Happy New Month to My Pregnant Wife

50 Romantic Happy New Month to My Pregnant Wife [March 2023]

The beginning of a new month is known to be a period when people reach out to one another through calls, texts, or even visiting. It is marked with new month declarations, and new month SMS prayers to friends, families, and our loved ones. Thus, sending your pregnant wife a perfectly constructed Happy new month to my pregnant wife messages will always be a reminder that you care about her despite how busy your schedule might have been.

Remember, the beginning of a new month is significant to everyone, but much more remarkable and significant to your pregnant wife; this is because each new month is a pointer that the day she’ll finally take hold of her bundle of joy is drawing near.

Hence, during this period, while you daily learn what husband care during pregnancy involves, like knowing how to speak to your pregnant wife, what not to say to your pregnant wife, and the likes, simple acts of love, like sending a lovely happy new to my pregnant wife messages, or even a happy new month rose flower gives her a sense of joy, and a feel that you are in it together.

Do you need a form of inspiration in penning down the right happy new month to my pregnant wife messages to send to your lovely wife? Relax, we have compiled this list of powerful Happy new month to my pregnant wife messages you can select from and send to your pregnant wife, while you watch her beaming with smiles as she reads.

New Month Prayers and Blessings for My Pregnant Wife

New Month Prayers and Blessings for My Pregnant Wife

As you send her lovely happy new month to my pregnant wife messages, it is good to also pray for her and the baby, and also send good wishes for pregnancy delivery. Praying for your pregnant wife should not be occasionally, it should be one of your own ways of supporting her through the pregnancy period till delivery.

This list of New month prayers and blessings for my pregnant wife gives you insight on how to pray for your pregnant wife and the kind of prayers she needs. You can also say these prayers for her on your own, even as you share them with her. Now, let’s delve into it;

1. May God’s hand be upon our little angel that grows on your inside. May you ever be strong and your heart filled with peace. Happy new month darling.

2. It’s a new month darling! May the Lord hold you and keep you as you carry this precious gift. Happy new month.

3. Happy new month my wife, I wish you a safe and joyful delivery.

4. A new month is here my love. I pray that you find favor even as you go into the labor room. Happy new month.

5. Happy new month darling, as the delivery date draws near, our baby shall come forth alive and healthy.

6. May the Lord give you the power and the strength you need to carry our baby unto safe delivery. Happy new month my woman!

7. Happy new month my wife, may God’s protection surround you and our baby, and may you be free from any form of attack.

8. Happy new month darling, may the Lord protect our baby from every form of deformity and infection in the womb. I love you.

9. May your day of delivery brings sweet and pleasant memories. Happy new month, my darling wife.

10. Honey, I’m so excited knowing that we will become parents soon, I pray the arrival of our baby brings joy and love. Happy new month darling.

11. May our baby be endowed with strength, beauty, and wisdom just like you!.
Happy new month wifey.

12. Happy new month darling. I wish you happiness that does not cease and joy unspeakable as we await the arrival of our baby.

13. I am assured that you will be a great mother to our baby because you are sweet and loving. Can’t wait to see our baby in a few months!. Happy new month my love.

14. May the arrival of our little angel brings us more together as a family, allow me to reassure you of my love for you. Happy new month my wife.

15. Happy new month darling, as we count down to the day of delivery, I wish you a healthy and stressless ride.

16. I pray that you are safe, sound, and healthy as you journey through this last phase of your pregnancy. Happy new month my womb!

17. I wish you a new month full of wonders and sweet memories as you journey through this pregnancy period. Happy new month darling.

18. The joy of having a child is like no other, I’m so glad we will soon be a parent. I wish you a lifetime blessing with our baby. Happy new month dear.

19. I can’t wait to have our new little baby to the world, may his/her birth bring happiness and success. Happy new month wifey!.

20. May God bless us with a strong and healthy baby. Please, stay fit and happy my love. Happy new month.

Wife Happy New Month Messages

Wife Happy New Month Messages

Whether pregnant or not, your wife should be pampered and showered with love, care, and affection. Sending your wife happy new month messages reminds her that you love and care for her just the way happy new month to my pregnant wife messages do.

Here’s a list of wife happy new month messages to make her feel loved. This list will make your work easier in proclaiming your love to your wife as you share the joy of a new month together.

21. You are the light of my world, sharing my life with you through these years has been wonderful. It’s a new month wifey, Happy new month.

22. Happy new month my love, thank you for being supportive and making me see the beauty of this life in your love. I wish you a wonderful month my queen.

23. It’s a new dawn! Giving birth to a new hope with a new heart that proclaims my love for you anew. it’s a new love life between us. I love you forever, honey. Happy new month wifey.

24. As new a month ushers in a lot of good things, my prayer for you is that you shall receive a full portion of blessings in this new month. Happy new month my darling wife.

25. I wish you happiness and fulfillment all around, may you succeed in all you do, and may our love never go fade. You are a darling, and you deserve the best! Happy new month my wife.

