How To Live on A Budget And Save Money

How to Live on a Budget and Save Money: 17 Top Secrets in 2022

Have you ever been tempted to spend through your nose or run into debt just because you wanted to create an impression of not being cheap? Or you are like me, who loves to look classy and command countless admirations from people without putting unnecessary stress on my wallet or run into debt? Trust me, you are not alone, and I’m here to reveal to you some life hacks on how to live on a budget and save money .

Wait a minute, have you ever been in a situation where you ask yourself a question like, “am I too frugal?” probably due to some reactions you get from people around you. And then you get unnecessarily uptight and dread the feeling of being seen as cheap. Now, you might want to ask, is being cheap a sin?

Well, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory, one of the basic needs of man is what he called “The Esteem Needs” which involves the desire for reputation and respect from others. That is, the need to be perceived as a person of high prestige and not of low status. This explains why it is normal for us to dread being perceived as being cheap.

However, with the present economic situation around the world, there are needs to be smart with your spending, and channel your income rightly. Hence, the need to learn some frugal living tips, while you still meet your desire of not being seen as not generous. Remember, there is a thin line between being generous and being careful about your spending, which is simply what being frugal means. Hence, the need to learn how to live on a budget and save money.

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Is creating balance sounds impossible or hard? Well, what if I tell you it’s not? Trust me, you can achieve that by just following these few simple steps on how to live on a budget and save money. So read on and learn how to be super thrifty and frugal without being seen as cheap.

10 Ways on How to Live on A Budget and Save Money

10 Ways on how to live on a budget and save money

Learning how to live on a budget and save money takes determined effort, and must be deliberately practiced. Naturally, It is easier for you to be extravagant and spend money on unnecessary things, than being frugal, especially in a world where everyone is out to impress and command respect. That is why I’ve compiled these 10 ways to be frugal without being cheap, to help you through the journey.

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Imagine yourself, being invited to a high-class party, on getting there, you noticed a couple of people stared at you with admiration. Some even took their time to walk up to you, just to tell you how great you look.

Now, you are all beaming with smiles, partly because you felt good with the compliments, but also, because you knew in your mind how less you spent to achieve that great look; how you got the beautiful dress from a thrift store, the high-class shoes for almost half its original price, how you did the makeovers yourself, and the likes, to achieve that wonderful look. This sounds good, right? And in fact, brings a sense of satisfaction.

You spent less, and still commanded great respect and admirations, this, of course, is being frugal without being cheap. After all, you spent, but more smartly. However, to achieve this, you need to learn the art of how to live on a budget and save money.

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This article on 10 ways to be frugal without being cheap is to help you in embracing a frugal lifestyle, by cutting down on unnecessary spendings, while you command your desired value and respect, even without stressing yourself. Now, let’s discuss them;

1. Be sincere enough to differentiate between your needs or wants: You might end up being financially bound if you are the type that buys excessively just to satisfy your mere desires. Buying everything in trends, spending a huge amount of money on things you might end up not using after the occasion, or buying things just because you find them attractive without considering the values it adds to you, or how useful it is to you, must be avoided.

As it won’t help you in saving your precious money for the more important things. Buy what you need with the intent of maximizing values. This is one of the best frugal living tips.

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2. Plan to buy during sales or shop discount: Remember, both a cheap person and a frugal person are after saving money. However, a cheap person tries to save money at all cost, without considering the value forgone, while a frugal person aims at getting the value at the possible maximum level for the cost.

Instead of spending a whole lot of money on a new product, you can be patient, and plan your buying towards a sales period or when discounts are being offered. Here, you will get the same good quality product, even at a cheaper price, instead of probably buying an inferior one at that cheap price.

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3. Buy second-hand items: Whether it’s high-class designer clothes, home appliances, and luxury cars, you can opt for their fairly used or secondhand. This will help you get very good quality products at a relatively cheaper price. However, make sure you do a thorough check on the product before buying and ensure to buy from the right platform. This will greatly confer status on you, even while you spend less on it. And that is how to live on a budget and save money.

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4. Consider renting some items instead of owning: Some items are just needed for a short period to make a good impression and make the right statement. Say you are going for a birthday or baby bump photo shoot, you might consider renting some costumes for this, since they might not be suitable for you to incorporate them into your ‘everyday wears’ and you might not want to repeat the same costumes for subsequent occasions. Likewise, some posh cars are better rented and taken a luxury cruise with for a while, than being bought and added to your liabilities.

5. You can try to barter your skills for what you want: Do you have a skill someone can need? Your talent or hobby can be exchanged for other services you could need. Say you are good at painting, graphic designing, photography and the likes, you can offer this service to someone who is also skilled in a service you also need.

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For example, you can offer a hair care service to get a nice bespoke dress made for you! Here, you’ll get your desired classy look without paying a dime. However, it is better for you to barter with someone you know and can trust very well.

6. Do it yourself: Keeping up with the appearances doesn’t mean you must drain yourself. Cut your hair if you can, wash your car, do your laundry, nobody cares to know if you did this yourself or you employ the services of the most expensive cleaner in town. Instead of paying a huge amount of money for your make up for a dinner party, try doing it yourself, if you can. Check online for various tutorials to guide you.

