Tea Party Entertainment Ideas

Top 30+ Tea Party Entertainment Ideas

Tea party entertainment ideas will make your party a blast. The fun starts when you plan your tea party and put together some great entertainment. Tea parties are very popular, and they’re a great way to get together with friends, enjoy an afternoon out, or kick off an evening of entertaining, they’re just plain old fun.

Being a great party host isn’t always easy. You’d better have plenty of entertaining ideas up your sleeve because nobody likes a boring party. Whether you’re throwing a big bash for New Year’s Eve or just some old friends, there are tons of fun activities and games you can play.

Attracting guests to your tea party is the first step to planning a successful event. But what can you do when it’s time to entertain? That’s where our tea party entertainment ideas come in handy.

Take a look at some of our tea party entertainment ideas below, and pick a few that would be great at your next themed party.

Tea Party Game Ideas

Tea parties are a fun way to entertain the kids. They usually involve lots of cute tea cups and teapots, but there are also plenty of fun tea party game ideas that can be played at a tea party.

Here are some tea party entertainment ideas to get you started:

1. Musical teacups.

2. Guess that dish.

3. Tea bag relay race.

4. Guess the food.

5. Tea party bingo.

6. Quiz about tea time.

7. Tea party scavenger hunt.

8. Tea party charades.

9. Who am I? (tea party edition)

10. What would you bring to a tea party?

Tea Party Game Ideas for Adults

Tea party game ideas for adults are a great way to entertain your adult guests. Whether you’re hosting a ladies’ tea party or a baby shower, there are lots of different games that can be played at your event.

Here are some tea party entertainment ideas for adults:

11. Tea Party Scavenger Hunt

For this game, you’ll need to create a list of items that can be found at your party. You can either do this yourself or ask each guest to bring an item from home.

The items should be related to the theme of your tea party and can range from small things like flowers and books to bigger items like candlesticks and chandeliers.

Once everyone arrives, give each guest their list, they should know what they’re looking for based on the description you provide. Then walk around the house with them as they try to find all the items on their list before anyone else does.

If someone finds an item first, then they get a point for it and whoever has collected the most points by the end wins.

12. Golf

This game is played just like regular golf, but with the added challenge of having to use both hands at once to hit the ball. The person who gets the ball closest to the hole wins one point. If they get it in the hole, they win two points. The first person to reach 5 points wins.

13. Gift Giving Game

For this game, everyone brings a wrapped gift (either new or used). Place all gifts in the middle of the table and then have everyone draw numbers from an envelope with numbers 1 through 12 written on it (or use some other method for randomizing).

Have each guest choose a number and then go around opening gifts until they find theirs. Whoever gets their gift last has to open all remaining gifts before returning home from the party.

14. Name That Tea

Have your guests bring their favorite teas and have them share the story behind them. Then put all the teas in front of everyone and have them guess what each one is by smell only. This can be done before or after the meal, depending on when you feel like having fun with it.

15. Tea Party Charades

Teach your guests how to play charades by acting out words related to tea or drinks in general (tea party, lemonade, etc.). Whoever guesses correctly gets a point. Keep score to see who wins at the end of the night.

16. Pairing Scents with Drinks

For this game, you’ll need two identical glass bottles with lids (plastic ones work best), some scented oils, or other aromatic items like vanilla extract or rose water (or any other scent that suits your fancy).

17. Have a Quiz Night

Tea parties are a great way to entertain friends and family. Whether you’re hosting a formal tea party or just having some fun with your kids, these ideas will help you get started.

Also, if you have a large garden, park, or backyard, consider setting up a scavenger hunt for the adults at your tea party. Have each guest write their answers on the back of an invitation before they arrive (just be sure to double-check that they’re appropriate). Include things like:

a. The first plant I saw when walking into the garden/park/backyard.

b. The last thing I did before leaving my house.

c. Something that makes me cry.

Tea Party Entertainment Ideas for Ladies

Tea parties are a great way to have fun with friends and family. If you are planning a tea party, there are many things you can do to make it special. Here are some tea party entertainment ideas for ladies at your next tea party:

18. Music: You can play classical music or jazz in the background. A pianist or violinist could provide live music for your guests.

19. Dance lessons: If your guests know how to dance, they can teach each other how to waltz or tango. You could also hire someone who will give dance lessons during the party.

20. Games and contests: For example, you could have guests guess how many jelly beans are in a jar or draw pictures of people they admire (the winner gets an award). You could also play games like Pictionary or charades to keep everyone busy while they enjoy their tea and scones.

