Signs He Wants More Than Friendship

50 Giveaway Signs He Wants More Than Friendship in 2022

Ladies, don’t be caught sleeping! There are hints that guys drop when they like you, I mean, really like you. Here, we have compiled an amazing list of 50 subtle signs to show you how. There is no way a guy will be fascinated about you that he will not exhibit at least one or more of these, and they are often subtle signs he wants more than friendship.

Some ladies will be like, ‘Oh! I never knew he liked me!’ Yet, everyone around them can tell at one glance that this guy is aiming to be more than just a friend with her. It might be that she does not like him that much or that she simply cannot read the fine lines. Girl, are you are like that right now?! You don’t know whether this guy, who often smiles at you during lunch break wants to be more than a colleague.

Or maybe it is a guy who always likes to take sides with you whenever there is an argument going on in your class. Worry not! We’ve got you covered! We have unraveled those subtle hints to look out for when your guts are telling you that a guy might be secretly in love with you. Once you detect one or more of these signs of romantic interest from a man, girl, you can be sure that he likes you more than a friend.

Caution! Many of them are non-verbal signs that a guy loves you. So you have to be able to properly decode these subtle signs. It will help you to approach your relationship with him better. Either you want to give him some space because you are not so much into him or you want to take things to the next level, in the event that he comes out plain and asks you out. Any which way, you are built up and prepared!

Here are the 50 subtle signs he wants more than friendship!

 Signs Your Guy Friend is Falling for You

Signs your Guy Friend is Falling for You
Signs your Guy Friend is Falling for You

There are many things that a guy can do or avoid doing, which are subtle signs he wants more than friendship. You are just getting to know this guy and you are both getting closer and closer. Our list of 50 subtle signs to know when a guy has been struck with love’s arrow will help you navigate these waters.

You have probably heard the phrase, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’? Yes. It is coined from the book that explains how differently men and women think. Ladies can find things a bit confusing when trying to read or interpret a guy’s intentions.

Our 50 subtle signs list will help you interpret those behaviors that are signs your guy friend is falling for you. Now, consider individual temperaments here. What works for one guy might not work for another so you have to take time to assess everything properly.

1. He wants you to himself. Ladies, you can take it as a compliment, if a shy male co-worker often loves to be around you and likes to speak with you whenever he notices that you are alone. It might be that this shy guy is impressed by your brilliance at work or loves your charisma, or enjoys the chit-chat with you at lunch break. And is actually falling for you! Because he is introverted, he would like to keep something as serious as romance on a hushed level. Wanting quality time with you could be a sign that he is falling for you already!

2. He wants to meet your friends. On the other hand, the extrovert guy who is falling for you might be keen on having your friends around. He always wants to be where you are having a good time with your friends. Extroverts love company, so being around those who matter to you might be his way of saying he is falling for you.

 3. He goes out of his way. If a guy is falling for you, he doesn’t mind inconveniencing himself, just to make sure you are comfortable and happy. He might have had other things personally lined up, but he is willing to put some plans on hold for your sake. A family emergency comes up and you need to be at the airport in order to catch a flight, your friend can suggest taking you in his car – even though he has to cancel on some plans.

 4. He wants to introduce you to his friends. Have you been wondering, how do I know if he is courting me? Well, one simple way to know is if you discover that he is eager to have you meet his close buddies. Anyone excited about you will want to climb to the rooftop and let the world know.

He will also want you both to go on outings with these friends that he is always talking about. But wait a minute! You might need to watch this sign a bit carefully as Casanovas use this to deceive unsuspecting ladies. Their conniving friends would pretend to be warm and friendly, acting as if you are the only girl that the guy is interested in. Even though they know it’s all a lie.

5. He avoids you. A guy may be avoiding you because he is falling for you. It sounds funny but it is the truth. Maybe out of fear of rejection or timidity, some guys actually avoid ladies that they are attracted to. However, if that guy is interested in you, once you talk to him, you find him very responsive and will often try to impress you.

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 6. He acts funny around you. Call it clumsy, weird, nervous, or what have you! A guy who is falling for you can be acting somehow funny when he is in your presence. It is just because he is self-conscious and is trying to control the butterflies running around in his tummy!

