Prayers for Guidance and Strength

120 Effective Prayers for Guidance and Strength (2022)

Life puts you in so many situations that pull at your attention every now and then. Sometimes and most of the time, it tends to zap strength from you, at such moments, you’ll have to be able to take a stable stance in the midst of all such overwhelming circumstances. Since God desires more than that you come to Him only in those trying moments, you can always raise an incense of prayers for guidance and strength from your altar of fellowship with God to experience continuous stability.

However, we can’t seem to take these steps that would usher you into different phases of life without knowing the mind of God for us. One of the very paramount and undeniable ways to access this guidance from God is by offering prayers for guidance and strength.

While raising prayers for guidance and strength, you must also put in mind the people that surround you, by voicing out some special and supportive prayers for family, colleagues, church brethren, and other loved ones, by also using scriptures for guidance on how to pray to God for clarity in decision making which would come in the latter part of this guiding words for prayers.

Also, we have the tendency to wallow in self-pity, confusion, and in our weaknesses without the help of the supreme being and nature of God’s love and strength being made available for us. All the reasons mentioned and many more are why we need the below prayers for guidance and strength.

Prayer for Guidance in Decision Making

Whatever shape or form your life takes will be determined by the decisions you make. They go a long way in orchestrating your life’s journey. And this could affect your career, home, ministry, and every other thing around you.

Sometimes in life when we get to the crossroads of making decisions, many possible options present themselves as good right away. At such points, prayer for guidance in decision making is inevitably a dimension of prayer we will open our hearts to. And as we learn to rely on God with prayers for clarity in decision making, we’ll begin to know how to go about some situations of life.

Over time, through constant fellowship, we can look up to Him in prayer and pour out our hearts, raising our voices in supplication and prayers for guidance and strength for our families, friends, colleagues, and other loved ones.

This can be sent to them through an early morning voice note message, through texts, or can be uploaded on your statues for encouraging many to see light for guidance in God’s way. These prayers can be personal or for a close person who really needs prayer for courage and confidence in trying times. I pray that as we search and read through these prayers one after the other, we’ll begin to receive clearness on whatever we ask to know in the name of Jesus.

1. As it is the Lord that orders the step of the righteous, I earnestly pray for you being His beloved, that you will not lose out in the light that He grants His loved ones for walking in the path of destiny.

2. Wholeheartedly, I ask that you receive clarity as you seek the Lord for guidance on what to do when to do it, and how to do it. The God who leads His own as a shepherd that guides his flock would release assuring answers to you. You’ll not go out of line and run into an error.

3. Going out of line when making decisions is like straying from the path of destiny fulfillment. I pray today that you won’t make such a mistake. Your path will shine brighter and brighter as the Lord has promised the just. May you not go out of God’s will for you in all that you make your mind to do.

4. These are days that everything seems like the right thing to do, especially when they present themselves so promising and colorful. I pray to you, Oh God that you speak in definite and clear terms. I do not want to fail you, therefore, this day, I ask you for bright Light on my path, so that all confusion would give way to conviction.

5. The present seems more assuring than the future Lord, and I don’t want to experience what I have left-back in the past. I ask that all blurred visions be made clearer as I pour my heart out to you. You own the past, present, and future, please, guide me into the right path Lord.

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6. At this moment when all hope seems lost, I can only look up to God for hope and direction. Then and only then can I see clearly through the mist that seems to block my sight from seeing through to the right path to take.

7. When there seems to be turmoil all around arising with the sound of an erupting volcano, I choose to yield my ears to wait to the tune of peace from my peace giver and be assured of the moves to take.

8. Even in the tunnel that seems like it has no end to it, I’ll choose to look up to the one who created and knows the end of the tunnel even from its beginning. May the Lord grant me patience through to the end.

9. Being in a hurry to conclude is like destroying the whole thing even before starting. I’ll patiently course through the maze and wait for God to give me the turns and twists to make until I arrive at the point of fulfillment.

10. My greatest desire is to see the path clearer as the days go by. Help me Lord to take no step without the You who, who orders my steps to fulfillment and victory through the storms and confusion in life.

11. While there are different tunes playing everywhere, I’ve got a sound that is peculiar and customized for my ears. It teaches and encourages me on what’s best to dance to and what steps to take per time. God’s voice is truly a sound for strength and direction.

