Text Messages That Will Make Him Fall in Love with You

100 Text Messages That Will Make Him Fall in Love with You (2022)

People meet to part and part to meet again we say. However, there’s a bonding that brings together so strongly that not only draws you close, but makes it stay that way even through all limitations. Text messages that will make him fall in love with you will cause an alliance that is firm and potent to make you realize how far you would be willing to go to attain things together in life with the man you so much love.

When you came across someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, seeing in him the better version of you and knowing that being with him makes you better, you shouldn’t hesitate or be timid to also express your love as he expresses his love and intentions to you. So by sending text messages that will make him fall in love with you, you’re making a confirmation of this love with him.

As you go on to read and send the text messages that will make him fall in love with you, you’ll not only be affirming your feelings but also establishing a foundation for a deep relationship that can take you both to the altar to tie the knot for a climax to the bond you so strongly feel.

In all, these short and long text messages that will make him fall in love with you are heartfelt expressions, so open your heart as you look through each sentence. And knowing the person that you share your love with, I believe you’ll find the way to express it, either by sending it through SMS or social media chats.

Pick yours below as you ride through some mellifluent love expressions.

Sweet Text Messages to Make Him Fall in Love

Writing and sending sweet text messages to make him fall in love doesn’t require that you are experienced to do that. That is why we have them composed here for you so that you can just pick out from the long list of sweet love text messages that will make him fall in love with you.

It’s time to show your soulmate that you can be outspoken about your feelings. The below text messages that will make him fall in love with you will surely communicate your emotions appropriately and still leave you with the dignity a woman tries to uphold when it comes to the expression of love to their hearts’ desire.

1. What my heart utters right now is beginning to be clearer to me dear love. I want to enjoy waking up seeing you first and drift to sleep in your arms. Yes, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

2. At first, I ignored the signals that came, thinking it was just my mind speaking. But now, I know that my heart is consumed with affection. I want you to be my man forever.

3. There’s been a longing in my heart since we met. If only you could hear my heartbeat from where you are, I believe you would know what it says.

4. You’re amazing to me, and everyone around me. I’ll desire to experience much more the affection you offer the people that fill your heart. I yearn for the special space in your heart.

5. My treasure, I found you the only rare and most precious one amongst all love I’ve experienced. Can you show me how much you value me too?

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6. You’ve been in my thoughts and dreams, then I said to myself, it’s high time I see this in reality. I can’t hide that you mean so much to me. I hope you see this my dear.

7. Your eyes say so much to me, and your heart communicates all your gestures. Please, don’t stop loving me the way your heart yearns to. Don’t fight it, just show it!

8. How much do I have to offer you? Seeing that you are special to a lot of people out there too. I really can’t get you much, but you have made me feel unique amidst all. I’ll give my heart to show that you haven’t chosen wrong by choosing me.

9. I love and cherish you greatly, flaws and all. The brightness you carry has covered the gloom that could have painted uncertainties to me. I’m happy with you and this matters to me a lot.

10. Thank you for sparking up the joy I had locked up within me. Who else would I rather want to spend my life with if not one that makes me burn with joy? I love you, you’re like a beaming light to me.

11. Making a choice is not even necessary for me. I feel like someone with no other choice than YOU. You appear as the only visible picture before me day and night. There are no options with you dear! You’re highly preferred in my heart.

12. Can I ask that you continually be the very rare gem that you are? I know how much you mean and I wouldn’t want to miss out on this. I’ll make sure to take you as the most treasured jewel that I have.

13. My joy, you are indeed a blessing to me. I see favor knock to wake me up in the morning and fulfillment filling my heart at night since you came to my life. You have helped me stir up the gifting of wonder given to me by God. I’m ready to even spend the rest of my life with you on earth.

14. This planet has only one shining star in my firmament. That person is you, and I’m glad it is no other person but you dear.

15. I wish that you would be the one to wake me up in the morning for prayers and be the one I’ll hold hands with at night to pray with before going to bed. It’s a beautiful picture I imagine and I’m sure we won’t regret dear.

16. You make every moment seem like there’s no trouble anywhere. You bring the sensation of safety with you and it is so strong that it encourages my heart. I heart you so much.

