How to Pray For Something Specific

How to Pray For Something Specific: [9 Secret Tips]

Learning how to pray for something specific is therefore to your good. I beg you to read till the end because this may be what you need to help you get your needs met.

God is our father, and good fathers don’t treat their children badly by not attending to their requests. If such happens, it’s probably the child who’s not asking properly. I know you’ll find help in this article. Let’s get into it quickly!

Is it OK to pray for something you want? Yes! It’s certainly okay and approved by God. It’s all in the pages of the scriptures. Going through the bible, you’ll find men who prayed for something they wanted and it was granted to them because they knew how.

Jesus said, ‘up till now, you’ve asked nothing in my name, ask that your joy may be full‘. This implies that He’s waiting for us to ask for something because He’s able to supply it.

How to Pray For Something Specific: Power of Specific Prayer

Power of Specific Prayer

As earlier establish the need to know how to pray for what you desire. It’s also vital to know the steps necessary to experience the power of specific prayer that yields desired answers.

Believers are known to pray much and many at times only a few prayers get answered.

This is because the few prayers that got answered were the ones that followed the right process.

The right process will generate power, thereby granting you results. Have you ever prayed and you got answers in few minutes?

Have you also prayed, and you’re yet to receive answers? I’ll show you the reasons behind that.

Stay glued and read till the end because I’ll show you things that’ll amaze you about prayer. Below, are seven steps to take when praying to experience the power of specific prayer.

In learning how to pray for something specific, you also need to know the steps involved in getting answers to prayers.

What are the 7 steps of prayer? They are shared below. These steps will lead you to obtain an answer to every prayer you pray by making power available. Let’s get into it.

1. Have The Right Heart Posture:

You’ll never experience the power of specific prayer that brings tremendous answers if you have a wrong heart posture.

In James 4:3, “You ask and do not receive because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures”, this bible verse gives reasons for a hindrance to prayer.

A wrong motive will always rob you of experiencing the power that brings results. Many Christians relate to God as an errand boy.

They rush into the place of prayer with prayer for immediate help from God. This, certainly, is not evil but it becomes displeasing when we approach God only for our needs without building a relationship with him.

If you want your prayers to produce power and bring you answers, then you must learn to have the right heart posture. You want to know how to pray for something specific and get results? Your heart posture must be checked.

Why do you ask for what you ask for? Is it for show or to make a point to your colleagues and family members? Remember, your specific prayers will only get answered when your motive is right.

2. Enter His Presence With Thanksgiving:

After doing the necessary heart check, you must then go into God’s presence the right way. Jesus has made this possible by his sacrifice on the cross.

You can now approach the father and ask for whatever it is that you need. Approaching his presence must be done correctly, and this is by thanksgiving.

You must ensure that you start your prayers by giving thanks for other things that he’s done.

Christians of these days approach God with petitions and complain, as a result, they go against his word in Philippians 4:6.

This is how to pray for something specific and get the result you desire. Start your prayers with thanksgiving. It’ll bring you directly into His presence.

3. Repent Of Whatever May Displease Him:

The world we live in is full of distractions and temptations, and it becomes a major challenge for God’s children. Due to the many distractions and temptations, you may sometimes displease God.

It is therefore necessary to acknowledge and repent of whatever ways known to you in which you’ve displeased him. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve sinned, it may be something as little as saying what he forbade you to say.

In your quest to know how to pray for something specific and see an outcome, you must never lose this knowledge.

This signifies regard to God, and it’ll also foster your relationship with God. Imagine you’re requesting help from someone you’ve displeased.

Certainly! You thought right. Most times it doesn’t go well. The point here is, repent of whatever you’ve done that’s displeasing to Him.

4. Affirm His Word:

Reminding yourself of God’s word is important because this gives you an edge. What edge you may ask? Well, I call it the edge of knowledge.

The bible says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”; this will help you to understand that your knowledge of God’s word is indeed an edge.

Is it wrong to pray specific prayers? With your knowledge of scriptures, you’ll know it’s not wrong.

This is the initial stage before affirming His word. You need to know God’s word before you can affirm it or state it to be true.

Affirming God’s word shows God that you’re working by faith. This is the important fourth step in learning how to approach God and how to pray for something specific.

We’ll move from here to the next step which is to ask specifically.

5. Ask Specifically:

How do you pray without being specific? Of cos, that’s simply praying ignorantly. All through the scriptures, you’ll find where God calls you onward, to ask.

Asking specifically, therefore, is the potent way to pray and receive answers.

