quotes about a real man loving a woman

100 Epic Quotes About a Real Man Loving a Woman in 2022

Love is an ethereal, overwhelming, beautiful thing. It is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Love is something that must be done right for an optimal experience, if it is not done right, there would be a lot of broken hearts in the aftermath, and for this reason, we bring you quotes about a real man loving a woman that is sure to help you to love right.

Can you imagine driving without taking driving lessons first? That would be unsafe, but it is just like being in love. The majority of the time, we don’t know how to love someone else but we fall in love nevertheless, we end up with bruises and singing love songs with our friends at a bar.

If you take the time to know a man’s job in a relationship, and you know how a woman should be treated, you will discover that though love is never easy, you can love and love easier. These beautiful quotes about a real man loving a woman are made for you to know how to show your woman that love and care that would make her know how much you value her.

Oh, what a beautiful world this would be if everyone loves rightly and purely. I constantly muse about this and this is why these quotes about a real man loving a woman are carefully scripted just for you. Sometimes, you just have to sit and think deeply on the question of “what I’m looking for in a woman” when you discover your answer, you know you would do anything to keep that treasure.

Man was made for love and to love, and I believe that every single one of us has bowels of love locked deep within us until someone with the key opens it up. Though it is controversial sometimes, truly I know that a man changes for the woman he loves, even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

Crack your fingers, steady your heart and get ready to know how a man should love a woman quotes that is sure to enable you to make a big love-man and make your woman a very happy woman.

When A Man Truly Loves You Quotes

I can’t help but say that though we sometimes believe a real man is better than the average man because of the size of his muscles or brains or bank account, it is not always true. We bring you quotes about a real man loving a woman because a real man is a man who knows how to love, and is not afraid to love.

Love is not as easy as we think it is. It is not the rosy picture that movies paint to us a lot of times, though rosy parts have their moments in love. I admire those when a man loves a woman sayings, quotes, and especially song, they give an insight to hearts that love has filled.

This is why when a man truly loves you quotes are here for you to digest.

1. A man who lifts weights may not be able to love a woman selflessly, and a man who cleans tables just might do it right.

2. Sometimes, we shouldn’t be so external, the love you long for just might come in the most unconventional way or personality.

3. A real man cares about his lover more than his ego. He is ready to be humble just to keep her.

4. Any man can get a woman, a real man would love a woman and keep her.

5. It takes a real man to know what a woman wants and be everything she needs.

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6. The number of diamond watches you have doesn’t matter if you broke the woman who was handmade for you.

7. It is easy for a man who is head over heels to do the splits to amuse the woman he loves, not minding if he spends three weeks in the hospital.

8. A real man is a man that can bare his heart to the woman he loves at the risk of being rejected.

9. When I was little, I thought loving was easy. When I became a man, I discovered it wasn’t and it was the ones who were strong that loved.

10. Loving a woman is harder than working out. I’m getting all the exercise I need to be lovesick. Who needs the gym when my heart is beating 100 times per minute as I think of the woman I love.

11. My heart is stronger than my muscles, I may not be able to lift 200 pounds of weight, but I can open my heart to love even when it hurts.

12. A man is ready to be anything a woman wants just to have her, but a real man is ready to be everything to a woman just to love her.

13. Men might panic at the realization of love, but a real man will rejoice at the appearance of love.

14. A man falls in love with a beautiful woman but is secretly too scared to acknowledge it but a real man falls in love and goes after love with energy.

15. A man who has laid his heart down for the love of his life will discover the right woman would pick it up, and if it turns out to be the wrong woman, it just shows he was a strong man.

16. I will love you better than any man has ever loved you, and I will stay until you believe it in your heart and never doubt my love for you.

17. A woman who knows the fierceness of the love of her man for her has found a real man, hold onto him!

18. Out of the thousands that filled the earth, there was only one that was made for me, and I got myself ready to search and find her.

