Happy married life wishes WhatsApp status

70 Heartwarming Happy Married Life Wishes WhatsApp Status (2022)

Are you looking for happy married life wishes WhatsApp status you can put on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media to wish a friend or family member the best in their union? If so, don’t you look too far because the very happy married life wishes text messages you need are just right here on this list.

As I said, the sweetest part of this is that you don’t have to stress yourself out before you lay hold on the best marriage wishes status that will properly convey your good thoughts and prayerful wishes.

It is therefore with your interest in our heart that we provide you how to wish happy married life to you, your loved ones, family, and friends. I believe your wishes would go a long way to make the marriage the best of its kind. Ready for this happy married life wishes WhatsApp status? Let’s go!

Best Happy Married Life Wishes WhatsApp Status

How does it feel like if you have enough, suitable, and some of the best happy married life wishes WhatsApp status at your disposal to give that lovely couple the best in their marriage without having to rack your brain? Cool! Right?

Then enjoy copying as many wedding statuses as you want as provided for you below. You can post these marriage wishes status on any of the social media platforms.

1. As well-cooked beans enjoy the company of well-refined palm oil so shall your companionship ever be enjoyable. Happy married life.

2. Happiness may fluctuate as the days go by, but may your affection for each other shine brighter and grow stronger. Congrats!

3. Love is ancient, love is modern. Love is then, love is now. May you experience love in every season of your lives. All the best to a happy couple!

4. I’m so happy that both of you are starting out so well on this lovely journey of a lifetime. My wish is that your togetherness knows no causality.

5. That all challenges be overcome in your union and you be made even stronger together is my wish for you. Have a great marriage!

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6. A unique day that brings to remembrance beautiful moments to last, with sweet memories which will linger long after it’s past. Such that joy and love escort every wish. This is how special I hope your wedding day becomes.

7. The two of you look sweet together. May you be kept in the Lord’s warmth and care forever.

8. As a product has a manufacturing date, so is your union manufactured today, but it will never have an expiry date. Enjoy each other’s products forever.

9. A special day like this initiates two very special people into the forever life. I wish you much love on this lovely occasion.

10. Marriage means marry+age, i.e; you will age together in this union. I wish you happiness in your aging together.

11. For some, it is mar+rage, a home filled with anger that destroys. Yours shall not be so, but shall be a marriage indeed.

12. The beginning of a marriage is the coming together of two people. The continuity depends on keeping each other. Then success in marriage comes when the two work together as one. May you succeed in every stage of your companionship.

13. Every experience later becomes a memory. May you experience sweetness in your union that will always give you a beautiful memory.

14. Though you both grow in age, you are only permitted to grow deeper in love, because the older a tree becomes the deeper its root grows.

15. It is my wish that you both age together, much more, may your love for each other be sweeter and tenderer.

Wedding Status for Sister

Sisters are precious people to us, and they must be treated as such, especially on a day precious to them as their wedding day. Do you know that one of the greatest ways you show you love them, on such a day like this, is to write gorgeous happy married life wishes text messages for them on your various social media?

These wedding statuses for sisters below will do more than enough to help you give the best marriage wishes to your beautiful sister on their wedding day

All you need do now is to take your time, enjoy some happy married life wishes WhatsApp status for your sister, copy, and use them as your status.

16. We are not just related by blood, you are a sister and a friend. I wish you love and friendship in your marriage.

17. You are my sister and you deserve more than six stars. I wish you a seven-star wedding and multiple-star marriage.

18. You are beautiful, peaceable, kind, gorgeous, and in fact, the best sister ever. I wish your marriage becomes everything good that you are and even much more. Happy married life!

19. Though your marriage will cause a change of name, your sweetness remains and flourishes even more. May your marriage flourish in sweetness.

20. He is giving his name, but you are giving your sweetness, your love, your peace, and every good thing that exudes from you. You shall indeed be a gift in your marriage relationship.

