Good morning prayer messages for her

140 Good Morning Prayer Messages for Her from the Heart (2022)

As a man who wants the very best for his woman, prayer is a major necessity. The kind I speak about is a heartfelt prayer that can be prayed in your closet or sent to her through text messages.

This singular act of praying for the one you love has its dynamic way of increasing the flames of the love between you and your woman, and also ensure that your relationship blossom.

I’ll tell you a relationship secret; every godly woman will appreciate prayers from their partner, and in turn do all that’s needed for the relationship to work out. You see, you can’t afford to joke with this simple task of sending from this list of good morning prayer messages for her.

Oh! What endless joy do you imagine will fill her heart when she wakes up to see beautiful prayer messages that contain prayers for her progress and well-being. Trust me, it’s an indescribable joy.

Below are powerful emotional text messages that you should send from. Without much ado, let’s begin.

Lovely Good Morning Prayer Messages for Her

Although text messages look simple and may be short, they can always stay recorded on the receiver’s phone. Text messages like the ones below always have a long-lasting impression on the one who receives them. This collection of good morning prayer messages for her can rekindle trust, love, and faith in her.

Oh, yes! You may be concerned because you are unable to compose lovely good morning prayer messages for her. Worry less because this post has got all you need. Continue reading to see the particular prayer message that ignites the fire.

1. I ask that God will cause His face to shine on you today for a great favor. That as you step out to work, you’ll find unmerited favor before men. Morning, Love.

2. It’s such an awesome time to be alive to enjoy God’s faithfulness. I pray you to enjoy more of it, darling. Happy good day!

3. The day is bright and beautiful because God made it for you to look radiant. Keep being beautiful and better.

4. Blessed morning to you darling. I pray that lines fall in pleasant places for you. I pray that your way is filled with goodness and that your day becomes brighter. Good morning, Angel.

5. As you step out of bed, I hope you get enough strength to go through the day, enjoy the freshness of the day and every second of it. I also won’t forget to remind you of God’s favor. Enjoy every bit of it.

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6. As you march out today, God’s sure protection shall overshadow you, and keep you safe from evil. You will not want any good thing. I bless your day and I pray it’s filled with pleasantness.

7. Just as you rise from your bed to see a beautiful morning, your greatness will also be evident, and you’ll never know shame. Good morning, my love.

8. I’m praying for you darling that just as it’s bright and glorious this morning, your going and coming will be glorious too. Your experiences will be nothing less than beautiful. Amen.

9. Good morning, My Dove. I always pray to God that you’ll be divinely favored in your work, that you’ll meet the right kind of people as you go about your work today.

10. It’s a good morning to you, Love. Today, I’m certain that you’ll be divinely protected from evil. No weapon formed against you will prosper.

11. It’s the best day for you, my Love. I prayed to God to keep you from failing and falling. Keep basking in God’s love, and step out with pride. Good morning.

12. It’s going to be a great day for you today. Just so you know why; I sent an angel to you this morning to guide you, and make your day go as planned.

13. I need to see you, so I told God to grant you your heart desires today, and to bring you to me. Good morning dear.

14. Go out elegantly today with no fears because today is bright, fair, and beautiful. Do have a lovely day, my Beauty

15. Baby, I want you to let bygone be bygone, and enjoy God’s blessings as you step out today. Don’t fret; I’ve gone to God on your behalf to give you the wisdom you need today to relate with people and to also favor all you do.

16. I’m glad you’re waking up to see this prayer; I pray your day is blessed, filled with peace and I also pray you, to make smooth progress in all you do today. I love you dearly babe.

17. I wish that you enjoy all that God has planned for you this morning. Go out and make me proud.

18. Darling, I hope that as you step out today, you will enjoy God’s mercy and kindness. Good shall come your way and your heart desires will be met. Amen.

19. I’ve got faith in God to sustain you, and I hope as you step out today, you will have beautiful experiences.

20. If you take a peep at the sun, you’ll notice its brightness. That’s what I asked from God for you; to go through the day brightly. I also wish you stay under God’s cover and protection.

