How to Make Your Husband Want You All The Time

20 Tips on How To Make Your Husband Want You All The Time

Some say ” Marriages aren’t always a bed full of roses.” Relationships change over time, as we know, CHANGE IS CONSTANT.

Things get complicated when you notice your husband doesn’t act the way he used to when you were still a newly wedded couple.

You remember that time when the relationship just started, the sparks whenever he touches you, the times you couldn’t spend a day apart?

But now, everything seems to have sublime and you see yourself wishing every day could be like that of your honeymoon.

Well, you are not alone in this, there have been lots of women in your shoes who had gone through this ordeal and have come out having a better and amazing relationship with these tips on how to make your husband want you all the time.

I know this will be of great benefit to you as well.

I know it seems like ages since you last felt your husband want you all the time but do not jump to conclusions that he is no longer interested in you or that he has fallen out of love.

Sometimes, the feeling that he no longer cares, nor notices you can be overwhelming.

So I’m here to lighten up your dark tunnel with these golden tips on how to make your husband crave your presence all the time. Are you ready?

Secrets on How to Make Your Husband Want You All The Time

Secrets on How to Make Your Husband Want You All The Time

There are secrets you need to know in other to keep and have an amazing relationship.

How can you make your husband want you every time? When you want something you go for it. If you want your husband to want you every time, you need to get your acts together, show him love, and be confident in yourself.

Below are the secrets on how to make your husband want you all the time.

1. Make him feel important:

when your man knows how important he is to you, he will also feel that he is needed. Men love it when you make them feel important, it gives them a sense of belonging.

If your husband doesn’t feel very important and needed, he can pull back from conversations, he may become less confident in himself and even in the marriage.

Let your husband know his shoulder is the only one you can rely on after God. Men like it when you ask them for help. He wants to feel like a hero (your hero). You may be able to do it alone, but giving him the honor will help strengthen your relationship.

2. Love yourself:

This sounds weird and funny, right? I know you’re wondering how this correlates with how to make your husband want you all the time. But relax, it’s the basic truth.

Most wives do make this assumption that once their shape changes due to childbirth, their husband will stop loving them and this has drastically reduced their self-esteem.

Understanding and acknowledging this tip is one of the golden secrets. If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect your husband to feel the same way?

If you don’t love yourself, then you believe that you’re not worthy of his attention, this may lead to you struggling to build a good relationship with your husband.

Quit thinking that you’re not worthy of his attention, quit thinking that he doesn’t want you as this will ruin you and reduce your self-esteem. So my advice, love yourself.

3. Accept him the way he is:

Don’t try changing him: Sometimes changing him tends to come into your mind.

No matter how perfect your husband may be, the more you spend time with him, the more you will find out annoying and perhaps irritating things about him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t correct him. I’m simply saying that bigger issues can be dealt with but should be done patiently and humbly at the right time.

When a woman always tells her husband what he should and shouldn’t do, he tends to pull him back. Honestly, no man wants a nagging wife.

Words like; “Don’t do this…, You should…, Learn to…. and so on.” Always irritate men and may quickly push them away. So here’s my advice, don’t try changing him.

Focus on what he does well. Let him manage the house affairs the way he wants, this will show him that you believe in him. If he wants to change, the changes will come naturally as time goes on.

4. Always show appreciation:

be a grateful woman: There’s a saying that “Appreciation is an application for more.” The little things always count, it matters.

Appreciation should be one of your habits, it should be a part of you. Be intentional in developing a grateful character.

No matter how little it may be, thank him for it. Everyone likes it when they are appreciated, so thank him whenever he does anything for you.

When you start thanking him for the little sacrifices he makes, for anything he does, he continues to feel loved, important, needed, and valued.

This will certainly result in a happy home.

5. Make out time for him:

Being married to him is not the end. It’s not the end of having fun together. It is very important to have fun together amidst work stress, kids training, daily tasks, among others.

Make out time to go out on a date with your husband, see a movie, organize house parties, vacations, and other things you can think of.

Keep the spark alive in your marriage, be a creative wife.

Having fun together binds and strengthens the bond you and your husband have. Being able to do great things together will create a long-lasting bond between you and your husband.

How To Keep Your Husband Attracted To You

How To Keep Your Husband Attracted To You

Making your husband head over heels with you at all times is very vital. I’ve often heard questions like “how can I attract my husband mentally and sexually?”

Here’s a quick answer for you; you can do this by the way you act, speak and even dress around him. To keep him attracted, you need to have a romantic personality.

It isn’t wrong for you to want to know if you are still attractive to your husband or, you want to know how much he desires you; It’s absolutely normal.

Are you feeling that your husband is no longer attracted to you? Or do you think his level of attraction towards you is gradually dropping down? Then you need to step into action.

As a woman, there are lots of potentials you possess. Tips on how to make your husband want you all the time and how to keep your husband attracted to you will help you get him back to that level you desire.

Follow this step by step tips below.

