How to Make a Woman Feel Loved and Secure

How to Make a Woman Feel Loved and Secure (The Pro’s Approach)

Do you still doubt if you are romantic at heart? Why else would you want to know how to make a woman feel loved and secure?

That’s actually a compliment to you. And well -deserved for that matter. I wish she knew what you are reading right now. She would never doubt your love for her. Okay. Let’s get started.

Relationship wise, a secure woman is an emotionally stable woman.

The moment your partner begins to have things to fear about your relationship, no matter how little, you will have an insecure woman to handle until you put things right. Understand that you need to protect your woman.

In this article, you will be learning what every girl wants in a relationship and how to reassure your girlfriend with anxiety.

Men and women are wired differently. And what makes a woman feel secure in a relationship might be things you never as a man thought of.

Well, with all the nitty-gritty I know about how to make a woman feel loved and secure and I’m here to help you push the right buttons and everything will go perfectly well.

How to Make Your Woman Feel Secure in a Relationship

Insecurity causes problems in relationships. Research made shows that people with low self-esteem have issues with feeling insecure in a relationship that is supposed to be healthy.

Hence, how to make your woman feel secure in a relationship is something very important to prioritize in your relationship.

If your partner has been hurt so badly in her past relationship, there’s a probability she will unconsciously think that you are also going to treat her badly.

The more reason you should take these tips on how to make a woman feel loved and secure seriously, to help you internalize how to make your wife or girlfriend feel less insecure but very secured and feel safe with you.

• Be there for her

An average woman loves attention. Now, you may not be able to be by her side all the time, but if only she sees how you are trying, it will make her feel loved.

How to make a woman happy isn’t as hard as you think. Forget about that large book you saw that had one million pages about how to satisfy a woman.

No rocket science about this except you aren’t in love and I doubt that very much. A simple ‘I love you’ text message sent early in the morning, at times when you know she will be busy or having a nap, a love note pinned to where she might find it, flowers or a little gift to make a woman feel loved are all signs that you care and you are there for her.

It’s good to buy expensive things for your lady if you can afford it, but it doesn’t mean that those things are things she will only appreciate.

Have you ever thought of making a customized pen or jotter or even her favorite spread? A woman feels protected in a relationship if the guy she is in love with dotes on her.

Women need to know they can count on their men to handle what is a little complex for them. She may not be able to take care of her finances, or know how to handle a project or write a proposal. She will in cases like this need your strength to pull her through.

Sometimes, she might have to go through the death of a loved one. You have to be strong for her. You should know that whatever happens to her, invariably happens to you.

Being strong for her means you there to comfort her when the storm is blowing. Being strong for her means being there for her when she’s down emotionally.

No one should talk down your partner and you will take it lightly. Many relationships have been destroyed because of this.

In whatever way you can, try to ease her stress or burden too. You can’t do all, you can only help the best way you can.

• Remember, her family means a lot to her

It doesn’t matter who she calls her family. Women like to bond and whoever she has named ‘family’, deserves your respect. She will appreciate that you do because they are part of her. This will surely make her feel loved and secure with you because you value her family too.

• Be interested in her interests

It goes without saying that when a man is interested in his lady’s hobbies, she will be more committed to making that relationship work. Pass her a compliment on that song she’s so passionate about.

Encourage her to pursue her dreams in life. Ask her how her business or company is going. Cheer her on. How to make a woman feel good and comfortable takes respecting her interest.

Even if you are not particularly interested in what she’s passionate about, be supportive. Being supportive is very crucial.

How to Make a Woman Feel Loved and Cherished

If your woman always wants to know who that female friend you both met at the park is, or who you were chatting with or who just called, or always wants to know where you are, or going, are signs you are dating a broken woman and you must know how to make a woman feel loved and secure.

She shouldn’t need to follow you everywhere or cling to your arms in every outing before she knows she loved. Here are meaningful tips on how to make a woman feel loved and cherished every moment of your life spent together.

• Don’t forget her birthday, please!

Except if she can’t remember which is almost next to impossible. If she forgets, that is ‘if’, don’t forget. If you have to write it on your calendar, make a circle or set up your phone’s reminder.

If you remember, she will know you have her close to your heart and that you are always thinking of her. You could plan a surprise birthday party, or just do something to make her feel special. This point is very important to note.

• Hold her in high esteem

This is one of the key factors to make to earn a woman’s trust. How much attention do you give to her? What do you say in her hearing, in the presence of your friends and family? How do you say it? It’s important.

Every woman is like a precious jewel to be highly valued. Let her be preferred above other things. Let her know what she says mean a lot to you.

At dinner with your family, don’t just be carried away with the delicious meals and exotic drinks and family chatters, pay attention to her by sometimes referring to a lovely remark she made.

If you give a compliment that is off, it’s most likely your partner will suspect if it’s not coming from your heart. You need to mean what you will say otherwise you may look like a phony. And don’t go about talking about her weakness with friends.

