How to Make Friends When You Have None

How to Make Friends When You Have None [20 Easy Steps]

It’s a natural human instinct to crave the affection of others which is why friendships are a huge part of our lives.

No matter how comfortable you are being alone, you need friends to live a healthy and social life, which is why you’re here to learn how to make friends when you have none.

Building a relationship with a person takes considerable effort and patience but this guide on how to make friends when you have none has all the tricks you need to help you build long-term friendships.

To help you understand the steps you need to take, this guide is broken down into 7 unique subheadings to teach you how to make friends when you have none under different scenarios.

Without further delay, let’s get started on the 20 proven ways on how to make friends when you have none.

How to Make Friends as a Teenager

Being a teenager without friends is rough as your teenage years are meant for making fond memories with others.

If you don’t want to miss out, here are the best ways on how to make friends as a teenager.

1. Be yourself but with flair:

I’m sure you’re tired of people telling you to be yourself but who else will you be?

If you want to attract people like bees to honey then you’ve got to show them what makes you special, this is the first step on how to make friends as a teenager.

Be yourself but with flair, people are attracted to confidence, so do the things you excel at and be welcoming to others, people will approach you to give compliments or ask questions and you’ll form a bond with others.

2. Never be caught without a smile or a compliment:

Being a teenager is like a toddler learning how to walk, you’re slowly starting to understand yourself and in need of validation that you’re making the right choices.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, other teens are going through the same thing, which is why a smile and compliments are crucial parts on how to make friends as a teenager.

A smile on your face is a simple gesture that shows you’re approachable, greet people with a smile and they’re sure to return it but pick the people and situations carefully, greeting someone who’s clearly upset or people in a deep conversation will only have the opposite effect.

Learn how to give compliments, it’s the easiest way to start a conversation with someone, here are some conversation starters to practice with:

OMG! I love your dress, the design is so pretty. I’m so jealous, where did you get it?

● Hey man, I just wanted to tell you how amazing your three-pointers were. It was like watching a professional NBA player on the court, do you think you can teach me some moves?

Not everyone will be friendly but don’t be discouraged, the right people will be drawn to you, so keep working on your conversation skills.

3. Meet the neighbours:

Want to make friends? Start from home, get to know the other teens in your area by volunteering in community service, or going to the popular hangouts.

The more you put yourself out there, the higher your chances are to make friends and have a great social life. This third step is easier once you’ve gotten the hang of steps 1 and 2; being yourself with flair and giving compliments with a warm smile on your face.

In time, you’ll know how to make friends when you have none.

How to Make Friends as an Introvert

Being an introvert means that you enjoy quality time alone but this doesn’t mean you’re not able to socialize. Many people mistake introverts as unsociable people but you can change their mindset with these tips on how to make friends as an introvert.

4. Leave your comfort zone:

There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, you just have a harder time communicating with others but that doesn’t mean you need to change who you are.

A lot of people confuse leaving their comfort zone to changing themselves when learning how to make friends as an introvert.

Leaving your comfort zone simply means putting yourself out there, as an introvert you enjoy being alone, that’s your comfort zone, leaving it requires you to go out and talk to other people, you can’t start friendships without meeting people. For example;

● If there’s an event at your workplace or school, fight the urge that tells you to stay at home and volunteer to be a part of the planning committee.

● If you notice someone in need of assistance and you’re in a position to help, reach out to them with a smile and offer your services.

● Put yourself in situations that allow you to show off your unique skills like designing PowerPoints or participating in sporting events.

Practice makes perfect, you’ll feel awkward going out to meet new people but in time you’ll learn how to make friends as an introvert.

5. Don’t change your circle:

Now that you’ve taken the first step in leaving your comfort zone, don’t make the mistake of leaving your circle. Some people believe the best tip on how to make friends when you have none is to spend time with the popular crowd but as an introvert, that’s not your circle.

Find people who are down-to-earth like you, people with similar interests, people you can spend time with as yourself.

If you notice someone reading a book you like or listening to your favorite band, or other similar interests, make the first move and approach them, start up a conversation about the things you have in common.

If you feel a connection between you, don’t be shy to ask for their contact.

Not all conversations will go smoothly but patience is key, don’t be in a rush to make friends as friendship takes time.

How to Make Friends When You Have None at School

Friends go a long way to making your school life a memorable experience, so let’s dive into some of the sure ways on how to make friends when you have none at school.

