100 Things Every Woman Should Own

Best 100 Things Every Woman Should Own Now in 2022

The world of a woman could seem complex sometimes, but actually, it isn’t. It’s just essential that a lady owns what she wants and needs. They range from clothing to jewelry, emotional support rather than just physical things, including other random things every girl needs as listed here in 100 things every woman should own irrespective of race, tribe, or nationality.

From the hair, face, finger, down the body to the foot, there are over 100 things that every woman should own. When you get to a certain point in your life, there are certain products that you just need to feel like a fully-functioning adult woman.

This article spells out the 100 things every woman should own now or later in specifications according to the different stages of a female’s life. Though there are similarities in the requirements of females at their different ages, nevertheless, there are some very peculiar to different age groups.

What A Woman Needs

What A Woman Needs

The list of the necessities for females through different age range is almost endless. However, ‘what a woman needs’ is beyond just what she wants. Of the many 100 things every woman should own, a woman’s needs are the things she can’t just shirk off since it’s beyond just any random want, but a need.

To meet the needs of a woman is to be able to first study her. Due to differences in age, and personalities, some needs may differ from the others. However, there are general needs common to the feminine gender which ranges from accessories, psychological and emotional steadiness, and financial stability.

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Meanwhile, what tops the list of a woman’s needs is the thrill of love and affection. When a woman feels accepted, cherished, and cared for, she can go any length further with you, opening up and making you her closest pal. All other things she might need from you comes with the assurance of respect and love for her.

Top 5 Needs of a Woman

Top 5 Needs of a Woman

The top 5 needs of a woman are some of the ladies’ daily use items that cannot be overlooked. Though, many, but by priority, these top 5 needs of a woman would be at the order of preference list in the 100 things every woman should own.

They do not have to be luxury items every woman should own, because as little as emotional support seems, they are part of what I’ll call the day-to-day survival need lists for every woman, whether young or old.

1. Love and Affection: Feeling loved and being shown affection makes a woman see the best in herself and she looks forward to bringing it out. She needs to be surrounded by a deep sense of belonging, which assures her of love and acceptance.

2. Heartfelt Communication: Having someone to have honest conversations with by sharing day-to-day events with them makes a woman relieved of each day’s stress and helps her feel refreshed to carry the next day’s burden.

3. Security (Feeling Safe): Knowing that you’ve got her back makes her want to take on the world. Assuring a woman of security is one way to tell her she’s not alone in the world, and you’ve got her back, looking out for her success, and being ready to defend her.

4. Commitment: To feel appreciated and be trusted enough for you to devote yourself to her. She knows she has a lot to offer, but seeks approval from you, knowing you can count on her and wants to be able to count on you too for support and help.

5. Financial Care and Support: A lady has always got a list of things to do with money as well as things to buy. From accessories to wears and toiletries. Giving her some financial support to run the day through makes her feel cared about.

15 Things Every Woman Should Own by 30

15 Things Every Woman Should Own by 30

The age of 30 is approaching so fast and you feel like you aren’t ready for it? Well, here are some 15 things that every woman should own by 30 that should make you feel a little confident about being able to handle being 30 years old.

So, just take yours as you go through this shortlisted breakdown of the 100 things every woman should own.

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6. A close friend/ partner: Having someone to talk to now and then is a thing a woman at 30 would not joke with. This could be her spouse or just a listening friend.

7. Life goals: Setting life goals makes a woman’s focus undeterred. Having life goals makes a woman at the age of thirty feel relevant to the world.

8. Active day-to-day working plan: Making sure that life does not just happen to you means that you have to be up and doing. Attending to your set plans for each day would make you as a woman active.

9. A self-owned apartment and a car: At the age of 30, it would be nice to have an apartment for privacy’s sake. Could also be for the family (that is; including husband and children). It gives some sense of achievement too, in not leaving under a mortgaged house or riding a loaned car.

10. A special recipe: You should have a unique recipe that gets your visitors, friends, and family talking whenever you make them a dish from such.

11. Firm self-confidence: Having a great confidence level is a good boost for a woman at 30. It keeps you going and pushing through.
12. The piece of furniture that you love: Having your living room occupied with your favorite piece of furniture design gives you a good feeling as you step into the house.