17. With what measure could I possibly quantify the love I have for you? I’ll say, countless multiples of how I feel right now because I see it on the increase by the day.

18. The past few days and weeks have been memorable for me, and I want to create more with you dear. Let’s hold hands and head to the altar for this soon, I seem to can’t wait to write sweet tales of love with you.

19. Ours is a story that every love mate would look to as a model of love life. I know how much of an affectionate personality you are on the inside and outwardly. I wouldn’t miss out on experiencing love with you!

20. I foresee steady strength and stability with you. You make for a very reliable pillar for any woman, and I want to be that woman!

Texts to Make Him Think About You

Intimacy is not a question of how much you see and how much time you spend together. It is tested and strengthened by how much you can stay on each other’s mind. With some sweet texts to make him think about you, you have for yourself the text messages that will make him fall in love with you over and over again, while strengthening the bond of affection between you both.

Search through the bunch of text messages that will make him fall in love with you as one who is ready to pick a parcel of surprise love package for her love.

21. If this wasn’t a life sentence to love you forever before, then I’ll say we go-ahead to the court of love and culminate this decision in a verdict of being together forever!

22. When a feeling becomes what comes every day to consume your heart and mind, then you know that it has a hold on you. This is what I hope you feel from there.

23. I look at your pictures daily and I’m amazed at how much I’ve grown to love you dearly. I don’t want to have any reason to ever drawback.

24. When you come to a point where you think of no other option, then you know that you have the best of the kind you have ever wanted. I love you my gem.

25. Precious as you are, I miss you so much that no one around seems to able to replicate what you show to me. What we share is strong and I have never regretted having to be a part of you.

26. As far as the distance could be, my heart has adhered to yours and there’s nothing nature could do to separate this.

27. I realize the materials we share in common is not what matters, even with the difference and all, love rules. I love you dear!

28. When you hear the cock crow in the morning, remember how you always wake up to see my smile every morning dear.

29. As much as I’ll love to be with you at all times, I’ll stay right in your heart. Because I know your heart goes with you everywhere.

30. When a smile crosses your face, I know you just had another thought of me. It’s the same happening to you right now as you read this. I love you dear!

31. The roses, gifts, and messages make me happy. But you know what makes me happy the most? It is knowing that you love me even beyond the expression of gifts.

32. Feelings are even an understatement with what I have for you. You own a place in my heart that no one can. I know I occupy a very special place in yours too.

33. Even if being with you is only a daydream, then I’ll not want it to end forever. It’s wonderful being with you and it’s our great story of love!

34. Thank you for being who you are, everything you are, and the heart you possess. That heart holds me dear and makes me feel and know that I’m special and precious to you.

35. These miles are no threat to the strength of love we have. It only tests and reveals how potent it is. I love you and wish you were here right now!

36. How could I even forget the experience with you even if we were to have another world to live in again. These memories with you can live beyond time and season.

37. This period where trials and troubles make people think of themselves alone, I’ve seen this love become more selfless, solid, and assuring.

38. The substance of love is being shown in the vitality I feel. I’ve grown in mental, intellectual, and even emotional capabilities. Thanks to you!

39. I want to spend the rest of my life not having to think of what might go wrong. I love you now, and with you, I know there’s always an atmosphere of possibility and positive energy to carry on.

40. Despite that people see me as being weak, you have only made me realize how strong I am. Even in your absence now, I find encouragement in your words and it pushes me still to keep going on. I love you, my dear boost of vitality.

The 10 Second Text That Will Make Him Smile for Hours

So, you guys have been intimate friends and you realized you love him but seems he’s yet to profess his. Or it could be that he has, and you guys are already in a relationship, but you just want to send a message to reminisce about the good moments you always have together.

With just a few words but really lovely words put together, you can write short text messages that will make him fall in love with you or make him realize how much he has loved you all the while. He’ll just end up grinning as he reads the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours until he can’t help but burst out in confessing to himself how much he loves you!

Short as they are, they are like cupid arrows directed straight to the heart!