21. It’s such a good day filled with so much glory and blessings. I hope you taste God’s benefits for you today. I love you and will keep praying for you.

Good Morning Prayers for Her

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife with some prayer messages to help her go through the day gallantly? Then you should send some good morning prayers for her well-being, and prayers that’ll bless her day. Trust me; she’s going to like it.

Ensure you are not hesitant to scroll through this list to pick the best word combination to send before she takes her morning coffee, as this contains good morning prayer messages for her. You can spin the words to make them more personal if you want.

22. As you arise from your bed this morning; I pray you have better experiences than you had the day before, and that you have a taste of the goodies present in this day, the favor, blessings, unlimited joy, and happiness. Good morning, Sweetie.

23. I want you to leave yesterday’s pain behind because today promises to be a good day filled with blessings and pleasure for you. Go out with your shoulders high because you are God’s baby.

24. Blessed morning dear, I pray that God’s peace will keep your heart as you go through today; that you’ll bring joy wherever you go. Amen.

25. I’ve got confidence in you because I know you’ve got God on your side. I hope you enjoy more of His favors and safekeeping.

26. To you, it is said that the sun shall not smite you by day or the moon at night. I pray that your going out is blessed and that you meet good people. Amen.

27. I pray your morning is blessed, filled with goodness and beauty. It’s a whole new day for you, baby, let it count!

28. Today is another start of something new, I hope you make the best of it, and I pray that this bright morning brightens your day. No reproaches.

29. The sun just got up, shining brightly. I hope you do the same as you get up from bed; that you go out and shine brightly to showcase God’s glory because you are wonderfully made.

30. Oh! What a pleasant and bright morning it is, such a perfect morning to start your day with. I hope you enjoy all of today. Wishing you ‘a happy-good day’

31. It’s a new day and a fresh start; I hope you partake of God’s mercies. I wish you a happy day, Mine.

32. As you step out of bed, I hope you receive all you’ll ask God in prayers this morning. May that breakthrough comes your way all through today. Have a splendid day filled with unmerited favor.

33. Your gates are opened widely to enjoy the favor of men as you step out this morning. Go from strength to strength without faults, and stand tall. I pray all these for you, baby. Have a blessed morning filled with abundant grace.

34. Today, as you arise from bed to get things sorted, I decree that you are blessed beyond your equals. Nothing evil will befall you in your day’s work. I love you.

35. The future is only known by God, that’s why I went to him this morning on your behalf. To make your crooked way straight, and help you find blessings all around.

36. Today, it’ll be evident that you’re God’s child because His favor will be evident upon you and he’ll cause his glory to overshadow you for blessings

37. I pray that your gazes become beautiful and compel favor for you as you go out. I also hope that you enjoy pleasant surprises. Amen.

38. I’m very blessed and favored by God to have you as my own, and I pray that you have a fun-filled day.

39. From the bottom of my heart, I’ve prayed that your day is filled with blessings, beautiful testimonies, and breakthroughs in all you do.

40. God’s favor and mercies are yours today to enjoy. Continue to bask in His glory baby. Have a beautiful morning.

41. I’m praying for you, that you stay lifted and highly favored of God and man. Nothing shall be able to relegate your impact. I love you. Stay blessed and have a great morning.

Prayers for the Love of My Life

Many things are done to sustain and keep a relationship but little attention is given to the act of text messaging, especially an encouraging text with prayers.

Although it seems basic, mastering the act of sending text messages, especially good morning prayer messages for her is a non-negotiable practice with amazing effect.
Pick any from the below list of prayers for the love of my life and await the awesome feedback when she sees it. You’ll thank me later.

42. Good morning my precious jewel. I pray that God’s joy that supersedes human understanding will guard your heart as you move out this morning. I hope this is one of your best mornings yet. Don’t forget to stand out with elegance

43. Without you, no day is complete and that’s why I know that today is going to be beautiful. I love you so much, babe. Enjoy the best of today.

