Prayer Quotes for Healing and Strength

100 Powerful Prayer Quotes for Healing and Strength (2022)

Prayer remains the greatest and ever potent tool in the armory of a child of God. God wants well for his children, and that is why he has provided platforms to ensure all of his goods get to them, be it healing, strength, and prosperity, and just name it. Prayer remains the tool that gets the blessings of God to his children. Hence, the need for prayer quotes for healing and strength.

Compiled here are prayer quotes for healing and strength, which are to help you take advantage of the tool called ‘prayer’ for your healing or that of the loved ones. It is everywhere in God’s word that you can be healed, the nature of ailment or struggles notwithstanding.

There is the popular saying, “if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Every child of God who doesn’t know the blessings available in the kingdom or how to get them via prayer will suffer endlessly. So, the more need for these prayer quotes.

I’m sure you can’t wait to begin to make use of these prayer quotes for healing and strength to help you, or your loved ones live life the way God has designed it, free from sickness and illness. Let’s begin.

Effective Prayer Quotes for Healing and Strength

Prayer is not just an activity to get all that God has for his children. To get the healing you desire or any other thing from God, the effectiveness of your prayer is paramount. These effective prayer quotes for healing and strength are the exact prayers you need.

Prayer quotes for healing and strength with effectiveness guarantee your healing. Just as the bible has said that “the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous does great wonders”, so it is also regarding your healing. The following quotes will, without a doubt give you the healing you desire.

1. Lord, it’s because of your mercy that I am not consumed, battered, and left for dead. I ask for healing from every sickness, and I receive my due healing because you are my healer.

2. Healing is mine, and strength is mine. God has got everything in place for me, and the devil no longer torments my health. I am free, I am. Hallelujah, free indeed.

3. Grant me strength in my downtimes, and moments when my will fails me. Heal my fragile heart, and I’ll stay grateful forever.

4. When everything else fails, I ask that you stay glued to me because you are my strength oh God. You are my ever-present help even in times of need.

5. Help me with your strength Lord. Help me with your strength when I grow weak, help me with your strength when circumstances turn against me. For you are strong when I’m weak.

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6. I will draw my power from you, and my weaknesses will be swallowed up. I choose you this day Lord as my source of strength.

7. Just as you have made me in your likeness, I know I’ve got strength because you are strong. I overcome the illness that makes me less like you, and I’m made stronger.

8. There remains none like you Lord, and you hold everything in place by your mighty power. I ask that your mighty power to heal works wonders in my life.

9. For your grace’s sake, touch my body with your healing power that I may be healed, and restored to sound health.

10. You are a kind God, rich in mercy and swift to help. Bring me your help and work healing in my emotion, and body.

11. Restore joy in my life, and grant me all that my heart desires, that I may be free from weaknesses.

12. Dear God of the heavens and the earth, unto you do I commit myself, heal me beyond what the doctors can do. Help me to recognize your healing power that is at work in me.

13. In my fears, I will trust you, even in the worst of time, my faith in you will remain firm. You are an ever potent God, therefore, I ask that you manifest your potency in me.

14. The everlasting God who dwells in eternity, and whose reign is forever. I ask that you touch me, and confound the diagnosis of the doctors. Bring me total healing.

15. There is nothing you don’t know God, and that makes you the omniscient one. This is why I won’t fear, so I ask that you send comfort to my soul and strengthen my body.

16. Jesus, lay your hands upon me to heal me. Heal me totally, heal me inside out.

17. Heavenly Father, please bring comfort to my body, and heal me of every plague and illness.

Short Prayers for Healing and Recovery Quotes

Do you face times of distress or you’ve had the blues, and you desire to tell it to God? These prayer quotes for healing and strength serve to help you talk to God about it. You see, I’ve been through physical and emotional distress myself but prayer has always been my backup.

The Bible says, “…that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved”. This assures me that you can be saved also.

No, it doesn’t have to be about you alone. You can also say these short prayers for healing and recovery quotes on behalf of those who need it. Therefore, take a moment to say these short healing prayer quotes.

18. Loving Jesus, I ask that you will give me the power to overcome my trying times, and restore me through your blood. Amen.

19. Be my confidence in my moments of pain and suffering and make more grace available for me to subdue my Lord and my God.

20. Oh precious Jesus, look mercifully on me. Heal my heart and life, and let your life-giving power restore me wholly, in the name of Jesus.

21. Heavenly Father, send your healing into my body. Let your transformation take place in me, and help me to live forever in your victory. Amen.

