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160 Romantic Engagement Status to Double Your Happiness (2022)

The air smells so different today, feeling so much like the season just turned! Your emotions right now feel like you’re about to experience a series of a ‘skyrocket’ as you announce your engagement status. Understanding how deep you are in the season of love; you obviously would be so overwhelmed with how to announce your engagement status.

Seasons come with changes, and as the world progresses, so do the people in it. The best way to announce a romantic engagement status for a friend, brother, sister, fiancé, fiancée and even your own engagement status is to ensure that the words are captivating enough to endear the souls.

Writing or announcing the best engagement status can only be achieved by getting a mix of words that are delightful, can spread the thrill you feel and also radiate your joy.

We’ve got all your favorite cliché of the year written as engagement status, engagement quotes, engagement wishes, and engagement captions as well as trendy engagement status for Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp along with nice ‘engagement tweets’. Read through it all, and enjoy displaying various charming engagement status!

Own Engagement Status

Own Engagement Status

Congratulations on your love status change! It’s a great feeling that can’t be contained in the heart, no matter how large such a heart is.

While feeling the vibes of your new engagement status upgrade, let’s help project your own engagement status with such a personal tone that sounds so romantic all the way from the heart so as to properly represent your preferred way of announcing engagement status for self.

Knowing that your own engagement status would portray just how you feel about this whole new development. We’ve got you a well detailed and easily comprehendible string of words to announce your own engagement status.

Find out your preferred ‘own engagement status’ from the list below!

1. I don’t care if there are some etiquettes to doing this, I just want to let out a scream that ‘I’m engaged.’

2. A nice and fresh page has been opened and I’m prepared to read through all the hidden adventures of love. I’ve got no iota of doubt that I’ll love every bit of it.

3. Today, I let go of all the experiences I’ve had with my bae in the past. What matters is the decision we’ve made to climb all the way to the top of the mountain of love.

4. I’m holding the pen with my love and together we’re about to write a love story never heard and told for ages. Congratulations to me!

5. At last! It’s a dream come true; a fantasy turned reality. I’m hooked and betrothed to my beloved. Congratulations to me!

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6. A beloved soul has the Lord bequeathed me to. I’m the most favored one on earth.

7. I just took a turn in the road of love and now, I’m riding along with it with my heartbeat.

8. It’s more than sheer luck, it’s favor and a divine blessing. Blessed I’m I among men (or women) for meeting you. And I’ll forever be grateful that you’ve chosen to stay with me.

9. A union starts with a decision to walk together on the basis of trust, love and total agreement. With no conditions attached, I’ve been joined with my bestie and soulmate.

10. It’s finally official! My longtime friend has resolved to walk down the aisle with me. Cheers to me!

Got engaged status


Got engaged status

Yeah! You just joined the ‘just got engaged’ status writers. We can tell right from here how you just feel. Your heart seems to be dancing to the new rhythm of the song that has formed in your heart in response to your just ‘got engaged status’ mode.

How to announce your emotions to the world out there about your present engagement status upgrade is a concern to us. Yea! A big one at that.

With no doubt, we’re sure you’ll find here below, nicely linked words that would satisfy your kind of got engaged status for WhatsApp, got engaged status on Facebook as well as other social media platforms.

Enjoy reading and sending!

11. I feel such sweet vibes today and I couldn’t wait to share it with the whole world. It’s a joy that can’t be hidden. A spark of light that can’t but just burn. Congrats to me!f

12. I have met someone who has successfully opened the gates of my heart, and touched the core of my affection. Happy to be engaged at last!

13. I hid love deeply in the bosom of my heart, someone came and fetched it out. This bond I’ve formed can’t be broken. A blissful spell it is.

14. This is a season to bask in. A moment I’ve looked forward to. I’m finally engaged and I can’t deny how good it feels. Yea! feels really good.

15. A moment to felicitate in a different style has finally come. It’s only the beginning and I feel so elated. I have no doubt it would last till the end.