6. Find your people:

One of the best ways on how to make friends when you have none at school is finding people who have no friends like you.

Start from your class, notice the people who stick together and the ones who are left out, before class starts or during breaks start a conversation with someone who looks like they could use the company.

Be friendly and not pushy in your approach, here are some examples;

● Hey! I could really use your help, I lost track during the previous class cause the teacher was too fast. Do you mind if I borrow your notes?

● Hi, hope I’m not being too forward but I simply adore your shoes. They’re so cool, I’ve never seen that design before, where did you buy them?

If you’re bolder you can try asking to be friends directly, for example;

● Excuse me, I don’t really know anyone here and you seem cool, I can tell by your smashing outfit. Do you think we could be friends? I’m fun to hang out with.

Not everyone would want to be your friend right away, so don’t expect to make friends immediately. Start slow and work on conversing with your potential friends regularly.

7. Participate in extracurricular activities:

If you want to make friends at school then don’t limit your search to only your classroom, there are so many students at your school who you can be friends with.

Join clubs where you can shine, if you’re the science type, join the science club, if you’re the artsy type then show off your talents in the art club and if you enjoy sports, join a sports team.

You’ll make friends faster when you’re in an environment with people who share similar interests, you’ll be able to start conversations by either asking questions or talking about the things you both enjoy.

8. Body Language matters:

Your body language is an important aspect on how to make friends when you have none, if you appear friendly with warm gestures such as a smile, making eye contact, giving compliments and listening when others talk, you’ll make more friends than when you appear hostile or gloomy.

Practice smiling by using a mirror, learn how to make eye contact while conversing, pay attention to your vibe while sitting alone, are your arms folded across your chest in a don’t bother me manner, or do you appear approachable?

Focus on making yourself look and act friendly, it’s one of the simplest ways on how to make friends when you have none at school.

How to Make Friends When You Have None At Work

Becoming friends with your colleagues at work can be tricky but fear not, here’s all you need to know about how to make friends when you have none at work.

9. It starts with a greeting:

If you’re starting a new job or you’ve been working for some time and want to learn how to make friends at work, the simplest thing you can do is say “good morning” with a smile.

Greet your colleagues warmly every time you see them, you can also use it to start a conversation like this;

● Good morning, it’s so nice there wasn’t much traffic on the highway today, I noticed you take the same route to work as I do. I’m Olivia, I just started working for the sales department and you are?

Practice greeting your colleagues at work regularly and make sure to use their names when you do, if you don’t know their names find out by introducing yourself after greeting them.

10. Be helpful:

Another great way on how to make friends when you have none at work is to be helpful as much as possible.

If you notice a colleague with a heavy workload, offer to help, or when you’re out on a snack run ask if anyone would like a drink or something to eat.

If there’s an event at work, volunteer to be a part of the planning committee. These small helpful steps are great ways to start friendships.

11. Pay attention:

On your journey to make friends at work, don’t forget to actually be a good friend.

This means that you should pay attention to your colleagues, don’t just talk about yourself but listen to others, ask them questions about their lives, and be interested in the things they like.

Having a connection with your colleagues and their personal lives will make way for you to spend time with them outside the workplace.

How to Make New Friends in Your 30s

Unlike your teenage years or 20s when you’re surrounded by various opportunities to meet people who are looking to make friends, your 30s is a much quieter time.

If you’re struggling to make friends, have a look at these simple ways on how to make new friends in your 30s.

12. Go from acquaintances to friends:

You’re surrounded by familiar faces either at work, home, the market or gym, people you usually see or greet. Well, don’t just smile and wave, walk up to them, and have a conversation but choose the right time to do this.

Don’t try to start a conversation with someone who’s in a rush or looks like they’re too busy to chat. Be friendly in your approach, a bright smile and a good nature can go a long way in helping you make new friends.

Remember compliments and talking about common interests are key points on how to make friends when you have none. Here are a few examples:

● Hi, you’re Mary’s mother, right? I’m Nicole’s mom, Stephanie, but you can call me Steph, all my friends do. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, my little girl is best friends with your daughter, so I want to get to know the woman who raised such an adorable daughter.

● Good morning, sorry for disturbing you during your workout but I could really use your help bro, my girl keeps getting on my case to get abs and I couldn’t help but notice you’ve got some serious muscles. Think you can help another brother out with his workout routine, my name’s Andrew by the way.

13. Go on group outings with your friends:

Another simple way on how to make new friends in your 30s is by getting to know who your old friends spend time with.

