Good Afternoon SMS for Girlfriend

100 Flirty Good Afternoon SMS for Girlfriend and Wife (2022)

Not showing enough care is undoubtedly one of the reasons why many relationships are failing. To ensure that your relationship does not falter, good afternoon SMS for girlfriend comes handy in that regard. The messages are tailored towards pepping up your relationship. Thereby, leaving your girlfriend with no doubt that you are the real deal.

Managing a relationship, making your girlfriend happy and content with you is not as difficult as a lot of guys are making it to be. Ladies are easily swept off their feet by trivial things. If you can start doing these trivial things, I can assure you that you will be cementing your spot permanently in her heart. One of those trivial things is the good afternoon SMS for girlfriend.

Similarly, it has been established that ladies are moved by what they hear. Failing to come to terms with this reality and capitalize on it might be fatal to your relationship. By sending your girlfriend good afternoon love quotes, your bond of love will be strengthened tremendously.

Ultimately, the best thing you could do right now is to assume a comfortable position, copy, paste, and send a lot of good afternoon SMS for girlfriend messages. You don’t have to look any further because you’ve got the right content at your fingertips.

Sweet Good Afternoon SMS for Girlfriend

Has your girlfriend been complaining that you are not being romantic enough? The right way to prove her wrong is to send her a good afternoon SMS for girlfriend. It will take you through the romantic route seamlessly while enjoying each other more than ever before.

There’s no doubt that every classy lady does not want to be in a dull relationship. With sweet good afternoon SMS for girlfriend, the romance in your relationship is poised to skyrocket and your relationship is set to become enlivened.

1. Are you aware that there are two queens in the world? The first is the Queen of England and the second is you, “the Queen of my Heart.” Good afternoon, babe.

2. It is medically advised that too much sugar is harmful to one’s health. Sweetheart, your love is sweeter than sugar and it has done me no harm. I won’t stop taking it.

3. There’s a company that is more beneficial to me than the company I work for. It is your company (being with you). I treasure it a lot.

4. Hearing you speak has a therapeutic effect on me because your angelic voice sends calmness to every part of my body. The soothing relief that it brings is unparalleled.

5. I have been waiting for the right time to tell you who I’m truly in love with. Now, go back to the eleventh word.

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6. It surprises me that someone could be occupying another person’s building without paying rent. You’ve taken full occupation of my heart without paying for space. Anyways, you don’t have to.

7. Hello! I just want to serve you a reminder just in case you’ve forgotten. It is that God brought His creativity to bear when He made you.

8. I do not doubt that you were made for me just like the fish was made for water and birds for the sky.

9. It wouldn’t be out of place to call you a magician because your love has an inexplicable magical effect on me. Don’t you ever stop the magic show, Sweetie.

10. I want you to lend me something and I promise to return it as soon as possible. It’s not something expensive, it’s a peck.

11. I think it’s high time you owned your refining company because you’ve made me a better version of myself in every way. Trust me, you’re going to take the industry by storm.

12. When I was in secondary school, I never understood the principle of magnetism. But now, our relationship has given me a better understanding of the topic. You are magnetic, baby.

13. Anytime my day is going awry, all I need to get it back on track is to pick up my phone and call you. On hearing your sweet voice, everything is re-orientated.

14. This afternoon, I suddenly began to have cold shivers. Those around me began to panic and they offered me medication. I rejected it and told them that the only medication I need is a hug from you.

15. The warmth I get every afternoon from the sunshine serves as a confirmation that you and I are a match made in heaven.

16. Quite a few women have a beautiful face, some have beautiful eyes, few have a beautiful smile while very few have beautiful character. But, you are a combination of all.

17. Every day, I use my day to think about you and my night to dream about you. That’s my daily routine.

18. Do you know what my hobby is? It is looking into your beautiful eyeballs, it leaves me refreshed and reinvigorated.

19. I realized that Angels are always very busy on a Sunday afternoon. But I’m sorry to distract you from your duty. I just want to tell you that I miss you.