21. Her fondly prince charming has finally swept my sweet little damsel off her feet. I pray your sweetest dreams maritally would come true.

22. I love you sis and I’m happy you are taking another important step in life with the love of your life.

23. As you step out of your father’s house to your Hubby’s, may you step into peace and boundless joy.

24. The serenity of heart in marriage is my greatest wish for you big sis. May peacefulness not be far from your home.

25. It has finally dawned on me that my gist partner won’t always be there to gist with cuz she’s marrying her prince charming. Sweetness on every side in your marriage sweetie.

26. A home filled with bliss, a heart filled with peace, and love shall be your experience as you step into a new phase of life. Enjoy your marriage, my beloved sister.

27. You are a good Rubie as described in the Bible to be found, you have been found, you are a wife, a mother, a soulmate, and much more. Happy married life

28. Sweet sister! I call you that because that’s what you are to me. That’s how I know your marriage will be filled with sweetness because you are going to make a sweet wife, sweet friend, and sweet mother.

29. You’re not just another person getting married today, you are my ever glowing gorgeous sister. I suppose that’s what makes you irresistible to any man, even your hubby. May you experience a beautiful marriage.

30. One thing I wish for you, little sis, is the wisdom to see beyond the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ in your marriage and realize that they are the necessary “all things” that work together to make a good marriage.

Own Wedding Status for WhatsApp

The combination of stress in preparing for your wedding and the excitement you feel knowing that you’ll forever be with your soulmate and have a beautiful ever-after life may not give you the room to compose the happy married life wishes WhatsApp status for yourself, as you ought to. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Provided below are your own wedding status for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Just carry on with your marriage preparation and activities because we have made ready the marriage wishes status for you and your partner.

Sit, relax, and check below for these tantalizing wedding statuses we have for you. Happy married life!

31. I’ve known many transitions in my life: from a child to a teenager, from a teenager to a young man, and now I’m transiting from a bachelor to a married man. This is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

32. Seriously! Seeing my dream wedding come true, with the perfect man for me, gets me super excited. YEEEAAH.

33. The surest fantasy that comes true in seemingly regular life is found in love. My love and I have found each other and we are set to act out our fantasy story.

34. I’ve seen and read about many beautiful love stories, but I will always prefer ours because it’s the most beautiful.

35. I have made a lot of good decisions in my life, but today I made the best of them all, I tied the knot with my best friend.

36. One of the decisions I made and will forever be grateful for is marrying you. I have no doubt it will remain like that forever.

37. All my past experiences are now making sense to me because they have ordered my steps to my heart rob and I’m happy that I’ve found the one with whom I want to spend my whole life.

38. A beautiful place to be is with love forever and always!

39. You are and will always be the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you now and forever darling.

40. Nothing and no one have I ever wanted to love so much and be with forever but you. That’s why our marriage today brings great fulfillment to my heart. I love you sweet!

41. I will never cease laughing with you and loving you boundlessly as we set out on this love voyage together.

Funny Marriage Status

Undoubtedly, funny marriage status sets the couples in a lighter mood, having gone through the stress of preparing for a wedding. Some funny marriage messages are not a bad idea after all. Enjoy!

42. Our love is fantastically fantastic. Therefore, we are the fantastic two and we are stronger than the fantastic four because they can only be seen on the screen, but we are real to life.

43. Wife: But you vowed to love and cherish me for as long as you live. Husband: I didn’t know I was going to live this long.

44. I got married to my hubby for better or worse! He is the better, I am the worse. Lol.

45. I frequently get out of bed in the morning extremely happy, I should sue you for that.

46. They say nothing lasts forever, but we both know we want to. So if it takes us to be nothing to make our wish come true, then we will be something forever.

47. Marriage is when a man and woman become one; the trouble starts when they try to decide which one.

48. That two may become one is the purpose of marriage, but who will be the one between them?

49. When the mother transfers the responsibility of a grown male child to another grown female child, they fancifully call it marriage.

50. If your dream is to marry a beautiful girl, spend less than necessary, understand, and also cook well, you are not likely to marry one wife.

