What Do 50-year-old Women Want in a Relationship

What Do 50-year-old Women Want in a Relationship: Expert Advice (2022)

As the years go by and life catches up with us, we discover the desire to share ourselves with someone once again. It is not uncommon to see women well in their years beginning to ask themselves “what is it like to fall in love after 50?”. If you are asking yourself that question, then assure yourself that it is very possible to fall in love after 50. Discover it for yourself, as we let you know what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship.

Love is for all ages. I would say so because it is not uncommon to see women who one way or another became single and lonely at 50 and are not going to tell themselves that they are too old to love. If a woman gets divorced and single at 50, even if it hurt, she can still find true love.

“What do 50-year-old women want in a relationship” is still in the category of what every girl wants in a guy, she’s still a girl but a much older one. You don’t have to go too far with your search as you discover what you want in our dating over 50 advice which will help you to narrow or widen your search, depending on how you take it.

Maturity here is one big factor in the topic of relationships that occur with a woman in her fifties or forties. You have grown, matured, seen things you can never un-see, you have changed! What you wanted 25 years ago may not be what you want when you find yourself singe at 50, your knowledge on how to act in a relationship with a guy may or may not have expired.

Your age is not a limitation to what you want though, you can still go through your “what I want in a relationship list” and go find that man, even if he is 25 years younger than you, a good heart is still a good heart. This might be a bit controversial but keep an open mind and heart.

Dating Over 50 Advice 

“Love isn’t love until it’s unconditional.”
― Kate McGahan

As a woman who is in her middle age, meaning a woman in her forties to fifties, you’re thinking of getting back into the game, you have to remember; a lot of rules have changed, you have changed. You need wisdom in the dating world, we have brought to you wisdom through our best dating over 50 advice.

It is a bit tough and scary to get back out there, it is understandable but it is also a very exciting place to be. You’re free to explore, try new things, it’s so exciting though it has its tough moments. Luckily, it can be navigated with minimal damage or no damage at all, just little bumps because life is not a bed of roses. The unveiling of what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship begins now.

With our dating over 50 advice, you will be free to have the best time of your life. Here is our dating over 50 advice;

  • Get over it!

Welcome to the most exciting time of your life after your youth!  The one thing that is certain in the dating world is that you would get disappointed because you are going to be dealing with and relating to human beings who are very inconsistent. Just like in the “Frozen” movie, you are going to have to “Let it go”.

It is a hard pill to swallow but one you must arm yourself with as you get back out there, Get over it! You might be rejected a few times, but it’s no biggie, no one said you only have to try it once. This is a very key dating over 50 advice you have to take note of.

A rich man does not become rich because he gave up after one investor turned him down, the same way you won’t go down just because you got rejected a few times. You are going to have to weather through some annoying and tough times to achieve your desires in the subject of “what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship.

You’re fifty, desiring to be in a relationship, you’re going to have to work for the good stuff. Don’t internalize things, learn from whatever ills you might face, and let them make you stronger.

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  • Be open-minded

As a young lady, you thought in a certain way, you wanted certain things from relationships. Now that you’re older, you’re more experienced and wiser, you’ve most probably marked a lot of stuff off that list, meaning your list needs upgrading.

You don’t need to be so stiff about your list of qualities to look for in a man, you can begin to change some qualities, add in new stuff. I also want you to consider other age groups, you don’t have to start researching about how to tell if a man over 50 likes you, many men would love you for who you are, though they might be significantly younger than you.

Be a little more open-minded and consider this piece of dating over 50 advice before you throw it away. Here are some examples of famous women who are living the dream with men who are younger than them, just to show you that cupid can hit anyone (wink);

Sarah Sarandon and Jonathan Bricklin (age difference- 31 years), Madonna and Jesus Luz (age difference- 29 years), Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas (age difference- 13 years), Mariah Carey and Nick Jonas (age difference- 10 years), Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (age difference- 23 years).

  • Move on

It is a little scary and nerve-wracking to go back into the dating world, especially if you just went through a bad divorce or death of a loved one and so on. It is okay to be scared, but don’t let that fear rule you.

An important piece of dating over 50 advice is for you to move on. What happened in the past is behind you, in the past. You still have a lot of life to live and you cannot live it with the shadow of your past looming over you. You would have to move on from your past.