44. The brightness of today reminds me of God’s promises to you; to make your life as bright as the morning. I hope every part of your day is beautiful

45. This morning I pray that you enjoy God’s warm peace. I cherish you and all that you do. Stay happy my love

46. It’s just so good to be alive at this time of the day. Glad you made it into a new day, and I pray that you partake of God’s mercies for today, enjoy benefits, and scale through whatever hurdle. Good morning.

47. You were in my thoughts this morning, and guess what? I prayed that you’ll never know the slightest sorrow, that you’ll be happy always and stay glued to God’s provisions.

48. Ultimate help can only come from God. Therefore, I cause you to be rightly positioned to get God’s help today. I also pray that you are promoted to heights of influence and splendor. Enjoy your day my love, and don’t stop winning.

49. Darling, you’ll prosper beyond your imaginations, and be blessed with goodness on all sides. The fatness of the field shall drop before you, and you’ll stand before kings. Keep being your best.

50. Stay confident and prepared for elevation my love because I’ve requested such from God. Go out and prosper!

51. The top belongs to you because God has made you the head and not the tail. You are forever lifted, baby. God’s got you.

52. You’ve been a support to me, and I’m glad to have you. I hope you continue to be the helper you are, and that you increase on all sides. You’ll never be demoted, rather, you’ll always be the frontier of every good thing.

53. I wish you success in all that you do today, favor on all sides, and fruitfulness in all your labor. Amen.

54. Nothing shall be able to move you out of life baby, the devil’s trick notwithstanding. Continue to prosper.

55. My darling, over your life and yours, no evil shall come close. God will put your enemies to shame again and again. I love you, babe.

56. As you go over your business again today, may you enjoy peace and experience goodness in all that you do. Amen.

57. To choose to love you has been the best decision of my life, therefore darling, prosper in all you do. Become strengthened to do all you choose to do.

58. As you start today, I hope you find rest, and that all you do yield positive results. Good morning, my love.

59. Just as darkness cannot comprehend the light and vanishes, God will make every of your enemy vanish before you. You shall excel amidst your foe and be great. I cherish you, darling.

60. I pray that God will make your day fruitful and that you will find favor with God. Have a blessed day love.

61. May your day be brightened with goodness, and may you scale greater heights. I love you, babe. Good morning.

Love Prayers for My Wife

Your wife is not just a person but one with whom you’ll spend the most of your life and you can’t afford to live together without much investment in prayers. These love prayers for my wife will help sustain your relationship, and cause your love to leap in her heart.

I also prepared prayer messages from the bible to help her. Do take your time and go through the list of these good morning prayer messages for her.

62. Babe, as you step out of bed, may you start your day in success and end in success. Do have a productive day

63. Your enemies have found no fault in you, babe, choose to be happy and grow in grace. May today be your best day yet. Amen.

64. Just as the lilies are clothed daily with beauty and splendor, may your day also be beautified with goodness and favor. Continue to soar my love

65. Your day will never become sour. I hope you enjoy all you do today and achieve success in your plans.

66. You’ve been a caring wife and mother, therefore, I pray that your life is beautified with God’s glory and mercies. You’ll enjoy more of God’s benefit today.

67. My soul’s longing, may you see good today and enjoy God’s peace. I hope you become fulfilled in all you put your hands to do. Amen.

68. Waking up to prepare for today but I’ll never forget to say a word of prayer to my darling. I pray you to excel in your endeavors today. Continue shining my wife.

69. You remain a treasure babe. I hope you find joy today and prosper in all you do. I’ll never stop praying for you.

70. Keep calm and see God’s beautiful plans for you unfold. You’ll never be downtrodden my love. Have a blissful day.

71. As you go, may blessings locate you. I hope you find favor before good men. Amen.

72. As today begins, may you find new opportunities, may God’s glory and blessings overtake you. I pray that you’ll never be caught by the trap of your enemies.

73. God shall shield you from every unrelenting foe, and surround you with a wall of fire. I pray you’re blessed beyond your comprehension babe. Stay favored.