22. Jesus, I come before you at this moment, help me to recover my lost peace. Guide my heart with your everlasting love as I continue to seek you.

23. Even in my distress and agony, help me Lord, to trust in your power and love that heals.

24. Lord, I know you suffered pain and endued all shame for my sake, therefore, dear Lord, work your healing in me. Amen.

25. Help me to remain in your grace even when my heart fails me, and give me the confidence to breakthrough this hardship.

26. Lay upon me your healing hand and heal every area of my life. Amen.

27. Oh God, I come humbly, asking that you give me faith to receive my healing, and give me help to walk in victory.

28. I surrender myself to you, I cast my pain upon you and I receive your comfort. Amen.

29. Lord, I claim your promises of healing and victory for my life today. I decree that I’m free from the hold of the devil.

30. How I need you Lord right now to touch my life with your power and restore my health. Give me strength in my weakness. Amen.

31. Loving Jesus, give me strength today to face every form of trial that is in my way, and encourage my heart to rely on you.

32. Mend my broken heart oh Lord. Give me peace on every side that I may boldly say that you are my redeemer.

33. Gracious Jesus, be the comforter in every daunting situation I’m currently facing. Be my light and hope.

34. I give my will to you Lord, and I ask that you open heaven’s flood gate and pour out your power that heals and delivers upon every area of my life that is drowning.

Prayer for the Sick Quotes

There will be times when people around you, be it family or friends get sick. It is love expressed when you take out time to say some prayers on their behalf. This prayer for the sick quotes has been put together to handle such a task. Saying these prayers with faith is what guarantees the result. Just as the scripture has said, “…the prayer of faith will save the sick. ”

And if you’re the one facing difficult diseases or illness, saying these prayer quotes for healing and strength will give you the comfort you desire, and ultimately you will be healed. Say the prayers below in faith, and get ready for your miracle!

35. I’m so down Lord, filled with physical pains. I look up to you for my healing and my recovery. I ask that you send down your healing, and as such, I will be able to give you praise and testify of your goodness dear Lord. Amen.

36. Father, work your miracle in my life. Let people see your power through my life, and boldly say that the Lord heals.

37. I come boldly to your throne of grace oh God because your word tells me to come. I come to ask that you show me your favor and save me from this plague. Heal me of every illness. Amen.

38. The bible tells me to call upon the Lord in the day of trouble. Therefore, I stand on God’s word, and I pray that you bring me into your presence and touch me that I might be made whole.

39. You have created me Lord, and you have formed me for a purpose. I come to you today just as a child comes to his father. I come longing for you Lord, that you will heal my body. I receive the healing, amen.

40. This circumstance stares at me in the face but I’m going to hold on Lord. I’m going to hold on to your healing because I know you love me and will heal me.

41. I may not be able to choose my pains, but I have a father in you who understands every pain. Therefore, Lord, I pray that you show me compassion and make me whole.

42. I refuse to hold onto my burdens, my pains, and struggles. I give them all to you Lord, just as you have asked. I receive your yoke that is easy to bear, and I am made whole. Hallelujah. Amen.

43. Loving God, I know you have made me your ambassador. I ask that this trick of the devil on my body be taken away. Heal me and I will be healed.

44. Lift me beyond these pains Lord, and give me strength in my inner man to overcome them all.

45. Precious Jesus, you are my Lord, my guide, my friend, and my hope. I pray that you send refreshment from your throne that I might be refreshed and strengthened to triumph over my ailment.

46. I pray that you will help me find peace and comfort in you, that you will grace me with might, and bring me out of sicknesses.

47. I come wanting you to wash me from all sicknesses by your blood. That through it I will find grace and be healed.

48. With a touch from you, I believe I can be healed. Therefore Lord, touch my frail body and make me whole.

49. I feel weak and I need you more Lord. Wrap me in your arms of love and breathe your life-giving power through my body. Amen.

50. Loving Lord, divine physician, and healer. I come to you that you might take away my worries and bring me peace. Help me experience heaven Lord that my pains may varnish. Above all, give me the strength to wait on you, Lord.

51. I look to you Lord for my wholeness because your word says that you will make me whole in my body, soul, and spirit. Blessed Jesus, I ask that you make me whole indeed. Amen

Healing Hands Prayer Quotes

In times of downcast and distress in your health status or your emotions, calling on God is not just an option but a priority. With these prayer quotes for healing and strength, you will be able to do that. The bible clearly stated that God’s hand is not too short to save us. This means that God desires to lay his healing hands on you.

