What a Woman Wants In a Man Quotes

What a Woman Wants in a Man Quotes | 100 Super Flirty Quotes in 2022

“Well, what do you want from me?!!” What a woman wants from a man has always been something hidden in the hearts of women and has always frustrated men whenever they think they’ve got it. Our what a woman wants in a man quotes are here for you to get an insight as to what women desire in men.

Every woman has that what I want in a man checklist hidden somewhere in her mind or her diary, but if they don’t say it, you won’t know it. While women are going through when a man truly loves you quotes, get busy learning about how a man should love a woman quotes.

Normally, we all sometimes get that urge to know how to be a man that every woman wants, but there is no avenue through which that can be achieved if we don’t know what a woman wants from you.

Sometimes, as men, we can be so insecure about what our woman wants that we dig up quotes about a real man loving a woman but in truth, we just need to know a man’s job in a relationship is to please

Here we have our compilation of what a woman wants in a man quotes just for you and trust me, you would discover the musings and desires in the minds and hearts of women.

What a Woman wants Quotes

One known fact of life is that when you know what someone wants, you can devise a way to meet that desire, starting with what a woman wants quotes. The way you know what a woman wants most times is to ask, though that doesn’t always go well. But what a woman likes in a man is not going to be a mystery when you go through our compilation.

The things humans generally want is endless, but the things women want is more specific yet endless in its own right, but with someone to help you exhume what a woman wants in a man quotes, your journey to pleasing her certainly becomes easier.

1. I know it sounds silly but I want children and dogs all in a house with a picket fence with you a little garden, but it will all be perfect with you in it.

2. I want to be valued by you when I’m with you and when I’m not, I want you to treat me like I’m yours in front of everyone, every time.

3. You may think I want money and gifts, cars and designer clothes. Though I can appreciate those things, I want your company, commitment, honesty, and everything about your personality.

4. I want someone who gets me, who can be quiet with me when I cry until I stop and look me in the eye and tell me, “you can tell me what’s going on, I love you”.

5. I want to know that you love me more than I want to hear that you love me, sometimes your actions can go a long way in assuring me.

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6. I sometimes want to eat junk food and lie in bed till 10 a.m. I don’t want you to look at me weird, I want you to bring me more junk food.

7. Sometimes, I don’t want you to rush in to fix my problems like a knight in shining armor. I just need you to listen to me.

8. I want to go on gut-turning rides and eat cotton candy like a kid with you.

9. I realize I might be very annoying, but I want you to hang-out with me because I’m still irresistible.

10. I sometimes want to sit with you in silence, no awkward conversations, not trying to fill up every moment with words. Just enjoy the silence without fear.

11. I desire a time when we can take a walk without holding hands, without talking, without sharing mushy looks. Just taking a simple walk.

12. I want to join a baking class and eat all the cake because I love cake.

13. I want to stay up all night watching a movie only you and I can relate to.

14. I love hugs, long hugs and sometimes I just want to look at you, no long romantic dates, no wine, nothing fancy. Just pamper me till I sleep.

15. It’s not that hard to know what I want, just ask me.

16. I love it when you just pick me up and roll me around, except when I just ate. Then you’re the one who’s going to get hurt.

17. I appreciate your grand gestures, but sometimes I just want you to wash the dishes and do the laundry.

18. I like it when you take me out, sometimes I prefer a large pizza in front of the T.V watching my favorite show.

19. I’m not that difficult, I just want a lot of things and like a lot of things, sometimes I’m confused about what I want. But I really want you to stay despite all that.

20. I’m not so concerned about the person that calls me out as I am about the person who looks me in the eye and tells me with love.

21. Things won’t always go as planned, but I want to spend every single moment with you.

22. I want your consistency more than your money. I want your time more than your flowers, I want your love more than your words.

23. I love surprises, I want to be surprised, I want to the big gifts as much as I love the small, loving presents and actions.

24. I want to build a snowman and get in a snow-fight with you.

25. I want you to know that I don’t know what I want sometimes, and I want you to treat me normally like I know what I want.

What a Woman Wants in a Relationship Quotes

Relationships are timeless and they mark moments in history, what a woman wants in a man quotes is just as important because they bring you peace. Romantic relationships are crucial to be successful in or we would have a war between men and women.

And for that reason, we bring you what a woman wants in a relationship quotes that make you able to navigate your relationship with your woman. Our searchlight would help in enlightening you on that number one thing a woman looks for in a man, which happens to vary for different women,

The basis of what a woman wants in a relationship, we want to progress in relationships, is formed by the need to know what every woman needs in a man and what a woman wants from a man. The list is endless but we have narrowed it down in our what a woman wants in a relationship quotes;

26. I want you to wake up thinking of me, and go to bed thinking of me, want your eyes to light up at the sight of me.

27. I want you to be able to acknowledge the good in me, not to feel threatened by it. I want you to groom my abilities, not drown it.

