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 100 Hilarious Love Joke Messages For Anyone Who Can’t Get Enough Of Laughs

Love is one thing we cannot do without. When you are in love, you will always want to make your lover laugh and that is why you need the funniest love joke messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You know how you will feel when you wake up in the morning to read love joke messages from the one you love, that is the same way your partner will feel when you make them smile by sending them a funny love message.

You will get 100 love joke messages that will crack the ribs of your partner when you read this post. Let’s go on the journey of making your partner laugh out loud because today we bring you the greatest collection of love jokes ever.

Love Joke Messages for Girlfriend

So let’s be honest, any good boyfriend desires to make his girlfriend laugh and forget her worries. If you are that seasoned boyfriend and you have been looking for joke messages for your girlfriend; below are some love joke messages for her that will make her fall in love with you the more.

1. While you were asleep, I sent an angel to protect you. Almost immediately, the angel came back and I asked him why? He said Angels don’t watch over an Angel! You are so beautiful, darling!

2. Wait a minute! Can I call your dad a taker? Simply because he stole every star in the sky and put it all in your eyes for you’re glowingly beautiful, dear.

3. My bad days get better whenever I see a pretty girl smile. Would you smile for me, let’s smile together, babe?

4. Don’t feel is not true when a guy professes his love to you from the bottom of his heart, you never can tell you might be the only gravitational force that would keep him on the surface of the moon and your smile radiating from the earth.

5. Everywhere you go, you carry a sweet fragrance; all around, you carry an aroma of freshness. How long have you been working with a Cologne company?

6. Babe, can I get a bandage dress from you? I just bruised my knee falling in love with you over and over.

7. Ladies are like internet domain names, the ones I love have been taken. Even Google knows this!

8. How I wish love can be a baby shampoo just because it doesn’t have ‘tears formula.’

9. Whenever I offend you, babe, I permit you to poke me but not in the heart because that’s where you are!

10. My love for you can be compared with a fart that dispersed quickly, bursting out loud in its fragrance and glory.

Love Jokes Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

“Laughter is the best medicine” like they say. When you want to make your lover laugh, send your boyfriend any of these love joke messages. Some love jokes text messages for your boyfriend that will cause a melody in your lover’s heart is listed below.

11. You know, babe, at a point in my life, I thought my shadow was true to me until I saw myself in your beautiful eyes.

12. When a patient who has broken bones wants to speak to the doctor, what does he say? Hello doctor, I am crushing on you.

13. I just got a new name, it’s Microsoft. Won’t you mind if I crash at your home today, tonight, and forever?

14. Please don’t think too hard when I call you a Taker. Do you know why? Cos you stole my heart away.

15. Can I call you asthma because when I see you, my breath is taken away?

16. Are you Dandruff? It’s just too difficult to take you out of my head.

17. How can I smile without you? It’s like smiling without dentition.

18. I didn’t know you were a driver until you start to drive me to love paradise.

19. Loving you is like diving into an ocean, the deeper I go, the more difficult it is to come out.

20. Please, borrow me a kiss. I promise to return it in multiple folds.

Short Love Jokes

It is a romantic thing for your lover to wake up or sleep with a love message. The question you may want to ask is, how do you write a short love message? Below are some short love joke messages to send to the one you love.

21. It’s funny how love makes one behave sometimes. You get angry at someone, ask them to get out at once, and remain glued to the center of your heart. It’s true love is stronger than death.

22. You start to have goosebumps all over you when you start to fall in love, that’s a sign that your common sense is leaving you already.

23. Why does the brain stop working whenever you fall in love? It’s because it has found its rest.

24. I’ve discovered that the only strength of my love was the continual beating of my heart for you. Please don’t make it stop.

25. During our candlelit dinner, I want to say those three magical words to you— Pay the bill!

26. My phone rang and it was love calling, I just knew it’ll never dial the wrong number.

27. Amnesia has a type called love. It makes a girl not remember that the population of other boys in the universe is over 1.1 billion.

28. If two vampires go on their first date, let me tell you what would happen. It would be love at first bite.

29. Do you mind going fishing with me this weekend so that we can hook up?

30. Even if your best game is skipping, you can never skip my heart.

Love Joke SMS

What is the best love message? Your partner will surely appreciate it when you send him or her love joke SMS. Below are some love joke messages to send to the one you love.

31. If I could ask for one thing, I will ask that our love continues until I see pawpaw on a guava tree.

32. I once told you that I will love you forever before it dawned on me that I can’t even live forever. Sorry for lying to you.

33. No one can replace you regardless of what any economist can say. You are the only one for me

34. I need to see an optician, I can’t take my eyes off you.

35. What do people mean when they say a picture is worth more than thousands of words? Anytime I look at your pictures, I become short of words.

36. You don’t have to force love because it’s just like a fart.

37. Though I don’t take a chance, I already bet my life to forever love you.

38. Give me the keys to your heart while I give you the keys to my heart. We will fling them off after we have locked out hearts together.

39. I planned to stop searching. Do you know why? After all the searches I have done on Google,  I have found you, only you, my love.

40. I think I am a debtor, I owe you, my love and everything.

Romantic Jokes for Girlfriend

The dream of most ladies if not all is to have a funny and romantic boyfriend. You can become one by sending these romantic jokes to your girlfriend. The love joke messages listed below will make the dream of your girlfriend come true.