Tea Party Event Ideas

Tea party event ideas are a fun way to spend time with friends, family, and loved ones. They can be simple or elaborate, depending on the occasion and your budget.

Here are more tea party entertainment ideas that you can use to throw an enjoyable gathering:

21. Tea party theme party.

22. Tea for two.

23. Brunch at home.

24. Romantic afternoon tea date with your sweetheart.

25. Baby shower or baptism brunch.

26. Girls’ night in with friends and wine (or champagne).

27. Book club meeting.

28. Cozy dinner party with friends and family in winter/spring/fall season.

29. Summer picnic or potluck BBQ party.

Games to Play at a Tea Party for Adults

Tea parties are a fun and easy way to entertain friends and family. They’re perfect for a girls’ night in, or a casual get-together with friends.

Tea party entertainment ideas are also great for children. They can be themed around tea, or just include the drink as part of the festivities.

You can have a simple tea party with just cups of hot water and some cookies or scones, or you can go all out with fancy dress, table decorations, and games.

Here are games to play at a tea party for adults:

31. Pass the Parcel – This is one of the most popular games for children’s parties and it works just as well for adults too. The person who has their turn unwrapping the parcel will eventually find themselves wearing something embarrassing.

32. Pin the Tail on the Donkey – This game requires paper plates, sticky tape, and a picture of an animal (usually a donkey). One person puts their head through one end of the paper plate while another aims with their sticky tape towards the other end. The person who gets the closest wins.

33. Musical Chairs – This is another classic party game that works well for any age group. Everyone stands in a circle while music plays.

34. “I’ve Never” – This game is played the same way as “Never Have I Ever,” with one exception: players cannot mention any of the other players’ answers. It could lead to some interesting conversations.

35. Pictionary – A classic for any party, Pictionary makes for great entertainment because it requires quick thinking and creativity from both teams.

36. Charades – The ever-popular guessing game where one person acts out a word or phrase for others to guess without saying anything aloud.

37. Bingo: Get some bingo cards ready with different activities for each number on them

Tea parties have been a tradition for centuries. They’re a chance to gather with friends and family, to enjoy delicious food and drink, and maybe even to learn something new.

Tea parties are also a great way to get creative with your entertainment. They’re not just for children; adult tea parties can be just as fun, especially when they involve games.

Here’s another tea party entertainment idea for adults and children alike.

38. The Name Game

As the name implies, this game is all about names — specifically, coming up with unusual names for common objects or people. It’s best played in teams of two or more people (though it can also be played alone).

For each round, one person says a word or phrase like “strawberry” or “name” and then asks another player for a word that starts with the same letter as their word does.

Then that player must say a word that starts with B (for example) and ask someone else for one that starts with C — until someone runs out of ideas. The first team to run out of words loses the round.

Tea parties are a classic pastime for adults, and they’re easy to host at home. You don’t need an elaborate setup or even a special occasion. All you need is a table, chairs, and tea.

FAQ on Tea Party Entertainment Ideas

How do I have a fun tea party?

There are many different ways to have fun at a tea party. You can have your child bring her favorite doll or stuffed animal along with her so that she can “play house” with them during the party.

You can also have her invite some of her friends over so that they can help with the festivities. For example, one of them could help serve all of the food while another one could set up decorations around the room.

It’s important that you provide all of the necessary supplies, such as plates, napkins, and utensils so that your child feels like she’s participating in the celebration rather than just watching from afar.

What is good music for a tea party?

You don’t want to play anything too loud or fast because it might disrupt conversation among guests at your event. You also don’t want music that sounds too modern (like pop music) because it might not fit

How do you entertain a tea party?

The best way to entertain a tea party is to provide the right atmosphere and make sure your guests are comfortable.

If you’re having a large group, you may want to have a separate room for the event. Otherwise, you can use your dining room table as long as it’s large enough and has enough chairs for everyone.

What do you do at an English tea party?

The English tea party is a fun way to spend time with friends and family members. One thing that makes these parties so enjoyable is that there are no rules or expectations, except that everyone has fun.

Final Thought

Tea parties are more widespread than many people admit to. They’re not just for kids; adults have tea parties, too. These can be casual and laidback, or they can be elaborate and beautiful if need be.

Many factors can influence the way tea parties are run; however, at their core is a simple idea. Tea party entertainment ideas are meant to be fun and interactive, allowing people to enjoy some hot tea with possibly a delicious dessert or a few light snacks as well.

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