time Of Anxiety

It can be easy to fall into stress-eating patterns in times of anxiety. Especially with the coronavirus pandemic and constant quarantine, higher access to snacks and lower access to physical activities can cause even more anxiety.

Added to that, there is the option of working from home. All these and more can make you feel like you are not only suffocated but trapped with food.

Although enjoying food is a positive thing to do, experts have shown that constantly emotionally eating copious amounts of food that have little nutritional value only damages the immune systems, leaving them open to attacks.

Not only does your immune system take a blow but it also negatively impacts your mood. You may notice yourself become grumpier, more irritable, and even more anxious than before.

How do I fix my relationship with food?

To fix your relationship with food, you must first permit yourself to hold the belief that you are not wrong for allowing yourself access to foods that make you mentally and physically happy this will help you in knowing how to stop anxiety eating forever.

Fixing your relationship with food also involves knowing why you feel hungry and have cravings. Below are proven tips on how to fix your relationship with food.

4. Have A Sense Of Gratitude Towards Your Food:

Rather than slurping your food down in a rush, think about how fortunate you are to have the meal in front of you, and how many people do not have the same opportunity.

Also, think about the body you have been given and how it deserves to be given adequate nutrition and love.

Having a sense of love and appreciation for food or a snack is not displayed by rapidly consuming a large quantity of it but by taking the time to taste and enjoy every bite of it.

5. Allow Yourself to Enjoy Food:

Anxiety can affect our digestive systems and allow our body to hold on to sugars that should have been converted to energy or discarded as bodily waste.

This is one of the many reasons why it is important not to feel a sense of guilt towards our meals. Instead of talking down to yourself and beating yourself up for having that snack bar, allow those emotions to take no hold of you and circle back to feeling grateful for your food.

6. Be Forgiving Towards Yourself:

Whenever you find yourself having reached for the extra slice of cake, an extra serving of pasta, or an entire chocolate bar, learn to forgive yourself after the moment has passed.

Do not punish yourself for those moments where you are simply a human enjoying the pleasures of life. Instead, take them as cheat days and carry on.

7. Develop A Habit Of Intuitive Eating:

You may not have heard about the concept of intuitive eating when looking into how to stop anxiety eating.

Intuitive eating is a practice formulated by two dietitians in the 1990s, Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole. This concept is so successful that it is still advised by experts in nutrition to date.

Intuitive eating simply requires that we pay rapt attention to the natural signals of hunger and fullness that travels between our gut and our brain.

By focusing on these signals we can determine the time to eat, the quantity of food to eat as well as the type of food to be eaten. It also develops trust in ourselves and these signals.

When looking into how to stop anxiety while eating, intuitive eating helps do just that. By paying attention to our body we can determine when to give in to cravings or to have healthier options. As our body will know when to tell us.

This removes decisions based on stress, soothes guilt, and also helps us know how to stop anxiety after eating.

So start listening to your body today and, over time, you will be a master at intuitive eating.

8. Perfection Is An Illusion:

There is a popular saying that there are different strokes for different folks. When trying to understand how to stop anxiety eating, it is important to remember this.

Although you may get carried away by social media or the mass media nobody exists without flaws, which means that nobody is perfect.

As a result, no one can be on the perfect diet at all times.

We need to keep in mind that, although we should take care of our bodies, we are not placed on the earth to try to be perfect for anyone.

So do not deny yourself the simple pleasures of life from time to time.

Lastly, nutritional necessities and metabolism differ by person. So what works for you may not work for your neighbour or what works for your coworker may not work for you.

You need to be kind and patient with yourself.

How To Stop Anxiety Eating: FAQ

Why does anxiety make me eat?

This is mainly caused by stress. It releases a craving when our bodies undergo the feeling of stress, anger, or sadness.

Can you stop eating because of anxiety?

In the short term, stress, depression, and anger is the main cause for anxiety. This can shut down your appetite totally. 

What can I do instead of eating?

The best revenge for this is to distract yourself and be more active. You could play with your pets, take a walk, or surf the internet.

Does being hungry make anxiety worse?

Anxiety surfaces due to low blood sugar in the body system. When the system lacks this, hunger can cause anxiety.

Now that you know what to do to stop anxiety eating forever, don’t just read without practicing. Make the most of these great tips, share them with your friends on your social media platforms.

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