Bridal Tea Party Ideas

Fantastic Bridal Tea Party Ideas for Every Bridal Event

Tea party, bridal tea party, bridal shower whatever. They all mean adorable tea-themed parties. You can have a few or dozens of guests or hundreds. You can have the decorations or serve just-drinks. Here are some bridal tea party ideas to get you on your way to the perfect party.

Perhaps you’re getting married and are also wondering how to plan a tea party. Or perhaps you plan tea parties regularly and want to find ways to make them bridal.

Bridal tea party ideas are an excellent way to celebrate your upcoming marriage and bestow gifts on your friends. If you’re planning a wedding and want to know how to throw an intimate bridal tea party, learn more about the history and etiquette of bridal tea party ideas.

How to Plan a Tea Party Bridal Shower

The tea party theme is a great way to celebrate a special occasion with your friends and family. Whether it’s a bridal shower, birthday party, or baby shower, tea parties are always fun.

If you’re planning a bridal shower or wedding this year, then these bridal tea party ideas will help you on how plan a tea party bridal shower a perfect event.

Start with The Guest List

The first thing to consider when throwing a bridal party is who you want to invite. If you are having a small gathering, then choose people that are close friends or family members.

If it’s going to be a larger event, then choose people who know the bride well and can help celebrate her new life together with her husband-to-be.

Pick a Venue

Next, pick out where you want the event to take place.  A house or backyard can work nicely for smaller gatherings while larger events may need more space than an indoor venue offers. 

Consider how many guests will be attending as well as what kind of weather might be in store for your chosen date so that you can make sure there will be enough space for everyone at the venue of your choosing.

Decide on the Theme

The next thing you’ll need to do is decide on an event theme. Tea parties can be themed around anything from fairy tales, to music, and even fashion. Choose something that will be fun for everyone involved in the wedding planning process.

Choose Your Menu

Once you’ve decided on an event theme, you’ll want to choose what menu items will be served at your tea party. You can go traditional with sandwiches and scones or try something less traditional like pasta salad or fruit salad. If any foods are particularly special to the bride-to-be (her favorite candy bar) consider including that as well.

Send Out the Invitations

Tea parties can be a great way to get together with friends. If you are having a bridal shower, why not invite all of your friends to come over for a tea party?

The best thing about a bridal tea party is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations or food. You can use things that you have around the house and make everything look nice.

Decorate and Set Up Your Tables

If you want your table to look nice, you must decorate it well. You can use things like flowers and candles on each table so that they look very elegant and beautiful.

You can also wrap napkins around the stem of each flower so that they do not fall off easily when someone tries to pick them up or move them around the room. This makes your table look very professional and clean looking as well because no one likes dirty napkins hanging around their table at an event like this.

Tea Party Menu Ideas for Bridal Shower

Tea parties are a popular theme for bridal showers. They are a great way to celebrate the bride-to-be and her upcoming nuptials.

Tea parties can be dressed up with beautiful flowers, tea cups and saucers, teapots, and more. Here are some fun tea party menu ideas for bridal shower to get you started on your bridal tea party ideas.

1. Sandwiches: Tea sandwiches are easy to make and can be made in advance so that they’re ready to serve when guests arrive at the party.

Sandwiches can include cucumber, egg salad, or smoked salmon on white bread which is then cut into triangles (the shape of a teacup). For a fancier look, use tiny tea sandwiches made with puff pastry or croissants with fillings such as chicken salad or smoked salmon.

2. Scone Sandwiches: Scones are perfect for tea parties because they’re round like a teacup. They can be filled with cream cheese and fruit preserves or whipped cream and berries. For an added touch serve them on plates decorated with doilies (another shape found in teacups).

3. Tarts: Tarts are another tasty treat that can be served at your next bridal shower tea party. The best part

4. Tea sandwiches: Sandwiches, such as cucumber, cream cheese,  and salmon; or egg salad and ham.

5. Scones with clotted cream and jam.

6. Coffee cake: Salads that can be served at room temperatures, such as potato salad, pasta salad, and fruit salads.

7. Deviled eggs.

8. Bread, such as sliced baguette or English muffins with butter and jam.

Garden Tea Party Bridal Shower

A bridal tea party is a fun way to celebrate your upcoming wedding with your closest friends and family. Themed bridal showers are all the rage, so why not make one of your own?

You can choose from various themes such as an outdoor garden tea party bridal shower or champagne brunch. If you’re having a hard time deciding on the perfect theme for your bridal tea party ideas, here are some ideas to help you out.

Outdoor Garden Tea Party for Bridal Shower

If you’re hosting an outdoor tea party, make sure to have plenty of seating for guests. You can set up tables with small vases containing fresh flowers at each place setting. Have extra chairs available in case some guests arrive late or if someone needs to leave early due to an emergency.

The food should be finger-friendly so guests can eat while chatting with one another. Choose simple dishes like sandwiches, fruit salads, and scones with clotted cream and jam. Serve tea and coffee along with sparkling cider or champagne for an adult beverage option.

Champagne Brunch Bridal Shower

Hosting a champagne brunch is another great option for a themed bridal shower. This type of party will be more expensive than other types of parties, but it’s worth it when you think about how much fun

Vintage Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas

Tea parties are a great way to celebrate your upcoming wedding. Tea parties are elegant, luxurious, and relaxing. A tea party can be enjoyed by all ages but is especially popular with young girls.

