Does he think about me too

Does He Think About Me Too? Here are 50 Simple Plain Answers in 2022

Emotions can be hard to decipher as men can be unapologetically cryptic. Trying to find out if a man likes you can be as difficult as trying to read Morse code. This article on “does he think about me too? 50 undeniable ways to know” is here to help you clarify, without doubt, his true feelings for you.

Are you on the mind of the special man in your life or does he not consider you worthy of his thoughts? Before shooting your shot and risking possible embarrassment, you need to know the undeniable signs he’s thinking about you.

Let’s dive in.

Undeniable Signs He’s Always Thinking You

If you are losing sleep and precious time on your man of interest, trying to decipher the question, “does he think about me too when I’m not around?” then you will need to know for sure by reading further in this article.

Let us take a look at these undeniable signs he’s always thinking about you.

#1. He remembers Little To Major Details About You
One of the major undeniable signs he’s always thinking about you is that he pays rapt attention to your conversations and remembers them with intense accuracy.

He might go far as recalling things you mentioned in your conversations with other people that he held on to when he was present in those moments.

#2. Even if you do not see each other often and happen to meet again, he will remember something you said and ask about it or mention it. Did you say your cousin was sick or you will be traveling to see your parents over the weekend? He will ask about them or how the trip went. Did you mention you needed a plumber? He might ask if you have found one or mention that he knows a guy who can help you take a look at those bad pipes.

#3. He may show up with a cup of your favorite shake and you might wonder how he knows and hear something along the lines of, “Oh. I think you mentioned it last week. When you wore that pink shirt.”

This is a clear indication that he is interested in what happens in your life and one of the most undeniable signs he’s always thinking about you.

#4. He Can’t Stop Looking At You
Our eyes are said to be the windows of our soul. This is true for the man who can’t stop looking at you. You will often catch him looking at you.

Observe his eyes when he’s looking at you. Do his pupils enlarge? Are they fixated on you? These are clear signs that he likes you and has you on his mind.

#5. He will also communicate his silent thoughts towards you by staring at you warmly. You will find his eyes staring at you like you are a painting. You may start to wonder if there’s something on your face but not to worry, it is just one of the undeniable signs he’s always thinking about you.

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#6. He’ll Show You Positive Verbal Cues
A sign a man is interested in you is that he will talk about making plans with you. He might be a little shy but you will hear him mention a movie or a walk in the park. Or how a concert is coming up in about a week and how he has extra tickets and would love to go with you.

This is no coincidence, he actually planned this in advance after much thought and consideration to how he can spend time with you and make you happy

This is one of the undeniable signs he’s always thinking about you.

#7. He Follows Your Social Media Handles
You will notice him following your social media handles. From Facebook to Instagram and more. It is his way of being with you when you’re apart and of being a part of your everyday life.

A man who is not interested in you will not do this.

#8. He’s Inquisitive About You
You might sometimes feel you are in an interview with this man as he may constantly forget personal space and boundaries by asking you many questions about your personal life, your goals, your likes, and dislikes.

#9. If you find that he wants to know what goes on in your head and mind and know if you are compatible and, most importantly, if you think about him. It’s one of the undeniable signs he’s always thinking about you.

Is He Still Thinking About Me During No Contact?

When you and the special man in your life decide to take a break or call it quits and go on a no-contact period, you may find yourself wondering, “Is he thinking about me during no contact?”

Below are clear answers to your questions.

#10. He Looks In Bad Shape During Your No Contact Period
The answer to your question, “Is he thinking about me during no contact?” can be found in this physical appearance during this no contact period. Pay attention to if it spirals.

#11. He might show signs of depression and sadness that are so deep they begin to reflect outwardly. He may stop showing up at the gym, start losing weight and muscle, or start looking disheveled. He might not go for his haircut appointment or shave his beard and begin to either lose weight or gain weight alarmingly.

#12. He Gives You The Puppy Dog Look When You Bump Into Each Other
You might run into him at the supermarket and find him looking at you like a lost puppy looks at its owner after it has finally been found. A look that says, “Hold Me. Pet Me. Love me.” Even if he keeps silent.

#13. You Might Find Yourself Unable To Sleep
Telepathy is a spiritual concept. Some nights you might find it hard to sleep because you are suddenly thinking about your ex or feeling sad. This is because he is also thinking about you and missing you at the time that you begin to feel the effects via telepathy.

#14. He Falls Sick
If you are still wondering, “Is he thinking about me during no contact or does he think about me too at all?” notice if he is suddenly admitted to the hospital or given a prescription of antidepressants from the local pharmacy during your no contact period.

