How to Know If God Wants You to Be With Someone

How to Know If God Wants You to Be With Someone in 2022

How to know if God wants you to be with someone. This subject of relationship is a very important subject that no one can over-emphasize.

It’s a very vital aspect of man’s life and everyone should seek to get it right in this area. Everyone on the surface of the earth cannot do without a relationship. Human beings are relational beings.

They must relate both with the people and their immediate environment. God doesn’t create anything in isolation, He wants everyone in a good relationship with his or her immediate environment.

Since human beings are relational beings, it’s therefore important to find out how to know if God wants you to be with someone.

Every one made by God was made to be in a relationship. You are not meant to be a lone ranger. There are so many disadvantages to being alone without companionship.

Not knowing how to know if God wants you to be with someone can get you hooked up in a wrong relationship.

If you have been walking with God and you’re faithful to Him, God wants to bless you with someone special from heaven to ease the journey of your life and make you experience heaven on earth.

A good marriage is a heavenly experience.

Everyone is not for you, God has a specific individual for you and it’s important to locate that person. When the Lord has done it, the peace, the ease, and the joy you’ll experience in your relationship will be second to none in the world.

If you are a person who seeks God faithfully, you will seek to find out how to know if God wants you to be with someone or not.

There are clues to how to know if God wants you to be with someone. Identifying the right person for you is not a difficult thing as we’ll show it in the context of this writing.

I know there is an eagerness in you to peep into how to find out who is for you and I have made it available for you, the clues to finding out if the Lord wants you to be with someone.

Kindly Pay attention to details while you read through.

How to Know if God Put Someone in Your Life

How to Know if God Put Someone in Your Life

To start with, your destiny cannot be fulfilled in isolation, no one can fulfill his destiny as a lone ranger. God who gives you a purpose to fulfill or a vision to pursue will do well to plant people who will help you fulfill it.

How to know if God wants you to be with someone is to check the compatibility of your purpose with the person’s purpose. God’s ultimate reason for establishing a relationship is for the sake of purpose.

Everyone who the Lord brings to you will be of help to you in fulfilling your purpose. Assistance in fulfillment of your purpose is how to know if God put someone in your life.

If there is no assistance regarding purpose, there might not be a need to keep somebody in your life.

We must be careful not to crowd our lives with so many people that we don’t have a space to accommodate the right people when they come.

It’s more healthy for you to keep a few right persons than occupy the vital space in your life with people whose purpose you cannot define. Be intentional about who you keep in your life.

For every season of your life, God brings specific people to help you journey through the season. When God is bringing you out of a season, he might change the people who have been with you.

No one is ordained to be with you forever, when their seasons are fulfilled, they go. I said this not in the context of marriage, but a general relationship.

Marriage is a forever thing, you don’t take an exit. This is why it’s important to get it right.

Friends will come into your life, friends will leave your life. This will happen at different intervals of time. It’s important to know when someone has overstayed his welcome.

Sometimes, progress is not possible until you have changed your clique of friends.

Everyone must possess some level of maturity in such a way that they do not allow themselves to get too attached to people, that they cannot let them go when their times are done.

A Relationship that once blessed your life can become a thorn in your flesh if their seasons are done. Be discerning enough to note the signs God wants you to let go of a relationship.

Anyone whom the Lord has put in your life will seek to see that you’re happy and that everything works fine for you.

People who envy you and are jealous of your progress are not planted in your life by the Lord or better to say, the season of their stays are over.

There is a practical example of this in the Bible that we need to consider; David and Saul. Saul was the king who gave David a platform to defeat Goliath.

He brought David into the limelight and public recognition. But after a while, he started becoming envious of the same man whom he once loved.

The best thing David could do in such a condition was to take his exit. If he had stayed longer than expected, he could have been killed by King Saul.

The fact that somebody sponsored your progress yesterday doesn’t mean they cannot work against you tomorrow, especially if you’re now outdoing them in certain ways.

It’s very important to be sensitive to note change of time and seasons in people. Don’t try to keep people whom you are meant to let go.

There are three basic ways to find out how to know if God put someone in your life, and they are:

#1. Genuine friendship

This friendship is independent of your performance, perfect behavior, or impeccable attitude. This kind of friendship is built on love and is not affected by shortcomings.

Someone God has put in your life will remain committed to you regardless of your shortcomings. Such a person regards his commitment to you as a service to God, and not just to you.

Only God can give a man, somebody of this level of devotion.

#2. Partnership and Assistance

The people planted in your life by God will always be of help and assistance to you whenever the need arises. They are never tired of supporting you.

