Valentines Day Quotes for Family and Friends

100 Exciting Valentines Day Quotes for Family and Friends (2022)

Bring out your harps, and prepare to play a sweet sound of love in this season of affection with the words from these valentines day quotes for family and friends. Each string of words would strike a note of affection to their ears and hearts.

You can even make a home-made valentine’s day greeting card; even with the simple design you give it, you can be sure the words from these valentines day quotes for family and friends would make it beautiful and unique.

Also, some of the centuries’ fastest means of spreading information could be employed to spread the sensation of this time of the year. So, starting with your friends and household, you can ignite the valentine spirit in them.

Flood your Facebook walls, Instagram Pages and Twitter accounts with valentines day quotes for family and friends. Not forgetting to do a quick update on your WhatsApp status too.

You know what? Your family extends beyond the one’s you have strings with by blood, even your students, instructors, colleagues and so on have become a family. So be sure to cover the field of loved ones you have when sending them valentines day quotes for family and friends.

You have this long list of valentines day quotes for family and friends which would take a while to exhaust as you pick from it each day to use as countdown valentine’s day quotes, messages, and sayings. Enjoy as you choose and send.

Cute Valentines Day Quotes for Family and Friends

Do you know how surprising it would be for a friend or family to receive some short or long cute valentines day quotes for family and friends from you along with some gifts such as a bouquet of flowers? It would be so lovely and would be an experience so unique to them.

They’ll feel so special that you have chosen to put them at the center of your heart especially in a season where it is believed to be for lovers alone.

As you send to them, you can add some hashtags to really make it fit into being cute valentines day quotes for family and friends.

1. If all I sing to you today is how much I love you dearly. Then, every string of my harp would make a harmony so uncommon. My beats would make the strongest hearts in this place dance. #valmoodactivated

2. Yea! It’s valentine again, and I’m celebrating an old but ever new relationship with you my dear friend. You are worth choosing even a whole month to celebrate your kind of heart.

3. All there is to life is love, and all there is to love is to live life. You are one who makes living a life full of love possible. Thank you forever for being sweet. Happy Val’s day sweetheart!

4. I love that you are tender and open to learning from all that surrounds you. I want to keep growing with you forever. Happy Val’s day friend!

5. A lovely shout to you my mum! A happy day it is today, and I wish that you have a smile on your face now and forever. Happy Valentine’s day!

6. It’s a day to celebrate love. Though you’re one who deserves more than a 24 hours’ celebration. My world would bring love to you through the next 365 days. Every day is yours my Val!

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7. There are no other parents I would have wished to come through if not you and no better siblings to grow with than the ones I have spent my life with. Thanks for being the best family ever. Enjoy the air of love!

8. If I were to come again in another world, you’re the family I want to choose once again, and surround myself with the friends that I have been blessed with. Thanks for being the best. I love you all!

9. My moments with you have been a display of the expression ‘love comes alive when you meet the right persons.’ Every day has been exceptional, this day is only one of the opportunities I have to say I love you. I want to say this forever. Happy Valentine’s day dear.

10. I wish you a sweet valentine’s day celebration today dear friend. It’s been thick and thin, hard and soft, sweet and rough. But those cries and laughs have built you from the inside. I love you and wish for better years ahead, dear.

11. It’s probably the last thing you expect from me on a day like this, but there’s no love in my life without you, dear. A friend that loves one at all times is a true definition of a lover. Happy valentine’s day darling.

12. The rougher the road seems, the more determined we should be in making sure we enjoy every bit of the ride. Soon, we’ll be on to a smooth path. Happy Val dear!

13. Every love song I’ve made up today sprung from the moments we have spent together. happy Val my dear!

14. Life is incomplete without having someone to love. Now, I have so many to love and I feel so happy. Happy Val!

15. If having one special person in your life adds up to the duration of your life span, then I think I’ll be so old by now. I’ve got a large number of special souls that I love so much. Happy Val family!

16. Giving up on you can never cross my thoughts. You’re interesting to read at every moment. There’s definitely no dull time spent with your dear.

17. Happy valentine’s day my dearest! I’ve entered a path where I have a reliable heart to turn to for help. I promise I’ll be ready to offer mine too.

18. I’ve got a home that is as a gallery to display love in its various expressions. This valentine’s day exhibition of our affection for each other is going to be the best so far.

19. Love is a condition that conditions your heart to be able to love every condition you find yourself in with the ones you love. Happy Val pal!

20. It’s so nice to celebrate this moment with you buddy! I wish that we become closer as we grow on together loving what we do. I heart you, friend!