20. It’s the nature of sugar to dissolve in water. The weather forecast says it’s going to rain today. Make sure you don’t get in the rain, my sugar.

Afternoon Texts to Make Her Smile

A relationship is like a fire that is set up. If it is not rekindled regularly, it will start glimmering and it will die off eventually. Are you thinking of rekindling your relationship? Good afternoon SMS for girlfriend can help you achieve that effortlessly. That relationship of yours can become the envy of all if you take the important steps needed to make that happen.

Smiling has a therapeutic effect on the body. The more smiles you put on the face of your girlfriend, the lovelier she will get about you and the more committed she will be to you. At your disposal is an array of afternoon texts to make her smile.

21. Officially, my heart is no longer mine, it now belongs to you. The only reason I’m still in the custody of it is that I need it to stay alive for you.

22. Your ravishing beauty is enough to disarm the most powerful army of soldiers. All our country needs to win any war is to allow you to lead the war.

23. Before now, I couldn’t swim. But, you have suddenly turned me to a potential Olympic swimming champion. I have been swimming perfectly in your love and I don’t want to ever stop.

24. There’s a secret I would like to reveal to you. Promise me that you won’t be mad at me. The secret is that I am missing you this afternoon.

25. Do you know the reason why I don’t feel cold during the winter? The reason is your love. It’s just too hot that it keeps me warm throughout the winter.

26. I do not doubt that Michael Jackson must have gotten his inspiration for the song “speechless” after setting his eyes on you. You must have rendered him speechless by your beauty.

27. Do you know that you’re the world’s best cheerleader? The motivation and encouragement you give to me are matchless. I’ll definitely accompany you to the award ceremony.

28. The way you’ve been rocking my world with your elegance, jaw-dropping beauty, and caring nature qualifies you as a great rock star.

29. I’m not among those that pray for miracles because I already have the biggest miracle. If having you as a girlfriend is not a miracle, then I don’t know what it is.

30. When some people say there’s nothing that lasts forever, they probably haven’t seen my endless love for you. It is one thing that is not bound by time.

31. During my secondary school days, I never liked Chemistry as a subject. But, it’s amazing how I developed excellent chemistry with you.

32. I went for a checkup this afternoon and it was confirmed that my heart is healthier than before. I suppose it’s because my heart is being fed right with your love.

33. Sweetheart, even when you become aged and wrinkly, you’ll still be beautiful to me. The wrinkle on your face will be my reward for making you smile all the years.

34. Have you ever wondered why there are spaces between the fingers? It is to lock your hand in that of your lover. I don’t want to stop locking hands with you, baby.

35. Someone asked me why I hardly get moody. I simply told him that no man can have a sweet girlfriend like you and be moody. It’s an impossibility.

36. I never knew that getting trapped could ever be a good thing. Now, I am trapped in your love and I don’t pray to ever get out.

37. I’m going to get you arrested for the crime that you’ve committed. As a matter of fact, I’m on my way to report you to the police right now. You will be charged for stealing my heart.

38. Before now, I never liked spicy meals because it provokes a burning sensation. But, the way you’ve spiced up my life with your love is now making me crave for spicy meals.

39. There’s no doubt that you’re hotter than the sun. But, I’m still baffled that I don’t have burns on my skin yet.

40. I notice that anytime I see you in the morning, I always have an extraordinary day. I can’t wait to make that a regular practice.

Good Afternoon Poems for Her

It’s awesome the extent to which good afternoon SMS for girlfriend could go in relieving a relationship of undue stress. A relationship is just like an elastic material. When too much stress is imposed on it, it stretches beyond its elastic limit and breaks off. Nobody desires to make a lot of commitment into a relationship and then suddenly wake up to see it end abruptly.

In order to eliminate unwarranted stress on a relationship by adding fun to it, considering our collection of good afternoon poems for her is therefore expedient.

41. I was holding out my hand in search of love,
Just when my hand began to ache,
And I wanted to withdraw it,
Then you came and grabbed it,
What a sweet moment it was.