They will do everything possible to see you are fine and successful. They will defend you and protect your interest everywhere required.

Jonathan the son of King Saul was such a person to David. Escaping the terror of King Saul would have been very slim for David if Jonathan wasn’t there.

#3. Forgiveness

Someone God puts in your life will be quick to forgive you and forget your shortcomings. You cannot be so perfect that your shortcomings will not be seen.

Someone whom God put into your life will ensure that your nakedness is not seen by the public. People of this nature must be highly desired and we must pray to receive such from God as a gift.

The best gift in the world is the gift of men. You’re not truly rich until you’re rich with men.

Signs God Wants You to Marry

Signs God Wants You to Marry

In the beginning, the first being that God made was a man alone. A garden was planted where God put this man.

He was there carrying out some specific instructions the Lord had given to him. And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth( Genesis 1:26)

This created man was on the mission of dominating the earth God has given to him. Then, there came a time when the Lord perceived that it’s not good for that man to be alone.

God saw a need for a partner to company with him in the given mandate. So the Lord brought the woman.

A sign is simply an indicator that predicts the direction or gives an idea of what to expect and what should be done in a particular situation.

When a woman gets pregnant, we don’t see the baby physically to believe she’s pregnant, we only see the signs. When she wants to put it to birth, we’ll know by some other signs.

In the same vein, there are signs to know that God wants us to get married. All over the scripture are signs God wants you to marry and those signs are still applicable today.

One of the signs that God wants you to marry is that He has given you a mission to fulfill which requires the assistance of a partner to fulfill it. Below are some basic signs that God wants you to marry.

#1. Procreation:

There are certain things that you can do for yourself in isolation. You can be wealthy, joyful, influential, and great. You don’t need the assistance of a wife or husband to do all of these.

But you cannot give birth legitimately according to the ordination of God without marriage. Reproduction is ordained by God for the continuity of the human race.

If there’s no reproduction, the human race will someday, go into extinction. Continuity of the human race is one of the signs that God wants you to marry.

Everyone is expected to give rise to young ones. As you were born into a family, so you’re expected to raise a family. For procreation’s sake, everyone needs to be married.

#2. Companionship:

It is clearly stated in the bible that two are better than one. Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.

For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.

Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).

Life is boring without companionship. Everyone needs a partner to walk through life. If one falls, others will bear him up.

Isolation or loneliness is a disadvantage in times of difficulties. What often kills men is dissociation from the union God has planted them into.

This is why God planted everyone on the surface of the earth in a family. Success is easier with a companion than in isolation.

One shall chase a thousand, two shall put ten thousand to flights, the Scripture affirms this. You won’t know how much you are missing until you get hooked up with the right person.

#3. Fruitfulness:

Marriage is a blessing not a burden as many assumed. It was designed to bear our burdens not to add to them. A practical way to find out how to know if God wants you to be with someone is that the person will be a burden bearer, not a burden.

Burden bearing is one of the cardinal signs to know God wants you to marry.

#4. Completeness:

According to divine order, no man is complete without a woman. It takes a male and a female to make a complete man.

A vital part of man is enclosed in a woman. For completeness’ sake, marriage is vital. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them (Genesis 1:27).

#5. Pleasure.

Intimate pleasure is ordained to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage. Every intimate activity outside the confines of marriage is illicit and it’s a sin against God.

Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

How to Know if God is Leading You into a Relationship

How to Know if God is Leading You into a Relationship

Many people are often confused when they come to the point of decisions in the area of marriage. No one wants to miss it.

No one deserves to miss it. God wants every of His creation well in all areas of their lives. How to Know if God is leading you into a relationship is very vital to prevent you from missing it.

God is committed to leading His people in every area of their lives, including marriage.

The way God has been leading you before you saw a need for marriage is the way He will lead you when it’s now time to get into a relationship.

A marital decision is a delicate thing to mortal men, but to God, it is not. God is never confused about showing you how to know if God wants you to be with someone.

There are basic ways God leads every believer which is important that everyone knows.

#1. Inward witness.

How to know that God is leading you into a relationship is through inward witness. This inward witness is what assures us of salvation within us when we got born again.

This then becomes the fundamental way God leads us in everything including the choice of our relationships and marriages.

Every leading of the Spirit will be always be accompanied by peace of God in our hearts.

The peace will be so absolute so much that we often cannot understand why we’re peaceful. It’s called peace that passes knowledge.

When the Lord sends you a man or woman you’re to be with, the thought of the person will be accompanied by so much peace.

There will be a peace of God on your Inside to affirm the rightness of that person.

