Advance Marriage Wishes for Best Friend

100 Blissful Advance Marriage Wishes for Best Friend (2022)

Marriage is one of life’s experiences that everyone envisages and relishes to have except for people who perhaps decide to espouse the practice of celibacy. When people are preparing to walk down the aisle, they are sometimes overwhelmed by an aura of excitement and ecstasy because they see it as adding another plume to their feathers of achievements. This awesome feeling can be further amplified when they get advance marriage wishes for best friend from their best friends.

Conversely, since getting married for the first time is solely uncharted territory, some people entertain apprehension about it even though they might be masking it. You might have best friends who belong to this category and not know that they do because they are bottling it up. Sending advance marriage wishes for best friend to them would go a long way in assuaging their worries.

In the buildup to our best friend’s wedding, we tend to be preoccupied with the planning of the wedding, buying clothes and attire, seeing to logistics, etc. This is quite spot-on as it shows that we are fulfilling our obligations to our best friend. But there’s another way you can amaze your best friend before his or her wedding, it is by regularly sending advance marriage wishes for best friend.

Do you have a best friend whose wedding is around the corner? Never underestimate the magic that advance marriage wishes for best friend can perform in the life of that dear friend of yours. Why not show the would-be bride or groom some love by sending these amazing nuptial messages?

Heartfelt Advance Marriage Wishes for Best Friend

Getting to the status of a best friend in the life of someone is not a small feat. It requires that such a person would have passed a series of tests before he or she could attain that status.

However, when your best friend wants to get married, there’s a way you can further assert yourself and cement your status. It is by sending him or her advance marriage wishes for best friend.

To help your friend ease the anxiety associated with preparing for marriage, considering our collection of heartfelt advance marriage wishes for best friend is therefore imperative.

1. The moon shines at night and everyone beholds it. May the bliss of your marriage be visible to all thereby making your marriage become the cynosure of all eyes.

2. May your marriage be like a star in the sky, pleasant to behold and dazzling above. May it bring memories that will sparkle forever.

3. Marriage is an entirely new world where there are lots of discoveries to be made. As you start exploring this new world, may your exploration be worthwhile.

4. Very soon you are going to get married and stop being single, I wish that the bell of your love will never stop to jingle. May your marriage be peaceful and may you never have a course to wrangle.

5. Marriage is a fusion of two different hearts to become one. I wish that as your heart and that of your heartthrob becomes one, nothing shall be able to separate them.

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6. The ultimate goal of everyone going into marriage is to live together with their spouse till death do them part. I wish that you and your spouse will have no reason whatsoever to call it quit.

7. God has given you and your spouse a big blessing by bringing you together. May you forever retain this blessing by remaining together forever.

8. As you decide to embark on this life-time journey with your lover, may you look back to your wedding day and be glad that you made the best decision of your life.

9. I wish that the home you are about to start would be blissful in every respect and may you have the sweetest of experiences. All the best for the future, friend.

10. As your two souls knit together to become one, may you never have cause to become tired of each other. May your companionship and togetherness never turn sour. Happy married life.

11. Quite a lot of people fall in love but fail to stay in love after they’ve gotten married. I wish that both of you will never stray from the boundaries of love.

12. The true love that both of you share is purer than the finest of gold. I wish that this love will never lose its luster and aesthetic appeal.

13. I don’t have to be a soothsayer before I know that good times await both of you in your union. I wish that those good times would multiply every year.

14. I recently discovered longevity medicine. All one needs to do to live long is to marry the right person. Just as your partner looks right for you, I wish you a long life together.

15. In school, certificates are issued after passing tests and exams but in marriage certificates are issued before actual tests and examinations. I wish that your marriage would pass every test it might face.

16. A good marriage is like a fertile ground where dreams grow to become success stories. May your union provide a perfect growth medium for all you hope and aspire for.

17. Marriage is a sweet experience when the right ingredients are present in it. May your union be the perfect example of what a stable and happy family should be.

18. As you navigate through life together, I wish you healthy and romantic experiences ahead. May the bliss of your union increase with each day.

19. One does not have to be married to a comedian before marriage could be fun and exciting. I wish that every day spent with your spouse will always come with an aura of happiness and excitement.

20. As you walk down the aisle, I wish that God’s blessings will locate you from every corner, and may your marital path be bright and illuminated with an undying love.

