how to make someone fall back in love with you

How to Make Someone Fall Back in Love with You

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love and building a long-lasting relationship with someone you love can be quite challenging. The fact that you’re here means that you’ve had your fair share on this, but you’re not about to give up, you’re ready to learn the secrets on how to make someone fall back in love with you.

Breaking up is a painful part of all relationships, sometimes the reasons for the breakup are beyond your control, but since you’re willing to learn how to make someone fall back in love with you, it means there’s still hope to fix what went wrong with your ex.

I’m not a magician, I can’t cast a spell that’ll make someone fall in love with you again. I can, however, teach you the techniques and tricks on how to make someone fall back in love with you.

This guide aims to give you rational and practical strategies on how to make someone fall back in love with you, without looking desperate for love. It also highlights the things you might be doing wrong and how to build a relationship that can last forever. Shall we begin?

How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You Again Psychology

What exactly is this topic, how to make someone fall in love with you again psychology? First, you need to understand what psychology is. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior specifically in relation to others.

So how does understanding how to make someone fall in love with you again psychology help you? Understanding the way a person thinks and what makes them behave the way they do, will help you learn not only how to say the right things but also how to make someone fall back in love with you.

Without further ado, here are 7 psychological tricks on how to make someone fall in love with you again:

1. Understand why the relationship ended:

Have you sat down to think about why your relationship ended, before wanting to jump back into it? A half-baked strategy would not only hurt you in the long run but also your partner. So start by writing down a list of pros and cons about your relationship with your ex, write down past problems, and your part in said problems.

This exercise requires absolute honesty with yourself, don’t be in denial about your own faults. Evaluate what led to the breakup and determine from the list of pros and cons you’ve made, whether or not the problems can be fixed and what you can do to change.

2. No Contact:

Zero communication with your ex especially if the relationship just ended, is important.

Breaking up is another way of saying, “I can’t deal with this, I need time to myself.” So, fight the urge to constantly call or text your ex, you would only come off as desperate, not to mention it would push them away rather than bring them back.

Instead, take some time to work on making yourself into the person you want your ex to fall for by,
● Building confidence and self-esteem.
● Looking attractive.
● Improving social and communication skills.
● Hitting the gym.
● Getting a new hobby.

Don’t contact your ex for at least three weeks or a month.

It might seem long but it’s enough time for you to become fully equipped on how to make someone fall back in love with you, and it gives enough room for your ex to miss you and wonder why you haven’t contacted them and if they should contact you first.

3. Out with the bad, in with the good:

During the ‘no contact’ period, it’s time to change your bad habits and behaviors. The common reasons for breakups are,
● Communication.
● Attraction.
● Trust.
● Low self-esteem.
● Loyalty or commitment.

You need to identify which bad traits you have that contributed to the breakup and change them. You want your ex to fall in love with you again? Then you need to change the things that made them fall out of love with you.

4. The right message at the right time:

You’ve finished steps 1-3. You’ve made yourself a better version of who you used to be and successfully survived the no contact period. You’re now ready to reach out to your ex, but what do you say?

First of all, Do not call! The probabilities of you saying the wrong things are high.

Instead, send them an email or a text, the contents of the message should be light and friendly, not you crying about how much you miss them and want to get back together. For example:

I understand why we broke up and I realize that it was the best thing for both of us. But I hope we can still talk, you were my best friend before we ever dated and I just found out that our fav Domino’s place is closing 🙂

The next step is for your ex to decide whether to text you back or not.

5. Rekindle the sparks:

Once you and your ex are back on chatting terms (subtle texts and no needy messages), it means you have worked your way into the friendship zone, and it’s time to rekindle the flames of your love.

Plan a simple way to meet up, it’s a friendly outing and not a date.

Pick somewhere exciting, with activities where you can both participate and have fun. If you prefer a quieter approach, then pick a restaurant you’ve never been to.

All that’s left is to introduce the new version of yourself and make your ex do a double spin. Keep the conversation playful, and focus more on talking about your ex than yourself.

6. Ask for their help:

Everyone loves being a hero, use this to your advantage. Ask for your ex’s help whenever you can without it coming off as being needy.

For example, you can ask them for advice concerning your job or what to wear to an event. Making someone feel important is crucial in getting them to fall in love with you.

It shows that you value their opinions and appreciate them.

7. Don’t be predictable:

You and your ex are back to talking regularly and spending more time together but don’t get comfortable in this role.

You must remain mysterious, give them attention today then be busy tomorrow.

Keep your ex on their toes, let them realize that you are independent and fine alone but you make time for them, which shows how important they are to you and your absence allows them to miss you.

