Why Do High School Relationships Fail

Why Do High School Relationships Fail? (Answered in 20 Simple Steps)

Why do high school relationships fail? It all comes down to one word: expectations, the rush of infatuation between two lovebirds dwindle, and reality sets in.

Yes, high school relationships indeed have a much higher rate of failure than later relationships and marriages.

Did you know that most high school relationships don’t last?

In fact, a study suggests Only 2% of pre-adolescent couples and 8% of adolescent couples were classified as having “high quality” romantic relationships.

That’s right, only 8% of high school relationships are actually good!

This post is going to give you some tips on why high school relationships tend to fail, and how to make yours last.

Have you ever wondered what the reason is for high school relationships failing? Have you been dating someone since high school and haven’t noticed any change over the years in your relationship.

Do they still act like they did when they first started dating, or are they completely different people?

It’s not uncommon for one partner in a relationship to change their attitude and personality over time. Or has that always happened with your partner?

Their personality and attitude seemed to change more drastically at some point after you had been dating them.

Are you curious why high school romances fail?

Whether it was your relationship or someone else’s, do you ever think back on them and wonder just why they didn’t work out?

This can be a curiosity that weighs heavily on your mind.

Asking if they could have stayed together, maybe they would have got married. Maybe they would still be together now.

Maybe they would have had children together and had a family. Sometimes the sheer thought of wasted potential can be too much to ponder.

Most high school relationships tend to fail. And it happens for a good reason, most teenagers are still going through their self-discovery phase.

A lot of romantic films and songs seem to glorify teenage impossible love and ever-lasting high school relationships.

And if you are sitting online reading this, I bet your immediate answer is: of course, it’s against all odds for a high school relationship to last since many people get into a relationship in high school only because they are infatuated with the person and not because they know the person well enough.

I know that many of you might be arriving at this article thinking that these tips aren’t going to help you. After all, most of you are probably adults now and have been out of high school for years.

But, I’m so glad that you’re here because I think that some of these tips can be extremely helpful for those who are still in high school.

Why Do High School Relationships Fail? Here Are 10 Ways to Make Yours Last

  • Date your best friend
  • Know them inside out
  • Don’t give up too soon
  • Do not date someone else in your relationship
  • Don’t assume in your relationship
  • Talk about things bothering you
  • Make time for one another
  • Don’t compare
  • Do not be afraid of talking about anything
  • Don’t hide your feelings

When you are in high school, it can be hard to find the right person to be with. You have so much going on that it can be hard to focus on dating.

High school relationships are often fleeting, but some can last a lifetime.

As a relationship expert, here are the keys to making your high school romance last. If you want a successful relationship, Here are 10 ways to make your high school relationship last longer:

1. Date your best friend

Make sure they are your best friend: You have to make sure that the person you are dating is your best friend. If they are not your best friend, then they will not understand what you are going through and this will cause problems in the future.

2. Know them inside out

You have to know the person inside out: You need to know everything about the person and vice versa before you get into any type of relationship with them. This will allow both people to feel comfortable around each other without any surprises or secrets coming out later on down the road.

3. Don’t give up too soon

Never give up on them when things get harder than you thought they would be: You have to be able to stick by each other through thick and thin because if you don’t then it could mean the end of your relationship soon after starting one up together for the first time!

4. Do not date someone else in your relationship

Don’t date someone else while in a relationship: If you ask me why do high school relationships fail? This is probably one of the biggest reasons why high school relationships fail.

It’s hard enough to keep up with your current partner, let alone add another person into the mix who will also have expectations from both parties involved in the relationship.

If things start getting rocky or if there are problems within your relationship, it will only make matters worse if there are other people involved too!

You’ve been dating this guy for a while now, and things are going pretty well.

You’re having fun together, you’re comfortable with each other, and he’s been nothing but a gentleman.

But then suddenly, out of nowhere, the relationship comes to a screeching halt. What happened?

According to research from The University of Texas at Austin, many high school relationships end because of simple misunderstandings that could be easily resolved if people were more open about their feelings and desires.

Here are ways you can make your high school romance last:

5. Don’t assume in your relationship

Don’t assume your partner knows what you want or need from the relationship; it’s important to discuss those things openly and honestly with each other so that you can both feel comfortable moving forward together in the best possible way possible.

6. Talk about things bothering you

If something is bothering you about your relationship or something that makes you unhappy — whether it’s something big or small — don’t ignore it; talk about it immediately so that both parties involved have an opportunity to work through whatever problems exist between them without letting them build up over time until they become insurmountable obstacles.

7. Talk about your relationship in person, not over text message or social media. Prioritize your relationship and make time for one another. Put your phones away when you’re together.

8. Don’t compare your relationship to others.

9. Don’t be afraid to talk about everything important to both of you or dating other people (if it’s true).

10. Don’t hide your feelings from each other.

What Percentage of High School Relationships Fail?

About 50 percent or more of high school relationships fail. In a study of high school students in North Carolina, more than half of the boys and girls surveyed said they had been in a relationship.

A little more than half of those relationships lasted six months or less.

That means that 50 percent or more of high school relationships fail. Why? The reasons vary depending on who you ask.