7. He wants to know if you are free. Many guys will give off the signal that they are falling for a girl by trying to know whether she has a steady boyfriend or she is single ready to mingle. If you notice that your guy friend is trying to probe whether you are engaged, dating or steady with any other guy, it is a strong signal that he is falling for you and wants to know if there is a space for him.

 8. He wants to spend more and more time with you. Once a guy is falling for you, he is often eager to spend more and more time with you. Being with you, virtually or real-time will always be on his mind – whether alone or in the company of others.

9. He wants to learn more about you. If a guy is always curious to know more and more about you, he might be nurturing interest in you. If he is often asking about different areas of your life, then you should be seriously taking notes.

10. He takes an interest in your hobbies. So he now knows that you like Zee World and American movies. He can begin to ask you what happened in the last episode of those favorite programs. He can also help you with the latest American movies.

Signs a Friend Likes You Romantically

Signs a Friend Likes You Romantically
Signs a Friend Likes You Romantically

How do you know a guy is becoming interested in you romantically? There are definitely ways to trace and begin to smell romance in a friendship. Our list of subtle signs he wants more than friendship can help you with your fact-finding adventure.

You have been good friends, but romance? You smell it, but you are not too sure. We have more on our 50 subtle signs list which are signs a friend likes you romantically.

11. He can’t take his eyes off you. When a man has been struck with cupid’s arrow, that special look any time he sees you cannot be mistaken. He will look at everything you do with wonder. Even your simplest acts will obviously excite him.

12. He tells you the things he holds dear. His favorite football club, his best meal, his movie of all time, the newest song that he binges on, etc. He tells you the things that give him satisfaction. In a nutshell, he lets you into his world.

13. He pays close attention to your appearance. One great sign that he is interested in you is that he notices your look. Whether you have recently changed your hairdo or you now wear bright-colored nail polish, if your guy friend likes you romantically, he will ALWAYS notice and compliment you.

14. He drops you at home. When a guy chooses to drop you at home anytime you have reason to be on an outing together, it is a great sign he cares very much about you. It shows regard for your welfare and safety.

15. He allows you to drive his car. Most men have a soft attachment to their cars and ideally, they don’t allow just anyone to drive them. One of the signs a guy is romantically attracted to you is that he lets you drive his car. He could offer you to have his car, maybe if your car is out of order.

16. He plans with you in mind. Are you free after work today? How is your weekend going to be? For any decision he wants to make, he has you in mind. Whether it is a hangout, a party, a picnic, or a program, he is always considering how convenient it is for you, because he cares and wants you by his side as many times as possible.

17. He springs surprises for your special day. Flowers, perfume, cake, chocolate, special food order, a lovely-worded card, or any special gift that can make your heart melt. If your guy friend surprises you on your birthday, graduation, promotion, or any landmark in your life, you can consider that he might be romantically attached to you already.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every guy who surprises you on your special day is already having romantic feelings for you. This is just one sign to be considered alongside others. Ladies, deep in your heart, you know the guy we are talking about!

18. He treats you differently from others, especially in a gathering or a group setting. Ladies, if a guy is interested romantically, watch his manner when you are together with other females. He can chat with the others, crack jokes with them, and engage in all social decorum things. But at the end of the day, you receive the lion’s share of his attention.

A touch on the shoulder, a pat on the back, a never-ending smile as he talks with you, all these are great signs – assuming that he is a great guy you would love to be with too.

19. He finds a place by your side. At any given opportunity, he always wants to sit by your side. That sign speaks for itself.

20. He gives you all his attention. Whenever you are together alone, he focuses entirely on you. He is not distracted by phone calls, messages, or any other thing. If a guy wants you to be his, he will devote rapt attention to you anytime you are alone.

Are We More than Friends Signs

Are We More than Friends Signs
Are We More than Friends Signs

Can you identify when you are more than a friend to a guy? Friends are for keeps. I am his friend. He is my friend. But are we more than friends or is he warming up to becoming more than a friend? Confused? Ladies, find out in the list of 50 signs he wants more than friendship.

We help you identify those are we more than friends signs?