16. Here’s big news for everyone! I’m at last affianced to the one my heart has chosen among many.

17. There have been many stars before in my sky, but today, I see just one of them clearly standing out. With joy, I announce that my heart has picked someone so dear.

18. I’m taken at last! Taken to my elect one. Elected by heart, soul, mind, and body. Congratulations to me. Can’t wait to tie the knot!

19. Today marks the beginning of a lifetime journey with my beloved one. It’s going to be a countdown with a difference.

20. I’m intoxicated with my new engagement status. And I can’t but just announce to everyone to jubilate with me. Congratulations to me!

My Engagement Status

My Engagement Status

There’s an unquenchable glow in your heart right now because finally, you can announce ‘my engagement’ on all your social media. Your friends and families have so much shared engagement status about people around and you wondered oftentimes saying “when do I also get to share my engagement status too?”

While rejoicing with you today, we have also gone further to help you put that overwhelming sensation into words as a lovely engagement status. You can take from them and boldly state ‘my engagement status’ on every one of your social media status updates. Just as well, when you speak, you can with confidence say; ‘my engagement status’ is changed from single to engaged!

Get some below and start updating!

21. Having to change my last name didn’t seem pleasant until I met someone worth changing it for. Love definitely supersedes all. Now, not only would I change my name, I would change so many things about me for my darling.

22. The rainbows have come spread around me as I drench myself in your love. I love to have more of this ecstatic experience with you as I journey with you.

23. The love and dedication we share is a great anchor of a successful relationship. Happy to have that with you.

24. I’m fortunate to have someone to finally figure out life together with. It’s worth it! Spending the rest of my life with the one who understands me the most.

25. I’ve engaged with someone whose life is going to transform and bring out more of who I am. Such great discovery I’m about to make on this journey with my love.

26. Seems to me like today should mark the final tie. But I would wait forever if I have to, I’ve already waited this long to find someone my heart trusts. Congrats to me!

27. I’m engaged now, though my love story had started so long ago. I found out that it’s only been growing stronger by the day. And on this day, it’s too strong to be dissolved.

28. I’m not only getting ready to live life together with my heart’s desire, but I’ve also been ready a long time ago. He just needed to come my way and of course, it’s a YES!

29. The right person stole my heart. I couldn’t have been more grateful for this. Congrats to me!

30. I’m in a gleeful mode! Why? It’s ‘cos I’m engaged! I feel on top of the world, so highly elated right now. Anyone cares for a drink to toast? I’m here for you.

Engagement Status for Fiance

Engagement Status for Fiance

It’s a period and awesome season for your spouse and you. You just want to share heartfelt ‘engagement status for fiance’.

Though it’s a mutual sensation you both share right now. deciding to make the status update all about him is a strong contribution to your bond of love. You’ll see I said it, watch out for his heartfelt comments thereafter.

Pick some and share engagement status prayers, wishes and some of your wild feelings about the new hook up with your spouse today with this ‘engagement status for fiance’.

31. An adventure into certainty is worth taking. That’s why I’ve finally decided to spend the rest of my days with none.

32. Just when I start to think I’ve known all the colors of affection you can display. You make speechless again. I’m happy and look forward to knowing more of you.

33. I have more than a million reasons to pick you over and over again. You’re my choice and that’s how it’s going to stay. I can’t have a break from this bond so strong.

34. Not about the flowers you brought or the other gifts gave. Those words you have always spoken to me are strong enough to have convinced me and built me for taking the decision to stay with you. I’m happy and look forward to locking it up on our wedding day. Congratulations to us!

35. Before you pushed the question, I knew just that I couldn’t live away from you. Thank you for your heart, it spoke and showed more to me than your lips said. Happy hook up to us!

36. Make a toast to us. A toast to a sweet beginning and an obviously fascinating time all along this adventure of love. I believe there’s no climax to it. It’s happily ever after!

37. You’re not someone who would lie about being perfect. This humble heart has attracted me to you so much. I’m happy you’re the one I’m spending the rest of my life with!

