Blessed Woman of God Quotes

2022 Blessed Woman of God Quotes for Daily Inspiration

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These are words of encouragement for a woman who describes Godly wife quotes and the practical application of a church girl quotes. This blessed woman of God quotes assures every believing lady that she has chosen the right path.

So, to you dear woman of God, here are some Godly woman quotes prayers, confessions, and declarations to help you keep clinging to that belief that you have. This God bless the woman quotes will not only inspire you but encourage you to hold on to what God says about you.

I Am a Blessed Woman of God Quotes

I am a blessed woman of God quotes describe how to be a good woman according to the Bible. Get the best words of encouragement for a woman with these extensive lists of a blessed woman of God quotes below.

1. Never seek help and be stranded. Help arises for me even before I call for it, this is the portion of those that seek after God.

2. I serve the God of the universe, and so I have access to every good thing that I so desire.

3. Covetousness is far from me, I am satisfied with God and so contentment is my watchword.

4. I have gained above the treasure of the world. I won the treasure of high places, I do not trample upon like one with no value, my worth is defending perfectly in God.

5. I have found my identity in God and I would never be far from fulfilling what had been written of me.

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6. Lives wait for a delivered and one with their blessings like me. This is the portion of the Lord me and I fulfill nothing lesser than that.

7. My hands are blessed to give to men and nations. I am a source of wealth, with fruits that will spread far and wide in filling many that ate hungrily.

8. God seeks, picks a person, and sends us an answer to the cries of many, and a woman who submits to God is always privileged to be such a person.

9. I am salt to the earth, and I make a difference everywhere I go. I am the clarity that people seek to know the mind of God.

10. There is power in wielding the Word of God as a watchword. Make it a lifestyle to know, believe, and use the Word, and you’ll get the best out of life.

11. She wields the rod and staff in a way no ordinary person can. She has learned the righteous path, and her ways her right. So she knows how to bring people to correct with Love.

12. She cherishes what she has received from God, knowing it is priceless. When a lady meets God, she never remains the same again, everything about her begins to conform, right from her heart to even her care for physical things.

13. I am bought with a price that nobody in this world can know its worth. I’m God’s priceless jewel, and beyond whatever cost, anyone can offer. I’m won over to God forever.

14. His grace is an ornament around me. I am beautified by wisdom and I represent excellence for the people of God to the world.

15. Honesty and meekness are my virtues, grace and wisdom are my jewels, peace and love are my raiments. I am dressed with the personality of God from head to toe.

16. My aura of holiness and righteousness is strong because I’m the habitation of God. Nothing unclean stays in me because I am purified by the fire of God.

17. I am a daughter of Zion, so no stranger passes through me. I have been made free to deliver many too. Upon mount Zion there is deliverance, and so, I am a solution to the world.

18. My strength against all oppositions is in God, therefore, I’ll fear no goliath. With Christ, my victory is sure.

19. I know who I am because I am born of God, molded, and made to fulfill his desires for me. I function by Grace and so I declare that nothing can stop me.

20. My coast is enlarged daily and my unction is increased as I move on to take over the lands promised to me for inheritance.

21. May your days be filled with wisdom and your nights filled with inspiration from the source of light and wisdom.

22. When a woman prays, she is not just praying for herself, but committing lives hidden in her womb to God and planting generations in the will of God.

23. Her water flows, and her fields are evergreen, her garden is filled with blossoming flowers.

24. No words of her mouth fall to the ground, because they are spoken with authority and crowned with mercy from God.

25. God gives His beloved daughters scepters of authority. They command armies and lead men to battle the enemy.

26. A life of victory is not far from what you see in the home of a spiritual woman. She never gives chance for the enemy to rejoice over her.

27. The heart of her husband rejoices in her. He knows that with her, the wall of their home is strong and firmly rooted in God. He knows that he would chase ten thousand with her.

28. A praying woman is noble in all things. She is respected and honored because she understands and holds the key that opens doors.

29. You are beautiful, blessed, strong, favored, loved, cherished, and all that God says you are. Never let go of this!

30. The only thing a woman of God believes above all other comments and thoughts is what God says about her.

Trust you have been inspired reading through this woman is God’s best creation quotes. Let me know in the comment section your favorite blessed woman of God quotes and don’t forget to share with family and friends on your social media.


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