This is because he is depressed by your break up.

#15. His Friends Randomly Check Up on You
Do his friends start popping by to visit, dial you or chat you up on social media where they begin asking questions about your personal life and how you are going?

Best believe these are his FBI agents requited to check up on you and also find out if you are open to getting back together with him or if the air is not yet clear.

#16. His Friends Tell You He’s Miserable Without You
If you are wondering “Is he thinking about me during no contact?” then his squad is a good teller of whether or not he is.

Do his friends tell you he misses you or he is not doing well since you went on no contact? This is because he cannot tell you these words due to pride or embarrassment.

#17. He Becomes An Adrenaline Junkie
If you are thinking “Is he thinking about me during no contact?” observe his behavior during this period.

You might check his socials and see he has become an adrenaline junkie. He is suddenly training at the gym as though he is preparing for the Olympics. He starts going for boxing classes or joins taekwondo. He might even start going on extreme bike riding classes or mountain climbing.

He is doing this to distract himself from thoughts of you and trying to move on. You are clearly on his mind.

#18. He Subs You
Things are not always rosy during the no contact period and your man might still be licking his wounds by being salty.

You might notice or have people ask you about his not-so-cryptic social media posts that are clearly about you. They might include details about your previous relationships and include quotes about heartbreak and moving on.

#19. On the flip side, these sub posts might be positive posts on love, apology, and second chances.

Is My Ex Thinking About Me During No Contact?

If you find yourself in the awkward zone of no contact with your ex, you might spend your time wondering, “Is my ex thinking about me during no contact?”

If you are feeling like reaching out to him or simply want to know if he misses you and wants you back then you need answers without having to ask him yourself.

Let’s take a look at these answers to your question, “does he think about me too or is my ex thinking about me during no contact?”

#20. He Does Not Unfollow You From Social
One of the signs he is thinking about you during no contact is that he does not unfollow you from your social media or follows you back during your no contact period.

#21. He is not ready to let you go completely and still wants to be a part of your life even if he can not be with you physically.

#22. He Likes Your Pictures On Social Media
An undeniable answer to your question “Is my ex thinking about me during no contact?” is that he still stalks your social media handles. He might flat out keep liking your pictures or, funnier, you might catch him red-handed while accidentally liking your photos.

It shows he misses you during your period of no contact and this is his way of being close to you and keeping up with you.

#23. Your Friends Tell You He Was Asking About You
Does he think about me too? Here’s another telling answer to your question “Is my ex thinking about me during no contact?” is that your friends will tell you your ex was asking them about you, how you are, if you’re well if you have completed the project you were working on before your no contact.

#24. He Keeps Contact With Your Family
If he still keeps calling your mum or visiting your Dad at the golf club or still hangs out with your siblings, this is a sign he does not hate you and still wants to be a part of your life.

It shows he considers your family his family and might be recruiting their help to get you back by earning brownie points.

#25. He Keeps Showing Up Where You Are
Another telltale answer to your burning question, “Is my ex thinking about me during no contact?” is you keep bumping into him in places you frequent. You might have lunch plans with a friend and, boom, he is there.

#26. Next, your friend might suggest he or she wants to sit with your ex, and by so doing you end up together. This is not a coincidence and your friend and ex may be plotting to get you to back together.

You might also see him outside your nail salon or jogging in the same park you go to. Would you call that coincidence it is not?

#27. He “Butt Dials You”
You might see a thrilling missed call notification from your ex and he might claim that it was a butt dial or that he wanted to call someone else and accidentally dialed you.

This is him looking for an excuse to hear your voice and a yes to your question “Is my ex thinking about me during no contact?”.

#28. He Contacts You When He’s Drunk
If your ex suddenly shows up at your doorstep whilst completely wasted, it is a sign he has been thinking about you. So much so that he ends up at your place when he is not with his senses.

29. He might also flood you with calls and texts he would not send when he is with his senses. If you were wondering? “Does he think about me too?” there is your answer.

Signs He Thinks About Me A Lot

You might be thinking of shooting your shot with a special man in your life that is driving you hard with love or wanting to confirm where you stand with the special man in your life. But one question is blocking the path to that, “Does he think about me too?”.

If you are looking for answers such as, “signs he thinks about me a lot” then look no further than below.

#30. His Family Knows About You
His family members not only know who you are but they know things about you such as trips you have been on with him or what your job is and which school you attended.