28. I want us to get into fights but not to go to bed angry at each other.

29. I want us to stay up late all night talking about things that matter in this world like human rights and politics.

30. I want us to go on trips and bring something useful back, not just lovey-dovey.

31. I want a relationship where I can be vulnerable and feminine, yet I’m respected and loved.

32. I don’t want to be a toy or an object only played with when you’re happy or in the mood, I want to be a partner, an equal that you can rely on any time.

33. I want to play video games with you, and your friends and not be treated like a girl but as your woman.

34. I want you to do the dishes sometimes, and make the bed, and go shopping. Those are the little things that you do that make me fall in love all over again.

35. I want us to know everything about ourselves without having to take off our clothes.

36. I want you to be my best friend, my lover, and my counselor and I want to know that is what you want too.

37. I want a relationship where you feel all the love songs were written about me.

38. There must be space for us to grow as individuals. I love you but I love our growth more.

39. In a relationship, boundaries must be respected, thoughts must be thought through well because we’re not kids and our parents shouldn’t fix our problems.

40. Bring me lunch at work and leave me flowers, buy me junk food and help me get tampons when I’m stuck.

41. I never want distance to be a barrier between us. Our hearts ought to stretch beyond borders and time zones.

42. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I want you to behold my bad sides and still feel like I am worthy to be loved.

43. I want you to intentionally love me, feelings don’t matter as much as actions and intentions do.

44. I want you to see me and not get bored at the sight of me, hear me and not hear a screechy voice, hold me and not be cold.

45. I want you to tell me when I’m wrong, help me to be right, and make sure I know you want only the best for me.

46. I want you to be friends with me, best friends. I want to be able to tell you anything and have you laugh out awkward moments with me.

47. I want you to know this relationship is not so much about me, or you but about us. It is about supporting my dreams and visions as I do yours. It is about making ourselves better.

48. I want to know you can wait for me, in everything. If you truly love me, patience is not going to be hard.

49. I want laughter, to be appreciated, to be loved, to desired. I want to know that I am a priority to you, not an option.

50. Women want many things, but the most important is that they want to be loved.

What a Girl Wants in a Relationship Quotes

Being a girl is not as easy as being a woman because of the missing factor of experience, the road is rocky but can be enjoyed. A lot of guys are clueless about what a girl wants in a relationship, it is not so easy to figure it out either but with our knowledge on what a girl wants in a relationship quotes, you’d find it easier to be the man of her dreams.

There are indeed dating qualities that every girl looks out for in every boy they meet, though their desires contain more of the little actions than of the big ones, it is those little actions that form the big ones. Have a look at our what a girl wants in a relationship quotes.

51. What a girl doesn’t want, is to be compared with another person, especially another girl, especially during an argument.

52. It takes strength to put up with a girl, it takes commitment to watch the girl grow into a woman.

53. I’m the kind of girl who’s content with one rose and takeout instead of fancy restaurants and bouquets but is greedy for all of you.

54. I want stares from across the room that speaks of things in your heart, I want to see your heart in your eyes.

55. I have a long life ahead of me, but I wanted to start it with you.

56. I want to be overwhelmed by love till I don’t know what I would do without you. I want to be the only one who occupies your thought.

57. I honestly want to know how you feel, I want you to trust me enough with the thoughts of your heart.

58. Every girl secretly wishes she was Bella in ‘Twilight’ because of the way Edward loved her, girls deserve that kind of love. Without the vampires.

59. A girl who knows what it is like to be loved fiercely will never settle for less because it has left an imprint on her soul.

60. What a girl wants is to be the reason behind every smile that crosses the face of a man that she loves.

61. Every girl needs a man who can make her laugh till her ribs hurt, then have conversations so deep that it would make her sigh and hold him tight.

62. I laugh till I snort sometimes, I eat till I burp sometimes, I cry till I don’t have any tears left to cry, but inside I’m just a sweet little girl waiting for love.

63. I might look like I’m running from you but I’m actually jogging on one spot waiting for you to catch up to me, by that time, I’ll be sure you wanted me.

64. I want kisses, and long hugs, I want your sweatshirt and your hands to hold, I need that energy you share with the people you love.

65. I am casually walking beside you but my heart is almost beating out of my chest, that’s right, I’m just playing it cool till you see what’s in front of you.