God’s love is expressed in the death of Christ, and as believers, we can trust that God has our thought at heart. Therefore, you need to know how to get receive God’s provision of his healing hands. The reason for these healing hands prayer quotes.

52. Blessed Jesus, you are my caregiver. You own my life because you have formed me with your hands. Therefore Lord, lay your healing hands on me and cleanse me like you did the leapers.

53. You have created me and placed me in my mother’s womb. You have made me as a beauty and a wonder, and have breathed Your life in me. I pray that you breathe your healing into my spirit, and by your hands, make me whole. Amen.

54. I hunger for your healing in my body. I am weak and helpless without it Lord. Therefore, I ask that you stretch forth your hands to heal me, blessed Lord.

55. Precious God and father, your words are words of healing, your hands are hands of healing. I ask for physical healing in my body that you will place your hands of healing upon me. I believe and receive my healing through Jesus Christ, your son.

56. To lean on you my savior is what I’ll do in the time of my struggle. Leaning and resting in your arms all day. I am weak Lord. I ask that you heal me by your hands of healing.

57. Father, clothe me in your life-giving hands. Hide me from hurts that come from the devil, and save my soul and body.

58. I come to your throne o’ God, your throne of mercy. I ask that by your mercy you will touch me, and make me complete in my body. Hallelujah! I claim it.

59. Help me, God. Take away anguish, help me to come out of these pains. Heal me Lord by your touch, with your hands of healing.

60. Though in my lowest state I will call upon you, O Lord, my salvation. I cry unto you for your touch of healing.

61. Heavenly Father, I bow before your mighty hands, just as I am now. I trust the healing in your hands. Therefore, Father, I ask that you lay your hands on my pains and rid me of them all.

62. I am a child of God, I believe in Christ my Savior. I come before God this moment, and I pray that I will find favor before him. Lord, heal me! Heal me with your touch.

63. The Lord my Physician, lover of my life. Grant me the peace my mind needs. Save me from my troubled heart, and restore my body and mind by your hands of healing.

64. I pray to you Lord, for the healing of my heart and body. You are faithful and you have promised to save everyone who calls on your name. I call this moment for your touch. I believe and I receive healing in my body.

65. Dear God, take away everything within me that shouldn’t be there, affecting my well-being. Amen.

66. In the name of Jesus, I ask you to stretch forth your hands of healing on me. Lord that you will look graciously on me and make me whole.

Prayer for Healing for a Friend Quotes

It is always a thing of concern when your friend goes through tough moments of sickness. You certainly want to help, wishing you had a superpower to heal your friend. What if I told you it’s possible to make your wish a reality? I kid not! Prayer is that superpower. As a child of God, you can do so much on your knees.

You can help your friend out of that circumstance by saying this prayer for healing for a friend quotes. I assure you of a turnaround because all you’ll need is your mouth and your faith. Let’s check out these prayer quotes for healing and strength.

67. Heavenly Father, I ask for your mercy over the life of (put the name in). I pray that you send help and cause healing to happen.

68. I pray that God grants you the healing you desire and gives you the strength to scale through your hard times.

69. May you find God’s favor, may all that’s lacking in your health be restored, and may God’s peace guard your heart this moment. Above all, you become God’s testimony.

70. Oh Lord, draw near unto my dear friend, never leave them wanting. Grant them healing in their body by your healing power, and help them to experience you in a better way.

71. Humbly I come, Lord. I approach your throne for my dear one. I pray that you give my dear one a heart to believe in your life-giving power and shift them to the reality of your healing power that healing may take place, and all glory is yours.

72. Lord, you said you will take sickness far from us and heal our land. I pray for my friend right now. I pray that you will give their body strength and help them from whatever struggles they are going through. Amen.

73. Lord, creator of heaven and earth, I call upon you this moment that you release grace upon my friend and complete your work of healing in them. Amen.

74. My Lord and God, I come nearer to you. I’m saddened because of my friend. It hurts to see my friend in pain. I pray that you hold and comfort them in a time like this. Send your angels to heal them so they don’t endure such pain any more. Amen.

75. It’s a hard task Lord, to watch (insert the name) suffer and bedridden. I come to you because I’ve got no power to heal, and I pray that you breathe healing into my friend’s body.

76. I commend my friend into your hands, Lord. I ask that you look mercifully and make them complete.

77. Dear God, help the heart of my friend, end their worries and fear. Keep the one I call a friend. Grant healing and strength. Amen.