12. There are many counsels in the heart of men. I could be surrounded by as many as I want to, but I choose to give ears to the one counsel that would guide me perfectly and keep me in safety.

13. There are voices, but there is a voice that speaks peace, strength, assurance, and comfort as one embarks on the adventure of decision making. May my sense be tuned to this one voice alone.

14. Every steering ushers into a new phase of life which could be positive or otherwise. Since there are turns that should not be taken, and so I’ll carefully give the control of my life to the one who knows just my destination.

15. The world is full of tides and tides come with compelling force resulting in irresistible pull towards a path or whole new level of life. May the Lord who owns all destiny grant me the strength to pull through this tide and still remain stable in His desired plan for me.

16. Attempting to drive through life alone is a decision that could leave a man helpless when he gets to crossroads. But with guidance, he can be sure to know just what turn to make. I hope that you find this guidance in God as you look to Him.

17. One thing could leave a man wanting to go through the series of his life events alone, which is, self-trust. But, if only He would trust and have confidence in God, it would save him the extra human effort that could be wasted in trying to get it right through all the moment of decision in life.

18. As you trust in the Lord with all your heart by pouring out your plans before Him, may He give you clear instructions to guide you on your journey to accomplishment.

19. Leaning on your own understanding is tantamount to creating a gulf between you and life’s fulfillment. I pray that God would bring you out of inclining to self-wisdom in making decisions and He would grant you His.

20. The very bridge between goals and feeling fulfilled in life are the decisions we make. But as we give our hearts to God for direction, may He build the link to help us land safely on success.

Prayer for Courage and Confidence

Courage and confidence are virtues that work together in strengthening the heart of a person who is ready to embark on a bold and fulfilling journey in life.

It is then very important to include specifically; the prayer for courage and confidence in your prayers for guidance and strength. Search through below and pray out sincerely to God for the supplement of His strength and Grace for your weakness.

21. Hope, trust, and confidence in God give us an edge in fulfilling purpose. As you say your prayers today, make sure to rely on God for these undeniable pillars of strength and assurance for achievement.

22. Every house is built on a foundation and pillars. God’s will, being the foundation for fulfillment in life, we must therefore trust Him to give us the pillars of confidence and courage for a good life structure. This is our hearts’ wish and prayer this day.

23. Whatever a man achieves outside God doesn’t bring fulfillment as much as it should bring satisfaction when he trusts on God alone to bring him to such accomplishments. May God grant us such as we lean on Him.

24. A man that is given to faith, hope, and total reliance on God would have his confidence in making life’s decision boosted to a great level. And, surely I entreat God today that you see great results from your trust in Him.

25. The pathway to fulfillment is the absolute dependence on God. This is the true courage a man can walk in for brazing through life’s toughest parts and still come out unharmed. May you find the total bravery spirit you need in God as you seek His face.

26. As arrows would always fly around to sway people from focus, I pray that they never come near you. And still, if they do, they would break into pieces as the Lord remains your shield and buckler.

27. When a man goes through the fire of life on his way to destiny fulfillment, he can only come out stronger as gold that passed through fire if his trust is in God. I pray this day that fire would not burn you but make you a better person.

28. Even the toughest heart needs to put his whole confidence in God. I know that God does not leave us to walk through life’s path by ourselves, and so I pray that you feel the love of God so strongly and draw near to Him to draw your courage, strength, and confidence.

29. The Lord is the totality of man’s how, when, what, and why of life. May God on this day as you look up to Him, grant you the directions for accomplishment in life.

30. Stability is in God alone, and except a man finds it in God, he won’t be able to bring achieve anything tangible out of his life’s endeavors. I pray this day that we all find our confidence in Him alone.

31. Destiny seems far above reach for many people. But as you rely on the Word of God, you’ll definitely be lifted above your imagination to fulfillment.

32. Speed is important in catching up with what we have lost in the quest for success. But God in His Mercy would give us wings like eagles to fly and even soar on the wind of His favor and Grace for progress into success.

33. Everyone is in need of something from God. Just as the weak people need strength, so does the strong need confidence in the strength given to them by God and the courage to put it to use.

34. ‘We decree and declare today that the God who knows all will bring all things to work together for our good as we lay our trust in Him, Amen!’