38. It’s just been some months and I’ve felt like I’ve known you for ages. I long to discover more of this treasure of love. Congrats, my treasure!

39. You’re one rare gem that every lady wants to be with. You’ve got it all. I’m jealous of you than ever before. But I trust you as I trust myself. ‘Happy engagement’ to us.

40. I owe to you a lot for holding on so long to me. Thanks for waiting patiently for my response. You’re the best!.

Engagement Announcement Status

Engagement Announcement Status

It’s a major milestone in your love life aside from other significant events of your life.No matter the vibe that gets you to update your status at every major achievement you make in life, you must stop to think deeply to come out with the best engagement announcement status.

What a great sensation it would be to herald your engagement status with our well prepared ‘engagement announcement status’ for you. We’ve got ‘engagement status’ written to get people to have a taste of what you presently feel.

Remember to put cute engagement hashtags like #engaged#, #justgothitched#, and so on. Read through and get some!

41. Want to paint the whole town so red with ‘I just hooked’. Great feeling and feasting mode activated!

42. We’re the sun and moon that can’t just stop glowing in the sky. Now we’re together, it’s gonna be a blast! We’re the greatest union of planetary bodies. Congratulations to my fiancé and me!

43. A portal just opened in my heart. I can’t totally describe what’s gushing out, but this I can say; ‘it feels so good to be finally engaged!’.

44. Our love path in life leads to forever. I have no doubt about that, the hands holding me today are so assuring. Happy to be engaged!
45. The extraordinary love story has come to play out in reality finally. My Romeo has finally found the courage to make me his Juliet!

46. Yipee! I gave no delay as the question popped out his mouth. It was and would always be a yes!

47. I’m so freaked out right now! I thought I could hold it in my heart, but my heart is about to burst with the excitement of being engaged. Yes, I said it! I’m engaged.

48. I see stars falling to celebrate with me this day. The tide has turned, it’s a refreshing feeling and lovely season ahead, with me and my beloved.

49. I see nothing but a promising togetherness with the only one my heart has ever had peace with. I’m hooked up with my peaceful lover, can’t wait to finalize it at the altar.

50. I see great doors of different dimensions of blessings opening up already. It feels so good to be engaged at last!

Engagement Announcement Quotes

Engagement Announcement Quotes


Ever heard of engagement being celebrated? Well, why not? It’s worth it, ‘cos engagement is a special moment of a decision taken by two souls who have knit together and desire so much to join hands together and walk through life. It’s indeed special and worth having engagement announcement quotes for, as a reminder of the special moment.

Let’s help to cite and illustrate the experiences of to-be-couples in respect to the times they’ve spent together in the past. Celebrate with these ‘engagement announcement quotes’ written below.

51. I feel so strong suddenly and ready to take on all of the world’s challenges. I now have a hand holding me, and telling me to take the lead. Congrats to me!

52. I’m happy to be part of a life that’s going to break limitations. Also, glad to be a contribution to solving the world’s problem. My man is a solution to the world, so I’m I!

53. The thrill of my engagement announcement is just the joy I feel right now. I’m happy, full of joy, over-the-board and walking on cloud nine!

54. I’m finally walking on air right now! Not walking alone though, got my darling floating with me.

55. Soft as the words were, I was convinced she said ‘yes’ from her heart. Such a tender and beautiful heart. Happy to hold hands with her.

56. Never knew love could be more rooted in confession. We confessed our love for each other and got engaged right away!

57. I saw and felt the depth of affection today as we clung to a promise. This promise is a great start to a beautiful end. ‘Just got engaged!’

58. Walking through the garden with the one I just gave my finger to, for a ring. I’m more than happy!

59. Someone’s decided to say ‘I got your back all day long and forever!’ Thanks to my forever love.

60. We just climbed the first step on this ladder of affection. We’re moving to the top and never coming down from it. Happy engagement with me!

Engagement Quotes for Friends

Engagement Quotes for Friends

Friends are so dear, we care about every phase of their lives. Announcing engagement quotes for friends could be quite interesting. It makes friendship bonds stronger as you take the place of making wishes for your friends in the engagement quotes for friends that you send to them.

