Happy New Month Love SMS Messages

120 Happy New Month Love SMS Messages [March 2023]

Since it’s a new month, let me be the first to wish you a happy new month. I’m glad you’re viewing this site to get happy new month love sms messages, wishes, and quotes. It’s the first day of the new month, a perfect time to send these happy new month love sms messages to your family, friends, admirers, and even that special person that holds the key to your heart.

These compilations have been made to help you, even if you have issues putting your words together. I’ve actually gone into your mind to see all the wishes, prayers, and love messages you want to send this new month.

These messages will surely help remind him/her of how much you care and will improve your relationship. Ensure you read through to pick the text that says what your heart is saying.

Romantic New Month Messages for Lovers

Either it’s the last day of a month or the first day in a new month, sending from these romantic new month messages for lovers is your best bet to increase the fire in your relationship.

Let me give you a tip. Ensure you read it through. You ask why? Well, it’s because this list contains ‘perfectly’ combined happy new month love sms messages that it becomes hard to choose from it because they all say what your lover wants to hear.

Without taking your time, let’s dive into this beautiful happy new month love sms messages. Have fun reading!

1. It’s the beginning of a new month, and all I can wish for is that we grow together and spend our life together. I love you dearly, happy new month.

2. Happy new month, darling. I hope I’m the first to send you a text this morning? I made a wish for you this month, and it’s that all your wishes come true in this new month. Ensure you make beautiful wishes this month.

3. It’s a beautiful morning in this month baby, and it’s the beginning of the month of your exploits. I’m so eager to hear of your achievements this month and celebrate with you. Happy new month babe.

4. A darling like you deserves all the best this month has got to offer. This assures me that it’s going to be your best month. I also thank God that we made it into this month. Happy new month darling.

5. Happy new month sweetheart. I welcome you into a month of great success in all ramifications. It’s going to be a month where our love will grow stronger. I love you.

6. I wish you a happy new month from this sweet and caring heart, and I’m glad you made it into this new month with me. This is our month of breakthroughs in every area, favor in your work, and strength to our love.

7. Sweetheart, I want to say all that my heart is saying to you this new month. It says “I’ll love you forever”. Happy love month.

8. It’s another month for us to grow together. A month to love you more, and to experience your love. I wish you a month full of surprises. Happy new month love.

9. A happy new month to you, darling. It’s another month of beautiful experiences with you. I can’t wait to spend the whole month celebrating our success. I’m preparing babe. Happy new month!

10. The future is nothing without you babe, but I’m excited this is a month to build my love with you. Happy new month babe. Welcome to our month of much love.

11. It’s an exciting thing to know that I won’t be alone in this month because I’ve got you to myself. You’re welcome into this new month, Love. Our month to love better.

12. Happy new month my darling. It gladdens my heart to tell you that this is a month made especially for us. It’s going to be a month where we’ll make beautiful memories for our future.

13. I’ve got one wish for us this month, and that is to spend every second, every minute, every hour, and every day together, in your embrace. Happy new month babe.

14. It’s a new month and a new day, a chance to be with the one I love and care for. Happy new month darling.

15. One spectacular thing about this month is that we will make more memories. Happy new month, babe.

16. I’ve got another opportunity this month to grow with you. Happy new month sweetie, and welcome to a month made for the growth of the love we share.

17. Happy new month to the one who makes me smile, even in hard times. I welcome you to this new month. I hope you achieve all your heart desires for this month.

18. You make me shine brightly at all times, you make me happy in all situations. That is why I know that you’ll do much more in this month. Happy new month, my one.

19. This is the beginning of a new month, and for you, it is the beginning of endless success. Happy new month sunshine.

20. Happy new month my only definition of genuine love. I love you beyond the description of words. Go and prosper this month.

Cute Happy New Month Love SMS Messages

Are you here to get some sweet happy new month love sms messages as well? Then you are in the right place. The messages here are strict to cause that sweetening effect in the heart of your loved one.

It’s a thing to want to send a sweet text to your loved one, it is another to know the right combination of words and grammar to send. Since you’re here, I congratulate you because you’ll get the right combinations to send.

Continue reading to see the happy new month love sms messages that will cause your relationship to start on a sweet note in this new month.

21. Happy new month sweetheart. It’s a new month of blessings for you, and I can’t wish for anything more other than to celebrate the arrival of your fortunes.