Advance Happy Married Life Wishes for Friends

One of the ingredients of friendship is showing love and care to our friends in every situation, whether good or bad. There are times that we assume our friends are good and are having the best of times whereas they might not be.

Getting married comes with some burdens for some people. This could manifest financially, psychologically, emotionally, and otherwise. With advance marriage wishes for best friend, you can help your best friend navigate through this challenging period seamlessly.

You have got at your disposal advance happy married life wishes for friends for your dear friends who will be walking down the aisle soon.

21. The law of gravity states that whatever goes up must come down. I reckon that your love for each other is at its peak right now. May the love that you both share defy the law of gravity and remain at that peak. Happy married life in advance.

22. A blissful marriage is seasoned with the glamour of friendship, the pleasure of romance, and savory happy moments. I wish that your union would not come short of these elements.

23. Congratulations in advance, dear friend. I wish you great and amazing experiences ahead and may your union be blessed with every good thing that you desire. Happy married life in advance, friend.

24. As you journey through life arms entwined, I wish that nothing shall separate your arms from each other. May you forever live together in peace.

25. Everyone of us is a one-winged angel. As a result of this, we need to cling to our lover to fly. May you fly forever with your lover and not fall. Happy married life in advance.

26. I wish that every day of your marriage shall bring immense blessings into your life and unquantifiable joy to your soul.

27. It’s my wish that your heart will be full of happiness and your days be full of brightness. May your journey be smooth and full of fun. Happy married life in advance, dear friend.

28. Everything cool and inspiring, everything that will make you smile and bring you joy are my wishes for you as you walk down the aisle. Happy married life in advance.

29. It’s obvious to all that you both suit each other perfectly. Wishing you both a wonderful life ahead seasoned with pleasurable moments.

30. My hearty cheers to you and your spouse in advance on the occasion of your wedding. May God’s blessings be on you and your new home. Wishing you all the best in this new endeavor.

31. As you officially start your love journey. It’s my earnest wish that you will stay in love forever and have all the happiness in the world. Happy married life in advance.

32. Getting married brings about a new chapter in one’s life. May your marriage be constantly spiced with love, care, and trust. May God bless your union.

33. May you be successful in your marital journey and I wish that you find a best friend in your partner. Happy married life in advance.

34. Warmest regards to one of the few amazing couples on earth. May your marriage be filled with amazing moments and experiences.

35. I wish that your marriage would herald the beginning of the best love story that will outlast several generations. Happy married life In advance.

36. As you’ll be walking down the aisle, may you find peace and comfort in your new home. Best regards for your forthcoming wedding.

37. May you live an amazing life together in the unending bliss of love. May your children always have reasons to bless the day you both tied the knot to become husband and wife. Happy married life in advance.

38. If someone is looking for the perfect definition of soulmate, then he should take a look at you and your partner. Your bond of love can only get stronger. Wishing you a happy married life in advance.

39. Just as the glittering wedding band that both of you are going to exchange to adorn each other’s fingers, may your marriage glitter and be adorned with tremendous bliss and joy.

40. As you will soon be writing another episode in your love series, I wish that the subsequent episodes will be more fascinating than the current one. Happy married life in advance.

Funny Wedding Wishes for Best Friend

The period preceding the wedding is usually associated with varying degrees of stress ranging from physical stress to psychological stress and emotional stress. As a best friend to your friend, the onus is on you to help him or her abate the effect of the stress.

An effective tool to achieve this is funny wedding wishes for best friend. Get your best friends who are would-be husbands or wives cracked up with this array of advance marriage wishes for best friend and watch as they show their heartfelt appreciation.

41. After making due consultations with every department and faculty of my being, I was able to come up with a wish for you. The wish is that your marriage shall be like an adventurous journey to the moon; full of fun and amazing positive discoveries.

42. Congratulations on your new employment. In case you’re wondering what kind of employment it is, getting married means getting employed in your partner’s company (being with your partner). I wish you great success in your newly found job.

43. My wish for you as you tie the knot is simple. May you find significant peace in your marriage that will be enough to qualify you for the Nobel peace prize.

44. A lot of times, married people and politicians have a lot in common. They are keen to make marital vows and electoral promises respectively and on getting what they want, they break them. I wish that your own marital vows shall remain sacrosanct.

45. The gift I’m giving you for your wedding is a metering device. It’s my choice because I want you to know the rate at which your love for your spouse increases per time.

