Happy New Month to My Love

200+ Sweet Happy New Month to My Love [March 2023]

Thrill your lovers with new month best wishes from happy new month to my love messages; exceptional and extraordinary love messages that are capable of igniting a fresh frame between lovers.

Are you looking to make chills run down the spine of your loved ones, or have them filled with butterflies in their tummy, daydream all day about you or simply put a real smile on their faces? This is just for you. With these happy new month to my love messages, you are good to go for real. Grab any of them now.

Whether it be your crush, boyfriend, lover, hubby, wife, and yes! Even Ex-girlfriend and the list go on. We have the right one for every category of the recipient of your love. Then, these 200+ happy new month to my love messages which is a tested and trusted vehicle with which to convey your desire is here for you!

Here are some perfect happy new month to my love messages for your love. Let them know you love and you’re thinking about them!

Romantic New Month Messages

So, it’s the first day of the month and you want to send some really romantic new month messages to your partner but don’t know how?

Then there’s good news for you. Below are romantic happy new month to my love messages. Enjoy the read and make sure to share the one which appeals to your heart best.

1. Happy new month sweet! I am so delighted to be lost in the embrace of your love. Cheers to our new month of goodwill and inseparableness.

2. When I gaze at you, I come to an in-depth realization of the beautiful thing we share together – Love! Happy new month beloved.

3. I welcome you to your new month of greatness. Every single thing you touch yields pleasant results. Happy new month darling.

4. My love, everything about you endears me to you, now and always. Happy new month, morning sun.

5. A happy new month to you darling! I treasure every moment spent together with you. I look forward to more pleasant experiences with you this month.

6. My heart is filled with gratitude to God for giving me such a wonderful person as yourself. I welcome you into a new month of greater heights.

7. Every time we kiss feels like the taste of heaven. I pray each day that our love abounds forever. Happy new month, dearie.

8. The 7 colors of the rainbow remind me of the gem that you are. Delicately sophisticated with 7 perfect qualities of love and joy, of selflessness and generosity, humility and honesty, and lastly your gentle smile that soothes the most turbulent storm of a troubled mind. Happy new month, blessed gem.

9. Many times, tears of gratitude to God stream down my cheeks in awe of our blessed togetherness. Happy new month, sweetie!

10. Every day holds a testimony for me… YOU! It is my earnest prayer that God keeps us flourishing in His love forever. Happy new month, Mon chéri.

11. Happy new month, dear one! It is my heartfelt desire that you succeed in everything that you do. The sky remains your starting point. Keep soaring!

12. Hey dearest! Let me be first to wish you a very happy new month. You remain an inspiration and blessing to me. Happy new month.

13. You are a bundle of talents my dear. So face each day of this new month with confidence and courage. Happy new month darling.

14. Sweetheart, I love to remind you of this as often as I can: you are a rare gem and you’re greatly loved. Happy new month, babe!

15. Each time I think of you, I see your love surpassing every fear and impossibility. Thanks for being the awesome person you are. Happy new month!

16. In the face of high mountains and valleys low, through raging storms and turbulent winds, we’ve both stood tall. Thanks for being an encouragement. Happy new month to us, dear.

17. You, my darling are the best gift to me. The perfect half that makes me whole. Happy new month, my treasure.

18. I am forever grateful to God that you complete the remaining chapters of my life’s journey. Happy new month to us.

19. A happy new month to you, my dearest friend. You are blessed beyond the comprehension of men. Keep pressing forward!

20. Even as you step into this new month, you experience the favor of God and men. The supernatural becomes your new normal and you enjoy strength and peace on a daily basis. Happy new month, beloved.

Funny Happy New Month Text Messages for My Love

You probably must have heard that laughter is the best medicine. If you give some good thought to it, you would find that it’s very necessary for our lives.

Why am I saying this? Well, where it is important to wish your beloved a happy new month, it would also be wonderful to do so in a rib-tickling manner.

What are you waiting for? Quickly scroll through these happy new month to my love messages and grab one of these funny happy new month text messages for my love for your lovey-dovey.

