Tea Party Activities for Ladies

50 Exciting Tea Party Activities for Ladies

Tea parties are a tradition and one which is near and very dear to our hearts so I hope you will find some tea party activities for ladies here that you will be inspired to try at home. Even better, why not set up a party and invite your friends along?

Tea parties are popular activities among ladies. Through the years, tea parties were hosted by women to get together with their friends and enjoy conversations.

The most common type of tea party is afternoon tea parties that are characterized by finger foods and pastries such as scones with clotted cream (in England) or cream cheese (in the US or Canada). Tea parties are also known as cotillion parties, high teas, and charity balls.

A tea party is an event where guests are served tea and small food items. Every event is sure to be memorable for your guests by engaging them in a tea-related theme and with the most enjoyable party games.

There are many things that you can do to make your tea party a grand success. Use these tea party ideas to help light your creative side.

Came here looking for ideas for tea party activities for ladies. You’ve come to the right place. These tea party activities for ladies will give your guests a good laugh and make it the best afternoon tea party ever.

Easy Tips to Plan Tea Party Activities for Ladies

Have you always wanted to throw a fancy tea party, but never knew where to start? No worries, I have got you covered with easy tips to plan tea party activities for ladies.

Now, whether you are looking to plan a classy ladies’ tea party or a fun women’s day get-together, I have you covered with all the information you need, including easy-to-follow activities and tips.

Set The Mood

First of all, you need to set the mood for the party. Decorate your home with fun colors and add some flowers in vases or plants around the house.

Make sure that the kitchen is fully stocked with tea bags, cups, spoons, and all other supplies needed for making tea and serving it to guests.

You can also decorate your tables with some small plates and napkins so that people can enjoy eating snacks while drinking tea.

Make an Invitation

Tea parties are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion, and the ladies love them. Tea parties have been around for hundreds of years. The first recorded tea party was held in China in 2737 BC.

All you need to host your tea party is a few friends, some tasty snacks, and lots of conversation. You can use a basic invitation template online or purchase something more stylish from your local craft store.

Add a special touch by including a small gift along with the invitation, such as a packet of teabags or chocolates.

Decide the Menu

There are many different types of tea available today. Choose one that you think will be most popular with your guests and pair it with some tasty treats that go well with the flavor profile of your chosen tea.

Some common types include: Black teas — Assam, Ceylon, and Darjeeling are three popular black teas that have full-bodied flavors that pair well with chocolate and pastries like scones (pronounced “scones”).

Make a Rundown of Things Needed

To make sure everything is covered, make a list of the materials needed for your party. This will help you stay organized and keep track of any expenses associated with the event.

Cover Your Table

Tea parties are all about elegance, so don’t skimp on the table decorations. Like any party, there should be decorations that tie into the theme or holiday of your gathering.

For example, if you’re hosting an Easter tea party, use pastel colors and decorate with flowers from your garden or local florist shop.

Plan Ahead for Food and Drinks

When planning out your menu for a tea party, make sure to think about how much food you’ll need to feed everyone in attendance.

If you plan on serving finger foods only (such as cookies or cupcakes), then consider making enough so that each guest can have two or three items on their plate at one time so they don’t go hungry while waiting for more food to be served up by others.

Choose Your Dress Code

If you plan on having guests over for dessert after dinner one night a week, it’s best to stick with casual clothes like jeans and t-shirts so that everyone feels comfortable attending these events regularly.

However, if you’re throwing an elaborate “high tea” party complete with formal attire (skirts, suits), make sure that everyone comes prepared appropriately.

Pick Your Theme

Will it be a formal tea party with fine china and expensive teas? Or do you want to go all out with a garden party theme? Pick one that fits your guests’ personalities best!

Choose an Appropriate Venue

If you’re having a large group over, make sure there is enough space for everyone to sit comfortably around your table(s).

The venue should also be conducive to conversation — if it’s too loud or noisy (like an outdoor venue), people won’t be able to hear each other talk. These tips will help you plan an amazing tea party for ladies.

Icebreakers for Ladies’ Tea Party

Tea parties are the perfect way to enjoy some quality time with your friends, whether you’re all there at the same time or not. They’re a great excuse to get together, have fun, and try out some new recipes.

The only thing better than sharing tea with your friends is sharing it while also getting to know them better. These icebreakers for ladies’ tea party is a great way to get the conversation flowing and help you get to know each other better.

