Signs God is Trying to Get Your Attention

20 Guaranteed Signs God is Trying to Get Your Attention

God always speaks and he is always waiting for us as much as we need guidance and compassion from Him, there are also signs God is trying to get your attention.

Sometimes it could be that you just prayed and you are waiting for a response, but you are focusing on another way He would answer, God, is however dynamic. So there are signs God is trying to get your attention to something He already answered in your prayer.

If we do not commune with the Holy Spirit as we ought, we might miss what God tries to communicate to us and might make it look like what we are seeing are signs God is trying to get your attention.

God coveys His mind in different ways and He just does all of this to commune His love and affection to us. So, if you know you want to accept this love extension from God, you should try understanding the following signs from Him.

Helpful Signs God is Trying to Get Your Attention

Helpful Signs God is Trying to Get Your Attention

God is supreme and He only needs your willing heart to help you even though he can do that without us being involved. So as not to miss His divine help directions, here are some helpful signs God is trying to get your attention.

So how do you know God is trying to get your attention?

1. Through emotions: Sounds weird right? Here’s what I mean. Have you ever felt like someone suddenly broke a news to you while you were happy and then it made you moody? You might be among so many persons and you begin to feel the exact opposite of what they felt.

Once it looks like you lost your peace, you should talk to the Holy Spirit. There might be a message coming your way and an urgent issue you should immediately or take action on. When we do that, it goes a long way to save many lives and saves us from some impending troubles.

Sometimes, it could be the other way round, that is, you might feel suddenly joyful when others are moody. It might be that a solution dropped in your spirit and it’s looking for a way of expressing itself in your emotions. You should respond to this and be able to understand what God is telling you to do.

2. Dreams: Dreams are a very common way that people receive instructions from God. Although some persons even look forward to seeing God tell them something about everything in the dream, it might not always be the way that He would communicate.

However, if your attention has long been distracted from hearing or communicating with God, He could use this medium to speak to you.

He might bring it in such ways that you have never dreamed of before. God is dynamic and you could even fall asleep when you didn’t plan to because he wants to show you something you have neglected to hear from Him for a long time.

3. Visions/Trance: This could slightly be different from dreams such that you could be awake while having visions and trance.

Sometimes, it feels normally like a pictorial or motion picture is played before your sight. You might only even know it was a trance after it has been taken away.

Whenever God comes like this, then something urgent should be done or noted. It cannot be taken for granted and must be noted so that you could make good use of this opportunity coming to you as a sign.

Other times, if possible, you should be able to document whatever you see in visions, dreams, or trance.

4. Prophecies: Prophecies could come individually to you or through a person. It could also come on different occasions or through different means.

By signs, words, or even through signs. It could come when you are studying the scripture, like a voice, just as it could come when you are praying. It might even be in one of your visions.

The way to take advantage of prophecies is to also note them down in the written form. The bible teaches that we should write the vision and make it plain (Habakuk 2 vs 1). It would help you not to relax and know His thoughts towards you or a situation.

Sometimes, you could even make paper stickers, paste them on your wall so they can stick from now and then in your memory, being a reminder that God is calling your attention to some things or some steps you’ve got to take.

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5. Nature: Have you ever noticed that nature answers divinely even to God’s speakings? Of course, he created all, so there’s no way it won’t all obey His voice.

One day, I had planned all I had to do for the day and had an outing to attend. It was amazing that the weather changed immediately and clouds gathered. In no less than some minutes, there was a heavy downpour of rain. I am sure this occurrence is not strange to many other persons.

We sometimes take these signs for granted and some persons think it is fanatic to think that these signs come from God to warn or communicate something to us.

It has worked well to stop me from making some decisions or taking wrong steps and has been awesome to be privileged to be warned of God through nature.

6. Circumstances/Occurrences: So things didn’t go the way it was planned. But it’s not the end of the road for you, you know. God could turn things around and you feel it’s negative. It might be an intervention in God’s way to save you from some circumstances in the future.

When occurrences do not go as planned or there are changes in plans, you should tune in to your spirit man and ask what God is saying about it.