21. Phew! I got to tell you this. I know I do this like every time, I even did it last month too. The truth of the matter is that what I am about to say can not be overemphasized. Happy new month sweet!

22. You continually tell me ‘New month, new beginnings!’ I hope you discover that your braids deserve one too. Happy new month, darling.

23. Hey! Do you remember how we desperately needed last month to come to an end because we were penniless? Well, it just did! Happy new month dear.

24. Every time there’s a new month in sight, the calendar becomes your best friend just to take note of birthday parties to prepare for. I hope you remember it’s your birth month too. Happy new month, sweetheart.

25. They say you can do anything you want to do once you put your mind to it and work diligently. I tried so hard to make sure this month went past four weeks- it never did and so I’ve resigned. Happy new month, pumpkin.

26. It’s a new month. I hope your bank alerts become so noisy today so we can be silent at the mall. Happy new month dear.

27. Can you please forget that I said this before? This is our best month ever. Happy new month.

28. Let your laughter rent the air as you read this cause this message was meant to be hilarious. A happy new month to your lovely self.

29. It’s the month of my birth. Don’t ruin my party. Lol. Happy new month.

30. Wow! You’re just so sweet I had to come into this month with you. Happy new month, love.

31. Pack your bags. It’s high time we moved to the next month. Happy new month to us.

32. There’s one thing that I can’t just stop doing – sending new month messages to you every four weeks. Happy new month.

33. Before you ask me during the mid-month, let me give you an answer now. This month has 31 days in it, not 30. Try not to ask me this month again. Lol. Happy new month.

34. I thought and thought of what to send you until I could think no more. Lol. Happy new month, dear.

35. I’ve been thinking about the best time to send a new month’s message and I discovered it is now. So, a happy new month to my darling you.

36. I just got off the phone with miss last month. She said she wouldn’t be coming to the new month with us. Happy new month to us.

37. Even though you’re very much aware that I am no usher, I hope you also know that I suddenly become one in every new month’s message. Happy new month, Darling.

38. I wanted to do something today and that was to make you laugh. I’m glad I achieved that cause you just did. Happy new month sweetie.

39. Hey! Do you know one thing that makes this new month spectacular? I’m coming in with you. Happy new month to us.

40. I heard toothbrushes should only be used for three months. So, if you’ve had one since three months ago, now’s the exact time for a new one. Lol. Happy new month, sweet!

Happy New Month Messages to My Fiancée

So you’ve been looking for a way to wish your fiancée a happy new month without missing a beat?
Then, as sure as eggs are eggs, these happy new month to my love messages will grant your desire most outstandingly as you share these well-drafted happy new month messages to my fiancée. Enjoy!

41. Sweetie, I welcome you into a happy and prosperous new month. The goodness of the Lord shines in all your path. Happy new month.

42. Having you by my side is why I cannot cease to give thanks to God. Thanks for being such a blessing and inspiration to me. Happy new month, dear.

43. As you step into this new month, you move into greater heights and new levels. You are greatly loved. Happy new month, Darling.

44. As you break into this new month, nothing holds you back. Walk through each day, knowing that God’s love for you is consistent and unquestionable. Happy new month, my love.

45. You make loving you feel as natural as breathing. Thanks for being there every time that I need you. I look forward to our prayer picnics for this month too. Here’s me wishing you a very happy new month.

46. As you step into this new month, it is my prayer that you experience the ministration of angels. You enjoy good health, strength, and vitality. The earth yields its profit to you. Happy new month, babe.

47. Here is your new month of good tidings and joy. You are led forth with peace and favor. A blessed new month to you.

48. Last night, I looked at the sky and suddenly caught the brightest star smiling at me. At once, I knew it was you and the sky was only your starting point. Happy new month, honeybun.

49. If there’s one thing I don’t regret, it is giving you my heart without having to think of a photocopy. Thanks for all the care you give. Happy new month, my queen.

50. May your days be filled with joy that goes beyond description, peace divine, and greater dimensions of grace. Happy new month, beauty.

51. I declare this new month prosperous for you. You succeed in all areas of life. I’m eternally grateful to God for having such a wonderful person as you. Happy new month, Sweetie Pie.