22. Just as the previous month allowed growth in our lives, love, work, and our relationship, this month won’t be an exception. Happy new month my star.

23. I cherish all the experiences I’ve had because of you, and I promise to keep them in my heart. I welcome you into another month of beautiful experiences. Happy new month darling.

24. They say two good heads are better than one. I know this month is filled with so many goodies and beauty because it’s the two of us in it. Happy new month, Babe.

25. Ensure you spend every day in this new month smiling. That’s the key to all my wishes for you this month. Welcome to our month.

26. You will remain the only reason this month promises to be better for me. Thank you for coming into this new month with me. Happy new month, my love.

27. You’ve made love fun for me. I want us to continue to have fun, loving each other in this new month. You’re welcome to our month of love.

28. Happy new month baby. This month promises to bring joy, fulfillment, blessings, and lots of love to us. Let’s keep loving this month.

29. I know you are sure to prosper in all you do in this month. Happy new month darling. Ensure you overcome all obstacles to your achievements in this month.

30. I promise to be better in this new month, better at communicating, at loving and cheering you on. I’ll listen more, share your tears with you, and celebrate your successes and your disappointments. Happy new month sunshine.

31. To love you is my skill, and I enjoy doing it. I’ll continue to love you in this new month also, in ways you can’t imagine. Have a blessed month dear.

32. Lifetime doesn’t seem enough for me to express how much love I’ve got for you, but I know this month brings another chance to express some love. Welcome to a new month, I pray it brings joy.

33. Welcome to this new month darling. A month to continue caring and showing love.

34. Words may fail me to express how much love I’ve got for you, but I promise to show it all by my actions in this month. Happy new month sweetheart.

35. You’ll continue to be my source of inspiration even in this month. Welcome to a new month.

36. Gold is yours this month, peace is yours this month, and favor. I love you, and even greater in this month. Happy new month treasure.

37. Situations will work in your favor this month because that’s my wish for you in this month. You’re welcome darling into your month.

38. My affection for you is so strong, and I vow never to let it grow weak. I’ll keep loving, sticking, and fighting for you even in this new month. Cheers to our new month.

39. Every friend sticks closer in hard times. You’ve stuck with me in my hardest times, so close more than a friend. I promise to also stick with you at all times. Welcome to your new month, babe.

40. Just as new months keep rolling in, so does my love and passion for you roll into greater proportion. Let’s keep loving and growing in love in this new month. Shout out to your best month yet.

Happy New Month Wishes to My Love

I know your partner means so much to you? Then sending from this happy new month wishes to my love is what is best to do, to show how much your lover means to you. This is a special collection containing happy new month quotes, happy new month love sms messages to send to your heartbeat.

Make certain that you send from this group of happy new month love sms messages to your love, and be the first to send a heart-melting text that gladdens his/her heart. Below is the group of texts you should choose from. Enjoy reading!

41. I’m wishing you so much love in this month. Although, many times I wish I can stay glued to your side 30 days a month. I love you so much, my love. Happy new month.

42. Your existence in my life brightens up everything around me. I wish that everything around your life also gets better because of me. Happy new month darling.

43. I’m happy I met you and more than happy that we came into the new month still loving each other. I wish you more love and fruitfulness. Cheers to a new month babe.

44. This new month will give rise to a stronger bond between us and I pray it also brings new memories. Happy new month, lovey.

45. Even if the day doesn’t look too good, or you’ve got your mood on the wrong side, I’ll cheer you onto happiness. I love you and I vow to make you smile. Happy new month Star.

46. Make sure all the desires of your heart are accomplished in this month. Give it the discipline it takes and come out fulfilled. Happy new month my heart.

47. I’ll always be there with you this month, taking notice of your victories, writing down your visions, and supporting your idea. I wish you a month full of blessings.

48. I wish you all the goodness in this new month, all the favors and breakthroughs. It’s going to be one of your best months. Happy new month, my love.

49. Happy new month sweetie. I wish you long life, more of God’s blessings and strength to achieve this month.

50. No amount of time is enough to spend with you because of the extent of my love for you… I wish this new month will give enough time to be with you. I wish you fruitfulness in all you do this month.

51. I wish you joy on every side, peace in all areas of your life. Stay strong and healthy this month babe. Happy new month babe.

52. Happy new month my love. It’s a new month today, and I wish you find fulfillment and thrive in all you do in this month. I love you.