42. There is a mystery I have seen,
When you are with me time runs a sprint,
when we are not together,
The same time crawls like a snail.

43. I have tasted honey,
I have tasted sugar,
And I have tasted you,
You are indeed the sweetest.

44. You are my sunshine,
You are my rain,
With you by my side,
I will shine and reign.

45. Our relationship is a gift,
That I’m always grateful for,
Opening it every day,
Gives me immense delight.

46. Lions may stop roaring,
Dogs may stop barking,
And Goats may stop bleating,
But I will never stop caring.

47. You emit pleasurable aroma,
More than the finest of flowers,
Your presence causes me,
To have butterflies in my stomach.

48. I never thought I could ever fall in love with an Angel,
You have made me a unique man,
Because very few guys have Angels as a girlfriend,
Loving you plenty.

49. I hear people say that addiction is bad,
I tell them about my case,
And they always have a change of opinion,
My only addiction is your love,
and I want to remain addicted.

50. Every time spent with you,
Is a delightful experience,
that I always anticipate,
and sweet memory,
I always want to relive.

51. The sand on the seashore,
the galaxy of stars
and my love for you,
all have something in common,
They can’t be quantified.

52. Every fiber of my being,
longs for your company,
just the way everyone,
longs for summer.

53. When you utter words,
I get a glimmer of hope,
and strength is awakened in me,
sometimes I wonder if,
You’re related to Shakespeare.

54. Everyday my thoughts revolve around you,
Just as the earth revolves around the sun,
My love for you is never going to stop,
Just as the earth won’t stop its revolution.

55. With every passing day,
the love that we share is refreshed,
Our bond of love will never become stressed.
Strong as Ox shall it ever be.

56. Your presence is like oxygen to me,
anytime we are together,
I try to stock up my reserve,
that I might have enough to sustain me,
until I see you again,
but now, my reserve has been exhausted.

57. I was feeling a nasty pain in my heart region,
I went to see my Doctor and he made diagnosis,
it was revealed that it’s the pain of missing you.

58. If I had decided to plant a flower,
Each time I thought about you,
By now I would be owning my garden,
It’s still not late though.

59. Every time I hear people say,
Too much of everything is bad,
I just show them your picture,
And they keep quiet,
You possess too much beauty,
And that is not bad.

60. If I had the whole world in my possession,
I would have given it to you,
Since I don’t, I’m giving you my whole world.

Sweet Midday Texts for Her

Getting on the boat of love to set out on an adventure is an experience that everyone relishes. However, to make this experience a pleasurable one, good afternoon SMS for girlfriend is a tool that would be instrumental. Just as no one would embark on a journey without packing with them the items that they would need, you can be sure that with these messages, smooth sailing is guaranteed.

Have you ever imagined the great effect that a lovely afternoon message could have on your girl and her day? Do you know that a little SMS could be all that she needs to have an amazing day? A collection of sweet midday texts for her would be enough to convince/remind her of how thoughtful you are of her.

61. The reason why you are so precious to me is not just because of the glamour I experience when you are around me but the pain of missing you when we are not together.

62. Every time I wake up, I thank God for two things. First, the gift of life and second, that you are my girlfriend. I couldn’t have been luckier, baby.

63. You are google personified because you’ve got all that I have been searching for.

64. At the beginning of this year, I made a new year resolution. The resolution was to love you more each day of our lives.

65. There’s only one thing that satisfies me. It is to always see you smile and I promise you I will never be tired of doing that.

66. When I thought I had seen the best of you, you keep surprising me the more.

67. What stands you out among other women is your pure heart. Your heart is purer than the purest of gold.

68. Every time I look at you, I can’t help but marvel at the extent of God’s creativity.

69. I can overcome every of life’s challenges regardless of its magnitude with you behind me.

70. Love is like a tree that is planted and if well-nurtured gradually grows from a little shrub to a gigantic tree providing shade for others. I wish the love that we share will not come short of this reality.