74. My queen, be great and excel. I’ve always known you to be outstanding, and I pray you to remain outstanding in all that you do. Break forth, babe!

75. Nothing will expel you from existing, no problem, circumstance, or foe. You are protected. Amen.

76. Be confident as you step out to begin your day’s work because I’ve made petitions for you. I asked that God will bless the work of your hand, and cause you to walk in His wisdom.

77. You are worth more than the world to me darling, and that’s why I can’t stop praying for you. May your hands be lifted for good and may help come your way.

78. Whatever tries to stop you from achieving your goals today is hereby destroyed. All your heart desires are met today

79. Words will fail me to describe your worth my loving wife but I’ll never be short of words to bless you. May you become a wonder to many and blessings to your generation.

80. God will cause circumstances to work in your favor and will bring good men your way as you step out today. Have a day filled with goodness.

81. Situations that will cause you to cry will not be permitted by God. In everything you do, stand out.

Good Morning Prayers for My Girlfriend

Composing text messages may be daunting, and become stressful if you don’t know the art of putting your words together.

I’ve come that you might have peace, the peace that comes when you see the best combination of words from these good morning prayers for my girlfriend that best describes what’s in your heart.

These good morning prayer messages for her will help her see the sincerity in your heart, and how much love you have for her. Let’s get to it.

82. As you start your day, may goodness and mercy follow you, and may all obstacles on your path to greatness be taken out.

83. The sparrow doesn’t sow, yet is fed and beautified by God. Therefore, I pray that you will never know lack. You become God’s steward for wealth. Amen.

84. Girlfriend, you shall not know a better yesterday. May today be filled with unlimited blessings for you.

85. Just as the sun gives the light in the day and the moon is relevant because of the sun at night, I pray that you become relevant at all times. Step out and shine today.

86. Babe, start counting your blessings and don’t stop because God is going to do much more for you today. You’re blessed beyond your contemporaries.

87. Faithful is he that has called you because he’ll keep you. I hope you stay blessed and confident in God’s power today.

88. God alone can restore lost times, seasons, and years. I pray that as you go out today, favor from all directions will locate you and God will grant you speed.

89. Your flaws notwithstanding, you are beautiful and wonderfully made by God. My love, be confident in this, that God has got you in his hands, you are His baby.

90. It’s a new day and the beginning of every day is a bright morning. I pray that you experience new things this day and today marks the beginning of joy unending for you.

91. May God give you his presence as a gift, that you’ll attract favor on all sides, blessings, and goodness. Have a great day out.

92. Babe, my desire for you today is to be at the right place doing things right. Enjoy your day girlfriend.

93. I hope you have reasons from God to be grateful and joyful today. Stay favored. I love you.

94. May all your steps be guided today. May you be far from evil as you step out and in your coming in. Good morning.

95. I hope today is filled with wholesome and beautiful happenings. Stay glad and optimistic.

96. Can’t make you step out without a word of prayer and that’s why I’m praying that every hour of this day brings a smile to your face. Don’t stop pushing baby.

97. My heart’s desire for you: may good come your way, and may you have memorable moments today as you do what you do.

98. Today becomes the beginning of unending favor for you. May all your endeavors be fruitful. Amen.

99. Your going out is blessed, and wherever you’ve been rejected, you’ll be called back and accepted. Amen.

100. May you become invincible and insurmountable, and may God bring favor your way today. You’re lifted and highly favored.

101. Your light will never go dim, you’ll stand before kings, and God will make all that you do prosper.

Morning Prayers for Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationship always comes with its extra burden, care, and worry, especially in trying to keep up communication. Prayer text messages like the ones below will help to keep communication stable.

The following good morning prayers for long distance relationship has been designed to help keep the relationship going despite the distance. Even if you need some good morning prayer messages for her, I’ve got you covered.