Ladies’ tea parties can be a delightful way to enjoy time with friends. Whether you’re hosting one or attending one, the right tea party activities can help everyone have fun and get to know each other better.

Icebreakers before tea party activities for ladies will soften the atmosphere at the start of the get-together.

Guests first need a chance to unwind from their busy lives and enjoy the moment. Therefore here are icebreakers for ladies’ tea party that will help your guests make new friends, learn about others’ interests and share your thoughts and feelings:

1. Have everyone bring a photo of themselves at age 10. Look to see who has changed the most over the years, who looks the same, and who has aged well.

2. Go around the room and ask each person to share their favorite memory from childhood.

3. Every woman needs a list of things she wants her husband to do when he gets home from work — make dinner, clean the house, pick up milk, etc.

Have everyone write down three items on a piece of paper and put them in a hat. Each person then draws out another woman’s list and must do as many things as possible before your next meeting

For example, if someone says “call my mom” on your list, that doesn’t count). The person who does all three things wins.

4. Play “would you rather?” games with questions like “Would you rather drink water or wine?” or “Would you rather be invisible?

5. Name tags: This can be a fun activity for any kind of party, but it’s especially fun for ladies who have known each other for a long time but don’t know what to call each other.

You can make the name tags with stickers or print them out on cardstock and write everyone’s names on them with a marker or pencil.

6. Photo booth: Tea parties are all about spending quality time with friends, so why not take photos of all the people there? Get your camera ready, set up some props (such as hats or scarves), and let everyone strike a pose.

When you get home later that night, upload all the photos to your computer so you can choose a few favorites and print them out as cards or photo collages that you can display in your home.

7. Book club: If you like talking about books but don’t want to read one at a time because they’re a too-long start-up.

8. A picture is worth 1,000 words – Take pictures of everyone at the party and see if they can guess who their photo belongs to.

9. What’s in my bag? – Take turns going around and asking what each person has in their purse/backpack/bag right now.

10. Name that tune – Play a song and have each person write down the name of the song. When it’s time to play it again, see if anyone knows who sings it!

Fun Games for a Ladies’ Tea Party

Tea parties are a great way to get together with friends and enjoy some delicious treats. Whether you’re entertaining guests or just having fun with the family, tea parties are a great activity for all ages.

Here are fun games for a ladies’ tea party to include in your tea party activities for ladies.

11. The Great British Bake-Off quiz- Ladies love to get together for a tea party. There’s something about the atmosphere of a tea room that makes women feel feminine and special.

The best part about these events is that they are extremely versatile. You can have a small gathering or an elaborate affair, depending on your budget and the time you have to plan it.

12.  Scavenger hunt- This is one of my favorite games. You can make scavenger hunts for kids or adults. This one would be perfect for ladies because it will help them get to know each other better

13. Matching game- This game is great if you have some downtime between activities or if you just want to do something fun and silly at the beginning of the party (or even in between courses).

14. Charades – If you want something quick and easy, this game should fit the bill nicely. It’s also great because there are so many ways to play it (with costumes, props, etc.).

You could even make up your version of charades by coming up with some funny rules beforehand (like “no words).

15. Tea-sical- A group sings songs about tea while drinking it.

16. Build a cupcake- Each guest builds a cupcake using Play-Doh and then decorates it with frosting and sprinkles.

17. Quiz time- Each guest brings an object that starts with the letter “T” and everyone guesses what it is.

18. Guess the color of my lipstick: Everybody comes dressed in black except one person who wears red lipstick. The goal is for each guest to guess who is wearing red lipstick without asking questions.

19. Candy necklace: Everyone gets their necklace made out of candy necklaces! Then they have to eat them without using their hands! Below are other exciting tips to explore:

20. Pass the parcel.

21. Guess who?

22. Taste test party games.

23. Who am I?

24. The newlywed game.

25. Scavenger hunt party games.

26. Name that quiz.

27. My favorite things quiz.

28. What’s in my purse?

29.  Would you rather?

30. Make-up art.

Women’s Tea Party Ideas

A tea party is a charming and elegant way to get together with friends. It’s not just for ladies, either. Men can host a tea party for their wives, mothers, and sisters as well.

There are many different kinds of tea parties: formal, informal, afternoon teas, or even children’s tea parties. Whatever kind you choose to host, it’s sure to be memorable.

Here are women’s tea party ideas to further share some amazing tea party activities for ladies.

