How To Control Anxiety And Panic Attacks Without Medication

How To Control Anxiety And Panic Attacks Without Medication (2022)

Have you ever experienced high levels of anxiety or fear? Do you tend to have frequent episodes of palpations and sweating? Are you plagued by negative emotions or depressing thoughts? If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes then this guide on 20 surprising panic attack treatment without medication is for you.

If you suspect you suffer from panic attacks or simply want to learn for the sake of a loved one who does, then you are in the right place. This guide will teach you the various panic attack treatment without medication. But first what is a panic attack?

Panic attack or panic disorder is an unexpected profound wave of fear accompanied by increased heart rate, sweating, shortness of breath, or the inability to breathe, and it has sometimes been described as having a heart attack or feeling like you are about to die.

People who suffer from panic attacks live in fear of their next attack since it usually happens without warning. But do not fret, these guide on how to control anxiety and panic attacks without medication will help you learn not only how to treat your problem naturally but also how to overcome your fear of panic attacks.

How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

If you wish to learn how to overcome anxiety and depression then your first question is probably how long does it takes to cure anxiety? Everything takes time especially healing. These methods will work faster for some but the key point is they will work as long as you do not give up.

Without further delay, let us get started on the unique ways on how to overcome anxiety and fear.

1. Understand your triggers: The first step on how to overcome anxiety and fear is by educating yourself on what triggers your episodes. If you are the type who hates being in the spotlight or you get easily worried, then you need to avoid these situations.

Understanding what triggers your anxiety will help you overcome it. Take notes of the problem and constantly remind yourself that the negative thoughts running through your mind are false.

If you take a calm approach to the situation, you will see that it is not as bad as you initially imagined. But this will take time, do not try to force yourself into overcoming your fear.

2. Give your mind a false sense of control: It is quite impossible to always be in control of your life and everything that happens in it. However, it is possible to give your mind a false sense of control. What do I mean? It is very simple, you make yourself believe that you are in charge especially in moments that cause your anxiety levels to rise.

For example, you were suddenly chosen to represent your school or job at an event that you are not prepared for, and negative thoughts like “no, you can’t do this” or “you will make a fool of yourself on stage” start coming. Pause, I repeat pause! The best way to achieve a pause is to leave that moment.

Politely excuse yourself and find a quiet place to relax, avoid the bathrooms if possible as someone suddenly coming in could make things worse. When you are alone, do not think, simply sit still, and will your mind to focus only on the sound of your breathing. Once you are calm, tell yourself that you can either decline the offer even if it means people judging you for not rising to the occasion or you can choose to do this.

There is no shame in saying ‘no,’ never be afraid to say no. If you decide to move forward with the situation, it is also a good choice as long as you are the one making that decision and not others. Do you see my point? You have given your mind a false sense of control, you made two options available and kept yourself in the position of control.

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3. Meditation: This is one of the most common tips on how to control anxiety and panic attacks without medication as well as a great way to overcome anxiety and fear. There are various ways to meditate but they mostly focus on strengthening the mind and body through breathing exercises and concentration.

You will need to search for the best meditation techniques that work best for you. Please note that meditation requires a strong mental focus and achieving this will take a great deal of patience.

4. Exercise: Whether it is yoga or cardio, keeping your body fit is an easy method on how to overcome anxiety and fear. Physical activities help to raise the body’s endorphins and serotonin levels, which in turn makes you feel happy.

However, overworking the body will have the opposite effect, so be sure to keep your exercise routines at a level you can endure and steadily build up your stamina.

Natural Remedies For Anxiety and Depression

Natural Remedies For Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety often leads to depression when not managed properly and a person dealing with depression can sometimes end up in a critical state. To avoid this, take a look at these natural remedies for anxiety and depression.

5. Chamomile: This is one of the best natural remedies for anxiety and depression. Chamomile tea is known to effectively reduce anxiety and stress in the body by producing a calming effect. However, it is advisable to confirm with your doctor before taking this tea as some people are allergic to chamomile.

6. Lavender: Either through aromatherapy or the use of oils, using lavender is a good method on how to control anxiety and panic attacks without medication. The soothing scent of lavender is known to calm the mind and body, so you can get a lavender-scented candle, lavender oil, or get a diffuser (i.e. aromatherapy).

7. Warm Bath: Whenever your anxiety levels spike and you are at home or somewhere you have access to a bathroom then take a nice warm bath. Adding scented oils or Epsom salt to your bath water can help calm your body and ease your mind.

