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100 Prayers for Spouse | Highly Effective Prayers (2022)

Prayer as an enterprise is very valuable to anyone who engages it. The article you’re reading now gives a beautiful list of prayers for spouse which you can take from and send to your lover or even say on his/ her behalf.

Everyone knows the importance of prayer hence, no one rejects it. When you send a prayer or send from these list of prayer for spouse, you’ll make his heart race for you. This singular and simple act has a loud ring to it. It shows how much value your spouse is worth to you, how concerned you are about his progress and many more.

It could be the simple act of text messaging or praying it on his/her behalf. Prayers for spouse shouldn’t be considered as a burden but as a privilege because ‘only talking Christians rule their world and home.’

The challenges you might face in marriage are a result of deterring factors. Some of them are within your control but the majority are somewhat beyond your control. This is why praying is important.

How can I be a blessing to my husband? It’s simply by praying. How many prayers do you make for your husband? This is crucial because many women make more trouble than prayers for their husbands.

Have you ever wondered why marriages crash? Why the rate of divorce is getting rampant just a few months after a well-lavished wedding party? You might wonder if there weren’t any courtship period. We sometimes forget that prayer is what we lack.

Instead of you going to clubhouses, why not try prayer vigils. Instead of restaurants and picnics why not go for a prayer retreat. We should note that all these are very nice.

I often endorse it or counsel young couples to go out to enjoy themselves with that partner, but if you prioritize those outings instead of praying effectively then your marriage life is rooted on shaky grounds. Let’s see these effective prayers for spouse.

Prayers for My Husband in Difficult Times

There is a popular saying that “behind every successful man, is a strong and virtuous woman.” This means that every woman has a role to play on her husband’s path to success.

Challenges occur at intervals in marriage, little disagreements spring forth, issues from work arise, difficult times are a constant but how do you overcome these challenges in your marriage? It’s all by praying. These prayers for my husband in difficult times are potent to address any type of difficulty.

Will God save my husband? He will when you pray. One thing you can always do at any time is to constantly pray for your husband. This has a way of helping him, especially in difficult times. Scattered in scripture are instances of prayers offered in difficult times and answers came.

The Bible clearly says that ‘Whoever calls on the Lord in the day of trouble shall be saved.” Take from these prayers for spouse and make intercession for your husband. Continue below to see the prayer points.

1. Just as your presence in my life brings joy, I pray that you experience unlimited joy even in difficult times. No difficulty will swallow you up. Remember that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and I pray you to find that light. Amen.

2. My love, stay strong today because I made prayers to God to keep you at all times, even when you experience hell. I love you and will never stop cheering you on.

3. The devil may raise his ugly head but the scriptures made it clear that the Lord will raise a standard against him. Therefore, I pray that the Lord will raise a standard against every storm you’re facing in Jesus’ name.

4. I pray that you won’t lose your identity in Christ. This storm will surely pass and you’ll laugh at the end of it all. Amen.

5. Dear God, please give my husband peace of mind and ideas to go about whatever is confronting him. Let him be able to call on you in trying times and please dear God, answer him.

6. Father, thank you for the gift of my husband. Thank you for my marriage that is still standing. I come before your throne at this hour to plead your mercy over my husband. He’s going through a difficult season and I want you to see him through it. Help him to come out unharmed. Amen.

7. I stand in awe of you Lord and I ask that you watch over the love of my life. Keep him in all his ways and take troubles out of his path. Help him to stay focused on you. Do not let the devil have him and save him from harm. Amen.

8. Dear Lord, I believe in your power to save and I know you want the best for your children. My husband is going through a hard time and I want you to save him. Please, Lord; stretch forth your hand to save him. Amen.

9. In you, we live and have our being, my sustainer and friend. Dear Lord, shield my husband from the traps of the devil. Make him at ease to see that you’re working everything in his favor.

10. Lord, I ask for overwhelming love to invade the heart of my husband and enable him to handle difficulties as you would. Amen.