21. He is proud of your achievements. A friend is always rooting for your success and progress. But this guy easily goes overboard in showing that he is proud of you, he verbalizes it. He owns your success as if it is his own.

22. He cares. Though simple, this can easily be missed or overlooked – unless the guy in question is extremely effusive and expressive. Normal guy instinct is to protect their loved ones. If a guy really sees you as more than a friend, he wants to walk you home. He wants to walk you past the dark alley and see you get into the cab that will take you home.

You couldn’t make it to work because you were sick, he’ll rush down to see you as soon as he closes from his office, bringing you flowers and maybe your favorite pizza. If your friend is interested in taking your relationship with him beyond mere friends, it will show in how he cares for you delicately as an egg.

 23. He is keen to know your life goals. If your friend earnestly wants to know about your goals and aspirations, it is a sign that he might see you as more than a friend. Do you plan on relocating abroad soon? Do you want to be a corporate career lady or an entrepreneur or a stay-at-home mum? If he is imagining a future with you, he will certainly want to know how your desires and plans for the future will fit into his own.

24. Your friendship is dear to him. He holds your friendship close to his heart and is not ready to let things go sour between both of you. When misunderstandings and arguments occur, he is ready to work things through.

25. He is excited to see you. Any time he lays his eyes on you, his pupils grow large. Sometimes he might actually tell you that he is glad to see you; at times, it’s just the happy look that betrays his affection.

26. He feels your pains. When a guy is considering you to be more than a friend, he won’t think your happiness is trivial. He will not downplay your worries, concerns or pains. He won’t laugh off your insecurities – no matter how minute – like spiders, phobias, etc. He will be genuinely concerned about the things that give you sleepless nights.

27. He values your time. When you two set up a date, he doesn’t keep you waiting unnecessarily. If he is late, he apologizes. As a gentleman, he doesn’t stand you up. He always shows up.

28. He is at his best with you. Even though you are friends with this guy, he still doesn’t want to take things for granted. Because he wants to impress you, he tries to be at his best behavior, at all times. He is courteous and kind.

29. He is willing to make sacrifices. Some things can be inconvenient, but when a loved one is involved, we are willing to pay the sacrifice.

30. He engages in a public display of affection. He easily displays his affection openly. He doesn’t mind who sees him resting his hand on your shoulder, or holding in your hands as couples would do. He is already imagining that you two are a couple.

Sure Signs He Wants More than Friendship

Sure Signs He Wants More than Friendship
Sure Signs He Wants More than Friendship

Relationships come in different stages. Starting from acquaintanceship, a relationship can graduate from friendship to being the best of friends. In this post on 50 subtle signs he wants more than friendship, we have signs to help you know when your interactions with a guy are gradually moving from mere friendship to something more serious.

Can you really tell the sure signs he wants more than friendship? Can you discern that a guy wants more than friendship? Here are some signs that your guy friend desires to move your friendship to the next level.

31. He lingers when saying goodbye. If a guy delays and hangs on each time you are parting from each other, it is a sign that he wants to be more than just friends with you. He enjoys being with you – like his favorite dish –he doesn’t want it to finish!

32. He often calls you for important issues. Everybody has a go-to person. It is the person who you call when you need advice or you want to discuss important matters. When you find that your guy friend is always calling to seek your opinion on weighty matters, you need to begin to think more than friendship!

33. He calls you, for no particular reason. At the drop of a hat, he calls you. If he sees a joke on social media, he forwards it to you. If at every moment, he readily calls you, then you can almost be sure that he wants more than just friendship.

34. He recalls all the details. When a guy remembers the minutest details about you, maybe something you said off-handedly that you have even forgotten, there might be something at the back of his mind. This guy remembers your birthday, your former street name, your favorite color, your best friend’s fiancé’s name, and all the things you don’t ever remember telling him. That guy really cares.

35. He wants to be your hero. He always wants to help out. He comes up with an idea to help out in the event of a challenge or difficult situation, providing solutions for every concern you raise. Once you discuss an issue with him, he is already thinking of how to help, ready to go the extra mile.

