Mature Relationship Quotes

130 Life-changing Mature Relationship Quotes (2022)

Just like the saying goes, “it takes two to tango”, it also takes a lot of maturities to work out in a relationship. Mature relationship quotes assist people who are ready to commit to each other to do all it takes to reach a common goal, as one.

Maturity in relationships, as one out of the many important factors for this common goal to be achieved, cannot be overlooked.

Every relationship starts with a spice of friendship, two distinct persons from different backgrounds finding the interest to start conversing with each other.
Here are some mature relationship quotes that can help you understand maturity better as a partner in the relationship.

Quotes About Maturity in Relationship

Quotes about maturity in relationships are especially useful when the likeness is starting to grow and the feelings are getting stronger, but you don’t want to feel less mature so as not to create a wrong impression of yourself. So, these are some mature relationship quotes that can help spark the interest of both parties in the relationship.

1. Perfect love is easy to create if only we don’t spend too much time searching for a perfect lover.

2. Don’t expect to be loved if you can’t be loving.

3. Life will bring different people to cross your path, it is up to you to choose who stays and who leaves.

4. Your wisdom appeals to me. It makes me feel safe that I can trust my feelings with you.

5. Mature love speaks “we” and not “I’, it speaks needing the other person. When the other person feels needed, love is bound to grow.

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6. You can not change what is bound to happen, you can only learn from what happens and then move on.

7. The growth in our relationship is as a result of how we have been able to tackle all of the challenges that have come our way, and that is a great thing.

8. There are a number of things that need to be accepted without justification when you come to the understanding of this, then you realize you have just come to know the truth.

9. To progress in a relationship is to have learned maturity over a period of time. This is usually as a result of how we are able to handle and respond wisely to the situations faced in that moment of weakness.

10. Do not be disappointed when your expectations are not met for things that have no solution, accept, let go and move on.

11. Maturity can be learned and gained but can not be demanded. There has to be a place of relearning, unlearning, and learning for maturity to be evident in one’s character.

12. The level of responsibilities you take and or accept that you have is another level of maturity.

13. Maturity is determined by the depth you show towards a situation and how understandable you are able to respond in such situations.

14. Try to be the right person, act right, improve on yourself, position yourself for love, and the right person would love you.

15. Being in love always means being ready to forgive, look past flaws, and make it work.

16. A mature relationship is when both parties are always ready to find a solution to both mutual and individual problems.

17. A lot happens to us in life which makes us stronger or weaker, mean or loving, mature, or immature.

18. Do not settle for less and do not settle for anything, fight for all the good in life that you deserve. For, in the end, you deserve all the best that life has to offer, you just need some level of maturity to handle them as they come your way.

Mature Relationship Quotes for Her from Him

Everyone desires to feel safe with words from people they love and they expect to hear it as often as they can. Quotes about when a man really loves a woman can be helpful to use as the relationship takes a new turn day in day out.

The essence of this mature relationship quotes is to spice the relationship in another dimension while still maintaining the spark from the beginning with words of love and commitment. find the right word with these mature relationship quotes for her from him below.

19. The depth of my love for you will always be an expression that will last a lifetime.

20. If all I get from life is you, I am contented and happy always.

21. My heart will be like the sands of time and your name written on it forever.

22. Since I was a child, I have always felt incomplete, now I know the reason, you were missing in my life.

23. You showed me the true definition of love and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

24. You make me happy and sharing that with you every day brings me joy.

25. Forever is a long time, but I can promise it’s always going to be you and I on that love journey.

26. Fate brought us together, friendship was a choice we both made, but falling in love with you was the best decision I ever made.

27. I searched all my life for a soulmate, I knew when I found you that the universe brought you to me.

28. You are my heartthrob and I cherish you for you are my jewel. Let’s grow old together.

29. For long I have waited in love for the truth and now I found you. You are my truth.

30. I have searched all over for answers to the questions of my heart, then you came along to give those answers. I am searching no more.

31. My world is nothing without you, you shed light on my life and my life makes sense with you in it.

32. You are my safe haven and I would spend a lifetime over and over again with you in it.

33. Our love is infinite, a lifetime is never enough for me to keep loving you neither is infinity because even after this life, I still want to be with you.

