How to Make a Man Stay in Love with You

How to Make a Man Stay in Love with You: 17 Secrets He Won’t Resist

When it comes to love relationships, you know there is a lot of work to be done. One of them is how to get a man’s attention or simply put how to make a man stay in love with you and falling head over heels for you.

What do you do to make a man fall in love with you? If you are having a boyfriend/husband, do you think how to make him fall in love forever? What is it you need to know and learn doing and having in order to assure he will stay with you forever and never leave your side?

If you want to know how to make a man love you for the rest of his life, you need to learn what makes him fall in love in the first place. That’s right! There are specific actions that will draw a man to you quickly and get him to fall in love. The following is a proven guide that’ll help you attract and keep him interested in you.

17 Simple Tips on How to Make a Man Stay in Love with You

17 Simple Tips on How to Make a Man Stay in Love with You

Love makes life special. It’s amazing to find the special one who deserves your love and love only you forever. You might feel like running to tell your family, friends, and even strangers about the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you. But then… isn’t it confusing? When things are not what they used to be? How do you make him stay in love with you forever?

Have you tried to figure out how to make a man love you forever? Have you given him your all just to know how to get his attention? Well, look no further, I’ve got just the right secrets that’ll make him miss you even if he sees you every day like the smell of his mother’s pottage.

Without further ado, here are the 17 simple ways to make a man stay in love with you and the golden tips on how to make a man never want to leave you.

1. Be Reserved: It is almost normal for you to want to spill out all the milky-honey parts of you at first or second sight. The adrenal gland gives your stomach a lot of butterflies to contend with.

Hey, calm down! You know, when you give out all of you within such a short time frame, you make him uneager to want to know more about you.

To settle the common question ‘will he stay with me forever.’ Give him honey drops, not honey rush. The best, they say, is usually saved for the last.

2. Engaging Conversations: It is commonly agreed that the man should be the initiator of every conversation in a relationship, or at least most of it. True as it is, there is a level of respect he is bound to give you when you are the one who brings up crucial issues.

Not only would he give you special attention, but his mind also would not resist thoughts of you, knowing there’s someone who wants him to become better. Hence, he’d come back for more!

3. Autographic Habits: Without mincing words, the autographic habits simply mean you get to exhibit some consistent character that reminds him of no other person but you.

If for instance, you always talk about how good you feel whenever you listen to soul music, or how pepper chili gives you the hotness you deserve, when next he comes in contact with such, guess whose thoughts come to mind, YOU!

4. Get Busy: “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. This is the reason why many relationships crash on fantasy island. It does you a world of good when you find importance in what gives you a sense of duty because he gets to see that protocols need to be observed to get across to you. You know, just play hard-to-get, with wisdom though.

5. Space Out: In a typical queue where everyone struggles to stand in line, people don’t get to know who’s beautiful and who’s not because there isn’t space for that.

In the same vein, there won’t be any chance for him to appreciate the person you really are when you are too familiar with each other. You need to space out. Don’t get conceited with phantom feelings.

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6. Relish The Moment: There are times between daily events that linger for a while or even a lifetime. Now that he is trying to be a part of your world, it is necessary to share these moments with him, one at a time. This is how to make him want you back.

7. Be Rush Resistant: Now, at this stage of the relationship, you must have fallen head over heels in love with him. Different kinds of feelings would push you. The butterflies in your stomach, the love adrenaline, and the S.M.S rush; where you want to text him back almost immediately.

You know what, calm down! Because when you respond to this rush which comes like a blush, he might have the impression that you have been anxious for his text and as such may not esteem you as a prize he needs to win.

8. Single Him Out: It is almost normal for every man to want to be in the spotlight of his friends’ attention. It is not gender-based.

So, whenever you get the opportunity, try as much as possible to create the impression that he is one amongst many that you see and that despite the flaws you see In him, you still value his friendship.

Using this psychology, you will have learned how to make a man stay in love with you and never want to leave.

9. Be A Confidant: Speaking of which, the world we live in has become relatively treacherous and no one wants to trust the other. If possible, we’d trust any other thing trustworthy than ourselves.

A man who is falling in love with you wants some confidentiality – a sort of emotional bank-where he can store his adequacies and ineptitude and still hold his head high.

If you can be that bank, you have mastered how to make him want you at all times. I mean, who would not want to visit a bank with life insurance?

10. Let Him Loose: You might be wondering objectively why the aforementioned caption is. I tell you, unless a man is given a certain kind and degree of freedom around you, he may find solace somewhere else quickly.

One of the ways to make him come back is to let him know how much emotional liberty he has despite his commitment to you. For this, I can assure you, he will not want his freedom again.

11. Be a Fairy: Never forget the romantic aspect of your friendship, like I said earlier, it is one of the coals in the embers of love. If you can, with your creative energy, make a realistic fantasy you’d love to live out with him.

Doing this once a while would make him want to be with you forever because you bring out the child-like part of him for that short moment.

12. Increase Your Value: In a quickly evolving age, it behooves you to acquire a skill, upgrade your professional status, get home management skills. As it stands, every man wants a woman who not only has beauty and brains but knows how to make a man stay in love and at home.

13. Be Cryptic: Once in a while, let him try to figure you out or what you are up to. It adds fun to the circle. Imagine him trying to decrypt a message in form of a poem you sent to him at night. While you are having a sound sleep, he’s still thinking of the magnificent words you used in expressing your feelings for him.

14. Be Pal-Friendly: As much you want him all to yourself, don’t expect him to be a lone ranger. So, you’ve got to treat his friends right, and only then will you see how you make him proud of you.

15. Let Him Know Your Worth: In a bid to satisfy the demands of your relationship, don’t lose yourself in the process. Keep your identity intact because that’s what he’s coming after.

16. Remain Positive: Don’t be surprised at what you’d find when you explore one another. For some men are diamonds in the rough, undergoing processes and some ladies are glittering jewels beneath the rot.

But only when you look inward will you see that which you want to see in him and then you see how to get the best from him.

17. Don’t Be Too Demanding: If you consider your background and still can create a ground for consensus between you two, you’ll find out that you’d make his heart pant after you not because of what you have or do not, but because of what you can do.

There you have it! How to make a man stay in love with you. Let me know what you think about these 17 secrets he won’t resist in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this on your social media so that others can get help from these tips too. Thank you for doing so!

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