19. A real man is not afraid to show his love for the woman he loves. He is a lover boy at heart.

20. A real man knows how to treat a woman, any woman, especially the one that belongs to him.

Sweetest Quotes About A Real Man Loving A Woman

Can we recall how many times we thought we were in love and eventually, we discovered we weren’t? It is not always a sweet epiphany but it happens. For this purpose was this post about quotes about a real man loving a woman written for you. Now, imagine the joy we feel when we fall in love when we discover we are truly in love.

Be careful, after reading all these love quotes, you might become poetic. Wink. There is a perception of love every woman has, but each one of them contains the expectation that she would be the apple of your eye. And what else can you do? Make her the apple of your eye.

True Love is a place of nirvana, it’s overwhelming sometimes and it can make us act without thinking, but we foresaw that and came up with these when a man truly loves a woman quotes for you.

21. It takes a lot for a woman to change one thing about a man, but a man who is truly in love can change everything about himself to make his woman happy.

22. A man who struggles to make his woman happy does not love her. A man who truly loves a woman derives pleasure in making her happy.

23. Her smile makes him weak, her tears rip his heart, her laughter makes his heart jump, her voice makes him excited, he could listen to her for hours, do anything for her; he knew he was truly in love.

24. Any man can change his mind about being with a woman but a man who is truly in love stays no matter what.

25. The way he said her name was the way she knew he was truly in love with her; he said it like a prayer.

26. A man who is truly in love does not consider other options, his heart is caught like a pearl in a shell.

27. Put a thousand women in front of me, you will still be the only person I see, the only one who makes my heart skip a beat.

28. “My joy is in seeing you smile. I will do anything to keep you smiling”, said the man who was so in love.

29. I cannot think about losing you, ever. You are the only one my heart loves, the only one my heart delights in.

30. I will fight monsters to make sure you are okay, I can die for you to live, I never want to see you hurting.

31. A man who truly loves a woman always has her in his heart for as long as he lives, no matter what happens, she is always there in his heart.

32. It takes a man who is in love, to love someone who doesn’t feel the same way about him, and believe that one day, she will be his.

33. Only a man who is truly in love can say these words, “I will never think of you not being with me, I can’t, because my heart simply can’t take the thought of you leaving”.

34. A man who is truly in love cares about his woman more than he cares about himself and thinks about his woman more than he thinks about himself.

35. It takes a man who is strong at heart to love a woman who doesn’t love him back and keeps on loving her even when the chances of being together are little but he never gives up hope.

36. “I will do anything to keep you safe and do everything to keep you happy, and I mean it”- words every woman wants to hear from her man.

37. I desire Superman’s powers not because they make me cool alone, but because I will be able to take you around the world and keep you safe.

38. Every woman deserves a man who is so in love with her that he cannot hide it, and he cannot help himself from loving her.

39. While any man can express his love to a hundred women, it takes a man who is truly in love to express his love to one woman in a hundred ways.

40. A man who is truly in love with a woman never breaks her trust, never makes her cry, and never leaves her without letting her know how much she means to him.

Quotes On How To Treat A Woman Right

Love is a beautiful thing and we can’t say that enough times, I know we have probably all heard the Shawn Mendes’ song “Treat you better”, but that is not the case with many of us most times. This is why our quotes on how to treat a woman right are here for you to know if you’re just singing Shawn Mendes song or you’re living it.

In the process of our apprehension of how a man should love a woman quotes, we need to know that we show our love through actions and not just words, those actions go a long way in making your person what a woman wants in a man. Here are our quotes about a real man loving a woman;

41. Let her know how much she means to you, hide love notes in the cutest places, surprise her, and don’t forget to play a prank once in a while.

42. A woman who is adored and valued by her man would know, not because he tells her, but because he treats her like a miracle.

43. Sometimes we don’t see those who value us because we have become too familiar, but those who are unshakable in their commitment to making us happy are sometimes right there with us.