34. You are not one of the most important people in my life, you are the most important person in my life.

35. The thought of you resonates in my heart like good music to the ears. I don’t ever want to stop thinking about you.

36. It was magical the first time we crossed the path and our eyes met, it felt like I had known you for a lifetime.

True Relationship Quotes for Him from Her

As you read through these mature relationship quotes. You’ll realize that even men love to be showered with love by their women. As much as women love getting gifts from their men, men also cherish that their women know how to shower them with all the love they can get from them.

So, read further and pick some true relationship quotes for him from her that best suits your level of relationship.

37. My heart has always been yours because you are the only one who has ever made it beat the way it does.

38. I have quite a few hobbies in this world, my favorite is the memories I have with you.

39. One of the best decisions I made in this life is being with you and I have never doubted it.

40. The moon and the stars have always been constant in this life, so will my love for you.

41. We never choose where we will be tomorrow, but I always know that when tomorrow comes, you will be in it.

42. Only one thought goes through my head every day – my heart craves for only one thing every day and that is being with you.

43. Time feels longer when you are not there, but when I have you around, I wish the time would freeze.

44. As countless as the stars in the sky and numberless as the fish in the sea, so is my love for you.

45. You light up my world and I never want it to go dim. I want you to forever be the stars in my sky just like the night and the sun just like the day.

46. Every night in my sleep, all I dream about is you and when I wake all I want to see is you right by me.

47. I feel safe with you by my side knowing that I could conquer the world with our love.

48. Wherever this world takes me, no matter the distance between us, I will always find my way to you.

49. I thought I needed the whole world to love me, but you came along, and I realized you are the world I needed.

50. Your smile melts my heart from the inside, there must be some magical spell in your smile.

51. Sometimes it is hard for me to crack which part of you that excites me, but then I realize that good or bad, it is you that I want and need.

52. I dreamt of the day my heart will continuously yearn for someone, and when you showed up, you came as a reality to my dreams, you are my miracle.

53. Hold my hand and never let it go. Let me lead you to a haven of love, for you are a perfect reminder of what love stands for and what love should be.

Real-Life Relationship Quotes for Couples

Two people truthfully in love will strive to stay in love with each other no matter the storms of life. They do not desire to get tired or weary of each other, even when they are married. Partners in marriage can read real-life relationship quotes for couples to each other to remind each other of their love and also ignite deep thoughts about love in their relationship.

These real-life relationship quotes for couples are also mature relationship quotes that can be exchanged as a couple, or left as a surprise love note before the other partner wakes or just something random to put a smile on the face of a partner in marriage, or a quote for love to be rekindled.

54. This journey of love we embarked on today is not going to be easy, but I assure you that it’s going to be worth it.

55. I am not giving up on us at the slightest mistake because our love is stronger than any mistakes we make, and all I want to see it do to us is made us even stronger in love with each other.

56. I do not regret a day taking this lifetime stride with you, I enjoy every bit of our life together.

57. Put in all the effort as much as the other person to make it work, then bliss is assured.

58. Let’s not stop fighting for each other, but let’s stop fighting against each other.

59. Communication is key, help me to know your mind by communicating with me in a language I can reason and understand you.

60. Love finds us in places we do not expect, at times we do not wish to awaken love.

61. Without trust, faith, hope, and love, I cannot love you and you cannot love me.

62. With you, I am convinced that I can be myself and not worry about being imperfect.

63. I am excited to take this journey in love with you, to find me in you and you in me.

64. Your love brings out the best in me, and for this reason, I love you.

65. Such love I have with you cannot be found with anyone else. I’m stuck with you for life.

66. I won’t let go for a minute, life without you in it is meaningless.

67. I love you yesterday, I love you today, I will love you as long as life allows.
68. From the first day I met you I have always loved you, even before you realized, I was sure of my love for you.

69. The fact that I know you are right here changes everything for me in an uncertain world.

70. All I have is you, all I am is because of you, I don’t ever want to lose you.

71. I never believed when people talked about soulmates until I met you and my whole perspective changed, you are more than a soulmate to me, my match made from heaven.