66. I’m not looking for you to grab my behind in public as a claim, I just want you to give me that look you never give to anyone else.

67. I don’t want to be the girl you smile at on the way to class, I want to be the girl you just can’t get off your mind no matter how hard you try.

68. We might be young, but I know you just want to get it with me. I’ll avoid you like plague because I’m more than what you think I am.

69. It is never too late to come to me because I’m hopelessly in love with you until I’m not.

70. Young people, wisdom is to know that relationships revolve around communication, affection, and commitment.

71. You’re not a toy to me, I just will not let you go like a toy, if you piss me off though, I’ll chuck you.

72. I’m not trying to need you, I’m just working on myself enough for my attraction of like minds to occur.

73. I might not admit it, but I’m secretly waiting for the man who will make my sister know she lost in the “I wish for a Prince” game we played when we were kids.

74. In a relationship, a girl deserves a man who loves her so badly to change three things about her; her last name, her address, and what she formerly thought about men.

75. A girl who loves to a point she sees the treasure in herself will not go for anything less than what she deserves.

All a Girl Wants From a Guy Quotes

Girls can be misunderstood, for a fact, they are misunderstood a lot. The feeling can be so subtle which is sometimes the reason for outbursts. Understanding this, we know that sometimes our all a girl wants from a guy quotes is just something simple.

Just like our what a woman wants in a man quotes, the reality of accepting that there are things that we need to know, to be able to align with our women’s hearts. That truth about what all a girl wants from a guy quotes is here for you.

76. I’m always going to want you, always going to need you, all I want is for you to see it and accept it and love me back.

77. All I want is to be able to express myself, without the fear of you secretly not caring. I want to tell you about my day and look over at you, and you’re still listening.

78. I want to be everything to you yet give you the space to grow, that’s how much I want you to be better.

79. Sometimes, all I want from you is for you to fight for me. I want to know that you are as committed as I am.

80. All a girl need is a person who treasures her believes she’s invaluable and never lets her forget it.

81. All a girl needs from a guy is a love that can transform the way she sees life.

82. All I want from you is everything about you, your smile, your laugh, your tears, your smell, your clothes, your personality, your love.

83. Would you believe me if I say I wasn’t planning on you seeing my exterior beauty? I don’t mind unless you can see my beauty on the inside.

84. I’m a girl, I don’t like being lied to, I don’t like being deceived, just trust me enough to tell me the truth.

85. All I want to know when I’m with you is to know where I stand with you, by your words or actions, I don’t want to be barking up the wrong tree.

What a Woman Wants in a Man Quotes and Sayings

Love is a beautiful thing when nurtured in the right atmosphere and what a woman wants in a man quotes and sayings helps you to position your heart on what’s important to you in a relationship. So why not pick one or two from the list of what a woman wants in a man quotes now for your use. Enjoy!

86. When a woman truly loves a man, the man should be aware he is the luckiest man yet the most endangered man, but only if he abuses that love.

87. Can you imagine what life would be like if you never met me? I’m not sure you can, I just want the reason to be because it would hurt too much to do that.

88. All I want is for you to know that if you break me, I’ll spend all my energy breaking you too because you’re the only one I have energy towards.

89. What every woman needs in a man is love and respect, but what I need from you and me in a relationship is to become a better person.

90. Women want respect, while girls want attention. But learn to respect me from now because before you know it, I’ll become a woman.

91. I’m a lover, I have love in me to share, all I want from you is for you to open the door of your heart.

92. I choose you every time, I honestly want you to come to a point where you’ll do so too, that is all I want.

93. If you want to know how I feel about you, see beyond the face I put on whenever I’m around people, you’ll know my mind is always on you. All I need from you is for you to feel the same way.

94. Love is not for the weak, I am still weak, but I chose you because your love would make me strong.

95. I smile and say “If only you know that all I wanted from you was just one thing, your love.”

96. I’m not a girl who wears pink and I don’t like sparkles, I like Harleys and roller coasters, I like a rock yet I don’t want you to think I’m so tough that I don’t get hurt when you don’t care.

97. Would you ever hold me as I’ve dreamed about? Would you ever bring to fulfillment all my desires about you?

98. All I want is for you to know that I’ve been thinking about you for a long time and not find it creepy.

99. True love stories are real, they exist, and I want you to star in mine.

100. Every girl deserves a boy who can make other girls jealous of his girl, a guy who never makes her jealous of other girls.

I hope our post on What a woman wants in a man quotes has helped you to know what every woman wants and that you had some clues about what your woman wants.

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Be happy and spread love. Thank you.

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