How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You All Over Again

Have you been missing that spark in your relationship or do you just want to win over your ex? Then, here are 5 simple ways on how to make someone fall in love with you all over again:

1. Be sweet, not sour:

You don’t need a reason or an occasion before you’re sweet to your partner. Express your affection every chance you get, shower your partner with compliments, do a sweet gesture like a surprise dinner or breakfast in bed.

2. Be passionate:

Being passionate is not all about being intimate with your partner, it’s about showing genuine interest in them and what they love.

If he’s a football fan, show your enthusiasm by getting the jersey of his favorite team or tickets to a game. If she loves reading, buy her a book by her favorite author, or show interest in what she’s reading.

3. Be exciting:

When you fall in love, you want to share new experiences and make fond memories with your partner.

But that spark can die over time if not properly rekindled and you find yourself drifting away from your partner. You need to keep the excitement from fading by finding new, fun experiences for you and your partner.

4. Be supportive:

There’s nothing more endearing like a partner who cheers you on in every way. Being supportive of your lover’s goals, dreams, and aspirations is a sure way to guarantee you a special place in their hearts.

If your partner is having troubles at work, be there to back him/her up, be their shoulder to cry on, it shows that you are dependable and can be trusted.

5. Be intimate, not overbearing:

Love is emotional as it is physical, but there should be a limit to the level of intimacy.

You might think it’s cute holding onto your partner in public or sticking close to them whenever you get the chance but all you’re doing is being unnecessarily needy and this can push your partner away.

How to Make a Guy Fall In Love with You Again After Breakup

Getting a guy back is hard, but don’t lose hope, here are 5 pro tips on how to make a guy fall in love with you again after breakup:

1. No contact:

I can’t emphasize enough how important sticking to the no contact period is. This psychological trick is the best way to ensure that you are ready to win over your ex and any bad blood no longer exists.

2. Keep a diary:

Writing down your feelings is a safer and productive method than talking to your friends.

A series of emotional pain and tantrums are associated with every breakup, you might think ranting to your friends about your ex is a good way to heal but your friends might end up saying things that’ll make your relationship worse.

3. Show him your value:

During the 30 days of no contact with your ex, you need to focus on showing him that you are a woman with high values.

Men are attracted to independent and confident women, focus on becoming more attractive and confident in your own skin, become more productive at work, go on dates with other guys. Make him wonder how he ever let you go.

4. Texting, not stalking:

If your ex hasn’t reached out to you then once the 30 days are over, send him a text. Don’t call, only send a text or email acknowledging you broke up but would still like to have a friendly relationship.

Don’t talk about how you miss him, let him know that your life will go on with or without him. The rest is up to him if he replies or not. If he does reply, don’t text him daily and no phone calls unless he calls first.

5. Be a temptress:

Now that you’re back to talking with your ex, it’s time to take it to the next level. Casually suggest hanging out by bringing up the idea but letting him make the first move.

For example; “I’ve been dying to go see the fast and furious movie” or “did you hear about the dope new restaurant downtown? I heard they treat you like royalty, it’s so cool.”

It’s up to him to take the bait and ask you out. If you’re confident then you can ask him out. Make sure to look your best and impress him with your changes.

How to Make a Woman Fall In Love With You Again After Breakup

Want to win back your ex? Here are 5 quick ways on how to make a woman fall in love with you again after breakup:

1. Don’t be desperate to get her back:

Losing the woman you love can be painful but never assume that begging and pinning after her will win her back.

No woman is attracted to a man who is desperately chasing her, instead of calling or texting her constantly why not focus on understanding why the breakup happened, your wrongdoings, and how to change.

2. No contact, more workout:

Yes, the no-contact period is essential to winning back your ex. Spend time away from your ex and focus on becoming the kind of man, no woman can resist by becoming more confident, physically attractive, improving your communication skills and getting rid of your bad traits (jealousy, anger, insecurities, possessiveness). Show her that you’re a man she can build a future with.

3. Get her to talk to you:

Reach out to her after completing step 2 through a text or email.

Acknowledge the fact that you understand why you broke up, apologize for anything you did wrong, give a subtle detail about your life and emphasize how you want to stay friends but understand if she’s not ready.

If she doesn’t reply immediately, don’t barrage her with text messages but wait, and if she does reply, don’t text her constantly but sporadically.

4. Get her to go out:

Now that you’re back on talking terms, it’s time to get your ex to spend time with you. Casually invite her to a simple outing, like joining you for lunch or a concert with her favorite artist.

