Birthday Ideas in December for Adults

30+ Most Creative Birthday Ideas in December for Adults

At this point, it would just be easier to tell you who wouldn’t want a birthday party in December. Kids will, of course, enjoy themselves because all they know is that they’re going to have a good time.

However, grown-ups, who are prone to giving up on childish things like parties and presents, will find a lot of enjoyment from their birthday parties this month with birthday ideas in December for adults.

Let’s make sure you know that there are many great birthday ideas in December for adults. Whether it is a party, a romantic dinner, or an activity, create some memories to make this birthday one of the best.

It isn’t the easiest thing to plan a birthday party. Not everybody is into celebrating their birthday, especially if they are approaching that more mature age.

Even the most sheltered child knows what a birthday party is; it’s when you are surrounded by people who make you feel special, whether through gifts or attention.

December has plenty of holidays, from Christmas to the winter solstice. Here are some birthday ideas in December for adults that I hope you find useful.

What to Do for a December Birthday

December is the perfect time to celebrate a birthday. It’s cold outside and there’s nothing like a good party to warm you up if you didn’t know what to do for a December birthday.

What better way to celebrate your special day than with friends and family? Here are some creative birthday ideas in December for adults.

1. Stay in bed all day.

If you have a lazy side, this is the perfect way to spend your birthday. Wake up late, eat breakfast in bed, read the newspaper and watch TV in bed all day long.

You can even order food delivery if you don’t want to get up at all. If you feel like getting dressed and going out, don’t worry, it won’t ruin your plans for staying in bed all day because you still have plenty of time left until midnight.

2. Go out for dinner

Dinner is always an excellent choice for any celebratory meal. Pick a restaurant that has good food and a fun ambiance so everyone can enjoy themselves while they eat. Maybe you want a barbecue or maybe pizza is more your thing, whatever floats your boat, go with it.

Just make sure everyone gets what they want so nobody feels left out or hungry during the meal. And don’t forget dessert.

December is a great time for a birthday. It’s cold, but it’s not too cold, and it’s still possible to get out and do something fun. Here are some other creative birthday ideas in December for adults:

3. Take a show at the theater.

4. Go ice skating or sledding.

5. Get together with friends for dinner and drinks.

6. Have an indoor picnic with family and friends.

Birthday Ideas in December for Adults Near Me

December is a great time to celebrate birthdays with friends and family. Here are more birthday ideas in December for adults near me, that you use for your loved ones.

7. Plan a trip to Las Vegas.

8. Go on an adventure at the beach or lakefront.

9. Host a party at your home or hotel room where you don’t have to clean up after everyone leaves.

10. Go skiing or snowboarding at one of the many ski resorts located throughout North America and Europe.

11. Take a cooking class together or learn how to make a new dish from scratch together (like cheesecake).

12. Go on a wine-tasting tour together and enjoy some local wines in the region where you live (or if you’re visiting another city).

13. Have a movie night at home with popcorn, candy, and lots of snacks. Pick out some old favorites that both of you love watching together — like Harry Potter movies or Lord of the Rings.

14. Have a winter wonderland party: December is the perfect time to throw a winter-themed party. You can decorate your home with snowflakes and snowmen, hang up lights and stock the bar with hot chocolate instead of champagne.

Invite your friends over for a game of charades or some ice skating on the lake outside (if there’s one nearby).

December Birthdays: Your Guide to Unique Party Ideas

The month of December is one of the best times of year to plan a birthday party. The weather is often mild, so members of your party can go outside without getting too cold.

You’ll also find plenty of fun holiday-themed decorations at your local craft store or party supply store. Here are some ideas for celebrating your December birthday:

15. Host a holiday party

If you’re having trouble finding a theme for your party, don’t worry, December birthdays mean Christmas and Hanukkah. There are plenty of ways to incorporate these holidays into your celebration without making it seem like work or taking away from the Christmas spirit.

You can decorate with red and green streamers and balloons, or use white lights on the tables instead of traditional holiday lights.

Guests can wear ugly sweaters or ugly holiday sweaters as they eat their favorite Christmas cookies and drink hot cocoa together around the fire pit outside (or inside if it’s raining). If you want to take things up a notch

16. Make a plan to get out of town

Planning a trip with friends is a great way to spend your birthday. Not only will you have something fun to look forward to, but you will also be able to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

17. Have an end-of-the-world party

This may seem like a strange idea, but it can be fun if you have the right crowd. Instead of having everyone bring presents, ask them all to bring their favorite food items or drinks that they would like if the world ended today.

You could even do this as a potluck dinner with everyone bringing their dish so it doesn’t cost too much money.

