75th Birthday Ideas for Grandma

90 Beautiful 75th Birthday Ideas for Grandma

There’s a reason why you’re here; to celebrate Grandma. And when it comes to celebrating someone as awesome and wonderful as your grandmother, it should be done correctly, and with love.

Having said that, there are a few unique elements you’ll want to consider in the process, so this guide on 75th birthday ideas for grandma should come in handy at some point.

Planning a party for your grandma? Use this list of 75th birthday ideas for grandma to come up with a perfect theme for her 75th birthday.

A seventy-fifth birthday is a big one. If she’s anything like my grandmother (and she probably is), she’ll be celebrating with every relative that has ever lived, and might even throw in a small cousin or two for good measure.

75th Birthday Cake Ideas for Grandma

Grandma is the best, and she deserves a special birthday celebration. Here are 75 birthday cake ideas for grandma that you can use to help make her day as memorable as possible.

Let’s get on with 75th birthday ideas for grandma right away.

1. Grandma’s favorite cake.

2. Nana’s cookies.

3. Tres leches chocolate cake.

4. Mint chocolate chip cake.

5. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

6. Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

7. Strawberry shortcake cheesecake pie.

8. Gingerbread bundt cake with cinnamon buttercream frosting.

75th Party Ideas for Grandma

Whether you’re planning a 75th party idea for grandma or a milestone celebration, there are plenty of ways to make the day special.

Check out these 75th birthday ideas for grandma and plan your personalized party that’s sure to make her feel loved.

9. Start with a theme.

10. Make it personal.

11. Send her a birthday card.

12. Give her a gift basket or bouquet.

13. Choose a special place to eat dinner.

14. Have cake & ice cream at home or work.

15. Go out for after-dinner drinks & desserts.

16. Go bowling for the first time. (or again).

If you’re looking for a fun party idea to throw for your grandmother, look no further than this list of 75th birthday party ideas. Whether you’re celebrating with family or just a few close friends, these party themes and ideas will add an extra special touch to your grandma’s big day.

17. A decade’s party.

18. A 1970s disco party.

19. A ‘50s rock n roll party.

20. A vintage birthday shower.

21. An 80s video game party.  

75th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma

Ok, so your grandma is turning 75, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to start planning her funeral. She will want to celebrate her big day and all the wonderful things she’s accomplished in her life.

A grandma’s 75th birthday is an important milestone to celebrate. Here are some 75th birthday gift ideas for grandma and they are awesome 75th birthday ideas for grandma.

21. Share a meal with her.

22. Have a party at home or a restaurant.

23. Give her flowers and candy or other edible treats like cake, cookies, or candy bars (her favorite).

24. Write a letter telling her how wonderful she is and why you love her so much (and then give it to her on her birthday).

25. Take her out for dinner or lunch at one of her favorite restaurants (or take her out for brunch if that works better for both of you).

26. Make up a scrapbook filled with pictures from your life together (from when you were little until now).

Include notes from every time she was there for an important event in your life as well as pictures of things she did for you over the years that made you smile or laugh or feel loved by her in some way).

27. Birthday card: Send a card with a handwritten note inside to let your grandma know how much you appreciate her, even if it’s just for being there for you when you needed someone most.

28. Grandma’s picture frame: You can find many styles and sizes at local craft stores or online retailers like Etsy. Choose one that has space for multiple photos so she can add one from every year since she was born until now.

If you’re not sure what type of frame would work best, opt for wood instead of glass because it won’t show scratches as easily over time.

29. A coin bank with an inspirational quote printed on it is another fun option.

30. You could also purchase a photo album that has space for multiple pictures so she can add one from every

Amazon Gifts for 75-Year-Old Woman

If you’re looking for gifts as 75th birthday ideas for grandma that will truly wow your grandma this year, look no further than Amazon.

The online retail giant has everything you could need and more, including the best selection of birthday gifts for 75-year-old women. From gift cards to clothing, jewelry, and more, Amazon has everything you need to find the perfect present.

Here are suggestions of amazon gifts for the 75-year old woman

Amazon Gift Cards

If your grandma is the type who loves shopping, an Amazon gift card may be a perfect choice. A card can be used to purchase nearly anything on the site, including items like electronics, home goods, and clothing, she can even use it to buy groceries at whole foods stores.

These cards can also be used to shop at other online retailers like Target and Walmart as well as in physical locations like Whole Foods or 7-Eleven locations nationwide.


Shopping for clothes can be difficult when you’re older but not if you know where to look. Amazon carries tons of clothing options for grandmas of all sizes and styles so you won’t have any trouble finding something for her when it comes time for her big day.

You can choose from brands like Levi’s®, Wrangler®, Nike®, and Timberland® so there’s sure to be something here that suits her taste perfectly.

Calligraphy Pen Set

If your grandmother is an artist, writer, or teacher, a calligraphy pen set is a great choice for both practicality and style. This set comes with six pens in varying nib sizes (0.5mm-3mm), three ink cartridges (one black and two shades of blue), plus an instruction booklet on how to use them.