41. I looked at the butter on my cheese this morning and thought of you! You make me hungry for good things you know.

42. Seeing the gardener this morning, I remembered the one who tends to my hearts’ needs!

43. I know that I never stop requesting your love, but that’s because you have more than enough to give!

44. You’re a rich bank of love. I’ll apply to manage this currency of love dear!

45. I can’t be amazed by a sea of love because I have the Atlantic current of your love taking me deeper in your heart!

46. When I request a gift from you, I need you to always wrap it with your heart.

47. You’re indeed one to bring out the endowment that I have. I have become better with you!

48. The smile that crosses my face in the morning is because you taught me to. Thank you!

49. I’m grateful that you make me laugh, I only know how to be happy now and gloominess is strange to me.

50. Making up a love story is for fantasizers alone, you are an exact real model of love dear!

51. I don’t need what tales say about love to know what it is; I have my own prince charming assuring me of that.

52. Sometimes I search my heart to remember the time you charmed me to love you. I know it is natural though.

53. How to make up for past times, I don’t know. But how to keep up with this love, is to love you every moment. I hope you feel it from here.

54. Every of my gesture is to make you laugh out so well, but I’ll make good with a smile too. Just make sure it never leaves your face.

55. I want you happy always, yes, that’s what makes me happy too. When you aren’t, just know I’ll be sad too. Please keep me smiling for you!

56. I tried looking for a reason that might make me turn back, so glad I found that it’s nothing. You are my joy!

57. Let’s keep this love alive so we can be full of life always. I heart you dearly!

58. There’s no turning back from this, I have you captured in my heart and I would never let you go from this heart of mine.

59. You had me under your arrest love. I’m glad it’s you and don’t want to be released from this cell of love.

60. I know you look exceptionally handsome today. I looked into the mirror and saw your face in my beautiful face.

Texts to Make Him Miss You

You should send him these sweet love texts to make him miss you till he just feels like coming to meet you or doing something affectionate from far to keep his love burning bright in your heart. Love is like a heart infection that when contacted, even distance can no longer take it away, it only keeps growing and spreading in the heart.

So, with these text messages that will make him fall in love with you like you’re just meeting, don’t be surprised he would send a bouquet to you each day like your first days together.

61. The moments we spent together can be written in history as some of the best that couples could ever spend together. Those periods are unforgettable and I would hold on to them always as I await your arrival.

62. Beloved, your love grows in my heart every day. I long to see you every day, but even though I can’t, I see you in my heart every moment I tune my heart your thought. I miss you, soul mate!

63. The possibility of losing this love is entirely impossible. It is so established in my heart and I know you feel the same way. Let’s get back together and head to the altar dear!

64. Often I have thought that I had experienced the peak of love that I could get. Until I met you and I saw that love could grow into the height you are ready to go with it. I am experiencing a higher level with you every day and I’m waiting to pluck out the fruit with you when you are back.

65. The only barrier to loving you is NOTHING. No one could hinder me as far as my mind is made up to love you forever. Please, know this and come back quickly to hold my hand and help my heart.

66. It gets better by the day and gets more real by the moment. It gets stronger through all challenges and we become better as we conquer every fear and trial. Let’s make it happen dear!

67. The dreams have become more of reality to me and they have become to be the only ones that come again and again every time I sleep. You are my fantasy and the world of reality. I miss you!

68. Everything we shared is worth remembering and I would give whatever it would cost me to keep them in my heart just as I know that they replay themselves in your mind every day. I miss you and I know you do!

69. Indeed, you do not know the worth of something until it is lost. However, I’m glad I’ve not lost you, but for the moment, I hope you feel the worth of the times we have been together the way I do now. I wish to be there with you. I feel your absence.

70. Being present in the mind is a great substitute for physical absence. Thank God for the ability to hold each other dearly in our hearts. I really can’t wait to see you again dear!

71. Life forces out things and brings other things into your life. My meeting you has only ushered in good things and taken out the opposite. Thank you!

72. How pleasant it is to become better by just meeting with someone you realize is a better version of you. Thank you for loving me then, now, and always!

73. I went to the grocery store alone today and realized how much I miss having you hold out your hands to help carry them home. Please, be back soon!

74. You are the perfect man for me, yes, the best of your kind. I believe you are meant for me and I’m not timid to affirm this to myself and all that cares to know.

75. I miss the way you make me feel like a princess in your arms. But I love most is the way you have taught me to live like a queen even when you aren’t here.

