How to Become More Productive and Motivated

How to Become More Productive and Motivated: 20 Genius Tips in 2022

How to become more productive and motivated is the question that runs across almost every mind you see today. Though quiet and looking seemingly happy with having a job, a business, or more engagements, lots of persons do not feel fulfilled.

Being happy could be easy, but staying happy means you know how to be more productive and motivated. The more you use results in your life, the more elated you’ll be.

This in turn makes you a role model, and you believe everyone wants to be imitated by another.

You love the feeling of someone saying to you “can you be my mentor?” “can you tell me how to be productive”, and so on. However, you first have to find yourself and we have spelled out 20 genius tips on how to become more productive and motivated for you here.

Sit back and enjoy reading on how to become more productive and motivated even as you begin developing yourself and impacting lives.

How to be Productive Everyday

How to be Productive Everyday


How to be productive in life means you have to put in a lot of learning, determination, and act on some action points to excel in all you do and remain relevant.

When you are, you’ll be able to also teach others how to be productive and motivated at work as well as how to be productive and motivated at home.

This must be done every day, as you should plan yourself well for taking the bull by the horn to conquer each day’s mountain of demands and responsibility. With that, you must be talking about how to be productive every day to be productive in life.

The first five tips on how to become more productive and motivated come from this section. Sit back and enjoy reading as you take your pen to take some notes on how to motivate yourself every day and become productive

So, then let’s ask ‘how do I motivate myself to be productive?’. Simple, just do the following:

1. Get inspired: You’ll first have to wake up the sleeping you. You wish for something yea, but it doesn’t just come to you. You’ll have to surround yourself with materials and persons that can help you wake up to dream.

When you do, then you’ll begin to have goals build up in your mind. This can only happen if you develop yourself.

2. Determination: How do I become more motivated? Sometimes, the drive may seem absent and it seems like you’ve lost your motivation. How then can you revive it or become more motivated? Determination is the answer.
Keep pushing the belief and let it sit deep into your heart.

3. Planning: This would take care of distractions. If you want to be productive, then you must plan, by first setting goals.

Planning to put into action your self-investment of knowledge, and your goals. And this planning has got to be smart ones dear! These goals include short and long-term goals too. You’ll do yourself so much good by planning because it helps to eliminate distractions.

It keeps you focused on the major, and helps to cover up and meet set targets. When you miss set goals per day, it drags the achievement proposed for the next day you know.

4. Accountability: You have to find a mentor, an external motivator. Yea, you might be able to do awesome planning and execution of activities yourself, but everyone needs a role model.

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5. Evaluate: This can be done daily, weekly, and monthly, as well as yearly. This helps to look into areas of strength, how to improve on them and work on eliminating weak points. This is like your checkpoint.

You look through the grounds you’ve covered and prepare to move faster and do better.

How to be a Productive Woman

How to be a Productive Woman

Here are more tips on how to become more productive and motivated as a woman. You find that it seems that women have to hide under the name of men or connections to do outstanding stuff.

Well, I’ll say that idea has since been nullified, and now, I mean! You can be the smart, loving, adorable, and inspiring woman you want to be.

How to live a productive life as a woman is demanding plus the responsibilities of the home, work, and demands of children care. However, how to be a productive woman is first a decision you have to make from your heart.

Get below clues on how to play your game well at home, work, and still be productive.

6. Set a timer and table for all you have to do: Write them all down! And give some space for flexibility, adjustments that would not distract the day’s focus, and for unforeseen situations to be attended to. Make your list the night before the next day.

It keeps your mind engaged on what you should wake up to doing first. It also eliminates procrastination and time wastage.

7. Prioritize the to-do list ahead: Do the hard work first, (like the saying ‘eat the elephant!’) because you can be tempted to relax after the first few tasks for the day. But having completed the harder ones makes it easy to resume the easier ones after a break.

Can also delegate some activities to colleagues, assistants, or experts at some of the work you intend to cover up.

Also, the response from some successful women who have won the war of managing home and work have engaged some methods for repetitive works that need to be attended to every day is the use of automation.

This can be set for answering emails, chats, and some other media responses that need to be done routinely to have more time for other bigger kinds of stuff.

8. Eat healthily and work out: Helps the brain too when you eat healthy diets and work out. By removing excess fats also, you keep fit and it enables you to stand up to your tasks smartly and attend to them.