51. My wife always shows her supports for me so much that whenever I admit that I am wrong, she agrees too.

52. There is no wrong or right person in a marriage, there are only the wrong person and the wife.

53. My wife has not spoken to me since last night just because I mistakenly gave her glue instead of lips balm.

54. Pre-marriage man can stay awake to think about what you about the sweet conversations you had, post-marriage he will sleep before you start one.

55. What is love? It is a mental illness that happens for a short time and can only be cured by marriage.

56. A woman is always anxious about tomorrow before she gets a hubby, a man’s worry only starts when he gets a wife.

Countdown Status for WhatsApp

Tick-tock, like the sound of a clock, so does one’s heartbeat in a few days to the “happily ever after” moment.

One of the best ways to keep track of your excitement before your wedding day is by posting some happy married life wishes WhatsApp status for yourself, and most especially, through countdown status for WhatsApp.

This keeps you excited and distracts you from the stress of preparing for the wedding because you know that after all is done, it’ll still be worth it. Happy married life in advance!

57. How I wish ten days were ten hours, then my desire for a forever with you would have been fulfilled quickly. I earnestly await!!!

58. Though I can’t wait, I’m happy today because it’s minus one day to the deal day. #Wedding on my mind!

59. I woke up this morning with no one in bed with me, but the thought of waking to see you by my side in the next eight days delights my heart so much that I want all preparation for our wedding quickly done. Just in eight days, then you are mine forever!

60. How I wish the future could be brought to now or the present be taken to the future. Seven days to our wedding is like forever, but I will wait forever if that’s what it takes to be with you forever.

61. Yes!!! It’s getting closer and better. Just in five days, I will be wrapped in the loving arms of my lover and greatly feel the warmth of his embrace. The wedding bell is ringing!! Let me loud it!!!

62. Babe, I’ve waited this long to be with you forever and I won’t stop until I take you to the altar, take the vow with you, grab your waist, look into your eyes and plant a passionate kiss on your lips. It’s just four days before these happen and I’m delightfully waiting.

63. Love knocked at the door of my heart this morning. When I opened it, it said, “I’m just here to remind you that in three days you will be with your soulmate, forever!” Yesss!!!

64. Recently, I’ve been having sleepless nights, not just because of the wedding plan but also because I know that I will find solace in the loving blossom of my heartthrob and I can’t wait. The amazing part is that it’s just in two days.

65. Seriously! There I was sometimes ago, thinking about finding the right person for me, but now, I’ve not just found my sweetheart, we are also getting married in less than 24hour. This just makes it all sweeter. Tomorrow is on my mind.

66. Right now I’m overwhelmed with a rush of emotions, my heart beats twice faster because the day I’ve waited so long for is finally here. It’s my wedding day! Today my lover will be with me forever. Yeaahh! Wish me well everyone.

Happy Married Life Wishes Text Messages For Bride

Hey dear, we all know how beautiful and special getting married is, especially for ladies. You are that blessed that you’re getting hitched, then the happy married life wishes WhatsApp status you need to commemorate that day are here, just for you.

With the number of happy married life wishes text messages for bride below, you can be sure to have the best marriage wishes that will ever linger in your mind and make your wedding memorable. From me to you, happy married life!

67. This shall be my testimony, after all, is over: my whole life, I had an amazing marriage with an amazing soulmate.

68. I’ve always fantasized about a wedding full of glamour like that of a princess being married to her royal prince. What is your dream wedding? I asked him. He replied that the one would make me his forever.

69. Immediately I set my eyes on you, I knew we were going to have a great adventure together. And here we are today setting the sail for a beautiful lifetime adventure.

70. I knew I wanted to get married the moment I found the one. All I want is to see the man I love walk me down the aisle right in the presence of my adorable family and friends.

Awesome happy married life wishes WhatsApp status , right? You can push a comment to ascertain that. And I will love you to share this post. Thank you for doing so!

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