The goal of the first date is to reconnect with her, impress her with your changes, get her to have a good time, and be interested in further dates.

5. Rekindle the love:

Once you begin hanging out frequently, steadily rebuild the emotional and physical connection between you.

Casually give her compliments, get to know her goals and dreams, show her you’re a man worthy of her affection. This process takes time, so be patient and work your way slowly back into her heart.

How to Make Someone Fall In Love with You Again Over Text

Texting is one of the best ways of communicating and here are the crucial steps to know how to make someone fall in love with you again over text:

1. Don’t be needy:

Nothing is more off-putting than desperate messages. Don’t constantly text your ex/partner about how much you miss them or want to get back together. Instead, your messages should be short and sweet, for example,

I went on a trip with my friends, and the hotel room I was in had this amazing view of the sea. It reminded me of how you always talked about taking a boat trip. The beach here is great for yoga, my new favorite way to relax 🙂

I’ve been so caught up with life, it’s kinda weird how we haven’t spoken in a while. I understand that we’re no longer dating but we used to be friends, I hope we still are.

2. Apologize, don’t argue:

Communicating with your ex won’t be easy, old hurts will come up but when they do, accept your mistakes, don’t argue but simply acknowledge what you did wrong and apologize.

3. Bring up memories:

Casually reminisce about fun times you’ve had in the past but in a light, playful way. For example,

Hey, I was driving by the other day when I noticed the Chinese restaurant we went to last year. I had goosebumps just thinking about the frog legs I accidentally ordered. How was your day?

4. Ask for advice:

No better way to make someone fall for you than making them feel valued by asking for their advice. Here are some examples,

● Finally watched the secret life of pets and I can see why you wouldn’t stop talking about Kevin Hart 🙂 I’m thinking about getting a dog, what breed would be nice?

● Hey, my nephew has this physics assignment and I’m stumped. We need your help, you’re the only smart person I know.

How to Make Someone Want You Back

So you want to know how to make someone want you back, just follow these steps:

1. Be yourself: Don’t pretend, be original, and confident about who you are.

2. Be easy-going: Don’t play hard to get, let them know you’re interested and keep things simple.

3. Be entertaining: Focus on making them have a good time with you, it’s the easiest way to ensure they’ll miss you and want to spend more time with you.

4. Be funny: Everyone wants to be with someone who makes them laugh especially when they’re having a bad day.

5. Be trustworthy: Become someone they can trust and they’ll want to be with you for a long time.

6. Be independent: Being independent, makes people appreciate you when you make time for them and it shows you’re not a needy person.

7. Be kind: Being kind, sweet, and supportive is a sure way to make someone want you back.

8. Be passionate: Being passionate about what they love will make people feel appreciated and value your presence in their lives.

9. Listen to them: Focus more on listening to what they have to say rather than talking only about yourself.

How to Make Someone Love You Forever

Here are the best tips on how to make someone love you forever:

1. Understand that all relationships have their problems: You can’t have good times without the bad times, being prepared to face problems is the best way to make a relationship last longer.

2. Be assertive: Learn to be aware of your partner’s emotions without them having to tell you when they’re upset or sad.

3. Respect: Be mindful of your partner’s boundaries and respect their privacy. Treat them the way you wish to be treated.

4. Be spontaneous: Surprise your partner occasionally, do something to make them smile for no reason like buying gifts or sending a heartfelt text message.

5. Apologize first: Even when you’re not a fault, apologize for the sake of keeping the peace. Dragging out an argument will only make things worse.

6. Know their family: Make an effort to get along with your partner’s family and friends.

7. Be grateful: Show gratitude to everything your partner does no matter how small, this is a good way of showing that you appreciate them.

8. Work on your insecurities: Learn how to trust and be more confident so as to avoid feelings of jealousy and insecurity.

9. Let God be the third party: Want someone to love you forever? Who better to help you than the Almighty Himself. Make it a habit to pray with your partner and when you have problems, talk to God about it before involving your friends and family.


Is it possible to make someone fall back in love with you?

Yes, be intentional. You must be willing to let go of what ruined your past relationship with them. Admit to your mistakes, and rekindle your love

How do I get someone to fall in love with me again?

If you want someone to fall in love with you again, you have to reconnect with them by spending much time with them. You could go on a date or do what you enjoy best to rekindle your love.

While I can’t promise that these techniques on how to make someone fall back in love with you will 100% get your ex back, I can, however, promise that if you practice these methods on how to make someone fall back in love with you, your chances of getting your partner back will rise and you will also have the tools to help you build stronger relationships. Don’t forget to comment and share this guide with your friends who are searching for ways to improve their love life.

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