9. Hang out with like minds: It is not enough to be a reserve of knowledge yourself, You’ve got to mix up with persons that challenge you to do more.

This might just take a day in two weeks from you as you set dates for business discussions, strategies in moving your work up to the next level as well as an update on what methods or new things to engage in for continual relevance.

10. Manage your time and make room for recess: Try as much as possible to finish every task a few minutes before the time set. Make room in your plan for recess and recuperate lost strength. You could relax with movies, take snacks or just take a stroll out for some nice air.

How to be a Productive Man

How to be a Productive Man

You are concerned about how to become more focused and motivated while others just think that being a man means you’ve got it all figured out.

How to be productive and motivated as a man means you have to first drop your ego, which commonly makes so many men reluctant to learn from peers.

Knowing that how to be a productive man lies in your hands, you have to decide on how to be more productive and motivated as you read more tips below.

Anyway, let’s put you through some hints on how to become more of the person you want to be.

11. Be teachable: This is an attribute that all men need to have to be productive. If a lot of men can be teachable, then we’ll have more results from men. Such men can form teams and learn from each other, meet new persons, learn new strategies, and become more productive.

12. Get trained: With virtual and even hard copy training materials, you can improve in little time and use the new lessons learned for getting results. Never neglect this. Build on yourself.

You’re like a plant and need to water yourself to make whatever nutrients you have bring forth fruit in you.

13. Make financial budgets: It’s easy to work so hard and spend all earned within a blink. So to prevent this, you should make budgets ahead. Prioritize your financial budget and make sure to involve your saving and investment plans.

14. Balance work life and family relationships: Every man who has to battle with some stuff at home ends up being unproductive at work and if he is at loggerheads with his boss or employees, there’s going to be some trouble at home.

15. Be updated: The 21st century is moving fast with technology and everything goes digital. So, be aware of social media information, know the skills you need to upgrade, and move on. You could be left in the past if you do not know what is on in the present.

How to be Productive with No Motivation

How to be Productive with No Motivation

Sometimes, home seems familiar and everything seems like a routine just as it appears at work. But you want something more? Well, I’ll advise that you check this out too to answer the question ‘how can I be more productive and motivated at home?

Simply put. You have to just find yourself, set smart goals, be determined and focused, and go for it!

No one has to motivate you in some cases. If you find yourself in a place and situation where there’s no encouragement at that moment, then you should rise and take the wheel.

However, you should first study the manual you know, else you’ll drive out of the lane into the bush! Smiles. This is how to become productive with no motivation.

The following are five more tips on how to become more productive and motivated even with no motivation.

16. Do some workouts: It takes just a little workout per day to regain some motivation. It relaxes the muscles, helps your breathing, and makes you fit. Once fit and feeling agile, your mind becomes healthily awake, active and you feel like you could stand up to do anything the next day.

It’s a good start for awakening your motivation for productivity.

17. Take a little vacation for relaxation and majorly meditation: By taking some time out for meditation, you can begin to see your goals being achievable again. You could in this period assist yourself with some light reading, no stress on the brain though. But more thinking, and writing down of plans should be done.

18. Break your goals into short-term goals: Like monthly, weekly, and daily. Then break them into bits that can be achieved at intervals of the day.

19. Take time to access the result of the day and what to do to improve on it the next day: This can be discouraging at first if seeing that you haven’t done much, but it keeps you in tune with the progress of the journey to productivity.

20. Discipline for consistency: It can be built overnight so don’t beat yourself over not getting it in a short time. You could be excited at the start of a new project and suddenly have no interest after some weeks.

But knowing you’ve got a deadline and money attached, what do you do? You stand up to it!

Find what you’re passionate about again, everybody has it. Find it and take bits of the activities surrounding it, do it day by day. Start with like 15 minutes, be consistent with it. You’ll in no time revive your strength to doing other things you’ve got to do.

With the above angles spelled out to you on how to become motivated and productive. I believe that you can now begin to take some steps towards it and make others benefit from this well of knowledge.

Send those tips to all around you, from teenagers to adults who need to find themselves and be their best. These genius tips on how to become more productive and motivated are for everyone who cares for success and more accomplishments.

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  1. I would add another tip- get enough sleep. I would also recommend planning work for the week. I do that and it works very well. Thanks, Bamidele. Good tips.

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