18. Get your friends together for a game night

Playing games is always a great way to spend time with friends and family members alike. If you want something more adult-friendly, try playing trivia games like Cards Against Humanity or Cards Against Humanity: NSFW Edition.

If you prefer something more family-friendly, there are plenty of card games that include questions about pop culture or geography (such as Balderdash or Cranium). The possibilities are endless.

19. A go-pro camera.

20. A bottle of wine.

21. A new watch.

22. A Netflix Gift Card.

23. Gift Cards for Restaurants or Coffee Shops.

24. A Cute Planner or Notebook.

25. A Beard Trimmer.

26. A New Wallet or Purse.

27. Tickets to a Sporting Event or Concert

Winter Birthday Ideas in December for Adults

Winter is the best time to spend with family and friends. If you’re looking for some winter birthday ideas in December for adults, here are some ideas that will help you celebrate in style.

28. Have a snowball fight

Who doesn’t love a good snowball fight? It’s great fun and no one gets hurt. You can even make it competitive by dividing everyone into two teams and giving prizes to the winners. Or you can make it fun by having everyone throw snowballs at each other while they run across the field.

29. Have a sledding party

What could be more fun than sledding? You can have an exciting party where everyone brings their sleds and go downhill together. Make sure you wear warm clothing, though, since it can get pretty cold during winter.

30. Go ice skating

Go ice skating together at an indoor rink or on an outdoor pond or lake if there is enough snow on the ground. You can have fun pretending to be Olympic skaters while your friends cheer you on from the sidelines.

Inexpensive Birthday Party for Adults

December is a month full of parties and events. You may be invited to many birthdays, or you may be planning one for yourself.

If you are planning a birthday party for someone else, it can be challenging to find the right theme that is both fun and appropriate for the person celebrating their birthday.

Here are some birthday ideas in December for adults that are inexpensive birthday party for adults.

31. Movie night birthday party – Have your guests dress up in their favorite movie character costumes, rent out the theatre in town and watch their favorite movie together on the big screen. Make sure to order pizza beforehand so everyone can enjoy dinner while watching the movie.

32. Christmas card exchange – Everyone brings a Christmas card they received from someone else each year and reads them aloud during dinner. This can turn into some hilarious stories.

33. Paint your pottery – A fun way to celebrate someone’s birthday is by having them paint pottery with friends or family members.

You can have each person choose what type of pottery they would like to paint or give them a choice between two options (like “one white piece” vs “one colored piece”).

You can decorate the room with balloons and streamers as well as provide all supplies needed such as paintbrushes.

Birthday Ideas in December for Adults During COVID

December is a month of holiday celebrations, and it can be tough to find birthday ideas that don’t involve dressing up in a Santa hat or hanging stockings over the fireplace.

If you’re looking for something different as birthday ideas in December for adults during COVID, here are some great ideas that will make your friends feel special on their big day, amidst the pandemic effect.

34. Go camping

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity that won’t cost too much money, then camping might be just what you’re looking for. You can find campsites all over the country that offer affordable accommodations and activities like hiking, swimming, fishing, and boating.

Plus, there’s no need to spend a lot on fancy food when you can cook up your tent-side feasts using nothing but beef jerky, hot dogs, and s’mores.

33. Visit an art museum

For those who love art but don’t have access to museums in their home cities, going on a trip to one might be just what they need to brighten up their lives.

There are dozens of great museums throughout the country with exhibits ranging from contemporary paintings to ancient artifacts, so no matter what kind of art you like best there will be something here for everyone.

34. A night at the movies

Whether it’s a new movie coming out or an old classic, seeing a movie together is one of the best birthday ideas in December. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just grab some popcorn and soda, sit back and enjoy the show.

35. Indoor picnic

If you don’t want to go out in the cold weather, an indoor picnic is another good option for your birthday celebration.

Pick up some sandwiches at the grocery store and set up a blanket on the floor with some candles and flowers around it for decoration (you could even use fake ones if there isn’t enough time). Then let everyone dig in while enjoying their food.

36. Visit your favorite restaurant

If your budget allows it, take everyone out to eat at their favorite restaurant — preferably somewhere that serves comfort food like pizza or burgers. Pick something simple but delicious so you don’t spend too much money on it (or get too full).

Birthday Ideas in December for Adults – FAQ

What should I do for mum’s December birthday?

If your mum isn’t doing anything this month, why not decorate the house for her? You could get involved by making decorations or by helping out with the actual decorating process.

This could be as simple as putting up some balloons and streamers or as elaborate as covering every surface with flowers and candles.

There are plenty of festive decorations available at most shops nowadays so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something suitable for your mum’s December birthday.

Final Thought

If you are looking for some great birthday ideas in December for adults, look no further than above. We’ve got a ton of cool ideas to help make your friends or family members’ birthday as memorable as possible.

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