41. If there is nothing called the gravitational force, I would still have fallen in love with you.

42. I see a clear picture of us even when I am not a photographer.

43. Hope you didn’t break your bones when you fell from heaven.

44. Are you a vegetarian? I can’t stop loving you for our love is better than palace salad.

45. At that point that I don’t need to hold my fart anymore, I know I love you cos I am just me with you, darling.

46. I wish I were a cat, all my 9 lives would have been spent with you.

47. Can I call you a camera because you make me smile anytime I see you?

48. You keep giving meaning to my life. I think I will call you a dictionary.

49. I can’t stop having toothaches because you are just so sweet.

50. My cloth is made up of uncommon materials, it is called girlfriend material.

Funny Romantic Messages for Him

How do I make him feel special over text? You can make him feel special by sending funny romantic messages to him. Sending him any of these love joke messages will make him feel special.

51. You melt the metals of my heart. Are you a Bunsen burner?

52. Even though I know little about comedy, I must tell you, you make me giggle like a six-year-old.

53. How come you give me chocolates despite you don’t work in the factory. Just be my chocolate suppliers.

54. I want you to have a stress-free relationship with me, simply do as I say.

55. Why is your voice not on Spotify? I tried downloading but I couldn’t find it and that’s why I’m telling you.

56. Always remember that during our fight, every minute we spend during an argument can be spent cuddling.

57. Why would you fall from the rooftop or the mountain top, when you can fall in love with me.

58. Because I’m a demanding girlfriend, you have 24 hours a day to hustle.

59. Our love will always be a 2-way street inasmuch both ways are decorated with gifts.

60. Chocolates can come first, but your kisses are next. You know what I mean!

Funny Romantic Messages for Her

Don’t be a boring boyfriend, send some funny romantic messages to her. Be in your girlfriend’s memory by sending her love joke messages. Your girlfriend will appreciate it when you put a smile on her face.

61. You are the teeth in my mouth, I can’t smile without you. I am sorry if you have heard that perfect line before.

62. You are my queen though I can’t play chess.

63. You have the right not to agree with me, I know we are different individuals and I can’t force you to be right.

64. Love is like when you pee, you are the only one that feels it even if everyone sees it. You are the pee in my boxers.

65. Each time I look at my fingers, I remember that even Saturn has its own ring and this makes me look forward to our marriage and it gets me warm and fuzzy inside.

66. Two minds same thought, two bodies same feeling, two lips a kiss, two hearts one love.

67. You are a lucky star because I know even in your wildest dreams, you never imagine having a hot boyfriend like me.

68. I feel you’re too hot for other guys to talk to you, and I don’t want them to feel bad you turned them out. Not that I am jealous oh.

67. Hope you know men and women don’t poop the same way? According to science, it’s always easier for men than women to poop. I feel for you, babe.

69. I just realized cuddling you is better than cuddling a pillow because the pillow can’t talk.

70. Please, don’t hurt my arm, sorry, my heart cos that’s where are always.

Funny Love Quotes for Girlfriend

If you are thinking of some funny love quotes for your girlfriend, below are some listed that will make her fall in love with you more. Always remember to send her some love joke messages that will put a smile on her face like never before.

71. I’m excited you have the most handsome boyfriend ever.

72. Now I know why you work out every day, you want to look hot as me.

73. I love kissing you because we can’t kiss and talk at the same time. Sometimes it’s therapy for you, my love.

74. I understand why you get jealous always because you have a hot boyfriend.

75. Kissing burns calories, do you want to try?

76. I believe all gender are equal and that’s why I would share the bills on our next date.

77. My love for you is like breathing. I can’t live without it cos you make me come alive.

78. Whenever you feel like hugging and kissing me, just close your eyes and imagine I’m with you and I’ll be there.

79. You have a great taste of choice because you chose me.

80. You are like my old car because you drive me hard. I love you!

Funny Romantic SMS

How do you text your love? You text your love by sending funny romantic SMS to them. You can also text your love by sending some hilarious love joke messages that will put you on their mind throughout the day.

81. I think I have to change your name to Wi-Fi because the connection I have for you is so strong.

82. Can I call you oxygen? I can’t breathe without you.

83.  If you are a parasite, I don’t mind if I am your prey.

84. Do you know I can become a painter because of you? So I would love you with all my art.

85. I don’t know why my heart is slippery, I keep falling for you.

86. Are you an electrician? You always light up my world.

87. I wish I could rearrange the letters of the alphabet so I could bring U and I close.

88. When an owl knocks on your door, you say, “owl forever be in love with you”.

89. Don’t you think you might need vitamin me in your body system?

90. I heard people say they feel butterflies in their bellies. I don’t seem to get what they mean because anytime you are around me, I feel the entire Zoo.

Funny Romantic Mood

You can put your lover in a funny romantic mood by sending those messages that will make them smile. Any of these love joke messages is needed to put your lover in a funny romantic mood.

91. You keep sweeping off my feet, I think you are a broom or something.

92. I will be a goalkeeper for you. I want to keep you as mine.

93. You are a flower. Ever since you came into my life, things have become rosy.

94. This course is harder than I think, I can’t explain the chemistry between us.

95. I will have the galaxy as mine if a star is what I get whenever you brighten my mood.

96. Can I call you Donut? I Donut think I can live without you.

97. I know the sky would be void if stars fall whenever you cross my mind.

98. Even when there is no star in the sky, you still shine bright.

99. Are you a potato? You are so sweet. And I can’t deny that you are so fresh like today’s bread.

100. You are perfect. Can I call you a paradise?

Now that you have read and known 100 hilarious love joke messages for anyone who can’t get enough of laughs, don’t wait till later before you reach out to him or her.

Share this content with your friends and family so that they too will send love joke messages to their loved ones. Drop your comments below, let others know that you have found exceptional love joke messages that will make your partner laugh.

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