11. Jesus, bring comfort to my husband, search through the world and bring to him more people that’ll speak comforting words to him. Help him to never lose heart in your saving grace and power. Take all glory Lord.

12. If you could raise dead Lazarus, I know you can do more miracles. Dear God, raise the hope of my husband and make him see the miracles you’ve prepared for him. Help him to give you thanks always. Amen.

13. Heavenly Lord, thank you for being a good God and father. You’re faithful and true to Your Word. I bring my husband before you that you’ll lay your mighty hands on him and give him peace from all troubles and grant help. Amen.

14. Lord Jesus, you can calm storms. Please, Lord, I want you to calm every storm that’s facing my husband. Help our marriage breakthrough this storm in your mighty name.

15. You’re the God that calls forth light in the darkness. Father, shine your light into every darkness that my home is experiencing. Heal my husband of every fear and let your peace rest in my home. Amen.

16. I come open before your light. Heal my home lord of every pain. Help my husband to realize that you have all power in your hand, make every impossible thing possible, and help us to walk through the tunnel.

17. I’ll never stop praying for you, honey. God will show you his mightiness and prove himself as God over every situation that is taking your peace. I pray you to stay happy always.

18. Through thick and thin, God will never leave your side. He’ll be with you every step of the way and keep you from falling. Amen.

19. O Lord, pour your mercy over my husband. Help his heart to trust you to the end and make him see that you alone can deliver. Deliver him, Lord, in Jesus’ name.

20. In every way you turn to, God will arise for you. I pray for you honey, you’ll be strengthened always and stay victorious. Amen.

Prayers for My Wife to Love Me Again

The truth about prayer is that it is always potent in the mouth of a sincere person. In this segment, we’ll be looking at 10+ prayers for my wife to love me again.

Whether you said some hurtful things that have turned her into an emotionless being or something happened that made her love you less, you can fall back by praying these prayers for spouse and see your desired change.

What should I pray for my wife? You’re few scrolls from getting answers to that question. Ensure you take from this list and pray for them heartily. Expect answers because prayer works. Most especially, be sincere when praying. The prayer points for spouse are below, let’s see them.

21. Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me a wife. Thank you for keeping her, and sustaining our marriage. Lord, help her to know your love that’s overwhelming and show her how to love again. Please, Jesus, make her love me again, more than ever before.

22. I’ll always run to you because you’re my light in dark times. Therefore, Lord, I pray that you will breathe life into my darling and help her to understand God’s love that forgives. Touch her heart and make it love me again.

23. You’re a constant God, and that’s why I can rely on your word. Your word says that you will supply every of my need. I hope that my wife loves me. I hope nothing comes in between us. Amen.

24. Father, touch every area of my life and my wife’s. Help us to know you more thereby experiencing God’s kind of love that passes understanding. Sustain my wife and uphold my love in her heart, in Jesus’ name.

25. I’ll shout and sing forever because with you nothing is impossible. I ask Lord that you speak life into every dead situation in my marriage. Speak life into my wife. Help her to see the need to love me. Amen.

26. Great is your faithfulness, Lord. You’re a present help in times of need, that’s why I can call upon you. I come before you now to ask that you will give my wife a heart of flesh. Send your love into her heart and help her to experience it. As a result, help her to love me again.

27. Lord, I thank you for your word that says you forgive anyone who confesses and forsakes sin. I repent of everything I’ve done to cause my wife hurt, and I ask that you forgive me and also help her to forgive me. Make her heart soft to love me, Lord. Thank you because you’ve done it.

28. Dear father, I pray that you will take abode in my home. Cause your love to settle in the hearts of everyone in my life especially my wife. Help her to change her mind towards loving me. Amen.

29. I will trust you Lord even in difficult situations because you’re my strength. I trust you because I know you’ll convert my wife and help her appreciate my efforts. Help her see me as a lovable person. Take charge of her heart and make it fit to love me.