52. When you smile, even the sun can’t help but take cognizance of it. Your beauty makes the glory of the moon fade away. You’re forever dear to my heart. A happy new month to your gorgeous self.

53. Hey, best friend, I spoke to heaven today and I assigned angels to do all of your biddings, now and always. Happy new month.

54. When the rains are absent, you suddenly become a cloud in the bluest of the skies. Happy new month darl.

55. I find your voice sweeter than sugar and your body form- cooler than the evening wind. To me, you’re the peak of perfection cause God made you so. Happy new month, dearie.

56. There is a diamond bond that connects us together which makes us never repel because we are meant to be together forever. A happy new month to my one and only love.

57. I love to liken our relationship this way whenever I think about us. I am the house but you’re the foundation. Your love stands as my foundation. Happy new month, dearest.

58. Dearly beloved, I feel so warm when I think of our days to come. May all of life’s blessings be yours. Prosper like the queen that you are. Happy new month.

59. Oh, dear! The love in your eyes sweeps me of all impurity. I am overwhelmed with joy each time I behold you. A happy new month to my beautiful love.

60. As you step into this new month, may all of your heart’s desires come to pass. May you increase in the knowledge of God’s will for you and all of mother nature favor you with goodies. Happy new month, my special one.

Happy New Month Messages to My Sweetheart

By means of these happy new months to my sweetheart messages, you will undeniably be giving some peculiar flare in a manner that exudes pure taste.

Feel free to take any of these happy new month to my love messages which best suits your desire and share with your partner.

61. I am most grateful darling for all of the love we share and understanding the one word upon which we stand that keeps going. In this new month, you go beyond your expectations. Happy new month dear.

62. Sweetheart, if you’re reading this message now it’s because God’s love and faithfulness have brought you to another blessed month. Much more grace is gifted to you to handle all the great opportunities that will come your way this new month. A very happy new month to you, best.

63. To the one whose beauty is capable of nullifying death, I seize this opportunity to tell you how adorable you are and to give you my very best wishes as you step into your the month of blessings and favor. Happy new month, honeypie.

64. It is with a heart that’s filled with love that I welcome you into this new month sweetheart. The month where you’ll do great exploits in all areas of life. A month where even the universe in its entirety favors you. Have a fun-filled month dear.

65. Happy new month, sweet! May all that you find your blessed hands to do yield pleasant results to you. May it be filled with joy and unprecedented success darling.

66. This new month and beyond I pray that you be filled with reasons to smile each day. May all of your big dreams be fulfilled. I believe in you and celebrate you ahead. A happy new month to you, dearie.

67. If I were an oven, then I’ll be the one to bake all your dreams to full maturity. Nevertheless, I’m grateful to be by your side endlessly cheering you on. Keep soaring on eagles wings, darl. Happy new month.

68. This month you are insurmountable. You keep going strong as the moving force that you are. May all of your heart’s desire find expression. Wishing you a beautiful month ahead.

69. It is my earnest desires that the heavens grant all of the yearnings of your heart. The Lord’s plans for you this month cannot be unthwarted. A happy new month to you darling.

70. In this new month, you shake hands with mercy and move as gracefully as the lilies. Because you fill my life with so much peace and joy, may all your lines be fallen in pleasant places for you. Have a glorious month ahead, my special one.

71. The very thought of you alone makes me feel on top of the world. May this new month bring you lots of pleasant surprises. May your lips be filled with effortless praises to God this first day of the month and always. Happy new month, sweetheart.

72. My treasure, you are truly deserving of nothing but the very best. You overcome any and every obstacle that comes in your path through grace made available for you. Nothing holds you back. Happy new month to you.

73. This new month holds a lot of testimonies for you. All your needs are met supernaturally. You experience positive happenings and stupendous returns for all your efforts. Have a lovely month ahead, my love.

74. In this new month, your life overflows with blessings from the Lord. You receive clarity for every dim issue. You shine brightly wherever you find yourself just like Joseph. A happy new month to the joy of my life.