If your friends invite you to a party or any social gathering but you always say no because you wouldn’t know anyone there or you go but stick to your old friends like gum.

No more, there are so many diverse and interesting people in the world to meet, don’t limit yourself. Walk up to a stranger with a smile, a compliment, or witty remark and get to know them.

Here are some conversation pointers to get you started.

● Hi! I’m Sarah, a friend of Ryan’s. It’s my third time attending his pool parties but this turn-out is nothing like the last two. I can’t believe he got DJ Funk to play, what other surprises do you think he has up his sleeves? I’m putting my money on belly dancers.

● Hey! You look like this is the last place on Earth you want to be at right now, did you get dragged here as I did?

14. Be more open:

Sometimes dropping all the pretenses and opening up is the fastest method on how to make friends in your 30s.

Please note that this only applies to when you’re already in regular contact with a potential new friend and not a complete stranger.

Opening up and showing your vulnerabilities will help you build trust and a deeper connection.

How to Make Friends Online

In the technological age we live in today, you can make friends from all over the world on various social platforms. Interested? Here’s how to make friends online.

15. Find people you like:

The first step on how to make friends online is to find potential friends preferably people with similar interests.

If you’re an artist, a writer, or a seamstress, then look for people who share the same hobbies or have the same job as you.

When you find someone you’d like to be friends with on social media, follow them, like their posts, and leave genuine comments.

Do this frequently and they’re sure to notice you, having a unique bio and profile picture will also help.

16. Be bold:

Unlike walking up to a stranger in person, the online platform isn’t as scary, all you have to do is type the right words.

You don’t want to come off as some weirdo, so be careful how you approach people online, not everyone would be polite or friendly so don’t take it too hard if you don’t get it right immediately. Here’s an example:

● I love this band as well, I’m so jealous you got to go to their concert, I couldn’t get tickets. I heard they gave out free T-shirts, did you get any?

17. Join communities and groups:

Another interesting way on how to make friends online is by joining small communities and groups related to your interests on social media.

Once you’re part of the community or group, post regularly to be noticed, give genuine compliments under posts you like, ask questions on others and when people leave comments on your post, don’t just reply with short answers, be friendly and continue the conversation.

In time, you’ll be friends with people in the group.

How to Make New Friends After Losing Old Ones

We all change as we get older, so do our priorities, for this reason, and sometimes for no reason at all, we lose the connection we once had with old friends.

You’re here because you’re either losing touch with your old friends or you’re no longer in touch with them, there’s no need to be sad, check out these easy steps on how to make new friends after losing old ones.

18. Accept the change:

The first step on how to make new friends after losing old ones is acceptance. You’re no longer in contact with your old friends, don’t hold on to the past but accept the change.

This is easier said than done but with time, you’ll be able to move on as long as you move forward with the mindset that the change happened for a reason and there’s nothing more to do than embrace it.

19. Go to new places:

You can’t make new friends if you keep hanging out in the same places you went to with your old friends. Go out of your comfort zone, find new and interesting places to visit, and meet new people.

Walk up to strangers with a cheerful attitude, ask them questions, or give compliments and start a conversation. For example,

● Hi! It’s my first time eating at this restaurant, are you a regular here? I could use some recommendations on what’s good and what not to have.

20. Communication is key:

The last but not the least step on how to make new friends after losing old ones is by staying in regular contact with potential friends.

You just met someone new, you’ve had a couple of conversations, you exchanged contacts but without effort, you’ll simply remain acquaintances.

Check-in on them regularly, have deep conversations and make plans to meet up on your free days.


Is it normal to have no friends?

I would say that it is completely normal and fine to have no friends. But at least a friend in one’s life can go a long way, in situations like advice, or a relationship.

How can you make friends when you have none?

If your communication skills suck and you’re willing to make new friends, you have to be open-minded and free-spirited. hang out more often and make new friends.

Why can’t I make any friends?

Common reasons why most people find it hard to make friends are trust issues and introversion. You don’t expect to stay indoors all day and make friends. Meanwhile, most people find it so hard to trust people so as to avoid heartbreaks.

Why do I have no friends?

When someone has no friends, they possibly are not friendly, they’re too shy, insecure, or have low self-esteem in making friends. 

As I stated throughout this guide on how to make friends when you have none, friendships take time and effort. I hope these 20 proven ways on how to make friends when you have none has given you the answers you seek, don’t forget to comment and share this guide with others.

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