30. God in heaven, I come before you today. There’s one thing I want to ask, and that is that you will give my wife a fleshy heart that loves. Please Lord; make her see reasons to love me as her husband.

Prayers for Spouse Forgiveness

Did you cheat on your spouse? Or did you break any vows you made? Has it caused so much havoc that you seek help but don’t know where to find it? I’m here to tell you that your help has come.

There’s help in these prayers for spouse forgiveness. Trust me; it’s the best collection of prayers for spouse you’ll find anywhere. No matter what you’ve done in the past, the most important thing is to realize your errors and make amendments.

I’m sure you’re here for that. There’s nothing impossible with prayer. It handled the toughest of heart; Pharaoh. What should I pray for my husband? The prayers are below. They will quickly soften his heart. Only ensure that you pray them heartily and be expectant. I see God giving you your testimony. Come with me to see these prayer points for spouse.

31.Father, you’ve got the hearts of every man in your palm. I realize that I’ve wronged my spouse and I’m deeply sorry for that. Please help me to receive her forgiveness in Jesus’ name.

32. Heavenly Father, forgive me. I’m wrong and I know. I confess and forsake my wrongdoings today. I ask that you forgive me and help my wife to forgive me also.

33. Lord, you can save to the uttermost those who come to you. Please save me, lord. Send relief to her heart and make her see me as fit to receive her

34. I feel very bad Lord; please take away this guilt feeling. Also, lord heal the hurt my spouse is feeling and help her to find a place in her heart to forgive me.

35. Having realized how much I’ve hurt her, I can only run to you lord to heal the pain. She feels so much pain and it’s really hard for her to forgive. Dear God, I ask that you comfort her hurt and help her to be joyful. Send your relief to heart and teach her to forgive. Amen.

36. O Lord, come to my aid. I can’t make her forgive me for what I’ve done. I come to you today because you’ve got the power to change her mind; after all, she’s your daughter. Dear father, comfort her heart and help her to learn how to forgive. Help me receive her forgiveness. Amen.

37. Awesome God, your word says offenses will surely come. Please God, open her heart to this truth and help her see reasons to forgive me. I’ve tried pleading but I know you can make the change happen. Thank you, Lord.

38. Father in the name of Jesus, I pray that by your spirit you will cultivate forgiveness in her heart. Teach her of your love and help her to forgive me. Amen.

39. Loving father, I ask that you will cleanse her heart from bitterness, cause her to forgive me, and love me. Amen.

40. Lord, you’re the source of love. I ask that you will mend her broken heart and fill it with your overwhelming love. Thank you, Jesus.

Warfare Prayers for Husband

Great! I know you wouldn’t want to joke with this collection of warfare prayers for husband. The world we live in is so full of evil, even Jesus spoke about it but you have an assurance because Jesus gave it to you.

Jesus overcame and gave you his name as a scepter of authority against any confronting situation. You can be sure to fight the good fight of faith by using these prayers for spouse. You can’t afford to skip these prayers because of their potency.

How can I be a blessing to my husband? It’s simple. Pray any and every prayer for his success, including these warfare prayers. Don’t be deceived to think it doesn’t matter. It does because the devil is still out there destroying lives. If you love your husband you should engage in these intercessory prayers for your husband. Continue reading to see these prayers.

41.The scripture says, lift your heads o ye gates and be lifted everlasting doors. In Jesus’ name, I command every door shut against the success of my husband to break open. Lord, make a way where there seems to be no way. Amen.

42. Thank you dear God because you’ve won the victory and made an open spectacle of the devil. Therefore, I order the devil out of every area that concerns my husband. Satan, get your hands off my husband’s life. Cease your torment over his work and my family.

43. We overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony. Therefore, I testify of God’s mightiness and strength. I confess that God reigns supreme in the affairs of my husband.

44. Jesus, your name has the power to subdue every foe. Therefore, in Jesus’ name, I decree that every plan and purpose of the enemy against my husband will not stand. Amen.

45. Associate yourselves together and you shall be broken in pieces.’ I pray that any force from the pit of hell against my husband is hindered and their efforts rendered useless.