6. Dress nicely for him:

Okay you will agree with me that this is one of the most popular tips you are familiar with. Dressing up appealing to your husband will drive him nuts.

It has been proved that female who dresses provocatively tends to attract men than those who dress normally. Because what men see affects their subconscious mind.

Putting on luscious clothes for him once in a while will make him long for you. Don’t be too shy to dress well when going on dates, and even dress provocatively when indoors.

You need to be aware that men love it when their women dress nicely. When you do this, your husband will be very proud and even boast of you in front of his friends.

Make sure you wear a smile on your beautiful face every time. Make nice and neat hair, change hairstyle regularly, wear some makeup, and also wear good fragrances.

Nothing catches a man better than a woman who smells nice.

If you follow these tips on how to make your husband want you at all times, he won’t be able to ignore or resist you.

7. Call him sweet names:

Do you know that calling your husband sweet names, especially in public does something good to his feelings?

If you have not been calling your husband sweet names; try it from today and see the way he will start longing for you.

Calling your husband sweet names will build intimacy in your marriage. You can choose a funny name or romantic name that is acceptable to both of you.

When you call him sweet and sexy names, you start rekindling his attraction towards you.

8. Spice up things in the bedroom:

Let your husband know that you also want him in all ways. Sometimes you tend to think that your husband has lost interest in you and that he no longer wants your body but that may not be the case.

He wants you but he may not say it directly to you. So you’ve got to let him know that you want him as well. Tell him sweet words in the bedroom, let him know you crave his touches and kisses.

Men love when their women make the move in bed, they don’t want to be the first to initiate it all the time.

Also, don’t let it become a boring activity, engage your man in bed. Change your routines, try new methods. Ask your husband for his demands and tell him yours too.

Get your husband excited in the bedroom. Wear a nice outfit ( lingerie ), give him a lap dance, learn some sultry moves.

Doing all these will make your husband appreciate your effort and keep him attracted and interested in you.

9. Buy him gifts:

Go into the romantic zone and buy something of great value. Buy him something he needs, there might be something he has his eyes on but didn’t ask you. Surprise him by getting it for him.

If you think that it’s his duty alone to buy gifts, I tell you, it’s not. Both of you are supposed to reciprocate and show how much you mean to each other.

So, do your part, If you want to keep your husband attracted to you.

10. Cook his special delicacies:

Men love a good cook. There’s a saying ” a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It’s funny, right? But I tell you that it’s not far from the truth.

There’s no perfect way to show your husband love other than cooking his special meals.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a woman’s place is in the kitchen. What I simply mean is that when you cook for your husband, he appreciates your efforts and time.

He knows you were thinking about him while cooking, you were trying to do something that will make him happy and this will certainly keep him attracted to you.

So today, go into your kitchen and make your husband something special and delicious; It can be his favorite meal or a new recipe you haven’t tried before.

How to Keep Your Husband Interested In You

How to Keep Your Husband Interested In You

Do you feel your husband is becoming more of a roommate, not a husband, and you don’t want it that way?

Then this is for you. “How do you make your husband want you more” is a random question everyone in your shoes always asks.

To do this, always appreciate him, sing him praises, show him love, and avoid nagging. If you do all these then he will want you more.

Oftentimes, women don’t take up the task of getting to know ” how to make your husband want you all the time.” until they are almost on the verge of losing their marriage, some don’t tend to get solutions thereby leading to issues and problems that may result to divorce/separation.

So, I congratulate you on being a smart woman!

I’m glad your case won’t be like that because you’ve taken out time to learn how to be a better wife to your husband.

Since you are on a quest on finding how to keep your husband interested in you, I have provided you with these proven tips on how to make your husband want you all the time. Let’s dive in, shall we?

11. Respect him:

There’s no better way to keep him interested in you than showing him respect. There is nobody on this planet Earth that loves to be disrespected.

The way you wish to be respected, in that same way respect your husband.

Some women don’t know how important it is to respect their husbands. When you show him respect, he acknowledges that you trust him to be the head of your home.

He tends to love you more and equally respect you when you show him respect.

Respectfully speak to him. You should honor him not only because it is right but because God commanded you to do so.

So respect your husband because if you do, he will surely love you more.

12. Praise him:

First, you need to understand what praise is. Praise is the expression of approval or admiration for someone or something.

Let me ask you a question, “when last did you praise your husband?” You don’t remember right. Praising your husband should be a part of you, it should be your lifestyle.

Praising your husband regularly will help build his confidence, empower him and also transform your struggling marriage into a good one.

There are great benefits attached to your home when you praise your husband.

Praise is a powerful weapon only a smart woman knows how to use, so use it skillfully.

13. Make God your foundation:

No one makes a better home other than God. Build a God-centered home because, with God, you will have a home that will be envied by those around you.

When God is the foundation of your home, you will have love, joy, hope, happiness, peace of mind, and a long-lasting relationship.

Show me a man that doesn’t want a joyful, happy, peaceful, and loving home. And I will tell you that he isn’t a real man.

