Ideas for Winter Birthdays

Top 10 Fun Ideas for Winter Birthdays

Winter birthdays are a little more special because they happen during the holidays. So what can you do as ideas for winter birthdays to make them unforgettable birthdays? It’s that time of year again, and you’re heading off to plan a birthday in winter, now what?

Winter is a season for celebration and fun, so it makes sense to throw a birthday party. You should have some handy tips and ideas for winter birthdays for throwing great parties, no matter what the weather.

Did you know that not all birthdays are celebrated in summer? It’s true, some tend to celebrate their birthdays in winter too. Even if you don’t celebrate your birthday during the cold winter months, these presents can be given out at Christmas too.

Do you want to throw a birthday party for someone near and dear to you but don’t know what to do? Forget about expensive outings, difficult-to-find ingredients, and complex recipes. These are all things that 70s, 80s, and 90s kids (and even adults) used to have to deal with when planning a party. Nowadays it’s completely different.

Winter Birthday Ideas for Adults

Winter is a wonderful time to celebrate birthdays. It’s cold outside, so you can enjoy hot chocolate, warm drinks, and cozy blankets while celebrating. And what better way to celebrate than with a winter birthday party?

Let’s get on with some winter birthday ideas for adults as ideas for winter birthdays.

1. Winter Wonderland Party.

2. White Elephant Gift Exchange.

3. Ski Party.

4. Ice Sculpture Contest (or try snowmen).

5. Polar Bear Plunge Party.

6. Snowshoeing or Cross Country Skiing Trip (and make it into a scavenger hunt).

7. Hot Tub Party (and bring out the champagne).

8. Snowball Fight (with or without costumes).

9. Movie Night at Home – watch your favorite winter movies. Or watch one of our favorite Christmas movies.

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday or someone else’s, winter can be a great time to host a party.

It can also be a great time to take an adventure. If you’re looking for some ideas for winter birthdays, here are a few more suggestions to get you started:

1. Go ice skating or cross-country skiing.

2. Take a winter hike.

3. Have an indoor picnic with friends and family.

4. Go snowshoeing or sledding together.

5. Enjoy hot chocolate and cookies by the fireplace

6. Play hide-and-seek in the snow (or just watch others play).

7. Make s’mores around the campfire (or just eat them).

8. Host an outdoor movie night with popcorn and blankets.

9. Rent out a cabin in the woods (or just go camping).

Ideas for Winter Birthday Party

Winter is a wonderful time of year to celebrate a birthday, especially if your child’s birthday is in the dead of winter. It can be a lot easier than planning a summer party and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

Here are ideas for a winter birthday party:

1. Snowman party.

2. Backyard skiing party.

3. Ski chalet party.

4. Polar bear hike party.

5. Snow cone party.

6. Frozen treat bar party.

7. Hot chocolate bar party.

8. Ice fishing party.

9. Glittery snowflake birthday party

10. Frosty winter wonderland birthday.

Winter birthdays are a great time to celebrate. The weather is cold and crisp and there are plenty of opportunities for fun activities that involve winter sports and snow.

Winter birthday parties are all about having fun and enjoying the season, so be sure to take advantage of any opportunity you have to enjoy the snow.

Here are some more ideas to make your winter birthday party a success:

1. Plan a snowball fight.

2. Have a sledding competition.

3. Have an ice sculpting competition.

4. Go skiing or snowboarding.

5. Make a snowman or snowwoman.

6. Make hot chocolate for everyone.

7. Make your gingerbread house.

8. Eat cake and ice cream with sprinkles on top (or other fun food).

9. Play some games in the living room that don’t require much equipment or space (like charades) that you can do while still enjoying your cake/food/drinks/etc.

10. Have fun.

Outfit Ideas for Winter Birthdays

Winter Birthdays are a great time to cozy up, have a good time, and enjoy some delicious food.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to clothing for your winter birthday party, we’ve got you covered. Here are outfit ideas for winter birthdays that will keep everyone warm and stylish.