Mature Quotes About Love

Having been together for a long time, sending each other quotes about oneness in the form of text messages to keep each other in love, it doesn’t end there. The flames of love can be rekindled every day with some mature relationship quotes that can keep the friendship alive while still maintaining the love that has grown over time.

These mature quotes about love will help you achieve that level of unity that you have never experienced before.

72. Some say love is a thing of the mind, some others a thing of the heart, some believe it emanates from the soul, they are all right. My very existence lives to love you.

73. I will love you every day over everything there is in life just because I need you in my world and I love you.

74. The way you hug and wrap your hands around me warms my heart and assures me that I will always be safe in your arms. You are my home.

75. I searched the dictionary about the meaning of love, there isn’t a word to describe how much I love you.

76. Love is a beautiful thing, you, dear represents love in all its beauty.

77. How can I measure the love I have for you when all your love is overflow within me?

78. I used to dream about love, but after I met you, my reality beats my dream.

79. Loving you is like a blanket around my heart, it keeps me warm.

80. I was sure I loved you when I found friendship, compassion, support and so much more in you.

81. It takes unconditionality to call it love, two mature hearts can achieve this if they are ready to put their all into making it work.

82. There is no such thing as finite in love, love has no peak nor end.

83. Mature love gives and it doesn’t take things for granted, it stems into the future, unlike an immature love that thinks of only the present.

84. I use to think about just my well-being for a long time, now I cannot make a decision without considering you.

85. Our love has grown over the years ever since it found each other, it gives me peace and assurance having someone to share forever and a day with.

86. Even though our first encounter wasn’t so great, I have grown to love you, because only love is capable of awakening our hearts and drawing us to each other.

87. Our love has tasted both good and the bad, every phase has made our love real and pure.

88. Thank you for giving me the gift of love which is the gift of selflessness.

89. Love is the definition of you, upon realizing that something other than oneself is real.

Keep Your Relationship Privates Quotes

Often, a relationship that is kept from the public is protected from the public. Keeping your relationship private quotes can be helpful in the long run, as it is another level of maturity between two people in love.

Mature relationship quotes relating to keeping your relationship private will help you keep track and know the level of maturity which you are in your relationship. A private relationship will also help you maintain a decent status about life free from the opinion of others. Keeping your relationship private quotes are listed below to provide you with a glimpse on how to.

90. There is a difference between privacy and secrecy, a relationship can stay private without making your partner a secret.

91. Keeping your relationship private can be a way of making it strong like a shield from external forces.

92. Invisibility is a superpower that gives us an advantage at the growth in certain areas of life, so as to keep a relationship private.

93. Most times a private life is a happy life so make it a duty to lead a private life in a relationship by keeping one’s business private.

94. Two people own a relationship, not the whole world, the choices both parties make in the relationship makes their whole world whole.

95. Focus on the person you are with not emulate how others handle their relationship.

96. Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life so that your relationship would be enviable by others.

97. Putting the details of your relationship in public shows that there is less maturity.

98. Do not make your relationship inspiration for negative relationship quotes by others who do not know how your relationship works.

99. A partner who is proud to have you will do everything it takes to keep you and protect you like an egg.

100. Keep your relationship private to the public but don’t act like you are not in one.

101. Everyone cannot be happy for you as much as other people might be for you, so do everything it takes to keep the details of your relationship to yourself and your partner.

102. As beautiful as your relationship can be, you cannot filter it, neither can you filter the opinions of other people about it.

103. There is less pressure in your relationship if you can keep it from public opinions and a stronger bond is built when you can proffer solutions between each other as partners without a third-party relationship.

104. A private relationship can help people spectate and give a different perspective from you. It brings the element of surprise and makes it thrilling between partners.

105. A strong and solid foundation is not enough unless there are boundaries attached which will prevent the applause of the public, attention on social media platforms. The only person allowed to validate the relationship is you and your partner.

106. Be comfortable with just being in the relationship. Don’t be bothered about showing off to others how good your relationship seems to be or trying to prove yourself to the whole world that you are capable of being in a relationship and handling it.