35. Though the storms beat hard and the wind blows strongly, still, I’ll put my trust in the Lord Almighty who is my Rock. In Him, I will not be shaken.

36. Rather than be moved away from my path to success, the trials that I face will be made to work for my progress into fulfilling God’s will on earth in JESUS name!

37. Grace, mercy, favor, and blessings are armors that I ask from God today to shield me from discouragement and disappointments. In Christ, my hope is found and I know that the future is secured in this, Amen!

38. I stand here today to praise Yahweh ahead, believing that my confidence in Him is the safest weapon and route to winning in life.

39. Even when my back is against the wall, I’ll put my whole trust in the Lord. No one saves, delivers, helps, favors, blesses, and upholds like You JESUS!

40. My hands seem to get weak sometimes, but you Oh Lord, always uphold me. And when my knees are too feeble to pray, you still carry me in your arms and move me ahead of my weaknesses. I’m confident in you always and I’m grateful for the results!

Prayer for Guidance and Wisdom

There is nothing that can replace the place of prayer for personal growth into the wisdom that God provides for those who seek Him for leading. So with long and short prayers for strength and courage, as well as prayer for stability, one can grow into the confidence of being a true son of Abba, led and strengthened by Him.

Look through the following prayer for guidance and wisdom, as you make your humble request for help with prayers for guidance and strength.

41. It is beyond comprehension, the way my Father makes the crooked path straight for even the blind. And so I pray that as you seek God, he’ll surely grant you the sight you need from deep within so as to walk smoothly and triumphantly through life.

42. The maze in life could be confusing, but the wisdom of the Lord will show you the where, how, what and when to go through each of the turns.

43. May God’s direction for you be so clear, that men would see you thinking like God. Your path will shine brighter and brighter as you look unto God for clarity on instructions.

44. Taking decisions for fulfillment in this universe will no longer be a puzzle for you. May Christ; ‘the Wisdom of God’ grant you the answer even before a whole new level shows up.

45. Everything will seem to oppose a man until he finds the wisdom of God to tackle them and ride above them, using obstacles as stepping stones to higher levels of accomplishment.

46. It is true that every path leads to a destination, but it takes guidance to get one direction that leads to a fulfilling path. May God open our eyes to this in Jesus’ name, Amen!

47. It is your wisdom that I pray for Lord this day that every little seed of my thoughts is made to germinate into a full-grown agenda that will work in my favor and for my success.

48. A man could own land and not know how to till and maintain it. But with God teaching us His ways, may we receive great treasures from the portion of life committed into our hands in life.

49. As much as I like to be dependent, I definitely know that it is all futile without God. My island will result in desolation without you Oh Lord, and so I ask that you flood me with all of your knowledge for success.

50. Breaking through difficulties and into freedom cannot be accomplished with one’s strength and knowledge. And so we pray the Lord to give us knowledge, understanding, and Wisdom, which is the most important thing a man can ask for in knowing direction.

Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times

It is important to note that though we have to run to God by the offering of prayers for strength during difficult times, there should be more of fellowship with God. That is before you think of going to God through prayer for help with a problem, you should have a longing to dwell in sweet communion with Him through the help of the Holy Spirit. By this, even before troubles come, you’ll have peace that there’s one in whose arms you find strength and confidence for facing life’s challenging moments.

Uttering prayer for strength during difficult times would then not be coming out from you as one praying to a strange God, rather, you’ll receive answers to your petitions as one who is in deep fellowship and reliance on God, having been close to God consistently through your prayers for guidance and strength.

My desire is such that you’ll begin to receive peace in your hearts as you search through the lists of prayers for guidance and strength in JESUS NAME.

51. Dear Lord and Father, today I pray that you take over all of my will and strength. I can only last the extent to which your grace and power rub off on me.

52. I acknowledge and declare today that you are my sufficiency through all moments of lack. As I make supplications to you this day, please, bring to me all that I need to come out full and strong through these trying moments.

53. May your grace and mercy follow me through all the days of my life, as I pray for the rain of your strength to wash off every evidence of trials.

54. I accept the promises you have given to your children and decree that I will partake of it. This is only what can keep me going through the storms that beat me.

55. You’re my rock and I will build my trust in you. You are my anchor, the winds may blow me far, but I’m linked to you and will always find my way to you.