75. My love, may each day of this month take you closer to the fulfillment of your dreams. May you be surrounded by goodness and favor. I welcome you to a blessed new month darling. Cheers.

76. In this new month, may you come across pleasant occurrences that are sufficient to last you for eternity. A very happy new month to you beloved.

77. My genuine prayers for you this month is that you enjoy peace of mind and joy that surpasses description. May everything that you’ve ever lost come back in hundreds of folds. Happy new month, babe.

78. As you tread the path of this new month, may you be distinguished by the unrestrained grace of God. May your life keep illuminating the lives of as many that come in contact with you. It’s a happy new month to you, Sweetie.

79. In this new month, you stand above and not beneath. You stand out wherever you are found. You do not stagger towards God’s promises concerning you, keep soaring, love. Happy new month.

80. Sweetheart, even if things didn’t go so well last month. Here’s one month that has come with super goodies. Wear your helmet of confidence and tighten your seat belt for the ride to greater achievements. Happy new month, babe.

Happy New Month Messages to My Wife

Even the bible says that “He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing.” Well, here’s a way to make her feel special and appreciated with some sparkle by sending her one or more of these happy new month to my love messages.

You can rest assured that you’ll be sending your feeling of warmth and love with classicism as you forward any of these happy new month messages to my wife to her.

81. Dear wifie, you’ve been a bundle of joy to me since day one. You’ve shown me that indeed two are better than one. Thank you for all the lovely moments spent together with you. Happy new month to us dear.

82. Staying away from you is like trying to live without my heart. I’m glad you said no to the other men, they would have been enjoying my full package. Happy new month, dear wife.

83. Like the moon gets its light from the sun’s reflection, so does my life shine from the reflection of your love. Have a fantastic new month my love.

84. It is my joy to have yet another opportunity to spend happy moments with you. You mean more than rubies to me Darling partner. Happy new month.

85. You see, I always ask myself the reason I am so favored by the Lord to have received such an awesome gift like you. Can I glow your days of the new month darling? Happy new month.

86. When I woke up this morning, I made a special request to God. I did ask him to have this month completely filled with laughter, joy, and the loveliest of gifts for you. I welcome you to your new month of good tidings.

87. Each day, before I close my eyes to sleep, I say thank you to God for giving me nothing less than the Proverbs 31 woman. Thanks for all your love and support for the building of our home. Happy new month to my treasure.

88. The moment you came into my life, I found all that I needed to walk through life’s journey. Thanks for the gift of fellowshipping with God together. I love you, Sweetheart. Happy new month.

89. My one and only wife, my dreams feel incomplete without you. I’m glad I’m with you and it’s forever. Cheers to our month and a happy new month to us.

90. I discover that my life would have been an endless journey with circles, each time I try to picture myself walking the lonely path of life. Thanks for this beautiful gift of companionship. Happy new month, babe.

91. How could I live and function without you? I can not see way past that. Thanks for filling the emptiness in my heart. Happy new month, dear.

92. In this new month, it is my sincere desire that you experience love, joy, peace, favor, and happiness much more than ever before. I look forward to celebrating you every day of this month. Happy new month darling.

93. Here’s one of the best things that happened to me after Christ: Having you as the love of my life. I can’t spend a day without thinking of how you’ve made me a complete man. Wishing you a very happy new month dearest.

94. I was asked in my sleep what I would love to go into the new month with. Without thinking, my reply was ‘my darling wife’ because I knew as long as I had you, my month will be as perfect as I had ever dreamt of. Thank you for being the one dearest to my heart. Happy new month, love.

95. A new beginning has come. It is my prayer that our love remains forever. Happy new month, dear one.

96. Here’s me wishing you a colorful new month with plenteous exuberance and shouts of joy. Happy new month, darling.

97. This new month, may you tread the paths of excellence and fulfillment. Have a glorious new month babe!

98. Hey! Darling wife, I just wanted to remind you that no matter how dim the tunnel of last month was, there’s always light at the end of it because it’s the beginning of a new dawn for you. Happy new month.

99. May you be blessed with joy unending for every day of this new month. All that you need to carry on is divinely catered for. Happy new month, Sweet!