13. Current knowledge of events: Up-to-date knowledge of happenings in the world keeps you aware of the decisions to make per time and prepared for any future events.

14. Something great doing: Doing what makes her happy brings out the best qualities in her and helps her carry an awesome atmosphere. Either having a job or offering self-developed services that make her happy keeps her fulfilled.

15. Skincare regimen/diet plan: A woman never likes to leave chance with her skin’s health and state. She also needs a great body at the age of 30.

16. A closet of your own: A personal space for study, prayer, or other personal engagements would be something to own for personal development at home.

17. Diverse designs of accessories: The accessories that match the different styles and designs a woman wears at 30 is a need she won’t overlook at that age.

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18. Comfortable exercising wears: Jogging and exercising to keep fit is a requirement at a growing age. Having a set of comfortable exercising wears including nice sneakers would be good.

19. A consistent workout routine: Forgetting to miss out on some routines for a workout could result in weight gain and lead to a loss in self-esteem level.

20. A hobby: Enjoying doing something in particular at the age of 30 would be nice. Something that could get you up from depression or help you relax.

5 Things Every 20-Year-Old Woman Should Own

5 Things Every 20-Year-Old Woman Should Own

Things every woman in her 20s should own or let’s say things every teenage girl should own is usually definitely a concern for her as she crosses from the teen world. She wants to know how to keep up with the changes and we’ll love to let you know it isn’t difficult at all.

Of the many lists of 100 things every woman should own, the following are the very essential 5 things every 20-year-old woman should own.

21. That piece of jewelry that makes you feel especially beautiful would be something to own at the age of 20. Feeling special boosts the confidence level.

22. A really cute dress to wear for almost any occasion is something to get and hang somewhere there in your closet. It would come in handy at some time soon.

23. At least one matching set of accessories for your beautiful long dress is also something you should get for yourself at age 20.

24. Real and honest relationships with friends, and family. Learning to make good conversations maintain relationships at this age bracket would help you figure out so many things about life.

25. A feasible career plan relating to your passion for a career path in life should be spelled out in your journal. You could also make yourself some motivating notes as regards this and paste them on your room walls.

25 Things Every Woman Should Have

25 Things Every Woman Should Have

No one likes to be daunted because of the lack of somethings in their possessions. What a woman should have maybe much and expensive as a lady could be demanding, but there are some like these 25 things that every woman should have that could be affordable and easy to maintain for a lady and should include the qualities every woman should have too.

In this section of 100 things every woman should own, we have helped you make a preference scale of the 100 things every girl needs, by listing out some 25 things that every woman should have.

26. An admirable closet

27. A stable sense of decision making.

28. Emotional stability

29. Vacation time plan

30. Healthy family ties

31. Helpful relationships

32. Great networking attitude

33. Elegant dresses

34. Comfortable heels

35. A sophisticated charm

36. Beautiful choices of hairdos

37. A handy purse

38. Cool pair of shades, and swimsuit

39. Document box

40. A business plan

41. Good hours of rest

42. Sports or games plans

43. Fitted underwear

44. Great habits and routine

45. A daring attitude

46. Sewing kit

47. Volunteering spirit

48. A stable savings plan

49. A coffee maker

50. Flasks and bottles to help keep hydrated

50 Essential Things Every Woman Should Own

50 Essential Things Every Woman Should Own

Boosted self-esteem comes from having a good day start from home. So, a lady needs all that she should have in her home, from possessions to qualities that make a woman stable. Besides, every woman asks themselves the question; ‘what do I really need in my wardrobe?’

Of the 100 things that every woman should own now, here is a list of 50 essential things every woman should own. This list explains more in detail some of the things already listed earlier.

51. Self-worth: which is a value a woman needs to feel great about herself. The feeling of dignity makes one’s self-esteem on the right side.

52. Nice collections of lingerie: Having nice and comfortable collections of underwear allows for ease in movement.

53. Ability to let go of hurt: a feeling that every woman knows she deserves to be treated well requires that she is prepared to let go of hurt because you can’t possibly get expected treatment from all.

54. A beautiful house interior design with a matching furniture set gives you the sense of boast about your home. You would be able to welcome friends and family in confidently anytime.

55. Some handy lady tools like sewing kits, nail, and hammer would go a long way in saving time, money, and stress of doing some quick repairs you could do yourself.