7. Intuition: Intuitions can be rather disturbing especially in urgent events or states of decisions that need to be made. Sometimes, it could be like a hunch that you know you should put a stop to what you were trying to do.

This is how far that God can go to get out attention. he interacts or intercepts out through processes and makes sure you have the thoughts he wants to pass through your mind passes through hit at that moment.

But like every other sign, you might choose to ignore it or work on it.

All in all, it might be to get your attention. This is the love of God towards us. I hope that you do not neglect these signs.

8. Conscience: When fathers tell us what to do in certain places or at certain times, it is because they know more than we do and would not want us to make the same mistakes they made. Some people might feel it to be burdensome.

The reason the conscience is very good and can be bad for getting our attention is that some people may come to ignore their consciences. They do not care whatever positive or negative nudge they feel from within. It’s either they have their selfish ways or not.

God does not want that for us. It is the way of rebellion and could lead to destruction. I believe that nobody wants the bad end. We all should pay attention to the message we receive via our conscience.

9. Emphasized messages from people: This one is so common. We get to have this a lot in our lifetime. Even when you have good fellowship with God, whenever he is trying to push to doing something and you have not understood individually, He can throw it to you through people.

Almost at the same time, you go from program to program or from meetings to meetings, you just find the same emphasis on people’s lips like it was planned.

You should not ignore this, but take note of it. it might not be an urgent action that needs to be taken but will help you in your next season of life or at the next crossroad you reach.

10. Soberness: Sobriety could bring down a very high-spirited person, and by that I mean take someone with great out bursting moves to calm down.

Like a sudden calm to a wave. God wants us to be joyful sure, but there are times you find it’s not working. You are at peace though, but there are moments of glee rather you find yourself reflecting on some thoughts and ideas.

You should watch out. After every solemn moment, a bright idea could be dropped. This could lead to a very good mind-blowing idea that has been transformed into jaw-dropping results.

God doesn’t just speak, he corrects, encourages, and wants you to understand and not be carried away with the cares of the world. You shouldn’t ignore the one who owns your blueprints.

Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something

Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something

So how to know God is trying to get your attention is or better put: “How do you know if God is trying to talk to you?”

• Different people emphasize something to you
• You feel intuition to do somethings
• Your sudden craving for quietness
• Your desire to take some actions
• The sudden remembrance or understanding of some scriptures

So, if there are signs God is trying to tell you something, they would come as signs God is trying to get your attention. You know how much the father loves to talk to his children.

Check out more signs of God speaking to you here.

11. The specific feeling of joy or reluctance about things: Sometimes, we feel the urge to act fast or delay our decisions on some things that we probably felt so sure of before.

Whenever we suddenly feel numb about the whole thing, we should learn to know something is being conveyed to us and our minds need to understand it.

It might be a retreat you need to know how God wants it or to know when to act. God speaks in diverse ways to get us to know what He is saying and it is for our good.

12. Sudden interest to do something new: Leaving the comfort zone is something that might come from God as a push to help you try something better. So, you might get a sudden change at work, have to travel, have to change jobs and so on.

God does different things to get us on the track we might have been running away from and he might use your boss, colleague, friend, or family to make you try something new that you have never tried before.

This new thing might be what would eventually give you fulfillment. He knows how to push us into doing and finding the path we have passion for or that we have been gifted for.

13. Conviction from the Word: The Word is a sure way He would tell us and confirm His mind towards us. He could bring it in different ways too.

That is, through friends, pastors, families, or even persons that we have never met. He could bring it to your understanding when you are studying when you are praying or even during worship sessions either individually or collectively.

Anyone who doesn’t become sensitive to the Word sent from God might not be able to do anything spectacular. We must respond to this calling from God.

14. Seeing some portions of the scriptures differently: You might have gotten the feeling before when you read a portion, and looks and means different than it had always meant. Sometimes, it might be God speaking directly to the situation you are in now.

It will no longer be just another verse from the scripture, but it would mean more than another component from the whole book of the bible that you have read before.

15. Desire to be in the place of prayer more often: A sudden overwhelming desire to be apart by yourself and pray. Not like a routine you have observed before.