46. I’ll lift my eyes to you Lord because my help comes from you. Mighty God, render every plan of the evil one to keep my husband from knowing you and enjoying the benefits of redemption in vain.

47. Jesus, you’re the lion and the Lamb of God that reigns forever. Prove yourself strong in my affairs and my husband’s. Take bad people away from his life. Amen.

48. Blessed Savior, make every way that’s crooked straight for my husband. Shake off every attachment of the devil in his life. Amen.

49. Arise Lord Jesus and help him overcome every temptation the devil brings his way. Give him strength in difficult times and work in him to stand tall against every devil.

50. Dear Lord, take full control of every aspect of his life and chase out any devil that plans to cause havoc.

Prayers for a Husband with Scripture

The benefits of praying according to the scriptures can’t be overemphasized. Ever heard of ‘praying the scriptures?’ that’s a very potent approach to prayer. This collection contains 15+ prayers for a husband with scripture. In this collection, you’ll be praying with the understanding of the attached bible verse and it’ll facilitate the answers you’ll get

Trust me; I like to pray with scripture in mind because this approach helps in my prayer adventure. How can I pray for my husband’s success? It’s by praying these prayers for spouse with the scripture attached. Take a few scrolls down to see these prayers that’ll make you a Proverbs 31 woman, you’ll be amazed.

51. Psalm 90:17 “May the favor of the Lord our God rests on us; establish the work of our hands for us – yes, establish the work of our hands.” Father, Give my husband the peace of mind he needs to work profitably. Amen.

52. Proverbs 16:3 “Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” I pray that everything works together for my husband’s good. Establish his plans and give it a happy ending, Lord.

53. Psalm 44:4 “Thou art my King, O God; command deliverance for Jacob.” Lord, deliver my husband from whatever is contending with his comfort. Please Lord; let your peace guard his heart, in Jesus’ name.

54. Revelation 12:11a “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb” By the blood of Jesus, I overcome fear in my husband’s life. I decree sound mind for him.

55. Colossians 2:6-7 “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” Heavenly Lord, Give supernatural might to my husband. I pray that you will grant him the patience and calm heart he needs to put the family in place. Help him, Lord, Amen.

56. Ephesians 3:1 “That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love.”
Lord, I pray that you make your home in my husband’s heart. Let him be able to trust you and help him to be rooted in your love.

57. Romans 14:8 “For if we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s.” Lord, I pray that every step and every breath of my husband belong to you. I declare that he’s yours forever.

58. Psalm 5:11a “But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them…”Jesus, help my husband to take his shelter in you and rejoice. Be his guide and guard him in all his ways. Amen.

59. Psalm 121:8 “The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in, from this time forth, and forevermore.” Great God, I ask that you set your great eye for my husband’s protection. Keep his movements. Amen.

60. Proverbs 3:23 “Then you will walk safely in your way, And your foot will not stumble.” Lord, keep my husband’s feet from every trap. Keep him from stumbling.

Prayers for My Husband’s Financial Success

It’s only wise if you pray for your husband more than you complain about him. These prayers for my husband’s financial success will go a long way in helping the finances of your family.

I suggest you pray more of these rather than a complaint of what you don’t’ see in him. How can I pray for my husband success? Only take from these prayers and pray for him every day and you’ll be surprised with the beautiful changes you’ll see. Continue with me as we see these prayers for spouse.

God of heaven be on alert and please send a helper through my husband’s way to help him financially. Help him never to be stranded.

61. Lord, give my husband the multimillion-dollar idea he needs to break through financially. Amen.

62. I ask that you pour out strength over him and give him the power to make wealth.

63. I decree the blessings of God over my husband’s work, in Jesus’ name.

64. Satan! Take your hands off my husband’s business. Get the hell out of his way in Jesus’ name.

65. By my faith in the Word of God, I decree favor in all my husband’s way. Favor with men and God.

66. Father in Jesus’ name, I ask that you plant your seed of greatness in my husband and help him to unleash his potentials.