31. Host an afternoon tea party.

32. Set up a hot chocolate bar.

33. Create your signature drink.

34. Set up a brunch buffet table.

35. Make your scones & cream puffs.

36. Decorate cookies & cupcakes with fondant icing.

37. Create beautiful centerpieces for your dining room table.

38. Have guests make their tote bags from fabric scraps & other supplies from your stash.

39. Use Vintage Items in Your Decorating Scheme (such as old books or linens).

40. Play games like charades or apples to apples while drinking your tea (or coffee).

41. Make your tea blend.

42. Play dress-up.

43. Have a spa party.

44. Host a book club.

45. Go on a photo scavenger hunt.

46. Have a sock hop.

47. Host a miniature golf tournament.

48. Be a tour guide for your city or town.

49. Host an ice cream social (or sundae bar).

50. Play board games or cards with friends.

Tea Party Activities for Ladies (FAQ)

What do you do at a ladies’ tea party?

A ladies’ tea party is an event where women can gather and enjoy each other’s company. It is usually held after lunch or dinner.

How do you throw ladies’ tea party?

The first step to throwing a ladies’ tea party is to decide on the theme of your event. You can go for Victorian, French, or even Venetian themes but make sure it matches the décor of your house.

Make sure you have enough space for all guests to sit comfortably and be able to talk without disturbing others.

The next step is to get together all the necessary supplies – cups and saucers, spoons, plates as well as napkins and tablecloths.

If possible, hire a catering service that provides everything including food and tableware because they will know exactly what is needed for such an event.

Once everything has been prepared, invite your friends over for an afternoon of fun.

How do I host a woman’s tea party?

To host a tea party, you should start by inviting your guests. You can send out invitations by mail, email, or even text.

Next, decide on the location of the event. If it is going to be in your home, make sure that it is clean and has plenty of comfortable seating for guests.

If it is going to be outside (which is always nice during summer), be sure to set up a table with food and drinks beforehand so that guests won’t have to wait long when they arrive.

What activities can you do at a ladies’ tea party?

For most ladies’ tea parties, there are usually only two types of activities: games and crafts. Here are some ideas for each:

Games: A few popular games include bingo and charades. You can also play other games like poker or cribbage if you have enough people playing.

If you want something more active than sitting around playing cards, try charades or even Twister.

Crafts: There are many different types of crafts that ladies love doing at their tea parties. You could create decorations for your house or give them as gifts for birthdays or holidays like Christmas or Easter.

What do you do at a ladies’ tea party?

·Play games like charades, Pictionary, and scavenger hunts. These are all popular games that can be played in groups, so they are perfect for ladies’ tea parties.

·Have each person bring something that represents their personality or interests. Some ideas include photos from their childhood, favorite books, magazines, or movies.

You could also bring in antique items from your family history or something that represents your career or education. These items should be displayed on the table so everyone can see them throughout the event.

·Play musical chairs or read riddles out loud to each other as guests arrive at the event location. This helps break the ice right away and allows everyone to relax and have fun before it begins

How do you set a table for ladies’ tea?

The etiquette of tea drinking is not as strict as it once was, but there are still some rules that help ensure that you can enjoy your time with friends or family.

Here are some tips for setting the table and serving tea:

1. Placemats: In most cases, placemats are not necessary at the table. Some people use them to protect the table from hot cups or dishes, but this isn’t necessary if you have a large enough cloth napkin.

If you do want to use placemats, be sure they aren’t too thick or heavy so they don’t slide around on the table.

2. Tablecloth: A large white linen napkin or linen placemats are both good choices as a table covering.

You may also choose to use a runner down the center of the table — this can be any length and width, but don’t make it too narrow or it will make conversation difficult!

3. Glasses: If you’re serving wine with your meal, have wine glasses ready so guests can pour themselves refills (or ask someone else to do it).

Also, have a pitcher of water or other nonalcoholic drink available if needed.

Final Thought

The tea party has long been a centerpiece of social life in America. It is a tradition that dates back to our nation’s Colonial period and beyond, with the first tea houses opening in Boston in 1675.

Tea parties used to be primarily for women and girls, as a way for them to get together and discuss matters of social importance or gossip about important figures of the town.

Over time though, special tea party activities for ladies have evolved, becoming less formal and more widespread across the country.

They are now considered an anachronism in some places, such as New England where they have lost importance among the younger set but are still very popular elsewhere.

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