New Relationship Advice for Ladies

New Relationship Advice for Ladies: 28 Know it all Tips in 2022

Everyone likes new stuff, a new car, new books, the smell of new things is exciting. The same way a new relationship is exciting, that anticipation of adventures together. But if you don’t know how to work it or navigate it, it might crash, this is the reason for our post on new relationship advice for ladies.

Sometimes, I honestly try to imagine what life will be like with only me on the earth. It’s strange but I do that to remind myself that I am not alone and I don’t have to be alone. Life is to be shared with people, and memories are greater and more precious with the people you love being there with you.

Many of us might have had really bad relationships in the past and might enter a new one with wariness, you’re not wrong to be wary, but with our tips or our new relationship advice for ladies, you’ll be on the right path to a happier and more peaceful relationship.

This new relationship is all you can think of, it’s scary, exciting, it’s beautiful, it’s completely uncharted territory, it comes with a lot of uncertainties. You begin to wonder if this is the relationship that has ended the search for how to find true love in life.

But get this… I sometimes desire to hop in a car and drive to a restaurant or go shopping when I have a food craving, but if I don’t know how to drive, that’d be a problem if I still get behind the wheels.

It’s the same way with relationships. You’re heading somewhere, though you don’t know what will happen along the way, there is a purpose for which you decided to be exclusive. You might not know what happens from that moment on but a cue from relationship advice for couples will help you.

This is the reason for our post on new relationship advice for ladies. You have to know what to expect, what to do, what not to do, how it’s going to feel like and most importantly the psychological advice on relationships. Let us de-mystify this hilariously beautiful journey and reduce the number of bumps on the way with our new relationship advice for ladies.

Dating Tips for New Relationships

Dating Tips for New Relationships

Dating is a beautiful terrain that at one point or another, we all come into. It is not a problem if it was a long or short time since your last relationship, a new relationship is always uncharted territory. Dating tips for new relationships would go a long way in helping and also paving the path for lovely experiences.

Ladies, relationships take lots of work. But when you get started on the right note, and with the right mindset and preparation, the rest of the journey would be much easier.

It is like intentionally going on a trip with someone you don’t know much about. If you’re not prepared for the person to get in your personal space, you may get a sour surprise. But this new relationship advice for ladies does just the trick in making sure you are on the right path.

1. It’s a slow ride: A relationship is like a house and has to be built brick by brick. If it is rushed, there would be a lot of holes in it eventually. Take time in a new relationship to get to know each other more and deeper.

Rome wasn’t built in a day as we always say. But we usually think relationships should be perfect in a relatively short time. It’s a beautiful journey when you enjoy the moments as they come.

One of the dating tips for new relationships that would go a long way in setting a good foundation for the future is “patience”. We sometimes forget but keep it in mind, the pleasure in discovery is a great way to start.

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2. Compare thou not: It is sometimes an instinctive desire to weigh balances in a new relationship. But ladies, one very important part of our dating tips for new relationships is for you to not compare your new relationship with an old one or someone else’s.

The point of a new relationship is that it is new, resist that desire to compare. Enjoy the now, enjoy your man. He is different from your ex, if you don’t think so, you might have to have a rethink because what guys want in a new relationship are pretty much not the same.

3. Don’t be too critical: We humans have the habit of looking too deeply into things we are unfamiliar with. At times, it makes us overly-critical and judgemental.

But this is one of the “don’t” parts of our dating tips for new relationships. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect right now. You will have to ease up and be open-minded. You have disagreements, you make mistakes and you move on.

In a new relationship, the last thing you want to do is be too critical of your man’s actions. Always remember, you don’t know him that well yet. Instead, take the time to know more about him.

4. Communication is important: A very important but sometimes under-utilized dating tips for new relationships is “communication”. The excitement of a new relationship can sometimes make you nervous and uncomfortable.

But one of the strongest foundations you can have in a relationship is communication. It is better to clear disagreements than for it to smolder. If you feel something should be improved upon, share it.

Listen and speak and understand each other. This is a habit that would profit the relationship in the long run and is the reason strong and lasting relationships are formed.

5. Learn from your disagreements: There would be disagreements as long as two persons are close. However, it is something new couples fear. Their first fight, argument, disagreement, misunderstanding… call it what you want.