67. Lord, take away lack from my family. Grant my husband the strength to work harder and smarter for our profit. Amen.

68. Prince of peace, shine on my husband. Let the wisdom make wealth evident in his life.

69. Provider, please provide for my husband. Give him your blessings.

70. Lord, give my husband the wisdom to make the right choices on his spending. Make him see needs rather than wants. Amen.

71. May heaven’s bounty be released over my husband’s life.

72. Lord, create a sincere heart in him. Do this that he may stay true to our family in managing expenditures. Give him a fatherly heart

73. Father, help my husband to be true to you. Keep him every evil friend that’ll lure to get money in evil ways. Amen.

74. Father, I thank you for the life of my husband and your presence in my marriage. I ask that you shower him with much favor in Jesus’ name.

75. Gracious Lord, fling open the floodgates of heaven and release supernatural provisions for my husband.

76. Father, remove every stinginess from my husband’s heart in Jesus’ name.

77. Lord, let your light shine over my husband’s wealth creation abilities. Give him strength where he feels weak and bless his heart.

78. Lord Jesus, I step in faith over my husband’s finance. I pray that you send favor into his work. Help him make maximum profit.

79. Lord, stay ever by my husband’s side. Teach him the principles you’ve made available for wealth creation. Amen.

Prayers for My Husband’s Spiritual Growth

Your husband’s spiritual growth? That’s a very important aspect you shouldn’t joke with. The scriptures advised wives to win their husbands over by their good deeds. These include your intercession for him. This compilation of prayers for my husband’s spiritual growth contains seasoned prayers that are effective.

How do I encourage my husband to be a spiritual leader? Among many other things you’ll do, praying these prayers for spouse will hasten his spiritual leadership in your home. Without much ado, let’s dive in!

80. Jesus, step into the boat of marriage and give my husband an encounter that’ll cause him to yearn for growth spiritually.

81. I ask that the power of God be available for my husband and grant him hunger for God. Amen.

82. Lord, I thank you for the gift of my husband. I thank you because you’re making him into a priest in our home. Guard him against foes.

83. Father, lead my husband in your path as he leads our home in Jesus’ name.

84. Father, grant my home peace and help my husband to walk in the light your Word gives. Amen.

85. Heavenly Lord, I ask that you help my husband walk his pilgrim journey in increasing impact. Help him grow into the solid food of your word.

86. Sincerely, Lord, I ask that you will touch my husband’s heart and shield him from distractions that’ll take away his focus on you. Amen.

87. God of heaven, bless my husband with every spiritual blessing and cause him to realize the importance of following after you.

88. Father, help my husband to put your will as his priority in Jesus’ name.

89. Lord, grant unto my husband the wisdom and skills to rule and run our home in a more godly way.

90. Give him the required knowledge to propel our family to greater spiritual experiences for our overall profit.

91. I declare that my husband will forever secure his treasures above and give up carnality and materialism.

92. Dear God, pour out revival into the spirit of my husband. Cause him not to hunger for anything apart from you.

93. Lord, help my husband to realize the importance of giving our family God’s word that we will grow thereby.

94. Father, give my husband revelations at every point in his life. Help him rely on you for everything, especially when he’s troubled.

95. I decree peace over my husband’s soul. He will not be distracted or deluded from pursuing after God’s heart.

96. Father, surround him with counselors after your heart and give him a willing heart to learn.

97. Father, I ask that you will make my husband a true witness unto you for the advancement of your kingdom in our family and through our family.

98. Lord, teach my husband the principles of your kingdom and help his heart to stay on you.

99. Father, help me to be a support to him in his journey with you. Give me a submissive heart to scale through. Amen.

100. Father let your grace be sufficient for him.

What great power lies in prayer when the righteous pray? You can only find out when you engage these prayers for spouse. These prayer points have been carefully selected with a direction and are potent on engagement. Do not forget to share with friends. You can also leave feedback.

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