You may feel like praying for a lesser time or even longer, however, it’s more than the time, but the drawing to commune.

You might be in the middle of something, and you are just not comfortable until you are praying.

This craving could make you so drowned in the feeling that you only feel satisfied when you begin to pray. This is God calling you truly.

Signs God is Pushing You into Something Better

Signs God is Pushing You into Something Better

You can have more signs God is pushing you into something better than you have been doing before by digging further into these 5 signs God is trying to get your attention.

So, what will it take for God to get your attention? It only takes Him a second or less. However, He might have to use friends, pastors, family, and others to communicate repetitive messages to you probably because of a hardened heart or an attitude of ignoring Him in the past.

You should know when God wants the attention quotes that you are far away from Him. Hearing God should come like an everyday communication with one’s father in the house.

Look through below for more signs.

16. Where and how you find inspiration: When God is beckoning on you to do something better, he makes you begin to meet people or go to places where you find inspiration.

Your movements are ordered and you begin to gain interest in some things you never thought you could do, but God helps you do them and first catches your interest.

This could be very good because inspiration and motivation make you respond to becoming a better person.

17. Your passion: Your passion makes doing things easier and you would not feel forced to do some things. So, this is another thing God uses to catch our attention and push us into becoming better or doing something extraordinary.

He injects in you a passion, makes you discover more capacities you have, and helps you channel your strength towards making dreams work and purpose achieved.

18. Motivations and people you begin to look up to: He brings role models around you. Whom we refer to as our disciples in the kingdom or as Christians. These people put you through so much and guide you to make decisions in different areas of life.

They also help you find yourself in places you lack the conviction of whom you are. You begin to find purpose and I tell you. that is a sure way to doing something better that God is trying to tell you to do.

19. The responsibilities you are assigned: The responsibilities that you see yourself assuming are important for what God wants to bring out in you.

I had once been made to oversee a group that I was not with at first when serving within Church and I met persons who were gifted in that department there. I thought I was not able to handle such, but it was an avenue to bring out something in me that still burns in me now.

It was even a pointer to discovering so much more about what I had been called to do. When God pushes you to do something better, he gives you the capacity to fulfill what he has called you to.

20. The people that come around you: At some point, you begin to receive some particular kinds of persons around you. They might suddenly get interested in you, or what you do, or be ready to help you out.

Sometimes, it could be that you had to start working there and you got to meet people with like minds, and mind you, even if they are not like minds, you could be stimulated by conversations and what they engage in.

So far it is according to God’s will, you will feel being pulled toward what is happening around you. It is important to take note of all of these signs as they are to help our seasons of fulfilling what God wants us to do too.

Signs God is Calling You to do Something

Signs God is Calling You to do Something

Does God send you signs? Yes, He does. Especially when they are signs God is calling you to do something and he has to send them as signs God is trying to get your attention.

Kind of like when you are in a lost place or a place of indecision and He trying to communicate his mind to help you know what to do.

Also, God speaks especially through the Holy Ghost to us and it would be good to know how the Holy Spirit Expresses God’s mind to us, or how God works in us through these symbols of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, what are the 7 signs of the Holy Spirit? We can find these in Isaiah chapter 11 verses 2 to 3. “And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord, and shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord…” They are:

• Wisdom
Very important for understanding messages from God and how to apply it

• Knowledge
This is understanding of God’s counsel.

• Fear of God
It brings us to the consciousness of God and reverence of Him

• Understanding
A divine opening of comprehension

• Counsel
Ability to make decisions wisely

• Might
Strength to do things and stretch out your capacity

• Authority
These give divine control over situations.

All of these above are signs to help us know the working of God in us which is God’s way of keeping us close to Him and working His nature in us.
Also, symbols of the Holy Spirit could come as a fire, wind, still small voice, convictions, and so on.

Knowing fully well that the above signs of the Holy Spirit are signs God is trying to get your attention. Share with friends in dire need of direction, and compassion or who need a restored relationship with God. Knowing this list of signs is not enough, but taking advantage of them for a restored relationship with God would do.

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