Valentines Day Quotes and Sayings for Family and Friends

Friends are family to us and family members are friends we’ll need forever in life. These two personalities are greatly needed as we face and conquer life’s trials with them. Therefore, it’s good to celebrate our best moments with them too. As you know, the more the merrier!

The perfect time to bond with them is now! Whether you have them around or far away this period, you can pull their hearts so strongly towards yours.

These valentines day quotes for family and friends would serve as a call out to your beloved, appreciating them, bonding more strongly with them and believing in each other while encouraging the other to press on toward achieving his or her life’s goal with these sweet valentines day quotes and sayings for family and friends.

21. Anyone can decide to go in the path of love, but not everyone can actually experience all that comes with the decision and still decide to stay. I have loved you and will always do. Our experiences have only brought us closer.

22. Love persists when you see the reason to hold on to it. You’re the reason that love as taken over my heart dear. Happy valentine’s day!

23. Affection has no true identity. You find its realness only when you have someone to share it with. My dear friend, you are and will always be the one I want to discover love with.

24. You’re first my friend even before you became my spouse. You are family to me now and I just love how everything has turned out to be. Happy valentine’s day to my VAL. #valentinesday #withmydearwife #thebest #lovelife

25. A heart that loves does not judge, rather, it corrects in love and looks forward to your being better. That’s what you’ve been to me. Happy love celebration!

26. I like flowers, chocolates, candies and any gift that’s suitable for appreciating love. But I love your presence better, just be here for me today, and I’m okay.

27. This gift I’m giving is little compared to what I feel for you dear. It’s just a souvenir, a token that is incomparable to the value of your affection.

28. Possessions are to be boasted about by their worth. I have very few of these in my life and you are one of them. Happy valentine’s day my treasured one!

29. The best gift you could give me today is your being here. Happy valentine’s day my dear, being with you is something I treasure so much.

30. It’s becoming easier for me to love you more by the day. Every session of talk or play I have with you leaves me wanting to spend more time with you.

31. If I were to count how awesome you’ve been to me, I’ll be on the count till the next valentine’s day. Happy Val dear!

32. Though my words are short, it doesn’t mean I am short of words to say this day. Though few, but sincere and straight from the heart. You deserve the endless speeches to celebrate your kind of heart.

33. You are the emergence of love, bringing along peace, affection, joy and many more as you entered the world. This day is for icons like you dear.

34. I can only push through to see the light at the end of the tunnel if you keep on encouraging me. I’m confident in any way that you will always support me. Happy Val!

35. There can’t be an excess emphasis on the value placed on a dear one like you. I’ll rather give you abundant love than scarcely show you the affection that you deserve.

36. This is a planet where someone or something is blamed for another. However, I think it’s possible to live on with you and have reasons only to love you the more.

37. I know that a loving heart like yours is open to wonderful ideas and thoughts, so I wish that this new season will bring in more ideas to you. and you know what? I’ll be there to support you. Happy valentine’s day dear child!

38. Your bright smiles give me hope in the morning for a fruitful day. In the night, your voice makes night time melodies to me. I love you greatly dearie!

39. All around the clock and through all the times of the year, you are of great relevance to your family and friends. I love you, sweet friend!

40. The reason you were born to this family is obvious to all. From your childhood till now, you’ve been a source of joy to us. Remembering all the moments you’ve made us laugh and I just want to say; may you experience endless joy yourself, dear.

Funny Valentines Day Quotes for Friends

Having possibly elated your friends’ and families’ feelings about valentine with some of those valentines day quotes for family and friends, you can turn the spark in their eyes into a bright fire with funny valentines day quotes for friends as they anticipate and celebrate the valentine’s day.

Take them from cloud nine to ten in this year’s celebration of valentine’s day.

41. I’m ready to cause a sweet uproar with an upload of our childhood pictures on all our social media platforms today. Enjoy the view and comments dear friend! #itzvalentine

42. Your sweet troubles were like an arrow shot at me, but my heart formed a ‘bow’ shape and this ended up forming a cupid love symbol. Happy Valentine’s day friend!

43. I do hope we end up building the castle we have fantasized about from childhood. I celebrate you this day and pray that the power and strength of our love for each other keep us going till we break all limits.

44. Challenges suddenly seem like a piece of cake when you give me advice on what to do. So I just go over to the challenge and chew it like it’s nothing. It ends up building me up. Happy valentine’s day!