100. I welcome you to a fantastic new month, where you find the best results for all your endeavors. Divine blessings locate you now and always dear. A happiest new month to you. This is your best year yet!

Inspirational New Month Messages to My Husband

The start of every new month bears with it a convoy of new opportunities to do something innovative. It is often said that “Husbands are tremendous godsends.” Hence, if you’re the proud wife of an amazing husband be sure to motivate him with these inspirational new month messages to my husband.

Be inspired with these happy new month to my love messages and by all means, forward one or more of these to your lovely husband. Enjoy!

101. You can’t be worrying and expect God to worry at the same time, leave it to Him, let Him take the lead. God’s every word concerning you will always come to pass, remember that. Happy new month, darling.

102. Do not stop at the first try, a mistake at the first attempt is a yardstick to trying it again but with a different approach. Happy new month, my golden sun.

103. My life without you is like a raw gold that hasn’t passed through fire, you made me a complete woman that I am sweetie. Happy new month.

104. I asked the Lord for a part but He gave me the full package, you’re my full package Darling. Thanks for all you do sweetheart. Happy new month.

105. You create the flip-flop tune in my heart whenever you’re around me, thanks for being the beat my heart dances to. Happy new month sweetie.

106. Dearest husband, whenever you do something good and people thinks otherwise towards you, it isn’t because you suck at doing it but because you remind them of their own inability to do so. Never be put down by their stunt. I welcome you to a blissful new month, darling.

107. Hey sweet! Arise each day of this new month looking forward to doing exploits because you are marked for greatness. Happy new month.

108. Do not let the stones cast at you weigh you down, rather let them be the springboards to your success. I’m wishing you a wonderful new month filled with peace and laughter. Happy new month my darling husband.

109. In this new month, much more strength is made available for you to do all that is required of you. I’m eternally grateful to have you by my side. Happy new month.

110. My love, always remember that you are awe-inspiring and nothing can change that. I’m proud of you, always! Happy new month, babe.

111. May this new month be filled with God’s protection and provision over our home. Thanks for being the wonderful person you are. Happy new month, sweetheart.

112. May every day of this month be full of breakthroughs and answered prayer for you. You are never alone. Happy new month my dear husband.

113. My darling, find your strength in your struggles and when going through tough times, remember it won’t last forever. Happy new month, my jewel.

114. I love the courage you exude when you walk through valleys and the strength that you possess even in the most difficult times. May God take you higher and fill your mouth with testimonies this new month. Happy new month, my loving husband.

115. Even when you feel like nothing great is happening, Don’t give up on God or yourself cause He’s just starting with you. Remember that when God does a thing, He leaves His fingerprint there. You are for God’s glory. Happy new month dear.

116. God is always for you and not against you. Keep waiting on God and doing your own part. Soar darling! Have a prosperous new month ahead.

117. You don’t feel like it? Keep going! Does it seem like you keep failing? Keep working at it cause you’re nigh the edge of your success. Happy new month, sweet.

118. I can’t be grateful enough to God for the gift of a superhero like you who never makes excuses but takes responsibilities. I’m in love with the blessing that you are! Have a fruitful month ahead.

119. Do not measure your success by anyone else’s! Run your race with God’s own pace. Only keep striving to be the best version of yourself. Wishing a very fantastic new month to the love of my life.

120. Hi love, just wanted to remind you that you’re a bundle of perfection to me. I love you for all that you’ve ever been, who you are now and the person you’re becoming. Happy new month to my Mr perfect.

Happy New Month Text Messages to My Girlfriend

Do you want to show your girlfriend some care by simply saying a happy new month to her in an outstanding way? Then without further ado, these happy new month text messages to my girlfriend will definitely make her feel heaven on earth.

Kindly send one of these happy new month to my love messages to her, as it is a sure way to deliver the very pure intentions of your heart to your sweet girlfriend.

121. To the one person who stole my heart, To the one person who brightens my world, Wishing you a happy new month, darling.

122. Dear girlfriend, I want to remind you yet again of just how precious you are to me. I love you from the depths of my heart. Happy new month, love.