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7. Know what to mend and what to discard: It might not be bad to mend or repair some items, just to extend their life span, however, be careful to also know those items that are ready to be thrashed and replaced with new ones. Some items are inexpensive and it won’t be bad to replace them once they are worn out, however, mending an expensive wristwatch, revamping your barely used wigs, or fixing and revamping a set of old furniture might not be all that bad.

8. Don’t compromise good quality for a cheap price: Sometimes, it is better to spend a little bit higher on good quality products, rather than buying the cheaper ones that will break down after a short period. It is smarter and frugal to spend a little bit more money in buying a very nice and durable backpack, rather than settling for the cheapest one in the store, and end up getting yourself embarrassed in public as it falls off your shoulders.

9. Create a budget: One of the ways to minimize wastage and unnecessary spending is by planning how you will spend your income, and sticking to it. This helps you direct your money to the right channel, minimize impulsive buying, and also save up money for the right value-adding projects you might have ahead.

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10. Don’t be too stingy: While trying to minimize spendings, do not be carried away to the extent that you are insensitive to those around you, as this, is for the ungenerous. Tip the waiter or waitress when you eat at the restaurants, take up the bill once in a while, if you eat out with your friends, and in a case where the bill is to be shared, paying a little bit higher than the amount your separate bill would have cost, might worth the friendship.

Give valuable gifts, let your friends and families feel valued. You can plan a saving towards this, for you to save up enough to afford a reasonably expensive gift, however, remember, “reasonable”. In essence, If you don’t want to appear cheap, you need to learn how to stop being stingy.

Remember, being frugal doesn’t mean you are not spending at all or you are totally depriving yourself or people around you of pleasure and enjoying life, it simply means you are being smart to know when it is going to the extreme and becoming unnecessary, and wise enough to curb the excesses.

7 Frugal Living Tips With a Big Impact

7 Frugal Living Tips With a Big Impact

Sometimes, while trying not to appear cheap, you might be tempted to spend more than your budget, and end up being broke. Now to coverup, you start minimizing everything, even to a fault, then you end up being seen as unwilling to spend. This could be frustrating as you move helplessly in this cycle, basically because you have not learned how to live on a budget and save money.

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However, to break free is easier than you think, all you need is some frugal living tips, like these 7 frugal living tips with big impacts I’m about to share with you, to assist you in creating a balance, minimize cost reasonably, and save you from being broke. I have compiled powerful 7 frugal living tips with a big impact, to help you on the journey. Now, let’s get started.

1. Embrace simplicity: While trying to be frugal, you need to learn how to live simply and cheaply, to an acceptable extent. You don’t need to buy all of your favorite celebrity’s branded skincare products before you look good. You might need to consider a smaller and at the same time comfortable apartment. Eat simple but nutritious and healthy meals. Some expensive products, at times, don’t offer the commensurate values after all.

2. Pre-plan your shopping: One of the easiest ways to avoid careless spending which stems from impulsive buying is to pre-plan your shopping. Don’t just go shopping for fun. Write the list of what you need to buy before setting out, and stick to it. This will help you to buy those things you really need and avoid those that are not needed.

3. Minimise eating out: Apart from being healthier, preparing your food at home also saves you money. Eating out in restaurants and settling for junk should be reduced or totally avoided, as it is more expensive. Instead of taking your friends out for a dinner, invite them over, and prepare a nice meal for them. This saves costs, as you will use less money to get relatively more food. However, this doesn’t mean you should not give yourself a treat by dining out once in a while.

4. Switch your bank: This might sound negligible, but it’s worth it! Does your bank charge you too high for every transaction. Switch to the one that doesn’t charge, look for the ones with high interest too.

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5. Try stockpiling: Buying products in bulk is generally cheaper than buying at a unit price. It is frugal to buy some products you know you consume in large quantities in bulk. Moreover, some products have their cheap and expensive seasons, hence stockpiling them might be a good option. Products like family soap, toilet papers, mouth wash, and the likes can be stockpiled.

6. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions: Trust me, some subscriptions are not needed and need to be canceled. Revisit your subscription list, and you will be shocked to see how much money is being drawn from you, amazingly you might not even need most of them. Find a cheaper substitute, only leave the most important ones, if indeed they are.

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7. Consider a less costly form of entertainment: You love to catch some fun, right? Of course, it’s not bad at all. But there are great ways you can get yourself entertained at very little or no cost. Instead of going to the cinema and having the bills on you, invite your friends over for a movie in your house, make some popcorns and enjoy, visit your local parks, take a walk and enjoy nature, these are great and frugal ways of relaxation.

I’m sure this post on how to live on a budget and save money would make you agree that frugal living is not synonymous with cheap living, as some people wrongly believe, but instead, it improves your value, financial freedom in the long run, and raises your standard of living, which creates a feeling of great self-worth, and boost your self-esteem.

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Are there any other frugal living tips you know, but aren’t listed here? I’ll really love to have you share them with me in the comment section below. I’m sure you’ll have someone that needs to have a more improved life by learning how to live on a budget and save money, then, feel free to share with them.

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