You’ll definitely not just want to upload a casual engagement status for friends. Therefore, with these meticulously written unbiased and sincere engagement quotes for friends, you can project just how much you love your friends and are happy to see them on the way to the altar. Interestingly read and pick some!

61. It gladdens my heart to announce with all my heart that spring of joy has finally burst forth in your heart. Happy engagement darling friend!

62. You’re such a tender rose, I’m happy you were picked by the right person. Congratulations!

63. My heartfelt felt congratulation goes to you and your spouse in this season of love. Cheers!

64. It takes a beautiful heart, strong and ready to face life with one he or she loves to make this great decision that you have made my friend. I’m so happy for you. May you enjoy it all through.

65. There’s brightness all over like never before. I hope this status brings a smile to you. Love you dearly from my heart and I rejoice with you.

66. I felicitate delightfully with my best friend turned sister today. Grow old together in boundless affection with your sweetheart.

67. You’ve always been a lovely soul. May you grow lovelier by every moment you spend together with your new-found love. Congrats!

68. It’s a pleasure to announce to the world today that I’m the best friend of the most beautiful bride-to-be. It’s an announcement hot and fresh. All eyes are on you, let the wedding bells ring soon!

69. I’m happy to know about this phase of your life. Your dream to be hooked with a true prince charming (or beauty) is now come true. Congrats dear!

70. I’m happy God sent another angel to walk with you. You’re an angel yourself, no doubt your home would be heavenly.

Finally engaged quotes

Finally engaged quotes

‘Finally engaged quotes’ show how much you have been expectant of this proposal as a female from your fiancé. And as a male, you have quietly hoped that such a time like this would come when she would accept your well-rehearsed proposal over time.

Take some inspirations from here and share your own finally engaged quotes to friends, family, and well-wishers.
Find from the list below and update!

71. The world awaits a season with bright sensations. You and your beloved have brought such feelings, welcome to the world of the engaged!

72. I can’t wait to start life already! Life has all meaning when you’re with the one you love.

73. Engagement is a consummation of true friendship. I’m happily joined with one who has decided to be my friend forever.

74. My heart was not stolen, it was taken by the one I’ve freely given it to. I’ll give it all over again to just you my love.

75. It already feels like we should be living in our forever love tale. But I can wait till the end of time for you. It’s only a step to begin, the end is certainly gonna the best!

76. Just said yes because I’ve someone whose heart, mind and thoughts are alike. We’re good to go!

77. Discovering loved ones is good, but finding out they can stay with you for the rest of your life is the best feeling. My best friend and love have just decided to have a happily ever after with me.

78. This feeling is great only when the person is right for you. I have found not just ‘the right one’ but ‘the best one’ for me!

79. It’s the start of an adventure that can never be boring. I’ve been taken on a ride to the undiscovered ‘land of love’ there’s more to love when it’s with the right person.

80. My love life just got better! I’m hooked with the one who adds smiles to me all day long.

Couple Ring Quotes

Couple Ring Quotes

‘You’ve got beautiful fingers!’ People have said to you. Never had it looked so beautiful as it looks now to you though? Just why is that? Oh yes! There’s a ring on it, finally.

We have here written for you couples-to -be lovely couple ring quotes to signify the love in the air, the bond of hearts, and the start of your journey to the altar!

The couple ring quotes are to help us acknowledge the blessings of the coming together of friends and people in love. Embedded there in the couple ring quotes are wishes and messages to announce your engagement status. Find from the list and share!

81. Here’s a testimony to the reason for my joy. A lovely ring on my beautiful and favorite finger!

82. This looks so perfect on me like my finger was made for the ring and the ring was made for my finger. A perfect one from my perfect one!

83. The inscription on the ring says ‘walk with me forever’. We’re definitely doing this together and forever.

84. I’ll keep this symbol of love forever. It’s the mark of a sweet beginning with my love. Want to show it the last generation I get to see on earth.