This is a cheap yet effective way to relax. Take your time enjoying the warm bath, let the hot water melt away your troubles, and focus only on the sensation coursing through your body.

8. Say ‘no’ to caffeine: Coffee and other caffeinated products help to increase your level of awareness by giving your nervous system a jolt. Too much will make your mind spiral out of control and you will have to deal with racing thoughts and emotions.

Reducing your caffeine levels will help you take easy control of your body when necessary and it is also a good way to stay healthy.

How to Stop Thinking About Panic Attacks

How to Stop Thinking About Panic Attacks

One of the best panic attack treatment without medication methods is by learning how to stop thinking about panic attacks. When you suffer from panic attacks, it is understandable why you would frequently think about them. But these thoughts only make you more nervous which can lead to more panic attacks.

It will take time to learn how to effectively control your thoughts, but it is not impossible to achieve. Here are the best ways on how to stop thinking about panic attacks.

9. Stop forecasting: Forecasting is when you predict the outcome of a future that has never occurred. People with panic attacks tend to forecast the worst-case scenarios before they ever happen. If you had a panic attack today and begin imagining that your next attack will be more severe then indirectly you are making your mind believe that these scenarios will happen.

Once your mind is clouded with such thoughts, you can unfortunately make yourself go through one or more of these made belief scenarios and once you experience it, this will cause more forecasting. To stop this, you must recognize that your train of thought is catastrophic to your well-being.

Do not focus on the future instead live in the present. Tell yourself “yes, I just had a panic attack but it was not that bad. I should learn how to overcome my symptoms not fear them.” This step takes time, whenever you catch yourself forecasting, pause, and remind yourself that today is only what matters not what happens tomorrow.

10. Change your surroundings: This the simplest way on how to stop thinking about panic attacks. Once you begin to feel stressed out or waves of anxiety washing over you, what you need to do is move. Changing your immediate surroundings for a place that is either quiet and peaceful or lively and colorful will help ease your mind.

This can only work at school or your office when you pay attention to your environment and find places you can relax or are willing to make the effort to go on an adventure looking for somewhere new each time you feel anxious.

11. Keep a journal: Writing your thoughts and fears in a diary or journal is an effective steps how to control anxiety and panic attacks without medication. This works better when you can rationally carry out an honest self-evaluation, which means you cannot belittle yourself or give in to negative thoughts.

When you start getting anxious or nervous about your panic attacks, write down your thoughts, and reevaluate them. For example, let us say you wrote down “I am nobody worth loving” take a deep breath, calm yourself then try replacing that negative statement with a positive one like “I am not someone everyone loves because everyone has their likes and dislikes but I am someone worthy of love and people worthy of my love will appreciate that.”

12. Never stay idle: Another easy way on how to stop thinking about panic attacks is to stay busy. Keep your mind and body working, never stay idle that way your thoughts will not wander. Please note that this means you cannot do things that are hard or stressful as that will have the opposite effect.

Try reading, watching movies, taking up a new hobby, or anything you enjoy doing that will keep you busy. If you ever catch yourself thinking negatively just get up and do something fun or productive.

How to Cure Panic Attacks Fast

How to Cure Panic Attacks Fast

Since panic attacks are unexpected and can happen in situations where you may not be able to apply any of the techniques listed so far on how to control anxiety and panic attacks without medication, then these tips on how to cure panic attacks fast are sure to help.

13. Learn breathing exercises: Hyperventilating is one of the common symptoms attributed with a panic attack, if you wish to learn how to cure panic attacks fast then you need to learn how to control your breathing.

Hyperventilation increases your fear as you are unable to breathe properly and the best way to combat this is with breathing exercises. Practice taking in a deep breath for at least five seconds, hold your breath for a second then breathe out deeply for five seconds and repeat.

14. Practice Visualization: This method requires a good mental focus. You need to imagine a safe place, somewhere you truly love and feel comfortable at. It could be real or a figment of your imagination but as long as you can see the image clearly in your mind and strongly believe in it, that is all that counts.

Picture every aspect of this safe place down to the last detail including what it should smell like. Focusing on these details when you have a panic attack will help calm you fast and doing this while you practice your breathing exercises is a good strategy on how to control anxiety and panic attacks without medication.

15. Acceptance is Key: Recognizing the fact that you are experiencing a panic attack is a good way on how to get rid of panic attacks fast. This method also requires mental focus as you need to overcome your anxiety and fear to remind yourself that what you are currently experiencing is a panic attack and not something worse.