76. A person’s presence is termed to location, but existence describes relevance that surpasses the physical representation. You exist forever in my heart dear!

77. The race to the finish line is so long, but I enjoy running it with you. It’s no longer looking like a competition to me anymore, just a fun time to spend with you in experiencing love and life.

78. More than I have felt in your presence, I feel in you not being here. It grows by the day and I wonder how you managed to take this much space in my heart.

79. I think about you more every day. Wow! you truly are the one I’ve been waiting for. I love you, my prince.

80. Even if every day were to be set aside for me to confess how much I love you, it won’t be enough. So, I’ll just make an everyday chant of loving you.

Deep Love Messages for Him

After the long search, I do believe that you can thank me later after you have voiced out your long deep-seated feelings to him with the deep love messages for him we have written here for you.

You’ll be surprised it isn’t as difficult as it seems. You are a wonderful woman and he’s sure lucky to have someone like you who could think of him as being special.

Even if lots of women do appreciate him, he’ll be sensitive enough to see through the words of these text messages that will make him fall in love with you to see how much you love him.

Make your pick from the following list.

81. I’m not just glad we met, but that we bonded to never be separated again even with distance and other limitations.

82. Your voice still sounds in my ear like you made a record of it and kept it somewhere inside of me. I love you dear!

83. Your words, voice, looks, gestures, and charisma are unique. Everything is not the way I wanted it to be in the person I love, it’s even better!

84. This love that has been magical right from the beginning is now so enchanting. Keep me in your heart forever my love!

85. I can’t ignore this affection. It took hold from the start and now it has taken over. I wish you were here to hold me again.

86. Even the things that seem so little that you do are very special in their ways. You stand out in my heart so well.

87. The blessing and joy you have added to me speak of how much change you have impacted in my life. I want to partake in this transformation forever.

88. What I want is to forever be with the one who has so affected me positively and is in the business of doing more than change me, but turn me into one who would do that to people in turn. You are a wonderful influence.

89. Attempting to not even want this relationship anymore is like a sentence to sadness. I wouldn’t dare this. I love you so much!

90. Even if people give me alternatives to pick from right now and I’ll let them know that I have only one choice. Dear, I’m satisfied with you forever!

Text Messages for Him to Make Him Smile

If you think that making a guy smile is not easy, then you should think again. I’ll say it’s as easy as presenting a flower to a lady to make her smile. But to, in turn, put a smile on your love’s face, you’ll need just some of these spiced up text messages for him to make him smile.

This whole bunch of text messages that will make him fall in love with you will do the trick of easing the edge you think your man has. As you know, sweet words soften the heart.

Take your pick, send, and see his heart open up to love you more.

91. For you and you alone, is this message meant for. I love you so much and I hope you are there smiling as you read it.

92. When you think that you’ve seen it all and then it comes upon you like an avalanche. That’s how your love unfolds to me every day.

93. Even if the thought of losing you crosses my mind, I know that the love we have is solid enough to be unshaken by doubts.

94. This portion of love you gave to me is so potent that I have not seen any other man since I saw you. I see the male folks, but I can’t find love in any of them again.

95. Your coming to me is a one-way journey. It means you’ll never leave me. There can never be a path that will lead you away from my dear.

96. I’ll blame anything else except you if anything tries to question my love for you. Your love for me is without argument.

97. If I do not see a text message from you or even a call, I just look into my heart and see the encryption of love you made there a long time ago. It covers every other message you intend to send.

98. I wish to find the perfect words to voice out my love, but all I keep finding can’t measure up to how I feel. I cherish you, sweetheart!

99. Just when I thought I was a princess, you made me begin to realize I owned and governed territory of my own. Thank you, my King, your queen loves you!

100. You came at the right moment, dear. And even if you came later than that, you would have still made it right with time and season, your love covers and sets things right. You have added diverse flavors to my life, so much color and so much melody. I’m the happiest in this journey of love.

The magic that these sweet words do cannot be overemphasized. With text messages that will make him fall in love with you, you’ll not only see him begin to see more reasons to love you, but you’ll also see the bond of affection grow stronger, deeper and your relationship becoming more stable.

You should also share with friends who need to express themselves to the ones they love. Keep spreading the words, the smiles, and the love!

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