85. I’ll choose this ring above all other jewelry again. It’s the most significant to me. To beautify my heart and love life.

86. Never knew so much joy hung around this small circle of a ring. I know why though, it’s because of the heart who gave it to me!

87. Putting this on today, I feel so closer to my beloved. It’s a sweet feeling, and I can’t wait to finally make it official!

88. I want to walk everywhere waving my favorite hand and finger. It’s more beautiful now. you know why? I just got hooked and got a ring on my finger!

89. This ring is a symbol of a ‘happily ever after’ life. Sure that there are no regrets, it’s filled with promises, great ones at that!

90. This band on my finger makes love ring in my ears and heart over and over like never before. It makes me think ‘welcome to the love world!’

Funny Engagement Captions

Funny Engagement Captions

You just got hooked finally with your soulmate and heart rob. We definitely know the feeling of wanting to wink at everyone who looks at you. You just want to show your perfect set of teeth in a broad smile as you show everyone the spark on your favorite finger.

These are appropriately written funny engagement captions that depict funny ways to say you are engaged!

Let’s capture all the moments through your friendship together till now, up till when he finally went down on his knees to pop the big question, or when she actually said yes after being first dumbfounded at the proposal.

Think of every moment of laughter and cries together. As you read on, you’ll find different funny engagement captions interpreting all those moments. You’ll definitely almost feel we were there all along with you two.

Here are the perfect funny engagement captions you can use as your engagement status.

91. Felt like hypnosis when he went down on his knees! I couldn’t say any other thing but ‘yes’.

92. Such a charm. Your love doctor must be so potent to have trained you with such enchanting words.

93. ‘I’m finally engaged!’ Yes, feels so good to finally let that out.

94. My belly boils with love, my sweats stream out screaming joy. If you aren’t seeing this already, then you should see it in my words ‘I’m engaged.’

95. For as many as haven’t heard, I’m on my way to the altar!

96. I couldn’t but scream a ‘YES!’. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. A time to have my own superhero save me from the spinsters’ land.

97. The bride-to-be has been taken behind bars! Yes. My cell of love!

98. The bridal dress is going to be long enough to cover the hall-way. A queen is about to be joined with a King! Congratulations!

99. What a relief as I get to be wiped off the ‘singles list’. What a joy, I write with such gladness of heart.

100. My prince charming has woken me up from a deep ‘singles’ status sleep. Congratulations to me, yea!

Witty Engagement Announcements

Witty Engagement Announcements

In clever and amusing tones, you can create witty engagement announcements. Have you ever read someone’s engagement status and you can’t seem to decipher clearly some thoughts? Such engagement status always looks captivating, interesting and leaves you anticipating to physically see the couple-to-be.

Right here for you are witty engagement announcements that you can pick from. It portrays what a deep thinker a writer is to the listeners. So, just think broad and deep about your engagement status and find those ideas here in witty engagement announcements.

101. I’ve found someone with a beautiful veil over her face. But I definitely have seen through the veil, and know the treasure behind it. Rejoice with me, everyone!

102. There aren’t too many who can do this. But my prince charming has roused me up from my ‘singles slumber’. No longer a sleeping beauty, but an engaged beauty who is so alive.

103. Two kingdoms have finally decided to unite. What a great merge it is. Happy wedding countdown to us!

104. I’m off shopping to look good for many. I’ll always look my best for just one now! #finallytaken#

105. I just caught one fish on my hook. No more searching the seas!

106. My prince is betrothed to his princess! Ours is a kingdom of Love. Let’s rule it on!

107. I’m finally off going on a hunt. I’ve got the best thing I need here all along. No more looking out in the wild!

108. I’m off the lookout for any, now on the hook with the best one! Yea!

109. The big question was much more real than in the movies! So my yes was straight without delay!

110. Mr charm just got me enchanted. Such a charmer! Love you forever, you’re my good luck charm and you appeal to me in all ways.

Engagement Quotes for Him

Engagement Quotes for Him

How do you perfectly capture the sparks of joy he feels right not? Not forgetting also, the bubbles and butterfly feelings in his belly after his big question popped out a yes from her!