Resist the urge to compare your present with your past, what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship? They want freedom, and it is tied to what you can let go of. Don’t cast clouds over your new relationship with the shadow of your past. Enjoy what lies in store for you by living in the “now”.

  • Enjoy yourself

Just because you are dipping your feet in the pool of prospects, then jumping in, then giving a little “yip!” because of the unexpected temperature or reality, does not mean you should just go through it without remembering to enjoy yourself. What do 50-year-old women want in a relationship? I’ll tell you, Fun!

You’ve spent your adult life working, looking after people, doing things like a responsible, mature woman. At this stage of your life, you are free to loosen up and have a lot of fun. Be sincere with yourself and your relationship. Just because you’re older does not mean you have to be so stern and severe in your relationship.

  • Spice up your closet

You are a beautiful, strong, mature woman. Yes. But you are a beautiful, strong, mature woman who is going back out into the dating world. You do not want to end up fiddling with your clothes on your date wishing you wore something else, although, at first, you might get that feeling, first date jitters. Even if you weren’t going to date anyone, it is cool to spice up your closet from time to time.

Nothing is more beautiful than confidence, do what you can to boost your self-esteem. Spice up your closet with some clothes that would make a woman your age look gorgeous! Try new color combinations, work out, do a little yoga, you can do a makeover of you want to. Just make sure you are comfortable and confident in the beauty that comes forth.

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  • Be confident about your age

Don’t be ashamed of your age, especially if you are with a younger man. You are older, wiser, smarter, you have been through some tough times and you have come out of it. Don’t hide your age, another answer to what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship? They want to be super cool, not the boring mom. Not being restrained by the age factor.

Be confident about yourself, don’t be scared to talk about the fun times you had when you were younger, share your dreams, including the one that has been achieved. Like I said earlier, you don’t have to be so severe, be full of life and exciting. Let others desire to be a part of your life.

What a Woman Wants in a Relationship

  “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”- Williams Shakespeare

 There is one question that has haunted men from the beginning. They have searched in books, movies, sitcoms, they have wondered and researched all about “what a woman wants in a relationship”. This is because an unhappy woman equals an unhappy relationship.

The struggle continues, but there has been some breakthrough as to what a woman wants in a relationship, even what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship. According to studies carried out in the Journal of Family Psychology, relationship satisfaction is tied with the ability of partners to read and empathize with each other’s emotions/feelings.

As a woman in a relationship, your relationship will forge ahead if you communicate properly with your partner and if you allow your partner to know what you want in a relationship. If you’ve ever wondered about this question, can you find true love after 50? Well, buckle up because you about to find someone you can make very happy. Here are the simplest and most common answers to what a woman wants in a relationship;

  • Affection

Believe it or not, some relationships are devoid of affection. Not because they don’t want affection but because they don’t take the time and care to show, groom and grow the affection they long for between each other.

Even if you ask “what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship”? The answer will still be based on the foundation of love and affection. Love and affection is the foundation of relationships, the main reason women enter relationships with men and not inanimate objects is because of the love and affection they can receive.

  • Honesty

There can’t be true affection in a relationship without honesty. Honesty is and should be a very important factor in a relationship or it would be a facade. What do 50-year-old women want in a relationship? They want a truthful and sincere heart. Remember what the study showed?

”Relationship satisfaction is tied with the ability of partners to read and empathize with each other’s emotions/feelings” or in this case, partners can be honest with each other about how they feel.

Lies do not help relationships, no secret follows one to the grave as there is nothing new under the sun. Be strong enough to say the truth, this is what a woman wants in a relationship.

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  • Respect

This is one key answer to what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship. No one likes to be disrespected, especially women in our generation. I’m not being biased when I say women have suffered a lot of disrespect from the male gender for centuries. It is a touchy subject for most of our women.

What a woman wants in a relationship is respect. She wants to be respected, she wants to be acknowledged, she wants to be seen, she wants to be heard. Any successful relationship is noted to be a relationship in which both parties involved share a mutual respect.

  • A friend

It is a bit boring and unreal if you’re not friends with your partner. This is because being a friend ensures a high level of commitment and intimacy, but being a lover only has to do with physical intimacy. I can tell you right now that what a woman wants in a relationship is a best friend in their lover because it can help a relationship last long.

A relationship that would last long is one that involves two friends who are romantic with each other, without breaking rules. Your boyfriend may not understand you as much as your best friend does. This is what most women want, they want their lover to be their best friend.