56. The center of my life is yours Oh Lord, and I give it all to you over and over again today. May I not lose focus but always look up to you who began my life and who is the end of my life.

57. As I look to you for strength and LIFE, I Know that I’m coming out stronger than I’ve ever even been before. This moment is only a refining moment and your flaming fire in the form of strength is sent to refine me and make me better.

58. Through the pruning moments of troubles, I will hold on to you my Father, and all in all. You who knows all things from the beginning to the end is able to deliver me safely through the harsh hands of life unto a better place and state.

59. You Oh Lord will restore my Joy even in these troubles that seem to cloud my mind. I pray also that you will help me build upon the stones that seemed to limit me, crushing them to pieces and raising a victorious edifice of success above it all.

60. The light at the end of the tunnel is a wish I hope and know that I will see whenever you assure me of your ever sustaining presence to lead me through the challenging and cunning passageway.

Prayer for Strength and Peace

Words of prayers are for your meditation so that the Holy Spirit who truly teaches us to pray can help us brood on till we find the right words for prayers for guidance and strength which in turn results in finding peace in prayer.

So, prayers for courage and determination to forge ahead stronger by the day is needed when facing difficult times. And also with the prayer for strength and peace, you can remain calm when there is a storm all around. I can’t find calmness and stability in the deep worry. Please, dear Lord, grace me with a heart free from turbulence, so that I can bring into action the things you have endued me for.

61. Success starts from the heart dear Lord. I pray for enablement to hold on to your promises engraved in my heart and choose to stay confident even through all disturbances.

62. Father, bless my heart with an abundance of peace. Let it fall on me like a heavy rain till it floods away all forms of trouble.

63. Making it to the end justifies the means. I pray thee Oh Lord that you give me clarity and conviction to put my mind at rest till the end of the journey that you have placed before me.

64. Step by step, I will trust in you to lead me through, as you endow me with strength and peace for productivity and fulfilling results.

65. Dear God, grant to my family and friends intense and serene calmness even when the atmosphere of finance and economy speaks otherwise.

66. God stills a man even in the wildest storm of life. And so I pray for this provision of serenity though all our voyage in life in Jesus’ name, Amen!

67. As I set the Lord before me this day, I’ll know no trouble but remain still in His promises and provisions of strength for me.

68. My horn is exalted this day in the name of Jesus. I will break through all obstacles and arrive at the place of consolation, where my rewarding prize of peaceful fulfillment awaits me.

69. I proclaim that your peace for me becomes a fort that protects me against all odds of life. Your peace is my peace and your strength my strength.

70. Let the symbol of your covenant of peace appear in my home everyday lord. Like a rainbow over our heads, we want to open our eyes every day to see smiles in everyone’s face and be assured over and over again of your unending peace to us.

Prayer for Strength and Healing

Some guidance and protection quotes will serve for prayers for guidance and strength. Guidance because attempting to do it on your own is as good as looking towards using all of your strength and still expecting an imperfect result. And protection because there are harms for every way a man seeks to embarks on for a destination.

However, with the prayer for strength and healing and for help in life, it would be difficult to come to hurt, and then healing would come to every troubled soul that lacks the strength to move on their own. Because, definitely, every heart needs guidance to stay sound in mind, and remain encouraged and safe in the right path.

71. Dear Jehovah Rapha, I pray for your indwelling presence every day to receive healing and be strengthened to face all of life’s challenges in your strength and power.

72. May your healing power overshadow my weaknesses Lord as you pour out your healing oil and balm upon me this day and forever.

73. I pray that your healing hands be upon me and my family. We will go through each day as swiftly as people without any iota of weakness.

74. We wait on your strength Oh Lord, and we are assured of renewal of capacity, ability, and of divine healing through all our bones and marrow for maximum accomplishment.

75. Dear God, please make my life an example of what living in perfect and divine health is. I will flourish in your sweet streams of strength as you replenish me from one day to another.

76. May our God and Father raise us a generation that neither faints nor gives up. In us, your non-matching and unending strength will be revealed.

77. I stand amazed every time I see you cure all forms of ailment, but more in awe as I see you recreate organs and systems in people. You are the only true definition of vitality and a supernatural creator who never lacks whatever our body needs. We pray thee for the continuous supply of all we need to function maximally.