45. Be careful how you move your shoulders dear. There’s someone who could be leaning on it. It’s very comforting to rest on your shoulders, you’ve been a great friend.

46. We seem to be becoming too old for sweets and candies dear friend. So I decided to wish you a happy valentine’s day with nourishing words from my heart.

47. If you’re waiting to see a candle on that cake to make a wish just like old times, then my dear, you must still be living in some decades back from now. Just send a wish to our future from your heart as I’ve done with mine this day.

48. I sealed my gift to you today especially because I want it to go straight without obstruction to your heart. I hope it does and you find great meaning to it.

49. As love weighs more in my heart for you, so has my sense of responsibility to you. Now I feel trapped in the web of commitment to you. However, it’s what I love doing, that is, loving you.

50. There’s one thing I would never agree to do for you, that’s taking you to another planet. That would be a disaster because you fit in so well in my world and this planet at large.

51. Even if my affection for you makes me think you’re looking more beautiful every day. Anyway, I’ll gladly be blinded by love despite all your blemish. Happy Val, friend!

52. Thinking of what to buy for a lover as a gift could be strenuous, so I decided to share this occasion with you. You know I don’t have to get you anything expensive. However, you’re a priceless friend to me.

53. An hourglass explains how love is over time between people who love themselves. As the heart is being filled up, the mind is being emptied of doubts.

54. Our relationship over the years has been like an electric circuit through which love has flown. However, we can make the current flow much better. Happy Valentine’s day.

55. Love is an element which when broken down to an atom still remains love, except of course it was a fake. Happy Val to my true friend!

56. We don’t need loud bells to announce our affection to each other. So, in case you hear one today, give it a proper check. Though quietly, my heart screams loud out that I love you dearly.

57. Love shouldn’t be bought, but it takes some exchange to get what you want. So, no pay, no gain in love. It’s easier though when you love each other deeply.

58. Although I can’t understand you sometimes, I’m good to go, living with such sweetheart like you. Happy Val to a lovely heart.

59. Taking you for an angel would have been possible only if you had some wings to your beautiful face and body. Happy valentine, dear friend.

60. Money is the lubricant for many relationships’ friction. Ours though is love, which comes out readily from each person. Happy Valentine’s bestie!

Funny Valentines Day Quotes for Family

Broaden this year’s valentine’s celebration limit by sending some humorous valentine quotes. Starting from your family, change the tradition of celebrating valentine’s day only with your partner.

Everyone who is a partner to someone also came from a family. So, spread the love from the house, and be sure the fragrance would be so lovely when you’re with your partner.

Here are funny valentines day quotes for family and friends to spice up the moment, lighten up faces and give you bright ideas on how to celebrate love with family.

61. If love were to be represented by candy, then each of you has given me a different flavor of that. Anyway, I love all of it and look forward to having more. Happy Val’s day!

62. Love could be war, just like ‘game of thrones’. However, I’m glad I played the right card to swimming your heart. And even you now rule in my own heart.

63. Affection does not attempt to win a part of a person’s heart; it is set to win all. And this, my dear friend, is what you have managed to do in a short while. Thank you, dear!

64. You’ve been so gentle, dear. Weren’t you scared I could slip away? It’s been a new experience all the way with you. happy valentine my dear friend!

65. Your blemish could be the reason I love you. Unbelievable right? Never knew it could be this amazing, I’ve known love, but not in this dimension. This is a dimension where all of one’s flaws become the reason to accept and get to know the other.

66. If taking my hand makes you feel you might still slip away, then hold on to the whole of my body. Happy valentine’s day dear!

67. May every added grey hair signify much more than your aging state. It will make you more aware of the essence of people all around you and help you to love them more with wisdom. Happy Val, my aging queen mother!

68. As the candles on the cake melt away, may the bond of love we celebrate today not give way for a weaker one. Rather, as we cut the cake in celebration of love, it’ll be the beginning to a lifetime of stronger affection shared between folks.

69. Do you wonder why you love me and think about me so much? Stop wondering dear, it’s because I’m a part of you. The blood that runs through us would just keep blending our thought patterns.

70. I know all we want to prove is love today, but that shouldn’t excuse you getting me chocolates. You can even get a heart-shaped one to represent love in chocolate form.

71. Dear, love would only have been imaginary if you hadn’t given a definition to it these past months with you. Thank you!

72. Today, everyone has to contribute to making it special. So, I’ll lock mum up in the kitchen cooking, lock dad up in the garden setting up the tables and chairs, while I would just do strict supervision.

73. It is not ‘love’ that makes the world go round, it’s the people in it that keep it rotating. Happy valentine’s day dear family!