If when you think of that person in your heart, you find out that your heart is not entirely peaceful about him/her, check it very well, the Lord might not be leading you in that direction.

The memory of the person you’re to be with will be sweet in your heart.

#2. Compatibility.

The second way to find out how to know if God is leading you into a relationship is the compatibility of purpose.

Compatibility of purpose doesn’t mean sameness of vision, passion, or aspiration, it just means, complement. Though you may not be the same in your area of passion you’ll always complement each other.

It takes people who are going in the same direction to tangle together. God will not match you up with someone who is not going your direction.

One of the signs that you’re in God’s will is that your purpose aligns. God will sometimes end a relationship when it’s not built on purpose.

#3. Parental consent.

Another way of how to know if God wants you to be with someone is parental consent. The real definition of marriage is parental consent.

Until your parents endorse the person of your choice, don’t proceed into marriage. God recognizes the parental authority and He charges that our parents be honored and be obeyed.

When the Lord sends you a man, He will also touch the heart of your parents to give their consents.

In case, if your parents refuse to give their consent, it’s advisable to exercise patience until the Lord intervenes. You’ll never know the pains of disobeying your parents until you give birth to a child that disobeys you.

How Do You know When God Has Sent You the Right Man

How Do You know When God Has Sent You the Right Man

As the word implies, the right man. A right man is a man whom the Lord has prepared specially for you to assist you in fulfillment of your vision and in bringing out the best in you.

When the Lord has sent you the right man, there are certain features such a one will exhibit to strengthen your confidence in the rightness of that man.

#1. Love by action.

Your right man will be an action man than a talker. Talk is cheap, everyone can afford it. Action is expensive, only faithful men can afford it.

A man who talks and doesn’t do it is not faithful. How do you know when God has sent you the right man is that, he will express his love to you through action rather than mere talk.

#2. Respect and Honor.

A man whom God has sent to you will accrue respect and honor to you.

How to know if God wants you to be with someone is by how much respect and honor the person has for you.

A God-sent man will treat you like a precious and delicate gift from God. God will not send you a man who dishonors you.

#3. Inexhaustible Forgiveness.

A man whom God sends to you will be rich enough to afford forgiveness. There’s no offense such a one cannot pardon.

Most of the time, he overlooks your shortcomings. Bible says, Love covers the multitude of sin. Marriage is for an individual who easily forgives and will continue forgiving till the end of time.

Anyone who will be tired of continual forgiveness is no fit for marriage.

#4. Intentional sacrifice.

A God-sent man is very sacrificial in extending the hand of goodness to you. Love gives generously and cheerfully.

Jesus loved His bride, he gave himself for her. A man whom God sends to you will love you so much that he will give himself to you.

The sacrifices may be in the form of pardoning your flaws to save your relationship or sacrificing his own right, or material things, and some other important things even when it is not convenient.

Sacrifice becomes comfortable when it is intentional.

#5. Deliberate Investment.

Your God sent man will be willing to invest in you to bring out the best in you at all costs. He will seek to improve your personality and make you become a better woman.

Becoming a woman of your dream becomes attainable when God sends you a man of His heart.

#6. Patience and gentleness.

The right man who God sent to you will be very patient and gentle with you. Patience is a virtue that a man of the Spirit must possess.

God will not send you a hot-tempered man, who complains about what he could have been patient with. He endures challenges and doesn’t easily give up on you.

He stays with you until you become a better fashion of you.

Every woman is a house of treasure waiting for the right man to explore them. These treasures take time to bring them to fruition.

A man who is not patient cannot bring them out. The right man will be very considerate with your feelings to make sure he doesn’t hurt you emotionally, physically, and mentally.

#7. He will be humble and meek in heart and attitude.

He will not find it difficult to humble himself and listen to you. It’s dangerous to marry a man who doesn’t listen to you.

Meekness is sometimes considered as a weakness, whereas, it’s a strength.

Humility is the ability to swallow your ego and go low to learn from others so that you can avoid unwise decisions, wrong steps, which breed negative consequences.

A person from God is one who can overcome his pride just to ensure your well-being and make you happy.

#8. Faith in you.

A man who God sends will believe you and your intelligence. Anyone who doesn’t trust your intelligence is not safe to be with.

Your man should be able to trust you with qualitative and intelligent decisions without fears.

#9. Self-control. The love of your life sent by God will be able to exercise self-control with ease. Temperance is very important if you must keep a relationship working.

A man who is controlled by the Spirit will be able to practice self-discipline.

You must check his daily practices in some specific areas such as sleep, drinking, relationship with others, or his attitude to his work.