102. Even if we are far apart, I know God’s got his eyes on your every path. Go out with confidence dear, and I hope you are filled with joy unspeakable

103. May you never know scarcity, my love. I pray God’s abundance will be evident in your life. Amen.

104. Distance will never limit my love and commitment to prayers for you babe. I hope you stay encouraged.

105. May today bring its goodness your way, my love. Good morning.

106. No scheme of the devil will prevail over you. God’s eye will continue to behold you. Take care

107. By God’s power, I pray you are preserved. May you enjoy the dew of heaven and have grain and wine.

108. Your future is secured, babe. Get prepared because God is lifting you.

109. May you shine God’s light everywhere you find yourself. Darkness will be far from you. Amen

110. Your needs are met, lines begin to fall in pleasant places for you. Excel baby!

111. Darkness may cover the people but by the glory of God, you’ll be distinguished for unmerited favor.

112. May sickness not know your dwelling, may your good be rewarded in due time. Stay safe my love.

113. God will bring your enemies to judgment and lift your head above the norm. Amen.

114. You’ll never lack help my love. The goodies of this day are yours for the taking. Enjoy it all

115. Strangers will give to you, and kings will troop to the brightness of your rising. Continue to rise gloriously

116. I pray that you’ll not experience shame, and the intention of your enemies over you is aborted

117. I sincerely pray that wherever you find yourself, you’ll never be neglected. The good God shall announce you for good.

118. My dear, you remain forever glued to my heart and that’s why I’m confident that you’ll be great. Become greater.

119. Whatever it is that you’ve lost is restored to you in Jesus’ name.

120. My darling, God’s got a plan for you. Go out strong and convinced to prosper.

121. Though distance may be between us, God’s got you at close range. Continue to enjoy more of God’s favor.

Good Morning Prayer Quotes for My Wife

Your wife need prayers trust me. She’s doing so much, and you can at least honor her effort by praying for her. The good news is that I’ve prepared so many prayer text messages that you can pick from and tweak to your taste, if necessary.

You’ll be that man that she wants if you keep to this little detail; something little as sending from this list of good morning prayer quotes for my wife to her every morning will make her love you endlessly and you’ll almost wonder why.

Below are good morning prayer messages for her that you should choose from.

122. Though your beginning may be small, may your latter end be great and filled with pleasure.

123. God will cause you to laugh today babe. Good morning

124. May every tongue that speaks ill of you be twisted. Remain blessed by God

125. I wish you have all the good that’s meant for you, my wife. May God bring smiles to your face.

126. You’ve been the best wife and mother. May God strengthen you to do more. I love you, honey.

127. You’ll scale new heights and make new records. I and the children are proud of you.

128. All of your good deeds will come to you in multiple folds this day. Have a splendid day my love

129. Hello love! I know you’re doing well, and I hope you continue to do more exploits in this family.

130. No scheme of the devil will take effect in your lie. You’ll be like the cedars of Lebanon, immovable.

131. You’ve been more than gold to me and I can’t reward your efforts duly. This is why I can only pray that you find God’s blessings and enjoy his mercies.

132. I want to say a big thank you to my wife for standing by at all times. There’s so much to say, and I hope you know how much you mean to me. May you prosper in all that you find to do.

133. Shine baby! Excel beyond your contemporaries.

134. With you, life has been enjoyable and I pray that all you do becomes enjoyable for you. No more bad days.

135. May your paths be full of light and help. Experience peace. Amen.

136. Whoever wants your hurt shall be hurt. You remain my better half darling. Shine!

137. You a rare gem dear, and this is why I keep praying that you’ll not be lost or found wanting.

138. Even when things seem unbearable, may God give you the strength to come out as a champion.

139. You’ve been my rock baby and a strengthener. I hope you enjoy God’s omnipotence

140. May you become a reference of God’s glory and wisdom. Enjoy darling, and have a fruitful morning.

The power that lies in sending prayer text messages is enormous and inexhaustible, and this is why I enjoin you to take from the text messages above and send it to the one person in your life that means so much to you and watch the love you’ll harvest in return for that simple act. If you care, you can also share these good morning prayer messages for her with your colleagues and family.

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