53. Just as it’s the first day in this new month, the same will be the beginning of great things in every portion of your life. I wish you plenty of fun this month. Happy new month darling.

54. I wish the heavens support all you do in this month, I wish the earth yields for you in this month, and I wish that all mankind come to your labor to favor you this month. Happy new month my heartbeat.

55. I wish for five things in this new month. To love you better, to care for you better, to know you better, to support you, and to encourage you. Happy new month my own.

56. I’ll be the fire that warms you in winter, I’ll be a surety for you in loan times. I love you eternally. Happy new month sweetheart.

57. A new month is a new start. I wish you a fresh and improved beginning in your endeavors. Welcome to your month of a smooth start babe.

58. It’s a new month, and another possibility for our love to stay united, our hearts glued together. Cheers to our month baby.

59. I wish that this new month brings us closer and makes us happier. Happy new month, my joy.

60. Without you in this month, I can’t just imagine how living 30 days a month will be. You are everything darling, the one with whom I can fantasize. Happy new my fantasy.

Happy New Month Prayers for My Sweetheart

The new month ought to start with prayers. This has been said to bring great achievements, delightful surprises, and favors. Do you wish to begin this new month by sending prayers to your lover? Yes? Then you should choose from these happy new month prayers for my sweetheart.

This list contains Inspirational happy new month love sms messages that your lover will be so happy to see on the first day of a new month. Let’s dive in!

61. May all that you lay your hands on in this month turn to gold. May your achievements in this month be greater than the previous months, and may you exceed the expectations of your enemy. I love you and wish you well. Happy new month babe.

62. I pray that you have a month full of delightful surprises, enviable feats, and undeniable progress. Welcome to your month of progress sugar.

63. Just like a unicorn, you’ll be distinguished in this month for a favor. I pray this new month brings a big smile to your face. Cheers to a greater new month.

64. In this month, you will be too blessed to be ignored, you will surpass your contemporaries. God’s blessings will rest on your life, and situations will work to your advantage. Happy new month dear.

65. Just as the new month begins today, you will also begin to receive favors today. I pray you prosper in all you do this month. Happy new month, Mine

66. When I woke up on the first day of this new month, I made a prayer to God for you. I told God to keep you from evil and shield you from negative influences. Happy new month, darling.

67. As today marks the first day in this new month, I pray you experience blessings on all sides. I pray you shine as the sun, I pray you become greater too. Welcome to this beautiful month.

68. The sun shines for all to see, so shall you shine for all to see. I ask that God lead you to the place of your shining in this month. Cheers to your month.

69. Happy new month darling. I wish you a pleasant new month. I pray you reach the apex of your dreams, I pray you finish stronger and better this month.

70. Surely goodness and mercy will follow you in this month and you will never be stranded. I pray you scale through all hurdles in this month and keep winning. Happy fresh month darling.

71. A happy new month from this side. I pray you excel in this month, I pray you escape dangers, I pray you scale every daunting circumstance and I pray you are happy. I love you.

72. Cheers to your new month my love. I pray all things work together for your good in this month. I pray you have an experience of a better life and grow in wisdom.

73. I pray for you darling, that in this new month, lines will fall in pleasant places for your sake. I also pray that favor will not be far from your dwelling place in this month. Happy new month darling.

74. My prayers for you in this new month is that you flourish in your work, that you keep being healthy, that you achieve great things, that we keep loving, and that you keep being happy. Happy new month my love.

75. Happy new month my own. I wish you more of God’s blessings and help in this month

76. I’m glad because we made it into this new month and I pray our love grows stronger and healthier. I also pray that you shine brightly in this new month. Welcome to our month darling.

77. Welcome to your month of wonderful achievements. I pray you excel in this month.

78. Cheers baby! It’s a new month and a new day. I pray you find favor with God and man in this month.

79. Have a blessed month ahead, filled with goodness and breakthroughs. Happy new month dear.

80. Waking up to the first day this month I pray you get new opportunities for your gifts to find expression. Welcome to a new month.

Happy New Month Messages to My Fiancée

Have you got a fiancée and you want to surprise her with a happy new month text? Great! I’ve created this list of happy new month messages to my fiancée just for you. Have great fun reading through to see the perfect happy new month love sms messages for her.