14. Always kiss him with love and passion:

Kiss him passionately. Let him know you mean business (lol). When you kiss your husband, you do not only improve your emotional health but that of your husband as well.

Studies show that kissing after an argument helps us forgive and move on quickly.

When you kiss your husband regularly, it strengthens your bond and makes you have a happier home. Kissing doesn’t have to wait till you are on the bed, kiss him anywhere, anytime.

This signifies an emotional bond. If this is lacking in your marriage, it’s never too late to start and rekindle the spark between you and your husband.

15. Make Provocative Moves around Him:

Is this for the singles alone? Or for those who are dating? Of course not. It is also for those that are married.

Making provocative moves like sassing your body, cat-walking, rocking your hips will improve your self-esteem and also make him want to make out with you right at that moment and it is as well a confidence booster for your man.

This would definitely bridge the gap between you and your husband.

It will bring you guys closer to one another. When you do this often with your man, it reduces the chances of an argument.

How to Make Your Husband Want You More Than Ever

How to Make Your Husband Want You More Than Ever

There are times marriage becomes restless like troubling waters. At this time, you will start noticing gaps and distance in your relationship.

You start feeling your husband has fallen out of love, that he is no longer attracted to you. But I have for you tips on how to make your husband want you more than ever.

Have you recently been asking yourself, ” How do you make your husband fall in love with you again?”.

You can make him fall in love with you again is by communicating your affections to him and putting more of you into your marriage.

Do you remember what you did, the conversations you had with him, places you visited, and so on; when you were still single that made him fall in love with you in the first place.

Try doing those things again and see what happens.

Here are tips on how to make your husband want you all the time even when you feel like he is no longer into you.

16. Show respect to his family:

Remember that when you got married to your husband, you equally got married to his family.

The way you show love and respect to your husband should be the same way you show love and respect to his family.

Disrespecting your husband’s family will do you no good but instead, it will make your husband turn his back on you. Disrespecting your in-laws may make your husband dislike you.

You love your husband, you are grateful for the man he is to you, you can’t express your joy that you got married to such an amazing soul right?.

Then show his family that you’re thankful for bringing up such an amazing person as your husband by respecting them.

If you want to enjoy your home, make sure you stay on good terms with his family especially, his parents. No man wants his parents to be disrespected.

So dearest, respect your in-laws.

17. Don’t be too clingy:

Let me tell you a secret, men don’t like having clingy wives. Getting jealous over everything he does that doesn’t involve you can be alarming and suffocating to him.

Being clingy is bad for you, bad for your husband, and your marriage.

You’ve got to give your husband breathing space. Make your husband miss you and be eager to come home. Don’t use text to monitor him.

Being clingy can be a result of insecurity, jealousy, and even low self-esteem but it can be avoided by expressing yourself and telling your husband what you are feeling.

18. Be a good listener:

To be a good listener simply means paying close attention to what your husband is saying, not interrupting him but hearing him out. Listening plays a very vital role in any relationship.

How does it feel when you’re talking to someone and he/she is not listening to you? Does it seem as if you’re talking to yourself? Not so good right?. Don’t make your husband feel that way too.

When having a conversation with your husband, clear your mind and listen attentively. Show him that you’re paying close attention to your body language.

Men love women who don’t ignore them but are always ready to listen to whatever they have to say.

19. Be romantic:

Being romantic is not a gender thing. Anyone can be romantic. Show your husband exactly how much you want him and that you’re in love with him.

Send him sweet love messages when he’s at work, tell him you miss him, cook his favorite meal, kiss him on his way to work.

Make him miss you, do sultry and romantic things to him. With these, he will look forward to coming back home.

20. Be a faithful wife:

Nothing drives a man away than an unfaithful woman. If you want your husband to want you more than ever, then you must be faithful.

An unfaithful man or woman is not honored in society. Cheating on your partner is one of the worst things you can ever do to him.

If you cheat on your husband, you did not only break him and lose his trust, you also broke one of God’s commandments.

Marriage takes serious work. Don’t bring infidelity into your home if you want to enjoy your marriage.


How can I make my husband crazy about me?

It is also possible for men to feel insecure. So, to make your husband crazy about you is possibly showing him care. Men love reciprocated energy, make your husband delicious meals, flirt with him, and also communicate.

How can I get my husband to want me more?

Make efforts to be a better person, and don’t just be a mom. Show him that you appreciate him, and learn to love him every day.

How do I deal with my husband not wanting me?

This is a complicated issue because people aare not willing to discuss about their sexual life. But if you can work together to understand what is behind it and rekindle your love life that will make it fun for the both of you.

So there you have it 20 proven tips on how to make your husband want you all the time. I hope these tips help you in one way or the other to strengthen your relationship with your husband, make your husband want you at all times, and if he has probably fallen out of love for you, make him fall back right in.

I hope you had a fun time reading this post because now you’re no longer a novice on how to make him fall over heels for you again. So share it with your friends and loved ones. Thanks for reading to the end.

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