71. I wish we could be going on 6 months vacation twice a year every year. But, as the saying goes if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

72. Life without a girlfriend like you would have been boring at best. You make my life interesting in amazing ways.

73. When I needed strength desperately during the tough times, I found it in your love. I was able to draw as much as I needed. Thank you for being there for me all this while.

74. Your name has been gold plated on my heart and I’m assuring you that no amount of force can obliterate it.

75. The fact that I’m sending you a midday message does not mean that I’m disturbing you, rather it shows that you are one of the few who occupy my heart all day.

76. To others, you are just one of the billions of people in the world. But to me, you mean the whole world.

77. There’s a saying that everything that has a beginning must have an end. This will never apply to the love that we share.

78. I have no special purpose in sending this message. I just want to have a moment out of your busy schedule for myself. Good afternoon, baby.

79. How strong a tree is, is not a function of its height but a function of the depth of its roots. It amazes me how deep the feelings we share have grown significantly.

80. Every time I pray to God, I don’t see Him but I believe He hears me. Every time I message you, I don’t see you but I believe you read it with a blush on your face.

Good Afternoon Texts to Make Her Blush

Blushing is a facial expression that comes to ladies naturally. It is triggered when a lady hears verbal expressions that appeal to her sense of humor. When she blushes, it’s a sign that you have just struck a chord with her. The implication of this is that she would tend to be in sync with you more.

Do you want your girlfriend to be in sync with you always? Then, you need a good afternoon SMS for girlfriend. Always remember that when you make her blush, your relationship becomes lush. You’ve got quite a handful of good afternoon texts to make her blush right here.

81. Sometimes, I wonder how your love is able to occupy my small heart, in spite of it being bigger than the globe.

82. I used to believe that Angels are heavenly beings. But, ever since I met you, you have successfully proven that Angels are not solely celestial. Good afternoon my cute Angel.

83. Since you came on board my ship, it has been smooth sailing all the way. But, why did you come late? Anyways, it’s better late than never.

84. You have brought tremendous peace into my life. I strongly believe that very soon you’ll be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

85. An old man once told me that if a man could fall in love with the right woman, chances are that he would live long. I’m happy that I’m already treading the path of longevity.

86. I never knew I would ever become a drunkard. Ever since we met, you have made me become one. But the source of my drunkenness is not alcohol, it is your love.

87. You can rest assured that I will never trade you for anything else. Do you know why? It’s because you are not a commodity.

88. You have taken possession of the key to my heart. Please, don’t misplace it because there’s no spare key.

89. How has your journey been, sweetheart? I know you must be tired by now because you have been traveling through my mind all day.

90. Your high display of intelligence melts me like fire melts candle. I’m honored to have you as a girlfriend.

91. When I met you, I knew I had found my age-long missing rib. You fit into my life perfectly and complete me in ways I cannot express, sweetie pie.

92. There’s a saying that all that glitters is not gold. That’s very true because you glitter and you are more precious than gold.

93. I never really understood the meaning of companionship until now. For those who don’t understand, companionship is the sweet moments that you and I share.

94. You are not just my lover, but you also double as a great friend. That’s a huge blessing because it’s an uncommon occurrence.

95. The most stunning attribute about you is not your beauty but your mental gymnastics. I could take a leave from work and watch those stunts all year long.

96. There’s a similarity between our relationship and a movie. Every new scene makes a movie more interesting just like everyday makes our relationship more interesting.

97. You are a perfect example of what being stylish is. No other lady in this world even comes close to you. You’re indeed special.

98. If I’m allowed to choose my choice lady over and over again. I’ll choose you because you brighten up my life in unspeakable ways.

99. Right now, I might not be able to give you riches, crystals of diamond, or a Bugatti. But, I’m assuring you that I will never stop giving you love to the fullest.

100. Transiting from being friends to lovers with you is one of the best decisions of my life. If I had not done that, I wouldn’t be having a great girlfriend like you. Cheers.

Classic “good afternoon SMS for girlfriend”, isn’t it? You can get others to reignite their love life by bringing it closer to them through sharing and sending. Kindly leave a comment below. Thank you for doing so!

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