107. Genuinely loving each other and valuing each other is way more important than how the world chooses to view your relationship. So as two partners in love, keeping your relationship private is a personal decision requiring the mutual agreement of one another.

Quotes About Change in Relationships

Your relationship has now grown to the level where there is a need to compromise for the other person. Quotes about change in relationships are best for satisfying your desire for changes to happen because you don’t want to get bored in the relationship or fall out of affection for each other.

You have tested this phase with mature relationship quotes and still want things to be different. Yet it seems like you are starting to doubt your love for your partner and have sought relationship advice from those who care about you two and it’s still not working out as expected.

You have tried checking out quotes on how a woman should treat her man or quotes on how a man should love a woman, stop searching further. These quotes about change in relationships are here to guide you in achieving the change you desire.

108. Often times we just need someone to be there to listen to our silence, understand our silence, feel what we feel, and communicate in our love language.

109. Instead of waiting for the change to happen immediately, you can create the change and make it happen. This way, you have not only created the change in your partner, but you have also shown that you value the relationship.

110. The best relationship is made out of two people who make conscious effort to help each other in bringing out the best version of themselves, so be the change you want to see in your partner.

111. A partner that does not realize a change in their actions can be helped to see his or her changes, acknowledging the changes, and wanting to work on being better is now up to such a partner.

112. Pretending that all is well and waiting on the other person to notice that all is not well is a way to slow down feelings that have been built over time. The other person may never realize it and you might just be falling out of love in the relationship before you know it.

113. The feelings of waking up to the one person you always want to wake up to see but feeling like you just woke up next to a complete stranger.

114. Starting all over again can be an escape route from breaking up with each other because retracing into the beginning can awaken some feelings that were never realized from the start of the relationship.

115. Do to me what you would want me to do to you, and I would do to you how I would want you to do with me, is a way of compromising to cause the change we both want.

116. I have faith in us for as long as you have faith that we can work things through just as we did in the beginning.

117. I am hurt by the things you did, but because the first time I realized I needed you was when I knew I had fallen in love with you, so because of that, I am ready to forgive you over and over again as much as I would love you forever until eternity.

118. Even when things start to change, I want to be there for you, to be the first person you run to, to be the shoulder you lean on, and to be the one to wipe your tears and encourage you that we are in it together.

119. Doesn’t matter how much of the changes we experience, so long you are ready to put in all the effort as I am willing to, holding hands and letting love lead, my love for you will stand.

120. Walking away from things that poison the relationship is a good way to stay healthy together as one. Communication is key in achieving this.

121. A lot has happened in our relationship over time, I just need some time for my mind to accept the things it already knows.

122. I may seem strong today and seem weak tomorrow, all I want from you is to take me just as I am as much as I am willing to compromise for you.

123. Your actions lately have been in contradiction to the actions you exhibited the first few months into our relationship. I really hope I am not mistaken about who I thought you are.
124. I give you everything you need that is within my capacity, but what do I get in return?

125. I want our love to continually make us into finding each other, learning from each other, needing each other, and loving each other every day till eternity.

126. Don’t waste time holding on to what has long been lost, if it can not be recovered, let go, move on, and love will find you again.

127. I have read a lot about love but then you came along and I realized I didn’t have to wait until later. Don’t stop making me fall in love with you because I want to be forever stuck with you.

128. Tell me with the truth, don’t lead me with lies. I love you because you are my truth so stay as the truth with me, for me and for us.

129. I am not scared of losing this relationship I have with you right now. The only thing I am scared of is losing ourselves trying to please each other and making it difficult for others to find us as a result.

130. Let’s not stop loving each other, let every day be the beginning of new love between us.

A lot of things cannot be overlooked when it comes to relationships as people look out for signs of maturity in their partner as much as they would themselves portray maturity.

These 130 Mature Relationship Quotes is sure a great help to making sure that you get all the enlightenment you can in ensuring that you turn out to be the mature partner that you would like to be in your relationship. Sure you had a good read and this helped! Kindly leave a comment below to ascertain that and share it!

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