But it is crucial in learning about each other, more information and memories are gleaned from what we call misunderstandings.

Instead of dwelling on misunderstandings and disagreements, learn from them and move on.
That is one wonderful way to grow a relationship.

6. Take note of the little things: Excitement can sometimes make us blind to some little things we are supposed to notice that will help us in the future.

Ladies, this tip is important. Take note of his favorite food, word, game, and so on. Not obsessively anyways, but these little things you notice are what put together the big picture we so desire to see clearly.

You take note of what is and isn’t okay in a relationship and act accordingly. This is one popular relationship advice for couples because it is one of the main reasons for disagreements among couples.

7. Be real: The best favor you can do to yourself, sweetheart, is to be yourself. Be as real as you can. We sometimes get so nervous and excited and carried away in the feelings of a new relationship that we put on a teeny tiny fake persona.

Your man has got to know you and love you for who you are. Not a version of you, but the real you and it makes you at peace when he truly loves you, the real you.

Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a New Relationship

If you drive a car without a clear direction, it might seem fun in the beginning until you run out of gas and you have to ditch the car. This is what happens when you don’t have those defined things to keep in mind when starting a new relationship.

You have that wonderful person as your partner but you don’t have to wait until you run out of gas metaphorically before you know the things to keep in mind when starting a new relationship, this is why I’m here.

Enter that new relationship with confidence knowing the things you can do to start on a good note. Over-excitement can indeed make one forget that he/she needs this virtue or attitude in a new relationship but it’s all good because our new relationship advice for ladies has got you covered.

8. Be creative: Creativity is critical for a relationship or it ends up being one of those ‘blah’ boring relationships where you leave feeling like, “oh well, if we had more exciting times, maybe I would regret it being over or I wouldn’t have left”.

Instead, get your creative juices flowing as soon as you enter into a relationship. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when starting a new relationship, why? The ability to create comes in handy when things seem slow and unexciting.

You have a duty to yourself to keep this in mind when starting with someone new. Keep things fresh, exciting, and happy. Build for yourself loads of memories to look back on and smile. Discover those fun things to do in a new relationship and do them.

9. Be independent: You need to enter into a relationship with someone you love knowing you can stand without that person, and that if you separate, you can still stand. There’s this bad habit we have where we hang our entire being on someone else carelessly in the name of love.

Love is deliberate. You don’t want to lose that person so you begin to take deliberate steps to eliminate some possible disruptions in the flow of harmony. One of those things is “remember to be independent”.

At least, go in with your head clear before the pink cloud of feelings comes to sweep you off your feet. Don’t forget this tip when considering the things to keep in mind when starting a new relationship.

10. Be honest with yourself: One foundational truth on the tips or advice on love and relationships is honesty. Tell yourself the truth first, be honest, be sincere with yourself on everything before you get into a relationship.

A relationship will test intentions and your integrity so it’s best to know that you are already clear with yourself on some basic issues. Then you can trust that your side in the relationship is safe in terms of intentions.

So important is this tip because if you can’t tell yourself the truth, who can you tell? That is one piece of advice from a wise woman I once met.

11. Don’t be overly possessive: Possessiveness is adorable. At one point or another, we want to growl when someone even looks at our partner, or we want to check our partner’s phone to make sure no one is trying to get what you already got.

It’s only natural until it’s not. Don’t go all cave-man on your partner! Jealousy is not only unhealthy but also makes you seem desperate and desperation looks good on no one. Give your man space to miss you and make sure he knows you are possessive but try to keep it on low.

12. Be understanding: How do you plan to go far without preparing your mind to be understanding? I have no idea but I do know that when you meet the right person, you know it and this should spur you to take this popular relationship advice.

This can’t be possible though without proper communication, knowing what your partner likes/dislikes. This should be a mantra for you because humans have their differences and need to be understanding to co-exist.

What Happens in a New Relationship

What Happens in a New Relationship

A new relationship is exciting, but since it’s new, we don’t know exactly what to expect even though we might have been in a previous relationship. This is why our interest in what happens in a new relationship is going to answer the questions in your heart.

Some things that happen in a new relationship are expected, but in our new relationship advice for ladies, I’m going to show you just how it goes when you enter a new relationship, though not all relationships follow the same pattern, multiple studies have shown that this is what usually happens in a new relationship.