44. The love of our lives is sometimes right beside us waiting and waiting and waiting until we come into our senses.

45. True love is more than a feeling, should bleed into actions, into experiences or it is just a feeling of euphoria that will wear off with footprints of the one that was treated badly.

46. A man can’t treat a woman right if he doesn’t value her, and a man can’t treat a woman right if he doesn’t know how to.

47. A man can assume what a woman wants, this is the bane of relationships because a lot of times, we are wrong.

48. Bring in the flowers, and the wrapped gifts, and the huge teddy bears but don’t forget something important to her or your affection would not matter so much.

49. A man who loves his woman is a man who knows she needs pizza today and an expensive dinner the next day and doesn’t mix them up.

50. Anyone can give good gifts, not everyone can make a single rose feel better than 10 bouquets.

51. Love is for everyone, but the one who profits with it is the one who cares for it as a gardener cares for his garden.

52. Don’t be surprised when your woman scrunches her nose at the flowers and flips at the takeout. Know your woman well if you’re going to treat her right.

53. Creativity in love is crucial, love is supposed to make us creative or it would eventually grow stale.

54. Never mix up gifts. Never over-hype a present or expect a world of thanks for whatever you do, good gifts come from the heart without expectations.

55. Know how to prepare the perfect PMS package for your girl, that’s the good stuff.

56. Fights exist in every relationship, but never leave the room if your woman becomes unsure of your passion for her.

57. Great relationships weren’t built in a day. They just learned over time to trust the depth of love they have for each other.

58. Love is a beautiful landscape where great cities are built, but if misused can be a desolate land with tumbleweeds rolling around. It all depends on how it is tended.

59. It should be every man’s desire to be the last love of her life, and it should drive him to make her know it in the depth of her heart. Though not in a creepy manner.

60. A man who can make a woman content with his love is a master at loving.

Quotes On How To Treat A Woman You Love

I feel bad when I see men who are head over heels, who for one reason or another cannot express the love they feel in a way that the object of their affection would be able to as knowledge and accept that love. This is why our quotes on how to treat a woman you love are here to help her know you truly love her by the way you treat her.

It is expected that the butterflies one feels because of love can make us stammer, stumble, accidentally dip our hands in something hot, and so on. But eventually, we are going to have to man up and know how a man should love a woman quotes that were written beforehand for men who desire to know how to love without scaring off their love interest.

When a man loves, it is intense and sometimes it gets so bad he stays in bed, eats junk food, and reads ”when a man loves a woman movie quotes”. Who says men don’t get lovesick too? The thing is, it is just that you must treat your woman right or someone else will.

For that not to happen and meticulously written just for you are our quotes about a real man loving a woman. Get up on your feet and go get her tiger!

61. Treat me like a game and I’ll show you how it’s played. Treat like a precious jewel and I’ll shine for you.

62. If you don’t treat her right, she’ll probably think how you treated her is how she is to be treated, or someone will treat her better than you treated her. Either way, she’ll hate you at the end.

63. A rose has it thorns, our love has its bad days but remember, I’m more flower than I am thorns and I love you more than the bad days and would like to be treated that way.

64. If you treat your woman like trash, don’t be surprised when there is someone else who is making her smile, who isn’t you.

65. The way you treat a woman is a reflection of how your mother raised you, don’t bring shame to your mama and treat your woman right.

66. Love makes us do surprising things, like loving our women more than ourselves. That is one amazing thing you should always learn to do.

67. The life we live is full of ups and downs and the last thing anyone needs is a broken heart, and a shredded reputation. The best way to avoid that in a relationship is to treat each other like invaluable possessions.

68. It’s beautiful when a couple looks like they are in love, but it’s more beautiful when you see a couple cherish each other through their actions than their looks.

69. Treat your woman like a treasure so your daughter would know she doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap and so your son can know how to treat women.