123. In this new month, it is my very prayer that all your desires come to being. You experience joy and peace to the fullest. A happy new month to my angel.

124. Good morning love, I wish that you be encompassed with love, joy, happiness, and peace throughout this month. A happy new month to the custodian of my heart.

125. Hey Girlfriend! Even when you don’t see it, God is still busily working. He is ever consistent when it comes to matters that concern you. Happy new month, beloved.

126. Baby, you are a damsel like no other. The peace that emanates from you and the happiness and love you exhibit is second to none. I can’t wait till that glorious day when we both say, yes I do. Happy new month darling.

127. May this new month bring you opportunities that take you closer to your destiny. Cheers to this new month. Happy new month babe!

128. Leave every mistake and failure in the sea of forgetfulness look forward to your victories and success in the ocean of your future. I welcome you into a successful new month, sweet!

129. I wish you a month filled with happiness, success, and every good gift of life. A happy new month to my dear Princess.

130. Can I have this dance, girlfriend? I wish that every day of this month be filled with the melodies of God’s goodness so we can dance to it. It’s a happy new month to us, beauty!

131. Good morning love, I welcome you to a month with countless miracles in store for you. Keep thriving! Happy new month.

132. When I’m stressed out, the sight of you charges me back to life. Happy new month, dearie.

133. Sweetheart, in the deepest darkness, I fear nothing, for your eyes are brighter than the moon. A happy new month to my love.

134. In this new month darling, I pray for your upliftment in everything you do. You remain above and not beneath. Happy new month favorite.

135. In this new month, you experience the favor of God, dear. Whatever you set your heart to do finds expression dearie. Happy new month.

136. As you step into another month of this year, it is my earnest prayer that everything you so desire will come to pass. Wishing you the best of this month and more. An awesome new month to you.

137. Good morning candy crush, let this month be filled with happiness and love for you. Enjoy the beauty of life. Happy new month sweet!

138. On my path to success, you are like a fire that clears all obstacles to make a free course road. A happy new month to my choicest person.

139. How could I ever ask God for more? Like electric sparks, your skills surprise me to the core. Happy new month dear.

140. As we step into this month, it is my prayer that our bond remains strengthened like the cement. An unbreakable covalent bond, for times to come. Happy new month honeybun.

Happy New Month Messages to My Boyfriend

You’re finding a hard time sending the perfect happy new month messages to my boyfriend? Expressing our heartfelt wishes proves difficult sometimes for reasons best known to us. If you’re in this situation right now, you need not worry, because we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of happy new month to my love messages for you. Quickly catapult one or more of your choicest to your dear boyfriend.

141. A happy new month to you, dear boyfriend, as the rain waters the fields, may you be watered in this month.

142. May you in this new month, be like the green trees in the rain forest and the green grasses of the savannah. Happy new month love.

143. In this new month, may your influence be like that of a tornado, clearing obstacles from its way as it blows through. Happy new month.

144. Like a peacefully flowing river, the peace of God flows through you ceaselessly, this month and in more to come. Happy new month best friend.

145. This new month babe, your strength abounds more and more like the ocean waves- tearing rocks apart and sweeping the beach clean. Happy new month sweetie.

146. Arise and shine darling! May your light shine brighter than an energy-saving light bulb, lighting your way ahead – a thousand kilometers beyond imagination. Happy new month.

147. Wishing you a new month full of fun and satisfaction. I pray that all of your heart desires find expression you journey through this month. Happy new month, best.

148. Hi babe! On this day, the beginning of a new month, it’s my wish that you be refreshed all round. A blessed new month to you.

149. In this new month, may all closed doors in your life cause the opening up of a better one. Happy new month love.

150. I pray that your legs be faster than those of a deer in taking you to places of success. Happy new month, from a heart, wishing you the very best.

151. Sweetheart, may your glass always be filled with plenty, and your water, sweeter than the honey. Happy new month sweet!

152. Having you around keeps my world ignited. May you be like a resistor to all setbacks in this new month. You flourish in God’s plans for your life. Happy new month, honey.