#31. He’s Ecstatic To See You
If seeing you brightens up his mood as sunlight does to a rainy day then it is a sign that he not only thinks about you a lot but likes you.

#32. He Values Your Opinion On Personal Matters
One of the signs he thinks about you a lot is that he will constantly ask for your thoughts on personal issues that concern him. This is because, while he was dealing with these issues and looking for solutions, you were on his mind.

#33. He Gives You His Full Attention
Another of the telltale signs he thinks about you a lot is that when he gets to be with you he will give you all his focus.

#34. He will not be checking his phone and he will reject phone calls to listen to what you are saying. Even if it is a work call.

#35. He Thinks You Are Funny
A man who thinks about you a lot and is taken with you will constantly be unable to contain his laughter when he is around you because being around people we are attracted to causes us to be in a giddy state, he will laugh at things you do that might be unfunny to you.

#36. He Is Passionate About Your Passion
A man who thinks about you a lot will want to be as connected to you as possible, this includes taking an interest in your passions. Be it scrabble or dancing the tango, you will soon find him signing up for the next class.

#37. He Goes The Extra Mile To Please You
A man who thinks about you a lot will want to do his best to make you happy. If you find him constantly doing things, that might even be out of his comfort zone, just to put a smile on your face then it is clear he likes you and has put a lot of thought into making you happy.

#38. He’s Vulnerable With You
No man likes to look weak, especially not in front of other women. You know you are beyond special to a man and that he thinks about you a lot when he is comfortable opening up about sensitive, personal issues and even breaking down in your presence.

#39. You Have Your Own Trade Secrets
One of the signs he thinks about you a lot and you are special to him is that you have your own inside jokes, nicknames, and other trade secrets between you two. That is, you have a bond no one else shares with him.

#40. He Checks Up On You Often
If he cannot stop calling you, even about the most mundane things, texting you to ask how your day is and making plans to see you again, these are clear signs he thinks about you a lot and wants to hear from you even when he cannot be with you physically.

Does He Think About Me Quiz

There’s nothing like a good quiz to help you lay to rest the questions that keep you up at night because of one amazing man that you want to be all yours and that question is none other than, “does he think about me too?”

Take this quick “Does He Think About Me Too Quiz” below

#41. Does he shower you with sweet gestures?

1. He spoils me all the time!
2. He does when I drop many unsubtle hints.
3. Once in a while.
4. Sweet what? LOL!!!

#42. Does He Share Details of His Personal Life With You?

1. Always.
2. He will eventually.
3. He does after I push him to.
4. Rarely.

#43. Is he always trying to meet with you?

1. Yes! He always finds excuses to be around
2. Sometimes he does
3. I’m always the one going to see him
4. He is always busy.

#44. Does he look good when around you?

1. Always
2. Sometimes
3. He has always been unbothered about his appearance.
4. Yes, but he has always been particular about his appearance.

#45. Do you ever catch him stealing glances at you?

1. Yes. He cannot keep his eye off me
2. Sometimes, but I am not certain.
3. When I look extra nice.
4. Nope. He is too busy looking at other girls.

#46. Who calls first?

1. He calls me first often
2. He calls me first once in a while
3. I’m always calling first
4. I doubt he even has my number

#47. Does he ask for your opinion on matters?

1. Yes, always.
2. Usually, but never on important issues.
3. He does not but I tell him what I think anyways
4. No. He’s self-reliant.

#48. Does He Treat You Respectfully?

1. Yes. He treats me like a queen.
2. I guess so.
3. He can sometimes be rude when he is busy or does not want to talk.
4. I don’t know.

#49. Does He Include You In His Plans For His Future?

1. Yes. Totally.
2. He forgets to but does so when he remembers
3. Only when I talk about our future
4. His plans are personal.

#50. Does He Make Plans For You Next Date?

1. Yes, we always know when our next date will be.
2. Sometimes.
3. Only when I bug him.
4. He is always too busy.

That is the end of the “Does He Think About Me Quiz”.

If your answers are mostly number 1 then your man is totally into you and you are the only woman who he has eyes for. If your answers are mostly number 2, he is thinking about you but he is not fully there yet.

If your answer is mostly number 3 then his heart is 50% in, and you need to move on to someone who will truly appreciate you. If your answer is mostly number 4, he does not think about you at all and your best option is to stop pining after him and move on to the great love that is waiting out there for you.

There you have it, you no longer have any doubts about the question “Does He Think About Me Too?” with these 50 Undeniable Ways to Know.

Do not forget to leave a comment on this article and share it with others who no doubt are wondering the same. Best wishes!

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