13. The sizzles: ‘The sizzles’ is exactly what you think it means- a sizzling noise. This is because most relationships as soon as they begin, right after the decision to be exclusive, begin to sizzle. In this case, that sizzle is used to represent the excitement and initial attraction.

Of course, there needs to be an attraction for a relationship to work. Here, the nerves don’t allow the relationship to be full-blown, so it starts with a sizzle. It’s a slow burn which will eventually burn bright, and then smolder.

Note that you should never let your sizzle die out. It will reduce over time but it shouldn’t die out. Every romantic relationship needs the ‘sizzle’. This is one important tip in new relationship tips for ladies.

14. The fireworks: Few weeks or months after ‘the sizzles’, you get to know each other more deeply, appreciating everything about each other. The sparks start to fly; this is the fireworks. The nerves have begun to melt and you get more comfortable with each other.

This stage does a lot of things on the mind because it’s all sparkly with emotions and attraction and discoveries. It is a really exciting time for the new couple and they begin to grow as one learning what the other’s likes and dislikes.

15. Nirvana: This is a place of complete bliss and delight and peace where you have settled in and are at peace with each other. The chemicals and hormones that were causing the fireworks begin to reduce and you begin to grow even more comfortable with that person.

You are more conscious here about what is and isn’t okay in a relationship because you want to keep that peace and tranquillity. You have bonded more and still get the sizzle but here, creative thinking is very much appreciated to make sure nothing burns out.

16. Commitment: Here, you have felt, burned, discovered, learned so much about each other and all the initial hormones have reduced and clear thoughts now flow through making you analyze each other much clearer.

This is where you know that you want to be more committed to your partner by sealing it with a ring or just cranking up the level of commitment (if you’re not considering marriage). This is where most couples either get stronger or eventually get tired and end things.

Which stage are you? Do you feel our new relationship tips for ladies helped you in whichever stage you are in? Comment in the comment section.

How to be Patient in a New Relationship

How to be Patient in a New Relationship

Relationships aside… your neighbor you see just once a week can frustrate you. And you just see him/her just one time in a week. Why? You’re two completely different people and you have not learned to relate well yet.

When it comes to relationships, the closer you are, the more likely you are to step on each other’s toes. Simple psychology! This is why we got you tips on how to be patient in a new relationship.

Ladies, your man may not be patient with you just because he likes you, you need time to settle differences and gain that smooth ground. This helps because it’s a needed topic to cover under our new relationship advice for ladies. 

17. Recognize your partner: Some people just get lost in jitters and bright flowery feelings that they miss some critical personality traits in their partner. Yeah, you shouldn’t do that. Take the time to recognize what he likes and doesn’t like.

Be cognizant of those little mannerisms, know his temperament, just watch him. He might think it’s creepy but it sure is worth it. That way, you see a lot you could have missed thereby you have more information to combat impatience in your relationship.

18. He’s not perfect: He can do something very surprising, but not amusing. He’s not perfect. He can make your mouth drop open in horror. He’s not perfect. Human beings generally are not perfect.

Patience grows when you realize this simple tip on how to be patient in a new relationship. We all make mistakes, we all have regrets, we fall many times and we rise many times. It doesn’t mean you should overlook every problem, but keep this tip at the back of your mind.

19. Be open-minded: “Oh I can’t do that…oh I would never do that… you shouldn’t do that… I never want to see you do that again”

I do not think I’m wrong if I say these are sometimes phrases that spark an argument. Something you don’t agree on, something that is beyond your mindset, something you don’t understand.

Well, that’s why I added this tip on how to be patient in a new relationship. A relationship is like a large field to explore, don’t stay in a little corner. Explore. Be open-minded. Stretch yourself. You won’t break.

20. Communicate: Communication cannot be overemphasized in a relationship. Why? Because no one’s got it all figured out yet.

Hence, the need for me to say it again. You need to communicate with your partner. Not everything gets solved and resolved by being quiet about it. You cannot handle everything yourself.

I’m not saying anyone should be rude, but if you’re angry, let him know. If he did something wrong, let him know. If you’re about to take a major decision, especially one that involves the both of you, let him know. That’s how to act in a relationship with a guy.

21. Don’t hide yourself: If you feeling like hiding yourself, you shouldn’t. Why? You got into a relationship to share yourself, your stuff, your feelings, your mind, everything… with someone. It wouldn’t make too much sense to try to hide after that decision.