78. My sister needs your healing hands dear Lord, and I pray that she doesn’t escape your loving kindness and extensive mercy.

79. May we all enjoy and dwell under the arms of Grace, Love, and Mercy this day and forever. It is the only way our hearts can be comforted and protected from every hurt that fire s at us from life.

80. A sound mind is a force behind a tough achiever. May we receive this soundness of mind, spirit, and body in the name of JESUS, Amen!

Prayer for Family Peace and Strength

The family goes through sweet and challenging moments and really need a force to keep them together through all of these events that unfold from time to time. Therefore, the members of the family ought to offer a prayer of thanks together as they also lift up their petitions in prayer for strength and wisdom.

As the family utter prayers for guidance and strength and prayer for understanding, it makes the bond of unity stronger. You can get your burdens for family prayer by picking from the below lists of heartfelt prayer for family peace and strength.

81. You are the father, brother, and mother of all. So we ask this day with one voice that you become all of this to us even as you help us cover up our imperfections as a family.

82. We need your words Oh Lord to reassure us of the peace you have for us. Let your presence be evident in our lives always until we dwell with one mind in expectation of your blessings of fulfillment as a folk.

83. Many times, we have faced tribulations, what kept us was your bond of Love. May this love be in expression from day to day until we are obviously a symbol of your love for nations.

84. The strength we walk with will be an example to many folks out there as we tap into more of your provisions of Grace for us in Jesus’ name, Amen!

85. Jehovah Nissi, my family needs you right now. We need you to spread your arms of protection, love, peace, and joy so that we can soar on your wings above all difficult situations.

86. We want to see above the present situations, so we decree and declare in the name of Jesus that our eyes of understanding be enlightened to see what you have prepared for everyone in our family. This is our sustaining peace and strength in times of uncertainty.

87. Every thirst and hunger for destiny fulfillment can only be fulfilled with your supply of strength to push towards the end until we see ourselves emerge in success.

88. As we search for shelter, food, and clothes, may we not lose focus on your kingdom’s will for us. We are assured that as we seek first your kingdom, you’ll supply all others to us even above our expectations.

89. Dear Lord, come and be the chief shepherd of our home. We give you the lead and await your strength and comfort as you lead us with a herdsman’s staff of comfort.

90. This is the consolation I have in you, dear Lord and Father, that you will reign in our lives as we lift up ourselves before you. We throw ourselves before your throne and release our home for your reign. Be the King and make us princes and princesses ruling in your strength and authority over all challenging territories of life.

Prayer Quotes for Strength for A Friend

There are categories to pray for in terms of situations to address or acknowledged. Also, it could be the desire to pray for a dear friend that made you search for prayer quotes for strength for a friend. Well, here is the right place to get some of those prayers for guidance and strength for your loved ones.

When a dear person is going through something, it sometimes seems like you are involved too. Sometimes, even distance can in no way limit the effect you feel when your friend; who can be your sibling, wife, husband, a colleague also, needs support, comfort, and guidance in making decisions.

91. My heart is knit with this dear friend of mine Lord, and so I lift her up to you. Please, release divine strength and ability on her beyond her imagination.

92. May the world see you at the end of your journey in life dear and proclaim that God is indeed great. You are covered and sustained by God’s ability in this moment and beyond.

93. May grace and mercy single you out for spectacular accomplishments beyond what has been seen in decades. Just trust in the LORD and you’ll receive the reward of steadfast belief.

94. Manifest your divine love to my dear friend Lord, and may your peace keep his mind, spirit, and body in tranquility through all the storms of life.

95. Though the world throws whatever it wishes to people, I pray you’ll be distinguished from all forms of unrest that the world projects, and remain in peace and victorious as you ride above it all.

96. I treasure this friend of mine dearly, but I can’t love him as you do. So I pray that you give him the greatest treasure of life which is your love to Him. This will strengthen him for life.

97. As life blows through and through, I pray that you find shelter and stability in God’s arms of strength. He will lift your horn higher than that of a unicorn and give you assuring comfort all round.

98. Lord, I pray that my friend finds the path to be close to your daily, and receive your strength for his weakness. May he flourish in your sea of affection and may joy spring forth as praises from his lips as he experiences divine covering in you.

99. Telling the world to leave my friend out of its stormy events is ineffective, I’ll rather tell it to the creator. So I pray that the one who created all will command all things to work for good for you and make you a conqueror over all trials.