46. I wish that your marriage would be like Google so that you can always find all that you’re searching for in it.

47. Even though you and your spouse are not professional swimmers. But, I can assure you that both of you will soon be representing our country at the Olympics because your marriage will provide you with a platform where you will be swimming in love forever.

48. May the love between you and your spouse be hotter than the Sahara desert and may your marriage be cooler than Moscow in winter.

49. Couples whose marriage is blissful don’t feel cold during the winter. The reason is that the love that exists between them is so hot that it keeps them warm throughout that period. I wish that your love for each other will forever remain hot.

50. I wish that every second in every minute, every minute in every hour, every hour in every day, every day in every week, every week in every month, and every month in every year make new the love that you both share.

51. A lot of marriage is experiencing boredom owing to the operation of a demon, and that demon is routine. May your marriage never become a victim of this demon.

52. When Mr. Right meets with Miss Right, the resultant product of that meeting will be the right marriage. I wish that you will never have cause to doubt the rightness of your marriage.

53. Getting into marriage is similar to buying a dog. You have to learn to be considerate, cope with a gust of fluctuating emotions, and not being angry when you see unwanted marks on your car. May you acquire the strength to cope with every demand.

54. From the 1 heart that I have, with my 1 month, 1 tongue, 32 teeth, and 2 eyes, I wish you the very best in your marriage.

55. A shield is the equipment that provides safety for someone in a time of danger. The world we live in is full of danger therefore I wish that your marriage shall be a shield for you and your partner. May it forever be a place where you can always find safety and solace.

56. I can’t be wrong if I call you both magicians because the magical effect you have on each other is mind-blowing. May this magical effect never cease.

57. Dear friend when others are praying for a miracle, don’t join them because you are already poised to have a big one in your marriage. May this miracle never become punctured.

58. It’s common knowledge that addiction is bad but my wish for you and your spouse is that you will forever remain addicted to each other. May nothing come between the two of you.

59. After your wedding, you and your spouse don’t need to take sugar anymore because all the sweetness you need is already embedded in the love that you both share. May your sweetness never turn sour.

60. From now henceforth, your heart no longer belongs to you, it now belongs to your partner and vice versa. You still have it in your custody because you need it to stay alive for your partner. May you continually treasure each other’s heart.

Happy Married Life in Advance Messages

One major advantage of sending advance marriage wishes for best friend to your best friend who would soon be getting married is that it serves as a reminder to him or her that he or she should buck up for a change in status that would come with new responsibilities.

Have you ever imagined how happy and excited your best friend is going to be after getting a happy married life in advance messages from you? Your guess is as good as mine.

61. May your marriage be beautiful and rare and may you spend many years of fruitfulness, happiness, and fulfillment together. May God bless your union. Happy married life in advance.

62. Congrats in advance on your marriage dear friend. I wish that you celebrate many awesome years staying in love with your partner.

63. May every year you spend together be full of savory moments and may the fire of your love keep burning never to die out. Happy married life in advance.

64. Happy married life in advance, friend. It’s my wish that you and your partner become the best thing that has ever happened to each other.

65. Although marriage comes with attendant challenges. But with the genuine love that you both have for each other, I’m quite certain that you are going to breeze through. Happy married life in advance.

66. May the joy of your marriage never be short-lived and may your friendship grow deeper by the day. Happy married life in advance.

67. Just like the moon continually lights the sky at night and the sun brightens the day, may your marriage continually blossom. Wishing you a happy married life in advance.

68. May you forever be like a melodious tune and beautiful song that takes away the worries of your partner. Happy married life in advance.

69. Just like the sunshine, may the love you both share with your partner make your world so bright.

70. I’m happy that you both have found true love in each other. May your marriage grow from strength to strength. Do have a happy married life.

71. Congratulations in advance friend. May your marriage be as interesting and exciting as you could ever imagine.

72. Getting married is a great transition in one’s life. I wish that the transition would be a positive one for you and your partner. Happy married life in advance.

73. As you get married, may you scale new heights together with your partner, and may your union last forever.

74. As you start a new family, may everything that pertains to your entire life become new. Happy married life in advance.

75. As your marital status changes for good, it’s my earnest wish that you’ll experience positive changes in every aspect of your life.

76. Research has shown that after marriage, the romance between partners dwindles. I wish that your own marriage would be an exception in that regard. Happy married life in advance.