56. A savings account should be possessed by all women. Making them financially independent and being able to make good use of investment opportunities.

57. Investment plans: these come to make a woman at the forefront of being able to handle finance deals and grow into more financial independence.

58. Great friends and partners should surround a woman always. She needs all the support she can get.

59. Constantly updated list of goals accomplishment: keeping this could be a way to make a proper check-list of all plans foresighted.

60. Ready counseling knowledge: some younger girls look up to older women. So, every woman should be a ready counselor when such cases arise.

61. A therapist & a physician: going through some health challenges silently or holding in emotional and psychological trauma could be damaging.

62. A favorite outfit and hairdo: there’s a style of hair that makes you want to throw your head sideways always for a good poise for a photoshoot, same goes for the outfit that you should know can be comfortable to wear for almost any occasion.

63. Adequate knowledge of family finances: this is a responsibility and being able to perform this duty makes you reliable.

64. Prompt attitude to responding to situations no matter how sudden it might be. You should be a bank of ideas as ready solutions to problems.

65. Adventurous spirit: being enthusiastic about knowing more, being inquisitive, and being adventurous makes you a fun person to be with.

66. A motivating soundtrack that gets you out of bed in the morning so that you could begin the day with a bright spirit.

67. The firm and resilient spirit that could keep on going through tough times and still not break from focus and determination.

68. Identification cards and national passports should be handy in the case of quick business travels or vacations.

69. Financial and career advisors: this is to not be limited in career choice making. Having a wide range of choices and being able to be guided through it is very good.

70. Sponsors for ventures and into career choices are necessary for every woman. With all the support she can get; you’ll see the best of her.

71. A model and mentor: this is important because you are not an island of knowledge. So having people to talk to and look up to is nice.

72. A very stable spiritual life for a strong sense of hope for the future. This would help you rely on the creator for present and future success in your choices.

73. What gives you pleasure: some still find it difficult to define what gives them pleasure. But you could have a hobby that pushes you out of loneliness, as well as having a job or project, or could be a volunteering service that makes you happy
74. A photo album up to date: this helps to keep track of how much you’ve grown, the people you’ve met, the places you’ve been, and how much progress you are making.

75. Someone you mentor: it is not enough to have a mentor. To be a mentor to others gives you more sense of self-worth.

76. An every-day to-do list: this makes the activities you should do per day easy to flow through while not leaving any stone unturned.

77. A personal journal for the update of every day’s progress. This helps you keep an eye on the advancements, improvements, and adjustments to be made.

78. A wardrobe that defines your person (collection of pantsuits, or casual jean wears). Some are freer and more energetic in casual wear, and some are more enthusiastic and charismatic in corporate wear. Either way, you can have different collections to suit different occasions as the case may be.

79. The bag that goes with the outfit. There’s always that one bag that goes with an outfit. Also, for a woman, bags are parts of your dressing. So, get some and get some matching purse in case of the days you need to go out with few personal items.

80. That special dinner dress: for that special business or a romantic date, you should have a lovely dress at your reach.

  • Now to take a closer look at specific summer and spring wardrobe essentials in the closet collections a woman should own to make her look and feel great. The following is the list of some of the very essential collections a woman should have in her wardrobe.

81. Awesome quality denim

82. A white skinny jeans

83. A good slim fit ankle jeans

84. Nice tropical print dress

85. Puff sleeve mini dress that feels comfortable

86. Padded ‘bralette’ in your lingerie collection

87. Sunglasses perfect for face shape and shade from the sun

88. Comfy and nice pajama sets

89. An everyday work tote/bag and purse

90. Jogging sneakers swimsuit, and other exercising wears

91. Some fitted leggings

92. Makeup kit

93. Hair wigs

94. Flat footwears and heels

95. Mani and Pedi kits for your nails care

96. Nice blazers

97. Pantsuits and other smart corporate wears

98. Free T-shirts

99. Black, white, and colored turtle necks

100. Jerseys for sport and games days

Sometimes, what you own boosts your confidence. So, when a girl wakes up in the morning and sees she has the things every girl needs in her bathroom, room, closet, wardrobe, bag, and so on.

It makes her feel like she’s ready to take on the world while flaunting about with her beauty, charisma. Why not share these 100 things every woman should own and leave a comment to ascertain these lists have helped you.

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