70. Every woman deserves to have a man who cherishes, respects, and dotes on her at least once in her lifetime, you can decide to become that man.

71. If you love her, you’ll never let her doubt it, never leave an argument without making sure she knows that you adore her.

72. Love will make a man passionate to do everything it takes to make the woman he loves happy.

73. You can buy your woman the world, but if you don’t love her, you won’t give her yourself which is worth more than money.

74. Love is patient and kind. It involves compromise, forgiveness, communication and these things are the fertilizer to grow your relationship with the one you love.

75. Never treat her like she’s cheap, no one was born cheap.

76. It would be nice if some men could treat their women the way they treated their favorite sport, with passion. But women are not the same as sports, they’re human beings.

77. The man who leaves his woman in tears and doesn’t look back doesn’t deserve her.

78. Great minds bring forth incredible inventions. Great hearts make the world full of love.

79. A woman is to be treated with respect, if you’re not doing that, you don’t deserve respect.

80. It shouldn’t be too hard to treat the woman you love right, or you don’t truly love her because love has no reservations.

Treat Her Like a Queen Quote

It is good that you know a lot of Steve Harvey’s best relationship quotes are about treating your woman like a queen. If you doubt, check out our treat her like a queen quotes. Your woman is supposed to be your queen, she’s like a jewel that you cannot do without.

These treat her like a queen quote is here to help you to know how to express that depth of love that is searching for an outlet. Just like quotes about a real man loving a woman, you don’t intentionally hurt the one you love, you treat them right. In this case, like a queen using our treat her like a queen quotes.

81. Treat your lady like royalty and she’ll see you as her king, if you treat her like trash, you will have a lifetime of crap to deal with because you reap what you sow.

82. The man that treats you better than you treat yourself, hold on to him because they don’t come often.

83. The one who truly loves you is one who sees you like everything to him, not one who can pick anything over you.

84. The man who treats his woman like a queen is the man who doesn’t make empty promises, neither does he stay in his high esteem while his woman in a low place.

85. If love can make one condescend, then watch out for that man who will leave everything because he sees all that he needs in you.

86. There is someone who will treat you like you’re an extremely rare jewel like you play a song only he can hear. This is love.

87. Put your arms around her, hug her, take her out, open doors for her, kiss her feet, give her your coat, and your sweater. Who says women don’t like that stuff?

88. To treat a woman like a queen, you must first know what It means to treat yourself right, or you’ll think you’re doing something special while you’re not.

89. Treating your woman right first off all begins with being able to hold a meaningful and interesting conversation with each other.

90. Treating her right would change her mind if she’s resisting.

91. Every woman secretly has a desire to have a doting man, tap into that desire, and fulfill it.

92. When life gives you a woman, treat her like a rare and precious soul because she is, and you’ll know how much, quite painfully, if you let her go.

93. Treating your woman like a queen would make you think outside the box because love is a very interesting place.

94. Treat your woman like you would treat your beloved sister, treat her like you would treat a princess, build her up instead of pushing her down.

95. A woman is not an object, or an item, she is a person with a beautiful outlook and beautiful insides. Never take it for granted.

96. A man who can treat a woman like a queen can restore confidence to the woman with the lowest self-esteem.

97. To find a man who can treat a woman like a queen is like finding a diamond among precious stones. It is even more precious.

98. If you have a daughter, you should know how to treat a woman right. Or your daughter will grow up not knowing how she is to be treated.

99. A lot of people forget karma is real if you treat her like crap, it will come around and bite you in the butt.

100. To treat your woman like a queen is to be a good man, who can respect opinions and love selflessly.

I hope our post on “quotes about a real man loving a woman” has helped you to know what every woman wants and that you had some insight as to how to love and treat your woman.

If you liked this post or if you felt it has helped you, you can comment on what you thought about the post and how it helped you.

You can also share it on your social media platforms, send it to someone you feel might need it, and build more happy relationships.

Be happy and spread love. Thank you.

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