Finding Love Again After Heartbreak Quotes

2022 Finding Love Again After Heartbreak Quotes

The truth is, after getting over someone, you need to settle it in your heart that you’re very capable of finding true love again even after a heartbreak; a well-deserved one at that.

You might have been hurt, gone through various pains, and heartbreak but finding love again after heartbreak quotes will liberate you from any subtle effect of heartbreak you might have experienced in the past. Be ready to unhook yourself from the past and love again.

Falling in Love Again Quotes and Sayings

Love doesn’t come with a label; love is for everyone. You may have given up on love or feel that love doesn’t deserve you, no problem because I’ve got for you finding love again after heartbreak quotes that will change your mindset about love.

Let’s dig into the following falling in love again quotes and sayings to help you set a smooth sailing relationship.

1. Love does not deny anyone. It doesn’t choose who and when to love. Love happens.

2. Love doesn’t choose who or when to love, so don’t deny delay yourself from loving.

3. After many heartbreaks, you’re now knowledgeable about what works for you. You may not know it now, but you are.

4. Heartbreaks are painful; it shows those who are strong, but one thing is that heartbreaks also make one wiser.

5. After going through many relationships, you now know what you want in a relationship, no time to waste anymore.

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6. Keep speaking it until you receive it; I will find love, and I will get married in no time.

7. When Love happens, you won’t be expecting it. Love doesn’t appear to you in a dream and says, “I’m coming tomorrow” NO, it just happens.

8. Though it might seem impossible or even frightening, don’t be afraid to love again.

9. You can’t close the door to love. Love isn’t a person that gives up; you can’t turn your back on love.

10. Love is a decision. Decide to love, decide you want to be loved, and love will be around you every passing day.

11. When you find love, it brings out the perfect one in you.

12. Hearts will break, eyes will shed tears, and pain but don’t quit on love.

13. Act in love, and you will find love. If you don’t show love, you can’t receive it.

14. You don’t have to give up on love; God brings the right person at the right time.

15. Because it doesn’t come now, that doesn’t mean love won’t ever surface. Love is patient. Wait, and the right one will come.

16. Believe in love; God’s not done yet with you. When He finishes with you, you won’t wish for anything else.

17. Don’t go out or roam about looking for love with hastiness because love finds you; you don’t seek out for it.

18. Be open, be engaging; Love can’t find you in a locked room but find with wisdom.

19. Love is a journey and has a destination. Sometimes the road may be rocky but hold on; there’s greener pasture ahead.

20. When Love comes, don’t push love away; we all want to love and be loved.

Quotes About Loving Again After Being Hurt

We all get better after a certain phase of our lives and that includes even romantic relationships. Here are quotes about loving again after being hurt no matter what. May sweet love find you!

21. Don’t deny or pretend you don’t want love. Everyone craves it. You may not admit or know it now, but you will want it in the future.

22. Love will always find its way back. It doesn’t matter the point at which you let go or gave up on love; it will surely surface again.

23. Love yourself more; you can’t give what you don’t have. Show love to yourself and get love in return.

24. There’s nothing more painful than finding love again and letting it go.

25. Love isn’t lustful; you can’t claim you love someone and lust after him or her at the same time.

26. Love can be earned; just the way reward can also be earned. So you don’t have to give up.

27. There’s love in every passing day; look out your window because love just walked by.

28. Don’t let your ego drive away love. Pride kills, destroys, and steal, so do not let it snatch away your fortune.

29. Everyone is prone to make mistakes, so never be afraid of letting go of a mistake and be brave to love again.

30. Don’t give up or let go of love; this may be your fairytale.

31. You can’t live in negativity and expect a positive result.

32. Place yourself in the right place to meet the right one. You have to be in the right position and at the right time, so you don’t miss it.

33. Sometimes don’t wait for love before you start acting; you need to act for love to take place.

34. Love is not dormant. Act to get what you want.

35. Let go of fake love and embrace real love. You need to be aware of what you want and go for it.

36. Do not love wrongly, love someone who loves you, and willing to let go of your flaws.

37. Love is priceless. It worth more than gold. You can’t pay for it; neither does it have a price tag.

38. When you open up, love will find you. You have to love genuinely and receive genuine love in return.

39. Sometimes, you have to take the backseat and let love and Christ lead, and you will have a smooth ending.

40. In this love and finding love journey, I pray you find the right path and the right one to love.

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