When learning how to pray for something specific, there’s always a prayer point you bring to God, trusting in him and his ability to answer you.

Some Christians pray vaguely and that’s why they never receive due answers. The story of blind Bartimeaus is a good example.

Blind Bartimeaus prayed to Jesus for mercy, this certainly attracted Jesus’ attention, but his prayer wasn’t answered still.

Jesus had to ask him for what he wanted exactly, and until he was specific, nothing happened. You’ll never experience the power of specific prayer if you don’t start praying specific prayers

6. Listen And Take Record:

Don’t walk out on God, it’s annoying. What is prayer? It’s actually a dialogue between man and God. After you’ve made your request known to God, you must wait in His presence to hear what he’ll say to you.

This act is so important. It helps you build a vital relationship with God, not just using him to meet your needs alone. Also, another benefit of listening is to hear what he’ll say to you as regards your petitions.

God speaks. Learning to listen to his voice will help in your prayers. For instance, when you make a prayer for immediate help from God, you’ll need to stay to hear instructions from him. God won’t descend to help you.

He’ll always use someone, and that’s why it pays to listen to him and take a proper record of his instructions. If you want to know how to pray for something specific, you must imbibe this act of waiting to hear.

7. Thank Him:

If you follow these steps till the sixth one, you’ll do this seventh step without a bulge. When you rush out of prayer without completing these steps, you’ll only show to God that you’ve come to use him.

Nobody loves to be used, especially without a relationship in place. Giving thanks after you’ve heard from him is also a sign of faith in Him.

Philippians 4:6 says, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God”.

This then makes it important to give thanks after you’ve made your requests.

Imagine with me for a second, if you’ve got a son who has requested that you get him an Xbox video game, and adds thank you alongside.

What does that suggest? Faith! And you’ll be so happy to do it. It’s the same with God. This is how to pray for something specific.

Praying Specifically For A Husband

Praying Specifically For A Husband

Let’s quickly examine an important aspect, your marital life. When you are praying specifically for a husband, how do you go about it? I’ll show you in few scrolls below.

Where in the Bible does it say to pray specifically? James 1:5 talks about praying for wisdom if you lack it. I beg you to read till the end because I’ll teach you how to pray for something specific like a husband.

You need to know and understand how to go about praying specifically for a husband. If not, you’ll be praying ignorantly and this can cause discouragement, especially if the prayers aren’t yielding results.

The Syrophenician in Mark 7 asked for healing for her dying daughter. She knew what she wanted and she got it because she persisted. Once again, you’ve got to stick till the end. You’ll also learn how to pray for what you desire.

8. Know God’s Will:

When praying for specific things, find out God’s will from his word concerning those things you’re asking. In this case, what has God said about your need for a husband?

What do you know about his plan concerning having a husband? You need the knowledge of his will to be able to pray effectively.

This is how to pray for something specific, especially for a husband. Find out through his word, his plans, and instructions in his word that can help you get a husband.

An example is what God’s word says concerning your preparation. The bible says he who finds a wife has found a good thing (paraphrasing). This places a demand on you to prepare to become a wife.

A man must find you already prepared as a wife, especially a man that God has worked on, except you don’t want God’s plan. The point here is to know God’s will and your responsibility in getting answers to your prayers.

9. Pray And Wait:

Waiting on God signifies confidence. When you find his will concerning your need for a husband, your responsibilities in getting that husband, and you’ve placed it before God’s table in prayers, wait.

Waiting involves many things. One thing it involves is preparation for the answers you’re expecting. It sounds crazy to get everything a baby will need when you’re still trusting God for conception.

You do such crazy things while you’re waiting, having confidence in God’s ability to meet your need.

If you want to know how to pray for something specific and always get a quick answer, you need to learn to wait. Waiting prepares you. As you’re praying, also wait.

How to Pray For Something Specific: FAQ

Can I pray for specific things?

Certainly yes, be specific with your demands. Remember that you need to ask for it as this will hasten the results of the prayers.

How do you pray for something specific to happen?

This is the best way to connect with God, you get closer to Him more because you open your heart to Him in a clear mind to receive something significant.

What does the Bible say about praying for specific things?

The Bible clearly defines that: you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.

How do I get a specific answer from God?

When you have faith in Him, you get a specific answer to what you want from Him. If you want to see the result of your prayers, give no room for doubt.

Now that you have known how to pray for something specific, don’t just read but practice the steps with faith, affirming the scriptures that have to do with your needs. The world awaits your testimony. Share with family and friends, let them also be a partaker of this eye-opening article.

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