It is easy for people experiencing panic attacks to believe that they are dying which makes their attacks more severe as their fear level increases. You need to accept in your mind and heart that what is happening is a panic attack and it is only temporary.

Taking away the fear that you are dying or suffering from something terrible will help ease your symptoms and cure your panic attack quickly.

16. Get a mantra: One of the best panic attack treatment without medication is the use of mantras. A mantra is simply a phrase you say repeatedly to help calm you or increase your level of concentration. In this context, a mantra will be a positive phrase of reassurance to help overcome your panic attacks.

How does it work? Through trial and error, unfortunately, although some people may be lucky to find the right mantra to use immediately for others it takes time and patience. You need to find a phrase that not only calms you but something you deeply believe in.

The deeper your connection to the mantra the more effective it will work during a panic attack as it will help you feel calm and composed. You can try phrases such as:
● “I am stronger than it.”
● “I am a mountain, I will not fall.”
● “All is well. I am safe.”
● “Like the wind, it will blow away.
● “I am calm. I am grounded.”

How To Control Anxiety And Panic Attacks Without Medication Forever

How to control anxiety and panic attacks without medication

Do you believe it is possible to completely overcome your panic attacks? If you do, then you are not wrong but it is not something that will happen overnight. Listed so far, in this guide are unique and effective ways to help you deal with your attacks plus these four remaining tips will help learn how to stop panic attacks forever.

17. Practice self-love: Do you know that the most common causes of anxiety and depressive thoughts are from the lack of self-love and confidence? If you constantly put yourself down or depend on the opinions of others to prove your worth as an individual, you will constantly be plagued by anxiety when you are in a public place as you will undoubtedly believe you are being judged by people.

The first step on how to stop panic attacks forever is by learning how to love yourself. Start by practicing self-gratitude, congratulate yourself for everything you do no matter how trivial it may seem. Keep a notebook filled with all the things you are good at and your finest qualities, whenever you have a bad day take a look at them and cheer up.

Work on becoming the best version of yourself, change your fashion style, focus on getting a promotion, or just sit back at home and give yourself some well-deserved pampering or if you can afford it get a spa appointment.

Whatever you choose to do, do not go beyond your limits and take things slow. Keep good company and leave friends who frequently put you down but not those who offer constructive criticism.

18. Cognitive behavioral therapy: With the help of a professional, this method of how to control anxiety and panic attacks without medication focuses on helping you with the behavioral patterns and thought processes that trigger your panic attacks. It helps you deal with your symptoms in a safe and controlled environment.

The goal of CBT is to help you change your pattern of thinking or behavior which eventually helps you overcome your panic attacks. With regular sessions and effort on your part, it is possible to stop your panic attacks forever.

19. Open up: Another great way on how to stop panic attacks forever is by learning how to connect. If you cannot afford a therapist, talking to your family and closest friends is a good way to help you deal with your anxiety.

Staying closed off and isolating yourself from the world will not help you heal instead you should gradually reintegrate yourself into society. Start small, you cannot rush this process especially if you are a person who gets nervous in social settings or if you are highly concerned about the opinions of others.

Find ways to meet new people or spend time with people who make you feel loved and appreciated. When you get invited to a party or work event, do not be quick to make excuses not to go but convince yourself of the reasons why you should go.

With time and effort on your part, you will become more comfortable around others, and once your confidence increases you will find yourself dealing with your problems not alone but with the help of others. This will in turn help you have fewer panic attacks and soon enough never again.

20. Change your lifestyle: To last, panic attack treatment without medication requires a lot more effort than the rest. You need to change your lifestyle from top to bottom. This means that you need to change not only the kind of food you eat, what you drink, but also your work and sleep routines.

Cutting out caffeine, carbonated drinks, and reducing your sugar intake will help you not only become healthy but also reduce your anxiety levels. Changing your sleep schedule to at least seven to eight hours per night will help your body feel more relaxed and reduce your stress levels.

Spending more time in the early morning sun will also help as vitamin D is known to boost the hormone serotonin, which controls your mood. Taking a short walk in the morning or doing yoga outside is a good way to get your body’s required dosage of vitamin D.

Now you know the 20 surprising methods of how to control anxiety and panic attacks without medication and hopefully, you can find more than one method that works perfectly for you. Everything takes patience and effort to accomplish but healing for panic attacks is possible and these methods are sure to help.

I hope this guide on how to control anxiety and panic attacks without medication has been very helpful and if you think so, do share it with your friends or anyone who might need to learn the various panic attack treatment without medication. Do forget to leave a comment on how this has helped you below.

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