The pens are also refillable so she can keep using them long after the original cartridges run out.

Personalized Wine Glasses Set

Personalized wine glasses make a cute gift for any occasion, but they’re especially fitting for an 80th birthday party; especially if they say something like “80 years young” on them.

You could also add some other fun phrases like “80 years young” or “80 years strong” to make these glasses extra special (and easier to find when they’re

Best Gift for a 75-Year-Old Grandma

Grandma, you are loved and appreciated. We all want to help you celebrate your 75th birthday in a way that makes you feel special while choosing the best gift for a 75-year-old grandma.

Here are some of my favorite 75th birthday ideas for grandma for a 75-year old grandmother:

A New Pair of Shoes

If your grandma is active, she may enjoy a new pair of athletic shoes or sandals. If she’s less active, consider something like a pair of slippers or boots for the winter months.

A New Coat and Hat

She might not need another coat until next year, but it’s never too early to think about it. Find out what kind of coat she wears now and whether or not it’s still in good shape.

This way you can pick out something similar; maybe even a newer style without having to worry about whether or not it will fit her properly. She might also appreciate a new hat for winter with ear flaps so she can keep warm when going outside to walk her dog during cold weather months.

A New Purse or Handbag

Your grandmother probably doesn’t need another purse or handbag at this stage in life, but they make great gifts because they’re practical, most people use them every day. Plus, they come in many different styles and sizes.

Grandma, you are loved and appreciated. We all want to help you celebrate your 75th birthday in a way that makes you feel special.

75th Birthday Ideas for Grandpa

Grandmas and Grandpas are very important in your life. Try these 75th birthday ideas for grandpa and grandma.

It goes well as 75th birthday ideas for grandma and grandpa and tries to feature your siblings and their families in the process.

31. Accessorize your outfits with matching clothes and accessories.

32. Go out to eat and take people in the house out, instead of doing the cooking yourself.

33. Stock up on family photo albums and books.

34. Ask relatives and friends to send pictures of themselves and throw them into a slideshow.

35. Fill a photo album with memories of their life.

36. Send a letter to the editor of a local newspaper to be published on their behalf.

37. Help them achieve their bucket list.

38. Go out for lunch together and bring along one or two friends.

39. Get to know your grandparents’ past. A sincere conversation is a great gift.

40. Take them on an adventure.

41. Have a big party.

42. Show them you care.

43. Buy a gift card.

44. Go for a walk with them.

45. Plan a surprise party for 75.

46. Take her on a road trip in your airplane.

47. Send a cake to them.

48. Have them DJ the party, could make them feel young.

49. Keep it simple with a potluck.

50. Call their family and friends.

51. Dress the birthday person in their favorite color.

52. Surprise them with an activity they have always wanted to do.

53. Choose between a fun party or throw a quiet celebration.

54. Have a party at home.

55. Plan for the family to visit.

56. Invite the whole family.

57. Get your children involved with celebrations.

58. Add some humor to the day.

59. Remember this is a special day for everyone, so enjoy.

60. Invite your friends over and coordinate a homemade brunch as a surprise.

61. Go out to a local restaurant.

62. Go on a road trip.

63. Create a photo album with pictures from past events and parties.

64. Get her massages and other spa treatments.

65. Plan a dinner date.

66. Surprise with a special trip.

67. Dance the night away.

68. Enjoy a day of fun.

69. Write a poem.

70. Update your look.

71. Take a trip.

72. Buy the latest tech gear.

73. Dinner at their favorite restaurant (or Italian).

74. A day at the local spa.

75. A romantic candlelit dinner.

76. Personalized jewelry.

77. Organize a magic show.

78. Restaurant and lunch cruise.

Happy 75th Birthday Ideas for Grandma

Having a full house or creating something little but significant is very important. Therefore, let’s get on with it happy 75th birthday ideas for grandma.

79. Charming basket of flowers.

80. Beautiful cake.

81. Shopping trip.

82. Day at the beach with granddaughter.

83. Steak dinner.

84. Have a big family dinner.

85. Take a trip to the spa.

86. Share a piece of cake in the park.

87. Invite everyone to make crafts with her.

88. Sit and talk with her.

89. Make her sing her favorite song with everyone.

90. Help her make contact with all she has longed to hear from for a long while.

FAQ on 75th Birthday Ideas for Grandma

How can I make my grandma feel special on her birthday?

There’s no better way to make your grandma feel loved than by throwing her a party on her birthday. The best way to celebrate any milestone is with family and friends. And your grandma deserves the best

How can I surprise my grandma on her birthday?

1. Give her a spa treatment.
2. Plan a dinner party with her favorite foods.
3. Write her a song or poem.
4. Give her flowers with a personalized card.
5. Create a photo album of memories you’ve shared.
6. Take her on an adventure trip or camping trip

Final Thought

Grandma has been with you through thick and thin. But don’t be afraid to express your love for her on her 75th birthday with some 75th birthday ideas for grandma.

Present her with a range of gifts from personalized books to heartfelt cards and you will surely know the true meaning of being in the loving presence of a grandma.

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