For every guy in love and hooked up out there, be it friends, colleagues or siblings they need these engagement quotes for him. After so many rehearsed speeches, he finally got approval. Send some engagement quotes for him to cheer him up. Get some for your fiancé too!

111. Wow! Someone has finally made the decision to become a groom. Your bride-to-be is so lucky to have you. Congratulations dear!

112. You roused so much affection and brightness in me. I can’t but just wish that as you’ve decided to hold my hand forever, you also cling on to my heart forever.

113. When I’m with you, I see only you and other things around dissolve. Happy to have you as my spouse!

114. I know there are imperfections, but I would appreciate it all of it. It completes you, my beloved! Thanks for putting a ring to my finger finally.

115. You’re like a compass to me. Determining and verifying my path through life. I would stay with you forever!

116. I don’t want the most expensive things as much as I want to get married right now to you. Can’t wait to tie the knot!

117. I’m engaged to the one who makes me reach high above my limits. What better person is there to spend the rest of one’s life with if not you?

118. Oh! It’s so real today at last. My favorite man is taking me to the altar. You’ve been the best influence in my life since we met. Thanks, my love!

119. My best man is about taking his bride too! Happy for you friend, and I wish you the best with her. She suits you so well, looking forward to the ‘D day’.

120. You have displayed love to me in all dimensions. How would I have looked away from that? Happy engagement to us, my fiancé! I can’t wait for you to swing me up in your hands on our wedding day.

Engagement Quotes for Her

Engagement Quotes for Her

Oh! He came with such enchanting words, and with such charming posture, she was transfixed.

These are the best engagement quotes for her, your fiancé or your female friend or colleague or daughter even a boss at work, who just got engaged with her love. For your own fiancee too, you can get some.

She probably feels like she’s on cloud nine already. Help her enjoy the height with these engagement quotes for her.

121. Hey babe! Someone’s finally going to unveil your face. So happy that you’re finally going to the altar with your beloved one. Congratulations!

122. Save the date for me and my bae! We’re officially engaged now. Feels so good!

123. I just got hooked with a damsel. Isn’t she the best? I know she is, so for the record, she’s off the market!

124. To my friend and sister. It’s so good to finally see a childhood dream become a reality. And a reality so true and joyful at that! Congratulations dear!

125. I loved her from the very first moment she stepped into the office. I knew ‘beauty and brains’ just came in. So glad she finally got engaged to ‘handsome and brains’ too.

126. Life has been good to me, but it just got better! The best gift of life to me is you my best friend. #friendturnedfiancee#

127. Reality hit you real good today girl. So happy for you, we love you and wish you the best with your fiancé. #bestwishesfromfriends#

128. I’m most fortunate to have met you. You’re a golden choice wherever and anytime. Glad I made the right choice. Thank you for being mine.

129. I’ll choose you again and again amongst a million beautiful faces. You stand out in my sky. Thanks for accepting my hands for an eternal journey and adventure of love together.

130. My highly-priced daughter just got taken. My rare gem baby is taken! Congratulation dear!

Classy Way to Announce Engagement on Facebook

Classy Way to Announce Engagement on Facebook

Should I announce my engagement on Facebook? is the question you have been asking yourself since you got hooked with your soulmate. While some people ask; ‘how do I announce my engagement status on Facebook?’.

Actually, we can assure you that, though a change in engagement status is a ‘big deal!’, however, there are ‘Facebook wedding announcement wording’ good enough as a classy way to announce engagement on Facebook.

You really need to be posh when announcing your engagement on Facebook. By this, what to write when announcing engagement must ‘wow’ your audience.

Look here below, select some of these creative words to share, tag friends, upload pictures and you got your perfect classy way to announce engagement on Facebook!

131. Chit-chats just got something else to talk about! I’m engaged. Watch out for the countdown.

132. Light’s up on my face, I’m in the spotlight now! Finally engaged and full of joy. Let the shares begin. Cheers to me!