But what do I mean by ‘hiding’ yourself? Don’t withdraw from someone you made a promise to be open to.

Being open makes you know the kind of person you are with. If after you have opened up, and he doesn’t like what he sees… The decision is in your hands. After all, you’ve learned how to relax when dating someone new.

22. Forgive: One major problem in relationships which this tip on how to be patient in a new relationship will combat is unforgivingness.

Wow. It’s funny that ‘I forgive you’ a lot of times does not come from the heart and the action forgiven gets the spotlight in the times to come. We need to sit and learn how to forgive.

Hurts are inevitable but are healed with the balm of forgiveness. Set yourself free by making that conscious decision to forgive your partner. If you take nothing away from here, take this particular new relationship advice for ladies.

New Relationship Feelings

New Relationship Feelings

Butterflies. Butterflies. Sparks. Fireworks!!!

That excitement is inevitable for most. You begin to take loads of pictures, hold hands every day, smile, smile, and smile till your face hurts. I’m not going to chemically analyze those new relationship feelings so I won’t kill your vibes.

But I will tell you what these new relationship feelings are and how to manage them. Here’s a piece of new relationship advice for ladies… new relationship feelings do not last. You probably knew that already but there are some of you reading this post with those same butterflies running loose inside of you.

Sorry to burst your bubble, darling. But you need to manage these feelings to make smart decisions from the beginning of your new relationship. Here we go:

23. Passion: Passion is beautiful. We’re constantly told to be passionate about our dreams and sometimes your dreams happen to be this awesome person you’re with. But passion, if left unchecked, can be destructive.

It is very natural to feel passionate about your boyfriend, but passion goes deep. It can make you take pretty serious decisions at such an early stage in your relationship. It’s a very intense feeling meaning it should be handled delicately. At this point, think that decision through or better, have a trusted 3rd party look into it with you.

24. Carelessness: One downside of those rushing hormones that are very active in the beginning parts of a new relationship is that they can lead to careless actions.

I will not mention particular actions but I guess you know those actions I’m referring to. The product of new relationship feelings can often lead to carelessness.

This can be tamed by taking the time to reflect on your actions and how they would affect the future of the relationship. It’s not an actual time-out, but it would give you time to calm your thought.

25. Forfeiture: It’s common to see that in a new relationship, there’s that overwhelming feeling of sacrifice you have that you can give up anything to your loved one.

Sacrifice is good, but when the motive is to impress, and driven by rushing hormones…it’s not so impressive then. This can cause a lot of harm because you can give away parts of yourself too early. Here, new relationship feelings, don’t do so much good.

26. Insecurity: When you begin a new relationship, it’s a new journey you’re embarking on. There are so many things you’re uncertain about, and it can lead to insecurity.

You begin to question yourself and the things you know, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This is why it is best you know who you are before you venture into a relationship. This way you know what you’re bringing to the table. You are solid, yet choosing to lean on someone.

27. Jealousy: Since high school relationships started has been the birth of the well-known reason for girl-fights in school and some boy-fights.

This post is not complete if we don’t add one of the most common new relationship feelings. It is understandable but it is an unhealthy trait. The need to be protective of your partner is very natural but jealousy as I said earlier in this post, is not cool – words of advice to a girl who wants her relationship to last forever.

28. Effect: I like this particular new relationship feelings. This is kind of opposite to the ‘forgiveness’ tip in the previous sub-topic. If there is something like over-forgiveness, this is it.

Here, he does things that you don’t like, you forgive him, you forget it. Sounds good right? Until he does outrightly wrong things, and guess what? You forgive him, you forget it.

Forgiveness is good. But if your judgment is clouded when you forgive, if you don’t deal with the issue and sweep it under the rug under the guise of forgiveness, it becomes a problem. The dominant hormones at the beginning of a relationship can contribute to this new relationship feelings effect.

I hope our post on “new relationship advice for ladies” has helped you to know how to navigate, build and groom new relationships and that you had some insight as to how to love by knowing our pieces of advice to you.

If you liked this post or if you felt it has helped you, you can comment on what you thought about the post and how it helped you. You can also share it on your social media platforms, send it to someone you feel might need it, and build more happy relationships. Be happy and spread love.

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