78. O’ Loving Creator, lover of mankind. Your love is so deep, so high, so wide, and so far-reaching. I pray that you have compassion, and send your healing rain on my friend.

79. Heavenly Father, I pray that you heal my friend. Comfort and help them by the name of your precious son, Jesus Christ.

80. I have faith in you God because you are love personified and there is nothing you can’t do Touch my friend and heal their sicknesses, troubles, and diseases. Take the sicknesses out of their body. Thank you, Lord, for healing them. Amen.

81. Dear Lord, forgive my friend for their sins. I pray that you are there for them and heal them from their sicknesses.

82. Yes, Lord, we must have left you by the road in the bit to pursue ourselves. Forgive us, Lord. My friend needs your healing, and I ask that you grant them healing by your mercy.

83. I ask that you will infuse your power to heal into my friend’s body. Help them to recognize you, and receive your healing by faith.

Healing Prayers for a Loved One Quotes

Have you got loved ones you care so much about that it hurts you to see them fall sick? Well, in my experience, I felt so pained that it drove me to my knees, coupled with fasting. I couldn’t just bear it, seeing my loved one going through pain.

I wanted to bear the pain too. So you can trust me when I say I understand such a feeling. Listed below are healing prayers for a loved one quotes that you can pray. This list also helps you to put your words right.

When overwhelmed by your emotions, you could find it hard to put your words together. This may generate stuttering during prayers, but no matter the intensity of your hurt, these prayer quotes for healing and strength will cause the recovery of your loved one.

84. Jesus, you’re the blessed savior that heals. I look unto you at all times because I draw my strength from you. You are a mighty healer, please send healing to my loved one. Send your healing anointing into their bodies through Jesus Christ, my Lord.

85. Lord, I come lifting my prayer request for healing miracle in the life of my loved one. Heal them because of your multitude of mercy, and make them strong in you. Amen.

86. Families are treasures to never let go of, I must confess my pains seeing a loved one sick. Gracious God, I ask for your miracle of healing to take place. Amen.

87. My Lord and Lover, I thank you for your faithfulness in all things. I praise your name because in it lies the power to heal. In your name, I ask that you bring healing to my loved ones. Set them free from sicknesses by your power.

88. Father, my Lord and God, I come to you for the healing of my loved ones. I ask that your wonder-working power will be expressed in their lives. Heal them of doubts, of diseases, and take captive of every disease at work in them.

89. Lord, I come to you today on behalf of my loved ones. They are going through a lot of challenges in their health. I feel so much hurt seeing them in pain, which is why I’ve come to you as the healer. Lead them into your healing and make them complete.

90. My God and Salvation, you told us not to fear evil. Unfortunately, there’s been a rage of diseases in the lives of my loved ones, but I believe in your power to heal. Please, Lord, send your healing power to my loved ones and make them healthy.

91. Father, bring healing to my loved ones. Cause transformation in them, and help them to live in closeness to you. Amen.

92. O’ Lord, have mercy on my loved ones. Chase away from them the servant of the devil that has been tormenting their health. Pour out your rain of healing upon them.

93. Dear God of Love, look down from heaven upon my loved ones. Make them experience you as the God that makes whole. Take sickness far from them.

94. King of Peace, God of Glory, set my loved ones free from every harm to their health. Restore them to a normal healthy state.

95. Jehovah, my God, your word says that you will send healing into our broken bones. I pray for my loved ones. I pray for their salvation from every sickness, in the name of your son, Jesus.

96. Lord, send your comfort to my loved ones. Settle every issue in their lives that has caused them physical and emotional pains.

97. In all of the world, you remain, God, my helper. I come to you for your help over my loved ones. I have faith in your power to do all things, and I ask that you will restore their health.

98. Prince of peace, speak your peace into my family and cause every rage of sickness to stop, in the name of Jesus.

99. Almighty God, help my loved ones to get better in their health. Save them from the sickness that troubles them. Amen.

100. Lord, you are Jehovah Rapha, the Lord my healer. Your word says that by Jesus’ stripes, we are healed. I come asking that you bring healing to my loved ones, and cause them to find solace in you.

It has been proven beyond doubt, the power that lies in the knees of a praying person; the potency in prayer to grant you your desire for healing. These prayers will help you communicate your heart to God in words and aid in healing, for you or your loved ones.

Don’t forget to share these prayer quotes for healing and strength if it blesses you. Send in your comments as well.

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