For some people, it’s because they were never really serious in the first place and never intended to be with each other long term.

Others will say it’s because everyone is too young and immature to handle dating at such a young age.

And still, others will say it’s because high school relationships are doomed from the start. After all, the folks involved just weren’t meant for each other — no matter how much we might wish otherwise.

There’s no doubt that high school relationships can be challenging. You’re dealing with the pressures of high school, including college admissions and SATs while trying to keep your relationship strong.

But what percentage of high school relationships fail? And why do they fail? There are some reasons why a teenage relationship will come to an end. why do high school relationships end in college?

Here are some of the most common reasons:

11. Pressure from friends or family members

If you’re in a relationship and people around you don’t approve, it can cause problems between you and your partner. It’s not easy to tell someone who loves you that they need to choose between their family and you — even if they love their family too much to give up their relationship with them.

12. Lack of maturity or experience.

If one or both people in the relationship aren’t mature enough for what they’re getting into, there’s no way it can work out long-term.

You both need to be ready for commitment and understand what that means before taking on a serious relationship like this one.

13. Lack of communication skills or conflict resolution skills. This is especially true if one person is controlling toward the other person in any way — verbally or physically.

How Long Do High School Relationships Last on Average?

It’s a common myth that high school relationships can’t last. In fact, some people say that high school relationships are the best. But how long do they last on average?

According to one study, only 9 percent of high school romances go the distance. The other 91 percent end either in friendship or with one partner moving on to another relationship.

Another study showed that 50 percent of teens who have been dating for two years still feel butterflies when they see their partners at school, while 25 percent still feel butterflies after two months.

That are high school relationships facts.

But what about those couples who have been together longer than two years? How long do they last?

The same study found that nearly half (48 percent) of couples who have been dating for four years are still in love with each other and almost all of these couples (96 percent) want to get married someday!

Why Do Most Teenage Relationships End?

Why do most teenage relationships end? It’s a question that has been asked time and time again. The answer is simple:

They don’t know how to handle the relationship. It’s not that they don’t want it or even that they don’t care about each other, but rather that they have no idea what to do with the feelings they have.

There are many reasons why teenage relationships fail, but the main one is that we just aren’t ready for them yet.

We think we are because we see the older kids having them, but it doesn’t mean that we should follow their example.

Some of us are too young to understand what love is or what it means to have a relationship with a person who we share our lives with.

Our brains aren’t fully developed yet and so we can become easily confused by all of the emotions that come with being in love for the first time.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why most teenage relationships end:

14. Lack of trust

Trust is one of the most important things in any relationship and something that is often lacking in teenage ones.

There are many reasons why this might be: You may not have had much experience with dating before so you don’t know how to build trust.

You might feel insecure about yourself or your partner and think they’re going to leave you at any moment. You may also think they’re cheating on you or lying about something important (e.g., texting another girl).

In turn, this can make it difficult for you to open up and tell them how you feel about certain things because you’re afraid of what their reaction will be (e.g., “Why are you asking me that? Are you trying to break up with me?).”

You might have been hurt by a previous relationship and now find it hard to trust anyone again —even someone who really cares about you!

15. Fear of commitment

Another reason why relationships don’t last is that people are simply scared of committing themselves to someone else for who-knows-how-long!

There’s no real commitment between them.

The couple may be dating, but they’re not really “together” yet, which means they haven’t made any promises to each other about how long they’ll stay together or what they’ll do if things go otherwise.

When times get tough, nothing is holding them together except their own willpower — which is rarely enough to keep a relationship going strong over time.

If this sounds like what you have experienced. Just know that you are capable of committing to that relationship. Keep hope alive in your relationship.

What Are the Main Reasons High School Relationships Don’t Last?

High school romances are exciting and passionate. But as we all know, most high school relationships don’t last long. Here are some of the main reasons that high school relationships don’t last:

16. You don’t have enough time to devote to each other.

17. You’re just not ready for a serious relationship yet.

18. You aren’t in the same social circle, which means you’re not spending all your time together anyway.

19. Not able to handle all the ups and downs that come with dating someone who isn’t your best friend anymore (i.e., jealousy, fights about petty things that wouldn’t even matter if you weren’t dating).

20. They don’t have a solid foundation. High school relationships are often superficial and based on lust and attraction.

They don’t have a lot of depth, and the couple doesn’t know each other very well. This makes it hard to sustain the relationship when things get difficult or boring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do high school relationships fail?

High school relationships are most likely a long distance relationship and this fails because they tend to drop the relationship over the four walls of the school as their brain is not fully developed.

Do high school couples last?

In most cases, 25 percent of high school relationships are still in good communication terms or they attend the same college.

Do high school sweethearts last?

The answer is simple and complicated, but at the same time, the high school sweethearts can last if the love feels passionate and intent.

Wrapping It Up

We get it. Relationships are difficult, and they’re often complicated by the constant change that high school brings.

But as difficult as they can be, they’re not all bad. Having friends, making new friends, and learning to mature without sacrificing genuine relationships is an important life skill—critical, even.

So don’t fret too much about those first few years of high school—it’s hard but worth it. Be happy in your relationship because it’s what you make out of it that matters.

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