153. Angels minister to you, mountains are made low for you, valleys – plains and crooked ways are made straight for you this new month and beyond. I welcome you to a wonderful new month dearie.

154. This new month, you receive solutions to all challenges and you become a solution to other people’s dilemmas. Happy new month, beloved.

155. This month, everything becomes easy for you. Thorns become roses, bitter becomes sweet and disappointments become blessings. A very happy new month to you, love.

156. Hi dearie. Everything that spells trouble neglects you and you enjoy the blessings of the Lord in this new month. Happy new month, babe!

157. The first day of this month and beyond, may the Lord be gracious unto you and your lips overflow with testimonies.

158. It is my heart’s desire, that you abound much more in the love of Christ. You are filled with joy and the knowledge of God’s will for you. A happy new month to my priceless treasure.

159. Dearest, even as your heart is set on God, may you experience the perfect peace and joy that He gives. I welcome you to a new month flowing with milk and honey.

160. Heaven’s treasure, I am divinely blessed to have met you. Thanks for all you do for me and giving to the Lord. You reap bountifully every day of this month. A happy new month to you dear one. It is your best month yet!

Happy New Month to My Ex-Girlfriend Messages

It is no longer news that in life’s journey, lots of people come and go for diverse reasons. This can be so for some relationships too which seem to not just be working out or perhaps needed a break.

It is not out of place to opt-out of relationships where you don’t feel the vibes anymore or find that you are simply incompatible. However, it doesn’t hurt to do so on a note of well-maintained friendship.

If this is your case, these Happy new month to my love messages will come in handy for you. Endeavor to send one of these happy new month to my ex-girlfriend messages to wish a happy new month. Enjoy!

161. The beautiful moments we shared are still stuck in my heart dear. Happy new month. Wishing you a fulfilled life.

162. Letting you go is one of the mistakes I wish I can amend. Nevertheless, I hold your memories so dear. Happy new month.

163. Even though we ain’t together anymore, I find myself doing things the way we did when we were together. I wish everything could be just like before. Happy new month, dear.

164. I realized how precious you are after I had let you go, babe. Wishing you the very best. Happy new month.

165. The first day I saw you remind me of the first time I saw mum. The warmth and freshness of your sight came brand new. Happy new month.

166. If I were told that we would no longer be together in the nearest future, I would have sworn it was impossible. You hold a special place in my heart. Happy new month, dearie!

167. You still live in me even though we are far apart. Happy new month darling. I wish you peace and joy for every day of this month.

168. I have never thought a priceless jewel was wrapped in your beautiful figure until I let go. Happy new month dear. Keep thriving.

169. Having the opportunity to love you was my best decision and letting you go was the worst decision I’ve ever taken. A happy new month to the woman in my dreams.

170. I still long for the moments we spent together. The moments we shared meant a lot to me. I still find you in my every thought but I sincerely hope for the best for you. Happy new month.

171. We were so happy. I still can’t understand why you called it quit. Perhaps, we weren’t meant to be together. I love you now and always. Happy new month dear.

172. If wishes were horses, then I’ll soar the blue skies to make sure you remained mine. It hurts that we are no longer together but I’m glad I gave you the free will to be with who makes you happy. Happy new month babe. Stay happy and cute.

173. You walked into my life unannounced, bringing joy and hope with you. Then you walked away suddenly, leaving me with a void I never think is gonna fill up. I pray that you find satisfaction and happiness wherever you are now. A happy new month to you.

174. In this new month, I pray you remain as cheerful as you’ve always been. I will forever recall the lovely time we spent together. Happy new month.

175. We’ve been apart for a long while but till today, it beats my imagination that I’m still unable to forget you. You will always remain dear to me. Happy new month.

176. May this new month bring you loads of good tidings. You’re still in every bit of my heart and I will always love you. Wishing you a very happy new month.

177. My mind isn’t accepting the fact that you left me and I’ve always sought for a reason why. I’m still here if you need someone to talk to. Happy new month.

178. You told me that you didn’t feel that you were good enough for me. I told you that you were just the perfect one and no one else will do but you left anyway. You are wonderful and I still await your come back, dearie. Happy new month.