Whatever is between you should remain between you except the third party is a counselor, therapist, or doctor in a position of proffering solution to a problem related to both of you, talking about her to friends may seem like a betrayal of trust.

When a woman observes that she is given the most priority, she will naturally feel secure. Let her see how proud you are about her in public places and ensure that you show affection.

You could intimately hold her hand. People around you should know she’s dear to your heart.

She will feel more at home with you. If she is the social media type, you could post her picture, say something beautiful about her and tag her to it.

If she had any insecurity, it will dissipate. If she doesn’t have, she will feel more secure with you.

• Be playful and free with her

Trying to prove you are macho or an alpha male won’t make your partner feel safe. You can do that in your office but not where romance and love are involved. You have to free yourself and allow her to bring out the boy in you.

Let her love you. Let her take charge once in a while. Wink! It will make her feel wanted and loved. Don’t make her feel inferior.

Make your love life fun. Studies have shown that partners who have a sense of humor in their relationship have a more long-lasting and healthy relationship.

Try to mimic her sometimes, make fun of her in a positive way, make a video of you doing a dance, play games together.

• Listen and respect her views

Don’t think you do that though. If you always shut her up whenever she expresses her opinion, she will lose her trust in you. When she is saying anything that matters to her, show signs that you are listening.

That isn’t the time to surf the net or get distracted by a chat with someone on Facebook. When it seems you value the other thing you are doing than paying attention to what she’s saying, you are invariably saying that her words don’t count.

In a healthy relationship, you have to set aside distractions and listen to each other. Make sure she feels heard.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special in a Long Distance Relationship

I was watching a movie the other day and must say I was impressed with what the guy told his girlfriend. It must have been the way he said it.

There was something so real and alive in his words that would make any woman feel secure even in a long-distance relationship.

He said, ‘You mean the whole world to me’, and I knew, as I’m assured the lady knew too. You also can know how to make your girlfriend feel special in a long-distance relationship,
that nothing could ever take her place.

What every girl wants in a guy lies mostly in how he expresses his love. Some men know how to express love to their partners. Some don’t know.

Master these few tips on how to make a woman feel loved and secure. Be a voice to reckon even if she’s far away!

• Let her know you love her

Learn how to appreciate a woman in words. A simple ‘I love you’ text message sent early in the morning, at times when you know she will be busy or having a nap, a love note sent to where she might find it, flowers or a little gift to make a woman feel loved and secure are all signs that you care and you are there for her.

It’s good to buy expensive gifts for your partner if you can afford it, but it doesn’t mean that those things are things she will only appreciate if she’s far away.

Hence, communication is key to keep things going well between you two.

Yes, she knows you love her. But do you say it often? It matters a lot to women. Don’t just assume that she knows.

Show it both in words and actions. She needs to hear it from you and you need to make use of every opportunity to tell her just that.

It will not only make your bond with each other better and beautiful; it will assure her of the security of your love. Tell her, you love her as many times as possible.

Men just need to learn how to make a girl feel good physically.

Learn her love language. Gary Chapman in his book, “The Five Love Languages, wrote that everyone has their love language.

If physical touch is your partner’s love language, give her lots of that.

If it is act of service, help her with a few things around the house while she’s away. And if it’s buying gifts, buy the things you can afford and send them across.

You don’t need to get expensive things. Your effort to make her feel secure and loved is what matters most. That’s what a woman needs in a relationship.

Let her be able to reminisce the morning kisses (when you were both together) and Night wishes that will increase the bond and intimacy between you when you talk about these good times on the phone with her.

There’s a connection between intimacy and the feelings of security it releases. If you are not together, you could send her a good morning love text message.

You can be sure you will be foremost in her thoughts throughout the day.

• Reassure her

Reassure her of your love by communicating it to her regularly. Tell her how important she is. You love her already so I think this is not going too hard for you. She may not realize it but she needs your help.

Something has battered her self-esteem and is making her feeling anxious and insecure with you. You could say, ‘Baby, nothing and no one can take your place.

I love you so much and need you badly’ or a simple ‘I hope you know I love you dearly’.

• Understand that she’s an emotional being

“Women do not think with logic and discretion but with the emotions of the heart” says Cassandra Clare.

Women can have a fleet of emotions in just a short time. Can be frustrating right? Yeah, I know. And what do you do when she’s having one of her moody moments?

Nothing, except understanding how she’s feeling and do what she wants even if it’s just to leave her for a moment.

In another instance, just staying there over the phone with her will make a lot of difference from just leaving.

I advise you to study your woman and know what exactly she wants from you when she gets emotional over a matter since she’s away.

How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved and Appreciated

You are to learn how to make your wife feel loved and appreciated since she’s the most important person in your life.

Ready? Let me take you a bit further on how to make a woman feel loved and secure.