77. May you be blessed, may your spouse be blessed, and may your marriage be blessed also as you tie the knot soon, dear friend. Wishing you conjugal bliss ahead.

78. Being married is an opportunity to constantly express your love to your spouse daily. May this be the reality in your marriage. Wishing you all the best and happy married life in advance.

79. Marriage is all about giving and taking. I’m very happy you’ve finally found someone to take what you’ve got to give. Happy married life in advance.

80. I can hardly think of any other couple who complements each other like you both do. The fact that both of you are the missing pieces in each other’s puzzle is incontestible. Happy married life in advance, dear friend.

Advance Happy Married Life Wishes Quotes

There’s a popular saying that knowledge is power. This statement is accurate from all indications. Quite a lot of people launch into marriage without having the accurate knowledge of what marriage entails while some others have inadequate knowledge.

Advance happy married life wishes quotes have been made available to get your soon-to-wed best friend aligned with the right perspective about marriage. These advance marriage wishes for best friend are tailor-made for your best friend who would soon be getting married. Come on, wait no further because you’ve got a handful of them right here.

81. With regards to marriage, there are two types of matches; match made in heaven and match made in hell. I wish that your union would always belong to the class of the former.

82. Some believe that having a great marriage is a mirage. But the fact that a commodity is scarce does not mean it doesn’t exist. I wish that your own marriage will be among the few great marriages we have around here.

83. Sensibility is an essential recipe in any successful relationship. It involves being sensitive to each other’s feelings. I wish that you and your spouse would always be sensitive to each other’s feelings.

84. A marriage begins to crumble when the unity between the spouses is jeopardized. My wish for you as you walk down the aisle is that both of you will forever remain united and may the cord of unity connecting you never become strained.

85. Love is the basis of every marital union. Every marriage encounters challenges that tend to test the strength of the love that the couple shares. May the love that you both share survive every challenge posed to it.

86. In marriage, two languages are spoken to ensure mutual understanding between the partners; they are love and respect. I wish that these two shall continually be the language of communication between you and your spouse.

87. It is generally believed that heaven is somewhere above, but that is not completely true. A blissful marriage is basically heaven on earth. I wish that your marriage will be heaven for you and your spouse.

88. Great marriages do not happen by chance. Every great marriage is a product of determination, hard work, and commitment from the two partners. I wish that these ingredients will not be absent in your marriage. Happy married life.

89. Marriage is not just a union of two people, it’s also a platform for raising children who will go on to impact the world. I wish that the seeds of your marriage will turn out to be world movers and impact makers.

90. The coming together of two people makes them stronger and positions them better to give their lives’ dreams and aspirations a big shot. May your union fast-track the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations.

91. A great marriage involves being dead to self and placing the happiness of one’s partner as the topmost priority. May you and your spouse always prioritize the happiness of each other.

92. A blissful marriage results from the coming together of two people who have adopted forgiveness as their hobby. I wish that you and your spouse will also adopt this as your new hobby.

93. Getting married is one of the biggest steps one can take in life. However, the chance of success is high when a couple loves and respect each other. I wish that your relationship will continually possess the qualities of love and respect in huge quantities.

94. Love is like an endless ladder that has a countless number of rungs. When some people get married, their love depreciates and they descend downward on the ladder. I wish that your love experience shall be that of continuous ascent only.

95. A wonderful marriage is a marriage between two wonderful people, doing wonderful things and living wonderfully together. I wish that you’ll be wonderful to your spouse and your spouse will be wonderful to you.

96. One benefit of marriage is that it gives you a cheerleader in your partner. When you’re at your lowest ebb, you have someone to cheer you up. I wish you and your spouse will always be a source of motivation to each other.

97. To have a great marriage is not as difficult as some people think. All that is required is to keep falling in love with your sweetheart again and again daily. Happy married life.

98. The early years of marriage are often very challenging because a lot of time is spent trying to understand each other more. May your union come through this period stronger.

99. Marriage is a lifelong journey that has different stages and each stage comes with its own experience. I wish that each stage would bring to you lots of awesome experiences.

100. Marriage is a precious union meant for the purpose of companionship. I wish that this purpose would never be defeated in your union.

Classic advance marriage wishes for best friend, isn’t it? Show care and solidarity to your soon-to-wed best friend by sending it to him or her. By doing this, you will be helping him or her get in the right mood for marriage. You can be sure they’re definitely going to show gratitude to you in return. Kindly share and leave your comment below.

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