When God Sends You the Man You are Called to be With

When God Sends You the Man You’re Called to be With

You’re not called to be with everyone, there is a specific person for you. Out of about 7 billion world population, there’s a specific person for you.

If the Lord has a specific purpose for you, He sure has a specific man for you to help you fulfill it.

The most important thing is to be patient enough and wait on God until you discern when God sends you the man you are called to be with.

There’s God’s timing on relationships. Every time is not for you, it’s profitable and healthy for you to wait until your time has come.

The fact that your age mates are going into marriage is not an indication that you should go into one if your time hasn’t come.

To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

When the time of a man hasn’t come, his life will be full of struggles and stress but when his time has come, a little or no effort is required to make things happen.

Bible says “God has made everything beautiful in his time.” He hath made everything beautiful in His time… (Ecclesiastes 3:11a).

The beauty of a thing remains hidden until its time has come. It’s right and godly to get married, but not every time is suitable for it. The rightness of the timing is where the beauty of a thing lies.

For example, if you have a little boy of age five and you hand a car key to such a child all because you’re wealthy, or because you love the boy, you’ll certainly destroy the boy.

But when the boy has grown to the age where he can handle it, you’ll be a proud parent. There’s nothing as good as waiting for the right time for a thing.

How do I know when my time has come?

This is the question many people seek to find an answer to. Not knowing how to know the timing can be the reason why a lot of people rush ahead of time which makes them make regrettable mistakes.

God will never bring you into a season he hasn’t prepared you for. If the Lord has brought you into a particular season you’re in, certainly, he has prepared you for it.

God will first of all seek to prepare you for your expected soul mate before he brings the person to you.

Preparations in basic areas such as character development, emotional intelligence, spiritual capacity, parenting skills, financial intelligence, leadership acumen, and other important areas.

Preparation in these areas is evidence that your time has come. You’re far from being ready if none of these things is in place.

The right timing is known by preparation. Life is not sweet until the right person has been met.

How to know if the Lord wants you to be with someone is that the person will best suit your personality in almost every way.

There will be little or no conflict of interest, everything will align with little or no stress.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll not have some misunderstandings at the inception, but resolving your misunderstanding will never be a thug of war.

There will be nothing like an irreconcilable difference as many claims. Challenges are inevitable but God will never bring a challenge you cannot handle your way.

When God sends you the man you are called to be with, there will be no struggle to get things working through manipulation or application of gimmicks.

Everything will be working with little or no effort. When God tells you who your husband is, there are certain things you must do to keep the man. A blessing you don’t keep, you may lose.

The fact that the Lord has sent you a mate shouldn’t make you indolent at what is expected of you. How to get a man is not as difficult as how to keep him.

It’s easier to get married, but it takes hard work to keep a marriage. Many people get married but only a few people remain married.

When God sends you the man you are called to be with, your peace will be multiplied on daily basis. Your world will always be lit up.

The thought of him will activate adrenaline within you and you’ll become excited about him. A relationship is only sweet when you are with the right person.

When you are with a wrong person, the relationship will be a battleground where you settle scores. God will sometimes end a relationship if it’s no longer peaceful and purposeful.

When a relationship becomes violent, abusive, or immoral, God seeks to end it.


How do we know if God wants us to be with someone?

There is no other sign than comfortability and peace of mind. Your mind, soul, and so it feels at peace whenever you’re around them.

How do you know when God puts someone in your life?

A clear sign to know this is that they allow you to do whatever is right with their full support. They discuss things you’d like with you without imposing on you.

How do you know if God is preparing you for a relationship?

Faith is required here, you have to become prayerful and believe that your prayers have been answered in this area.and also when you are already healed from the past heartbreaks.

How do you know if God wants you to stay away from someone?

God wants you to stay away from someone when they do not allow you to do what is of God. Also, it is said in the bible that thou shall not commit adultery. This is a clear sign to stay away.

Finally, Marriage is good, the scripture declares. If it’s good, then everyone must have an experience of what it is. God ordained a marital relationship for pleasure, procreation, companionship, completeness, and fruitfulness.

The benefits are endless. This makes it desirable and makes it important to find out how to know if God wants you to be with someone and it is where the journey of a peaceful and purposeful marriage begins. You’re too beautiful to miss it in this vital area of your life, that’s why I have taken time to help you with tips to getting it right.

You’ve been intimated with vital keys to guide you on how to know if God wants you to be with someone. Apply what you’ve learned here and do not forget to leave a comment, share with family and friends, and be a blessing to someone.

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