81. My love, I’m happy to be the one sending this in this month. I’ve loved you and won’t stop now. Cheers to our month of togetherness.

82. I welcome you into this new month, my fiancée. Stay blessed in this month, and break limits. Happy new month.

83. Loving you is not only an obligation but also my lifetime job. I love you to eternity and back. Happy new month babe.

84. The future says we are going to be together, and I really can’t wait to get into that future. Happy new month love. Welcome to a month closer to our future.

85. They say change is constant and so, I promise that in this month, I’ll change for the better, loving you. Happy new month, my friend and lover.

86. It’s exciting to still be in your heart in this new month. I pray we continue to love each other. Cheers to our new month.

87. Amazingly, this new month seems to be of significance to us. Let’s make more memories this month babe. Happy new month.

88. Just as much as I would love to write an epistle of our love story, I pray the story continues and becomes sweeter this month. Shout out to a new month darling.

89. I’m blessed I found you, and I vow never to lose you, even in this month. Welcome to our new month babe.

90. Thanks for saying yes. Happy new month to very my own!

91. It’s a new month, a great time to achieve. I wish you success in this month. Happy fresh month.

92. Welcome to our month baby! Keep breaking boundaries in this month. Happy new month Pretty.

93. Push through distractions and come out strong. I wish you great achievements in this new month. Happy new month treasure.

94. People may fail you, but I won’t. I’ll stay glued to you at all times. Happy new month sugar.

95. It’s a new month, a new day, and a new season. A new way to love, and get closer. I love you beyond words. Happy new month.

96. Our love is taking a better shape this month, where our hearts will beat as one. Happy fresh month.

97. Shout out to our month babe. Ensure you stay happy through this month. I love you.

98. It’s here! The new month we anticipated. Let us love and stay happy in this month.

99. I vow to take every step with you in this month, loving you and cheering you. Happy new month, Princess.

100. I’m so happy to have you with me in this new month, and I know it’s a month of opportunities to show you how much I love you. Happy new month, Sweetheart.

Happy New Month Messages to My Crush

Every class of people in your life should get a beautiful happy new month message. If you’ve got a crush, sending from this unique list of happy new month messages to my crush will cause the effect you desire. Below are some happy new month love sms messages that you should send to your crush. Enjoy your reading.

101. Happy new month Crush. Let’s keep smiling in this new month. I love you.

102. You were always in my imaginations until we met. Thank goodness I didn’t escape you and welcome to a new month. Happy new month Darling.

103. Cheers to a new month sweet. It promises to be a great one.

104. It’s very fascinating how thoughts of you come into this month with me. Just so you know, you are always in my mind. Happy new month darling.

105. I hope we continue to be friends even in this month. You’ve been wonderful so far. Happy friends’ month.

106. You’ve been so understanding, even in times I don’t expect. You’ve got a wonderful personality and I will continue to celebrate that. Welcome to another month Crush.

107. Funny how I can’t stop getting amused by all you do. You’re precious to me darling and this is to say welcome to the new month.

108. A new month begins with a day, so it is for every success journey, it begins with a step. I wish we succeed greatly this month, and get closer to our desired goals.

109. I pray that you scale greater heights in this month. I pray your season of greatness comes and that your expectations are met

110. I wish you an incredible month full of new experiences. Make sure you don’t hesitate to have fun.

111. I hope all your past tough times don’t stop your achievements in this month. Have a pleasant month dear.

112. Happy new month dearest. Make sure you shine and flourish in this month.

113. Welcome to an amazing month dearie. It’s another month to make life meaningful. Enjoy to the fullest in this month.

114. A new month is here and I’m excited to welcome you into this month. It’s going to be a month to live better and excel.

115. You’re seeing this because I care about you. Welcome dear, to another beautiful month.

116. Hello love! It’s a new month. Have fun to the fullest in this month and shun negativity.

117. It pleases me to be among the first set of people to welcome you into this month. My sincere wish for you is that you prosper in this new month.

118. A new month rolled in minutes ago, and all I want for you is God’s blessings.

119. In this month, I pray you make the best of the month with extraordinary achievements and happiness.

120. Shout out to a new month dear. May you have pleasant experiences that will give you reasons to smile.

Every class of relationship is essential and sending from these collections will improve any type of relationship. Ensure your loved ones get to see a happy new month message from you that reminds them of their worth in your life. If you find these text interesting, share, and send in your comments below as well.

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