179. You’re special to me and I can’t seem to get you out of my head. I pray that you experience favor and joy throughout this month and beyond. A happy new month to you.

180. Rise and shine! We couldn’t be together but I’m grateful for this gift of friendship we still have. May you overflow with joy and peace now and always. Happy new month, dear one.

Happy New Month Messages to My Crush

New months are all about starting anew, achieving new goals, working with new intentions and of course expecting new results. You’ve probably been unable to declare your feelings to your crush, possibly because you’re shy or you feel afraid of getting turned down.

Well, you’ve just been given a chance to get a new mindset to expect positive results and declare your intentions.

What d’you say?

Seize this opportunity with these happy new month messages to my crush and do something exceptionally electrifying for your crush without looking desperate. How? These lovely happy new month to my love messages will most assuredly be perfect for communicating your desire to your crush. Be sure to grab your copy now. Good luck!

181. I love to look at you unawares, you’re a precious stone right in front of me yet I can’t reach you. Happy new month.

182. I admire everything that concerns you. I’m not sure the thought of you can ever escape my mind. I pray that all of your heart desires be fulfilled. Happy new month.

183. Hey dear, This new month, it is my very wish that your mouth be filled with laughter and your heart with great rejoicing. Happy new month, dearie.

184. It is with so much joy and gladness that I welcome you to this new month. May this new month overflow with goodness for you. Happy new month, sugar crush.

185. Sweetheart, may this new month bring unto you blessings in its abundance. You’re always in my thoughts. Happy new month darling.

186. Good morning love, I welcome you to the month where you experience the love of God tremendously. Wishing you the very best. Happy new month.

187. You’ve done something to my heart, can you please take it? I sincerely thank you for the gift of this beautiful friendship. Happy new month, darl.

188. This new month, it is my earnest desire that the flood gates of heaven be opened unto you. A happy new month to you. From a heart that wishes you all the best. Happy new month, babe.

189. Every time I think about you, I catch myself smiling. You color my world. Happy new month, dear. Wishing you all of the very best.

190. My heart rings flip-flops just at the thought of you. I wish you all the good things in life. Happy new month, baby.

191. Hey Pumpkin, may the blessings from above be yours this month and always. I wish I could get a chance to prove much more of my love to you. Happy new month.

192. Happy new month babe. May your smile never dwindle – not even a little bit. Whatever you lay your hand to prospers. Cheers to the new month babe!

193. Hello darling, Just how do I explain my love for you? In this new month, may your beauty from the inside out, express radiance like glass reflecting sunlight. Happy new month, beloved.

194. Till this day, even I can’t explain why I love you this much. You could do anything but rest assured that nothing can keep me from loving you. Wishing you a very happy new month.

195. I wish I can have you all to myself, you’re a whole gem in human. I welcome you to a new month filled with all pleasantness. Happy new month, sweet.

196. To one special person, I have always loved. This is to remind you that I love you greatly and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Happy new month, love.

197. Every time I try to see past, I cannot boast of any victory of seeing beyond you. I pray that in this new month, you shake hands with success, favor, and peace. Happy new month, dear.

198. It’s that time again, where we say goodbye to last month and move into this month with grace and gratitude. Happy new month to my sugar plum princess.

199. A very happy new month to one charming and unique person I’m crushing on. Your warmth and sparkle can’t be overlooked. This is your best month and yet!

200. A happy new month to a person of strength and unique, abounding in grace and love. This new month, God’s signature upon your life leaves men in awesome wonder. May your splendor, in this new month, be like the trees that grow beside the river.

201. Just as the good Lord has added to us a new month, may only good things be added to you, this month and beyond. Happy new month, honeybun.

202. With every day that dawns in this month, comes the blessings of the Lord upon your life; immeasurably like the rain and boundless like the wind. Happy new month darling.

Voila! 200+ happy new month to my love messages to render you ultimate assistance to deliver your sweet heartfelt new month wishes to the one you love. Aren’t they just lovely?

Let us know your thoughts! We are waiting to hear from you as you leave your comments below. Endeavor to share and wish your loved ones a happy new month.

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