133. No need to try confirming again. Yea! it’s true, I’m engaged to the most beautiful soul on earth.

134. Got another in my nest now! Letting the world know, ‘cos there’s a feast of love on the way. Book for our tickets soon.

135. Just took a big step, with the best foot to walk with. Send prayers and wishes friends!

136. My bestie just got engaged! Here’s a picture of her perfect match and her perfect ring.

137. My brother just sealed a damsel with a beautiful ring. He’s so happy and feels achieved. She’s the best that’s happened to him.

138. I have been incomplete, she has been too. Today, we just took the decision to complete each other. Thanks, my love!

139. I may not have known you too deeply, but seeing the joy you radiate now, I know you have met a beautiful soul. You must have been a good one to have her knit with you. Congrats friend!

140. You don’t need to be perfect, taking this journey with her would bring out the perfect you. Congratulations brother!

Engagement Status for WhatsApp

Engagement Status for Whatsapp

Marriage announcement on social media hinges on the ‘how’ to announce your status of engagement on social media. No matter what you think about how to announce your engagement status for WhatsApp. We’ve got all possible kinds of thoughts that run on social media here for you, your friends and all with such a love story.

You can get some engagement status for WhatsApp to upload for yourself, or friends and family who just got engaged. You can upload a few seconds of romantic videos of the proposal, along with some pictures. Fix in some funny emoji here and there too.

Get on with uploading your lovely engagement status for WhatsApp!

141. Just got partnered in forever business of love affair. My love, you’re the best! Thanks for coming to my life.

142. No longer an uncertainty. It’s officially locked and decided. The love story is now sealed!

143. Congratulations to my dear friends this day. Even the weather today acknowledged your coming together.

144. May your lives be a blessing to the world as it has been one to me and everyone here. Happy engagement colleague!

145. Starting from now, I no longer walk alone. My heart is the abode of another and his hands my pillar and courage.

146. We don’t need chains to hold us together. We’ve got the strongest thing, Love! Got my heart hooked with just ONE!

147. Congrats friend, go on and explore each other’s worlds! You’re the best for each other.

148. Ours is not slavery, but the freedom to love and cherish each other forever. It’s too strong to be broken. We’re happily engaged!

149. I’ve gained strength in our love. The decision to bond with you couldn’t have been any better. It brings me joy than I could ever have imagined.

150. Being with you is a dream come true, a wish come to pass, and a prayer answered. Wholeheartedly, I love you!

Engagement Captions for Instagram and Twitter

Engagement Captions for Instagram and Twitter

Announcing engagement status on social media can be very tricky. There are surely clever ways to do it.

Here are some Instagram engagement announcement ideas for you from our archive of engagement status. It’ll be sweeter as you upload nice pictures along with your engagement status posts, not forgetting to put hashtags too.

Engagement captions for Instagram and twitter are usually sweeter by backing up words with photos. We’ve got the words prepared for you here, check them out and put up the interesting photos of the fiancé and fiancée.

151. Here’s a new tweet for everyone! I just got engaged! Let the likes and retweets go on!

152. Take a glimpse at this finger! Yea! that’s right, just got engaged.

153. He has finally booked me for life. Yes, my darling put a ring to effect it.

154. Going over and over without fear ‘cos I got my love with me on the roller coaster. #finallyengaged#

155. Got some nice shots loading. Note! I look exceptionally delightful in them. Just check my finger out in them. (upload a beautiful picture with your engagement ring on)

156. I knew forever would always be my lot with you, my love! #happilyenagaged#

157. Check out this eye-catching phrase that just got real with me. ‘Just got engaged.’

158. Love spread all over the air, I just got caught in it. Happily hooked up with this bae! (put a picture of your fiancée).

159. The web caught me so well and at the right time. I’m in the list of the engaged, and it feels so good to be in it. Congrats to me!

160. I’m ready to be packed in with him soon. Wedding countdown soon to begin. Rejoice with me, friends!

With the above sweet engagement status and quotes, it’s definitely going to be an engagement to remember!

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