  • Encouragement

No one is a mountain or lives in a rainbow. Everyone goes through tough times, unfortunately, most women are frustrated with their partners because they are neither able to sense nor encourage them in their down-times.

One of the components of what women want in a relationship is encouragement. They want to be helped when they are too weak to help themselves, they want to be acknowledged. Even a woman who suddenly finds herself single again at 54 would want to be encouraged if she’s in a relationship.

  • Romance

What is a relationship without romance? A friend zone or a business deal. Yet, do you know why relationships go from a blazing fire to a simmer? Most times, it’s because they went low on the romance factor.

There is a need for creativity and communication in and out of the bedroom as anything that ends up getting boring, ends up getting put in the background. A romantic relationship without romance is just a relationship.

  • Understanding

There cannot be a healthy relationship if both parties are constantly misunderstanding each other. One example of what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship is to be understood. Understanding is what makes a peaceful relationship.

Women want to be understood, they desire to be seen and understood without any judgment or criticism. This is why they are glad when they find a friend in their partner because a friend understands you even when no one does.

What Do 50-year-old Women Want in a Relationship When Finding Love

 “Mature couples don’t “fall in love, they step into It”- Anonymous

A woman at 50 is a woman of experience, she has made many mistakes in the past enough for her to stop stumbling over the same stone. She is not easily fooled, she knows what she wants which is why it is easier for her to choose a more compatible or efficient partner.

Now that she is seeking love, she knows with higher clarity and understanding what she wants in a relationship, this trait is crucial in mature love characteristics. Though we do not know what goes on your woman’s head, we can take a true and logical survey about what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship. Here is our compilation of what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship when finding love;

  • Good sense of humor

One funny thing men sometimes think is that women in their fifties want a serious relationship since they’re already at an age where you are naturally serious due to maturity. But in reality, they want a man who can make them laugh, though not someone who tells inappropriate jokes.

A woman, at 50 years old has seen a whole lot, been through a lot, and at this time of her life, she is ready to relax with someone. It happens that studies carried out by some Researchers at an American university prove that humor is a key factor in human “selection”, meaning women are more attracted to men who make them laugh a lot.

  • Honesty

She is an emotionally mature woman at 50-years-old, she doesn’t make time for someone she can’t trust. Her life is already full of activities and people, she is busy with work, family, and friends, and she doesn’t have so much time to cry over things that go wrong, she is strong and capable.

The truth is that she desires emotional honesty around her partner: a willingness to be open about how you feel without making her doubt your level of interest and commitment. She knows how to be a mature woman in a relationship that has a foundation of truth and she’s not ready to settle for anything less.

  • Independence

A beautiful woman is not looking to start living like she was when she was 25, she has built her life up to this point, raised children, she has a home, friends, hobbies. You’re not replacing all that because she is already solid. She is not freaking out that she’s getting old, she has accepted it.

There is no way she would accept you choking out her interests to replace it with yours, you have to be strong and patient enough to be able to compliment and be compatible with her, not try to change her. This is one keynote of what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship.

  • Trust

If she can’t trust you, she can’t be with you. She is old enough to spot some errors from afar and avoid them. What do 50-year-old women want in a relationship? They need someone she can trust.

Trust is not just about faithfulness, it’s sharing with your heart with your loved one. It’s loyalty, cooperation, and consideration. She knows that new relationships over 50 whilst not being as uncertain as to when she was 24, or even when she was a 40-year-old single woman, they still have their hiccups. But she is ready and willing to build trust which is the foundation of a successful relationship.

  • Romance

What do 50-year-old women want in a relationship when finding love? They want romance. This is because if she wasn’t seeking romance, she’d be okay with her cat, cats, or dogs. She wants to be desired, loved, she wants to make love, not like the insecure or jumpy 20-year-old she used to be many years ago, but as a mature woman.

  • Respect

Mutual respect is something she esteems as she isn’t looking to treat you like a kid, but as a partner, an equal. She desires to be respected, women are emotional beings. They want to be able to be real.

Though because of her gender, she has a part of her that is vulnerable, yet she wants to be able to free to express herself, let go of any shame, and still be loved.