26. Growing in love, and understanding the language of love with you has been heaven on earth. I’m so happy we made it to a new month, it’s a new opportunity to show you my love in a new dimension, and treat you like a queen that you are. May this month bring unending happiness. Happy new month my lovely wife.

27. This new month, I promise to love you in a special dimension like I always do; This, you deserve my love. Have a blessed month, my dear wife. Happy new month.

28. Honey, you keep bringing out the best in me. Your presence in my life inspires me to keep pushing. May we live long to enjoy each other forever. It’s a new month, darling wife. Happy new month.

29. Words would fail me to express how much I love and cherish you. While I still breathe, I’ll spend the whole of my breath loving you. Cheers to a new month, wifey! I’m glad we made it.

40. Be of good courage, sweetheart, let nothing stop you in this new month. Remember, you are strong and powerful, even more than you think you are. Have a fruitful month, baby. Happy new month.

31. If you need someone to journey through this month with you, never forget that you have me, always by your side, cheering you on till you get the crown. Enjoy a fruitful new month my sweet angel. I love you.

32. Like I always do, I promise to be there for you in this new month, through the good and bad times. I’ll stand by you, and never let you go. I love you, honey. Happy new month.

33. I’ll be by you this new month, as always. I’ll be there to listen to you, share your joy, and even your pains and disappointment. I’ll be a shoulder for you to lean on, darling. I love and cherish you, my sweetheart. Happy new month.

34. As the time I spend with you grows, so do my love grows for you. May our love never go sour. I’ll love you till the end of life. It’s a new month, darling. Happy new month.

35. I wake up each day trying to imagine how my life outside your love would be. I’m so grateful for having you, you’re the best I ever had. Thank you for being mine. Happy new month.

36. Watching you smile adds sparkles to my day and brings joy to my heart. Your smiles add meaning to life. So keep smiling darling!
Happy new month.

37. The new month is here, my darling. May that your beautiful face always be full of smiles and laughter. And may joy never depart from you. Happy new month, my love.

38. This is for you, my loving wife. With the whole of my heart, I say, thank you for being great and wonderful. You add brightness to my world. I wish you a beautiful new month just like you. I love you dearly.

39. Honey, just to remind you of this; never be discouraged when you face trials because it makes you stronger, and when you are sad, you learn humility. However, I wish you a month full of happiness to make you sweet, and success to had glows to you. Have a fulfilling month, baby. Happy new month.

40. No matter how time flies, my love for you will never fly. It will be stronger and never die. I wish you a lovely new month, my darling. Happy new month wifey.

Lovely Pregnancy Messages from Husband to Wife

Lovely Pregnancy Messages from Husband to Wife

Whether it’s the beginning of a new month or just another bright new day, trust me, lovely pregnancy messages from husband to wife speak volume, and will go a long way in making your pregnant wife feel special, and make her feel blessed to have you as her husband.

After you’ve succeeded in blowing her mind at the beginning of the new month with those new month text messages selected from our list of Happy new month to my Pregnant Wife messages, don’t just stop there, make each day in the month full of surprises as you send her lovely messages to make her feel like a queen every blessed day.

I’ll like to help you achieve this, hence, I’ve compiled below series of lovely pregnancy messages from husband to wife you can use to spice up each moment of her day.

41. It’s a new month, my darling wife, please take care and stay healthy to receive the sweet angel together into our lives. Can’t wait to share the love we have for the baby with you. I love you, honey.

42. Today, I affirm that you are my superwoman, strong and powerful. I love and admire you forever my love. Thank you for being my womb.

43. Even as the baby grows in you, I’m surprised you keep looking more beautiful! You are awesome, my love.

44. The most beautiful thing in this life is to be called a father, I became conscious of this the day I heard the news of your pregnancy. It opens my eyes to the wonders of relationship, and the joy in the responsibilities of being a parent.

45. I can’t just stop smiling, my darling, since the moment you shared the good news of your pregnancy with me. You make me see a better version of myself, and I’m beginning to love myself the more.

46. Just like we share the joy of being a parent, trust me, honey, we will also share the responsibilities of our little angel. I promise to be there for you and our baby anytime I’m needed. We are in this together!.

47. Having you by my side makes my world a beautiful one. And the presence of our baby adds more glitz to it. I love you forever.

48. Honey, I wouldn’t mind our baby to be more like you are- wonderful, caring, and beautiful, but I also want him to have some of my mischievous and lovely qualities.

49. Our child will inherit the best of our qualities, and be the best version of us in all ways, she/he will be great and outstanding!

50. The love we shared brought about our baby, the arrival of our baby will bring about a deeper love. The presence of our baby in our world will make our union stronger, and our home happier.

I’m sure this list of a happy new month to my Pregnant wife messages will sure help you in expressing your love to her without stress. Feel free to share and also don’t forget to leave a comment.

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