• Love her body

This is what a mature woman wants in a relationship. If you are not proud of your woman’s body, there would be no security in your marriage.

You would be unintentionally setting her up to feel insecure in your relationship if you always (or unintentionally) make ugly remarks about her body.

Please don’t do that at any time.

Most women have a lot of insecurities about their bodies. So, be tactical in your comment about her body shape, especially if she has added weight.

To make a woman feel secure in a relationship, let her feel good about her body.

So, go ahead and plant those special kisses on her body and give genuine compliments while at it. Women need to know that their partners accept their bodies.

Shape and weight included. Yeah, you hear that right!

• Forget her past you are her present and future

Some men are guilty of always talking about the past of their lovers which is a little off. No. Scrap that, it’s not cool.

If you do that, it won’t be long before she realizes that her relationship with you is unsafe and may lead nowhere. Forget about who she was before she met you; you are the one thing that’s real to her now.

Don’t dig out skeletons from the past that she probably told you.

Making comments like ‘See that man over there, doesn’t he look like Henry (her ex), the one who you were so keen about but didn’t feel the same way about you?’ will hurt her and invariably push her farther away from you. Don’t let that happen.

How to Make a Girl Feel Safe and Comfortable

Love takes sacrifice and you should be willing to make your relationship work when you how to make a girl feel safe and comfortable.

She will not be committed until she knows she is safe with you. Here’s how to make a woman feel loved and secure in the 21st century.

• Be loyal and down to earth

One of the surest ways to make a woman feel secure in a relationship is to remain faithful despite the pretty girls that flock around you. she will see that as a strength on your part.

There will always be pretty girls but when you choose to see your woman as THE pretty woman. It goes a long way toward giving reassurance in a relationship.

Trust is the beauty of every healthy relationship. Don’t give her a reason to mistrust you. If you make her a promise, be sure to fulfill it.

If you have a reason not to, tell her on time that you wouldn’t be able to do what you promised because if she discovers that you are not a promise keeper, it’s going to taint your relationship and subsequently, make her feel insecure.

Be a down to earth kind of a guy.

Don’t pretend to be who you not. It doesn’t make any sense for her to find out that you didn’t know how to fix the leaking pipe in her kitchen and the pipe broke again just after an hour of fixing it or that lady she thought was a friend is in a reality someone who you are in love with.

Just be real. Especially if she has had a broken relationship in the past or perhaps, you once gave her a reason to doubt your love, it’s going to hurt her feelings badly.

Secrets are a no-no in a sweet relationship. When you miss her, let her know. A simple text message that says I miss you will help your love life.

How to Make Her Feel Special Again

Every man loves a secure woman and every woman loves to feel secure in a relationship. It’s possible for a woman to feel loved and secure and have no need to bug her man with phone calls all day long asking where he is, what he is doing, who he’s with.

If she feels that way sometimes there isn’t need to be weird about it when you are abreast of how to make her feel special again.

Let me quickly give you tips on how to make her feel protected. Here are the things to do when your relationship goal is to know how to make a woman feel loved and secure.

• Let her into your life

Involving her in the things of your life will make your partner feel safe and secure with you. If you have a family outing, you can take her along.

You have a bowling event with your guys, let her come with you. You will not only create a deeper intimacy between you two. You will also let her know that you don’t mind involving her in the journey of your life.

• Don’t compare her with other ladies

This is how to make a woman feel loved and secure. Many guys fall into the trap of comparing their woman to another.

The moment you start comparing your partner to others you think are better, you will be setting yourself up for an insecure relationship.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into such temptation.

Dr. Steve Maraboli, a life-changing speaker and bestselling author said “When in a relationship, a real man doesn’t make his woman jealous of others; he makes others jealous of his woman.”

Women are very unique in their way. When you compare her to others, what you are trying to say is you wish you were dating them and not her.

Build up your woman; she is not in a competition. Leave the others alone, they aren’t perfect and they have their issues too.


How do you make a woman feel safe and loved?

Every woman loves to be loved, you make her feel more important by spending quality time with deep conversations, open up to her, and also accept all of her flaws.

How do you make an insecure woman feel secure?

Do not give her any reason to doubt you. Let her meet your friends and families. Nobody is perfect, you have to accept her imperfections

How does a woman feel loved?

Based on my conversations with women, they feel loved when you talk to them about everything without lying to them. They love reciprocated energy as much as you prioritize her in your life.

How do you make a woman feel special?

You make women feel special by reassuring her of your love for her, telling her sweet words like: i can’t stop thinking about you, you’re my dream girl.

How to make a woman feel loved and secure, learned in just one article. You can do it. You can make your partner want to be with you forever. I want to know how this has been of great help to you. Let me know in the comment section below. I’m so sure you will find them easy to work out. Remember to share this article with your friends who want their partners to trust them.

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