1. Jumpsuit.

2. Sweater dress.

3. Velvet skirt.

4. Turtleneck sweater.

5. Plaid skirt.

6. Long sleeve tee + overalls

7. Black tights + fur vest

8. Leopard print coat.

9. White tee + denim shorts + chunky heels.

10. Faux leather leggings.

Winter is the time of year when you can get creative with your outfits. You can wear cozy sweaters and scarves, but if you want to make a statement, it’s all about layering.

The key to winter outfit ideas is layering with different materials that help keep you warm. This can mean wearing a sweater under a blazer or even a sweatshirt over a long-sleeved top.

Let’s check out more outfits.

Sweater Dress with Tights and Boots

Wear your favorite sweater dress in a bright color for winter birthdays. Add some tights and tall boots to keep warm on cold days and nights.

Leggings with a Coat

If you’re spending time outside this winter, leggings are a great option because they are easy to move around in while also keeping you warm. Layer them under a long coat or denim jacket for added warmth.

Hoodie Over Jeans or Leggings

Hoodies are great for any season, but they especially come in handy during the colder months when it gets too cold to go without something covering your head. Pair them with skinny jeans or leggings for an easy outfit that will keep you nice and cozy all day long.


1. Keep it casual with jeans and an oversized sweater

2. Layer on a chunky knit cardigan over a button-up shirt or blouse for a classic look

3. Go for something unique like fur leggings or faux leather pants

4. Add some color with a striped top or colorful coat or scarf

Food Ideas for Winter Birthdays

Food is a great way to make your party stand out. It’s also the easiest way for your guests to express their creativity and personality. If you’re looking for some food ideas for winter birthdays, then this list is for you.

1. Hot Chocolate Bar.

Hot chocolate bars are perfect for winter birthdays because they’re warm and cozy, but they can also be really fun to make. Get a bunch of different toppings like marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, crushed candy canes, etc, and let your guests go wild.

2. Snow Cones

Snow cones are another great idea for winter birthdays because they’re light and refreshing while still being fun to eat. You could even have a “make your snow cone bar” where each guest gets a cup full of shaved ice and then they can add whatever toppings they want onto it.

3. Cookie Decorating Station

Cookies are always a good idea at any party, but cookie decorating stations are especially fun when it’s cold outside. Whether you want to set up an entire table full of decorations for people to use or just provide some cookie cutters and sprinkles for them to decorate their own

Winter is a great time for parties. The days are short and the nights are long, so you can enjoy your celebration indoors. It’s also a perfect excuse to make some delicious comfort food.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or just want to throw a little get together

You can also have the following;

1. Make a hot chocolate bar.

2. Serve soup in bread bowls.

3. Bake cookies.

4. Make homemade donuts.

5. Get together for breakfast in bed.

6. Serve waffles and pancake cones with ice cream on top.

7. Serve fondue (cheese or chocolate) with fruit skewers and bread cubes.

8. Serve ramen noodles with extra toppings like corn, chicken, and veggies.

9. Pretzel sticks with cheese sauce.

10. Chipotle sliders.

11. Mini doughnuts.

12. Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.

13. Smoked salmon and bagel bites.

14. Party mix with nuts and dried fruit.

15. Cheese and crackers tray with grapes and strawberries

16. Margarita popsicles.

Ideas for Winter Birthdays – FAQ    

What do you do when it’s cold on your birthday?

Try to keep your guests warm and cozy. And make a fireplace to keep everyone warm, or turn on the heater.

If it’s an outdoor event, make sure everyone wears thick clothing. But also take advantage by doing some ice skating if it snows.

What can I do for my birthday party in December?

1. Throw a cupcake party:
Invite everyone to bring their favorite cupcake recipe and decorating ideas. Put out a variety of frostings, sprinkles, fillings, and toppings so they can make their masterpieces.

2. Make it a movie night:

Invite your friends over for dinner and a movie night. Have popcorn and candy on hand so they can eat while they watch the film (and take breaks to rest their eyes).

Rent some good movies that you know your friends will enjoy so you don’t have to worry about picking out the perfect flick for them all, just pick one that sounds good for everyone.

If it’s too cold outside for an evening at home, rent out an indoor play space or movie theater instead.

Final Thought

In the end, it’s best to provide alternatives and wait for your guests to decide what they would rather do. You can still have a memorable winter birthday with ideas for winter birthdays, but you should let your guests take the lead and let them have fun too.

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