74. Since the drinks and foods would be in abundance, I suppose we’re permitted to give out long speeches and words of affection too. Else, I’ll shorten and summarize them up. I love you all anyway.

75. Thank God love has no one-way pattern. If it had, many would have given up on loving. Love can be adjusted to accommodate the unpredictable and variety of forms that people put on, including managing their differences.

76. Valentine’s day is a fun day that reminds you of loneliness if you don’t have a special one in your life. However, I’ve got more than even one person to wish and wish me a happy valentine.

77. I want you to be my Val-entwined with me from the heart. It’s worth it spending a whole day to celebrate love with you, our hearts are connected like we can’t be separated dear. Happy Valentine.

78. We only know the ends of what we ourselves authored. But since none of us authored it, it sprung up and then it’s been on for so long. Let’s enjoy walking the path together forever.

79. The only family with such a gravitational force of love is mine. They keep pulling me back into warmth and affection no matter what attempts to draw me away.

80. My heart has one reason to love you, which is nothing. I can’t hinge our relationship on a particular reason, it could limit our flow. Happy valentine’s day.

Inspirational Valentine Quote

Love is so wide that it would take so long to comprehend what it offers, and forever to exhaust how it can be shared between people who are dear to each other. Inspirational valentine quotes come to mind to share the deep-seated thoughts of love and appreciation.

As you look around, you would see a friend in people around you and definitely come to take some as family. Therefore, take this time to conveniently send one valentine quote to each of all your loved ones.

By the time you give it a count, you would realize you need more than a 100 valentines day quotes for family and friends having exhausted all.

Have fun reading through!

81. The discovery of love’s true identity comes when more than one person sets out to find out about it. It’s great to have found deeper and more meanings to love dearly.

82. Dreams become realizable when you have the right people in your life. They paint possibilities right there in your face.

83. Everyone has a role to play in the family. However, there’s one common duty that they all have to do, and that’s to love. Happy valentine’s day family!

84. Together we’ll find the path through where others have feared to tread. Happy valentine’s day friend, I celebrate your courage.

85. Love strengthens your feet to run and stables the wind under your wings. Let’s run faster and soar higher as we celebrate love in this season.

86. Valentine’s day is one of the days in this season that I’ll celebrate our love. Ours is a love that should be acknowledged every day. Happy valentine’s day dear!

87. No matter how blind love is, I’m very happy it closed my eyes to pretenders and brought me to you. I’ve found the personality of love and affection in you dear.

88. Every opportunity presented to love must not be taken for granted. I’ve found love with the best family ever, and I’m celebrating this moment.

89. Without buying the best gifts for you this season, I just hope that you know that I love you so much, dear. Happy valentine’s day!

90. Each hug you gave me has made me fonder of you. Each word has made my heart leap with more joy. Happy valentine’s day dearest!

91. The root of love is in the bosom of the heart. It springs forth a stem of trust that connects folks. Soon, it bears fruits of limitless joy in the family.

92. The best you can get from a person is to stir up the affectionate part of that person. You see a person better when they are tender, they release their hearts to you to even hold. Happy valentine dear! Thanks for being tender to me always.

93. The home smells of sweet fragrances when you have loved all around you. happy valentine’s day family!

94. All my wishes for you are good and even the best, ‘cos there’s nothing but love and goodness all around us.

95. All the words of encouragement you whispered to me went straight to my heart. I’m so blessed to have you. Have a wonderful love celebration.

96. May your heart find peace and deeper love as well as trust this year. It’s going to come on you like an avalanche and you’ll be overwhelmed with joy.

97. Don’t search further for affection, you’ve found it in me just as I found it in you. I’ll make sure to replicate as much as I can, more than you have ever done to me. Happy valentine’s day dearie!

98. Where lovers experience the peak of their love is where we’ll pick up from. Our love is not tied to romance, it is a relationship without condition attached. I love being your friend and I know you love being mine.

99. The rainbow has different colors to make it beautiful, even the garden needs a variety of roses to make me look good. With just you in my life, I have seen numerous and beautiful colors and I feel so loved and more precious each passing day.

100. How do I tell the most unique people in my life that I value them so much without using the common words? I asked myself that as I woke up this day, but then, I know all you just want from me is my smile. I’ll give you as much of it as I can.

These are beautiful words of love that can be displayed on your valentine cards and sent as emails to your loved ones. Send and share these valentines day quotes for family and friends and don’t forget to come for more loving and motivational messages to the special people in your life.

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