There are many different bridal tea party ideas and different types of tea parties that you can host for your bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Would be great to use some vintage tea party bridal shower ideas which are more traditional and from the origin of the way it used to be.

Vintage Tea Party

A vintage tea party is an elegant affair that will wow your guests. Your guests will feel like they have been transported back in time as they sip their tea and nibble on scones and other treats.

Choose a Victorian-style home or venue for your parties, such as an old mansion or estate that has been transformed into a bed and breakfast inn or hotel. For this type of party, you may want to choose afternoon tea instead of traditional morning tea so that you can enjoy the outdoors during daylight hours.

The decorations should include lace tablecloths, china plates and saucers, floral arrangements, and antique silverware for serving the food.

You can also decorate with antique furniture pieces if you have any available at home or if you have found some at yard sales or thrift stores in your area. If not, ask someone who owns an antique store if they would be

Top Vintage Bridal Tea Party Ideas

1. Tea party dress

2. Teapot centerpiece

3. 3 Tier Cake stand with cupcakes

4. Vintage tea set for each guest

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British Themed Bridal Shower

Tea parties are the perfect way to celebrate a bridal shower. Whether you’re looking for a British-themed bridal shower, or just want to add a little tea time to your celebration, we’ve got some great bridal tea party ideas to match the theme.

For a British-themed tea party, serve scones with clotted cream and jam or fruit tarts with clotted cream, along with tea and coffee. Also, consider including a few British treats like fudge and candy sticks in your favorite bags for guests.

If you want to keep things simple, you can always serve your favorite store-bought cookies and call it a day. You could also set up a table full of different types of cookies and let guests choose their favorites from the selection.

If you’re hosting an afternoon tea party, make sure that all of your guests have something to do while they are waiting for the food to be served. Set up a table with games like bingo or charades so that everyone can get involved in the fun.

Bridal Tea Party Ideas and Games

Tea parties are a great way to celebrate a wedding, a bridal shower, or even just a birthday girl. The elegant setting of tea time is perfect for a special occasion, and it’s also a great way to show your love for the bride-to-be.

If you’re planning bridal tea party ideas and games, here are some bridal tea party ideas to get you started.

1. Set up your tables with place settings and centerpieces that match her theme. If she has picked out her theme, then have fun with it.

2. If not, why not choose something colorful and feminine like flowers or butterflies? You can also use accessories like napkin rings or table runners that match your chosen theme to add some color and style.

3.  Ask your guests to wear formal attire if possible; this will make them feel more at home in the setting of an afternoon tea party. If you want them to feel more comfortable in their casual clothes, then ask them to dress up their outfit with accessories like hats and gloves (if weather permits).

4. Set up games like pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs so that everyone can have fun while chatting away over their cups of hot tea.

5. Pass the parcel – This game is simple yet fun. Each guest receives a small package wrapped in tissue paper. The goal is to pass it around until everyone has opened their gift and then start again with another guest’s package. Whoever ends up with the last package wins.

6. Musical Chairs – This classic game gets everyone moving. The host chooses two or three songs for each round, depending on how many guests will be playing at once (you’ll need more songs for more players). Players sit in chairs as the music plays; when it stops, they must complete the lyrics.

Small Bridal Tea Ideas

Even small bridal tea ideas can be a fun and entertaining way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. They are usually small, intimate gatherings where friends and family members get together to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last days as an unmarried woman.

Bridal tea party ideas can be thrown at home or a restaurant. If you decide on the latter, you may want to have your guests dress up in dresses and suits or other fancy attire.

If you are planning on having your wedding at home, then make sure that everything is set up properly for your guests’ arrival. And make sure that there is plenty of food and drinks available for everyone.

Here are some small bridal tea ideas:

1. Decorate the table with colorful napkins and colorful flowers.

2. Create a chalkboard sign with words like “I love” or “Thank God it’s Friday” written on it.

3. Have everyone bring gifts in a basket or bag instead of wrapping them in paper (this saves tons of money).

4. Set up a photo booth with props such as hats, glasses, boas, etc. People can take funny pictures together.

FAQ on Bridal Tea Party Ideas

What do you wear to a tea party for a bridal shower?

The dress code is usually casual, so wear what you feel comfortable in and what will go with the theme of the party.

If it’s a formal tea party, then you might want to wear a dress or skirt and blouse or suit. You can also wear jeans or a nice pair of pants with a pretty top if that’s more your style.

What is the difference between a bridal shower and a bridal tea?

A bridal shower is usually hosted before the wedding day and the guests are women who know the bride well enough to buy her gifts. A tea party is often hosted after the wedding and is open to anyone who wants to attend, whether they’re friends or family members (or even acquaintances).

It’s more like an engagement party than anything else — it’s just another way for people to meet each other and celebrate the new couple’s marriage. It also gives people who couldn’t attend the wedding another chance to celebrate with them.

Do you bring a gift to a bridal tea party?

It depends on where you live and whether it’s an open house or a closed event. In some places, guests are expected to bring gifts; in others, they aren’t.


The bottom line is that no matter how you want to spend your day, you will find one tea party that fits the bill. There are some wonderful tea rooms and caterers that can provide an amazing ambiance for a lovely celebration.

However, if time or money is limited, there are ways to host an elegant bridal shower on a shoestring. No matter what amount of planning (or lack thereof) you can spare, there are bridal tea party ideas you can use from above.

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