100. My prayer this day is that I place you in the ever flaming love of GOD that burns every thistle and bristle on your way to finding the treasure hidden for you amongst the trees in the first of life. May you not walk through alone, for the Lord your God will be with you now and forever in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Prayer for Strength and Stability

We can pour out supplications as a prayer for strength during difficult times to God the all-sufficient One. Sometimes, it could be the loss of someone close to you that created the vacuum for comfort and strength to hold yourself together and move on without wavering in faith. Then, at such times, you’ll need these comforting prayer for strength and stability.

When you voice out in prayer for comfort in loss, it opens your heart to align with the comforting presence of the Comforter. Read beyond the words and letters of these prayers for guidance and strength carefully and receive your strength for pushing ahead.

101. Anyone who thinks he or she can survive without you my Lord is set for nothing in success. I pray that you’ll make me not deviate from always trusting you consistently.

102. I ask that you help me remain firm in my belief at this moment as I pass through different phases of life. You are my confidence and stability.

103. Dear Lord, in you I find exceeding strength and steadfastness in success and achievements. Not according to my will, but yours.

104. Let you will only be done in my life Lord. Though I have unhealthy confidence in myself, you alone Oh Lord, can make me truly unwavering.

105. I have found a friend, brother, father, and all in you. May I not draw back from the decision to follow you all the days of my life.

106. As the body always requires food and water, so do I pant after you always for constant renewal of energy and capacity to keep fighting and winning.

107. I don’t see myself fighting alone, and so I’m assured and pray that the Lord almighty will keep you as He keeps me in His arms.

108. Do not face the enemy alone, just set the Lord before you. He is the right shield your need, the armor that never fails, and keeps you standing firm and strong after all.

109. It has never been and will never be by my might and power, but by the enabling presence of the Spirit of the living God. I cling to this belief and assurance in Jesus’ name, Amen!

110. May the Lord make way for us this day and forever as we match on in His divine strength for us to take over all mountains that stand in the way of our success.

Bible Verses About Letting God Lead Your Life

The desire to be led by the One who sees all and knows the end from the beginning is every non-self dependent believers’ desire. So, to get some ‘Lord please guide me quotes, or Lord give me strength bible verse’ to use during prayer is to the end that you would be able to communicate your heart’s wish.

While being led by the Spirit to pray, these are also bible verses about letting God lead your life that would facilitate your understanding of how to raise prayers for guidance and strength for your self, family, friends, and even colleagues.

Find below a few of the very numerous possible scriptures for strength and guidance.

111. The voice of the father directing and leading us like what a shepherd will do to his fold. This is what everyone that desires to be led needs. Isaiah 31:21b; ‘This is the way, walk ye in it!’

112. Total confidence in God is all we need for finding the path to take. ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5’

113. The psalmist says; ‘Oh, that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes!’. Psalms 119 verse 5. Keeping His statues amount to finding fulfillment.

114. The words of wisdom in Proverbs 16 verse 9 speaks thus; ‘A man’s heart devises his way, but the Lord directs his steps!’

115. The Lord speaks to His prophet Isaiah in chapter 62, verse 8 that we may lift our voices and say; ‘he will raise us up in righteousness and He will direct us in all our ways.’

116. The love of God is set to lead us as we pour our love on Him as 2 Thessalonians 3:5 speaks; ‘And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.’

117. God has set times and season in place to guide our hearts to the fulfillment of purpose. Ecclesiastes 3:1; ‘To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.’

118. God has quickened our hearts as he sounds it to those who wish to walk in His own way to meditate on His Word and stay with Him for leading in order to make us fruitful in life as a tree that is planted by the riverside (check Psalms 1:1-3).

119. We are guided on how to walk with men and not waste the programmed time in accomplishing what we should as we learn to redeem the time, making good use of every moment and time (check Ephesians 5:15-16).

120. Anyone who submits to the Spirit of God will receive clear guidance through life and excel. Romans 8:14; ‘For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.’

Praying may seem tedious to do, but definitely not when you need guidance. With prayers for guidance and strength, you should be able to find some words to utter in the request for strength and leading from the one God that is sufficient in knowledge and the provision of ability. Don’t forget to drop a comment below and share these powerful prayers.

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