36. He wants to make you happy. So he realizes that you like dark chocolate and not milk chocolate and that you prefer Pepsi to Coca-Cola. When he is coming to see you, he comes with dark chocolate. When you are at an outing, he confidently orders Pepsi for you because he knows that would make you happy.

 37. He readily sets up dates and outings. One of the signs that he enjoys your company is that he will always be eager to see you at every opportunity. At times, he might suggest going to an event or an outing together. Or he might ask you to a place for dinner, or the movies, and cinemas and so on. He can bring up just about anything so that he can see your pretty face.

38. He talks of his future plans. When in conversation with this guy, he easily talks about his dreams and visions for the future. The fact that he can open up to you about his goals and personal ambitions points to a possibility that he genuinely likes you and may want to build a life with you.

39. Every lady loves to be complimented and appreciated. So, naturally, one of the signs that a guy treasures and values you is that he is always complimenting you. The compliments are not flattery but a sincere appreciation of someone who he is probably looking to become his object affection.

40. He responds to your messages. Whether it is a call or a message, as soon as you send him either of the two, he is quick to respond. If he misses your call, he would ensure to return it. If you send him a message while he is away from his phone, he would reply to your message as soon as possible.

 Signs He Likes You More than a Friend Body Language

 Signs He Likes You More than a Friend Body Language
Signs He Likes You More than a Friend Body Language

More often than not, women are better able to express themselves verbally than men. It is nature’s way of putting men on the hot seat. But, then, ever before a guy is able to communicate his intentions in words, he would have shown signs he wants more than friendship. Our list of 50 subtle signs will let you know if a guy acquaintance likes you.

If you watch his airs and comportment carefully, you can notice the telltale signs he likes you more than a friend body language. Every part of the human body unknowingly gives away our intentions or motives. If he really likes you more than a friend, it will be obvious, one way or another from how he carries himself when he is with you.

Here we go on the signs he likes you more than a friend body language:

41. Mirroring: Studies have shown that we often tend to reflect the behavior and attitudes of those we admire. Think role models. This makes it a no-brainer that one of the major signs he likes you more than a friend body language is that he will want to mirror your moves, language, gestures, etc. This is one way to tell. If you fold your arms across your chest, you will find that he takes the same posturing after some minutes of being together.

42. He looks at you. One definite sign he likes you more than a friend is that he looks at you a lot. Stares with eyes open wide a lot – almost to the point of staring. At times, it could seem as if he wants to eat you up.

43. He smiles at you a lot. This also is a no-brainer. You only smile at someone whom you are pleased with or you are delighted to see. Because he likes you a lot, he will find your jokes funny and just generally smile at you for no reason, his front teeth showing conspicuously.

44. He leans into you. Psychologists swear by this body language. The belief is that if a guy really likes a lady, he will always want to lean into her. This means that any time they are seated together, the guy would often lean his body closer to her body. And not lean away from her. Leaning away indicates some form of disinterest.

45. Touch! Touch!! Touch!!! Whenever you are in this guy’s company, he finds a way to touch you. It could be a hug as soon as you meet, or removing a speck of dust on your dress, or while discussing, he touches your knees intermittently, to stress a point he is trying to make. At every available opportunity, he wants to touch, because he is seeing you as an object of affection.

46. Jokes. One body language which shows that he likes you more than a friend is that he watches how you react to his jokes. If he tells a joke or says something funny, his eyes will glance towards you to see if you’ve laughed.

47. He looks into your eyes. One sure test of telling liars is to hold the gaze. If this guy is interested in you, he is not just looking at you, he will also be maintaining eye contact with you.

48. Active listening. He gives you full concentration, paying close attention whenever you are talking.

49. Careful Grooming. Men are naturally rugged in nature. When a guy begins to take extra effort at grooming, to look good whenever he has to see you, there is something going on in his mind. Maybe you have noticed that more than before, he now dresses sharper whenever he has to meet with you. His haircut is now sleeker and well-groomed than you used to know. Especially when you have outings together!

50. His tone changes. A guy’s voice can change into a more gentle, relaxed, and sweeter tone whenever he is in the presence of a lady that he is romantically interested in.

 So, there you have it, ladies! 50 subtle signs he wants more than friendship and his romantically interested in you. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this post with others. Remember sharing is caring.

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