 What I want in a Man Checklist

 “As a man, you were meant to be self-reliant, independent, and highly capable of leading yourself and your family in the best way you possibly can.”- Bruce Bryans

 We all have something we desire in the opposite gender even if we don’t talk about it. Sometimes, we hide it deep down but when it comes up, we take note of it and on this note, we discover there are many things women desire in a man, but the most reasonable and most common, we bring to you.

Truly, we have that “what I want in a man checklist” hidden somewhere in our diary or our heart. I hope the men reading this are ready because if you’re wondering what is it that a woman wants in a man? We are going to give it to you.

What do 50-year-old women want in a relationship? You’ll find out because it is part of the “what I want in a man checklist”. Here we go;

  • Wittiness

This is one of the most common items on the “what I want in a man checklist”. This is because naturally, we tend more towards people who have a good sense of humor, they don’t take things too seriously and can make good fun of themselves.

The same way it applies to relationships. Even for a mature woman, she would put that down in answering the question of “What do 50-year-old women want in a relationship?”. I like being with someone who can make me laugh and smile as I love to laugh.

  • Independence

Independence means different things to different people but it is one of the top 5 things a woman puts on her “what I want in a man checklist”. It is not common to find a woman who depends on a man that depends on someone else, women prefer their men to be self-reliant.

Women prefer men who can make strong decisions, stand on their own, and live by honest values. Trust me, a 50-year-old woman would not want to take care of a boy-toy, he is going to have to pay his bills. This trait is high up in her answer to the question-“what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship?”

  • Savviness

To be savvy is to be smart, intelligent. This is one attractive trait in men, men who can carry out brain-crunching tasks. They’re well-informed, shrewd, and they are one of the most popular characters in the “what I want in a man checklist”.

Believe me, women have that checklist up in their heads, and they tick things off with every word that comes out of your mouth. You can observe it by watching women’s faces when a very intelligent man speaks (wink).

  • Charisma

Prince Charming was every little girl’s dream man. Now that the little girls are all grown up, they have their eyes trained for men who can sweep them off their feet and make them happy. Charisma is one very attractive trait repeated in the “what I want in a man checklist” all over the world.

A lot of women desire charismatic men, although, a fair share of women prefer dark, brooding men and bad boys. That delighting and captivating character in men makes them irresistible.

  • Good communication skills

Communication does not involve the act of speaking alone but listening and understanding. A man who is a good communicator meaning (in the vocabulary of women), a good listener is a man that is great to be desired.

How many times do women get frustrated because their spouse devises creative ways to escape conversations? Enough times for a man who can express himself and listen to be able to find himself an answer to the question of “what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship”?

  • Attractiveness

This is the first thing women take note of when meeting a man. The physique, general outlook, is one of the first things that women take note of. A man may not be walking on a runway or taking photoshoots, but if he puts a little more effort into his looks and hygiene, he’s good to go.

It’s very common for women to take note of the attraction factor in a man before anything else because one of the quickest things that register in the mind is the things we see. 

3 Things a Woman Needs in a Relationship

 Out of the gazillion things that goes on in a woman’s mind, it is hard to sift through them because sometimes, they don’t even know what they want. I would be lying if I said I know what goes on in a woman’s head. But there is something almost every woman desires to have in a relationship.

Here is our list on 3 things a woman needs in a relationship;

  • Desire

Every woman has that strong need to be desired. It is the reason there are makeup and attractive clothes, perfume, hair salons, gyms and spas, and what-not. It is to attract the opposite other. If it wasn’t, everyone should be fine without hygiene.

  • Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of honesty and cardinal to any healthy relationship. It leads to more intimacy and helps you understand yourselves better and have more enjoyable date nights as you delve deep into meaningful topics together. Here, you just don’t pass the time, you engage in mature things to talk about in a relationship, those honest conversations will help you build the lasting connection you’re looking for.

  • Respect

As I have said over and over again in this post, mutual respect is important as no one likes feeling like trash. Most fights between couples are because they don’t listen, or respect the opinion of the other party. This is why even these three keys are important for those who are seeking to know what do 50-year-old women want in a relationship. The way to deal with this is by being open, and honest and communicating with your partner.

I hope our post on “What do 50-year-old women want in a relationship” has helped you clarify some confusions and misunderstandings. If you liked this post or if you felt it has helped you in any way, you can comment down below what you thought about the post and how it helped you. You can also share it on your social media platforms, send it to someone you feel might need it, and build more happy relationships.

Be happy and spread love. Thank you.

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